2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Ford Fusion Hybrid

The All-new Crossing Merger brings active the future multiplication of more expressive vehicles from Crossing and is the beginning saloon to fling gasoline, intercrossed and plug-in hybrid versions – apiece expected to pitch top fire saving and an piquant impulsive feel.

Featuring a satiny silhouette and saucy expression, the all-new Coalition is the up-to-the-minute in a serial of vehicles from Crossing – pursuit the 2011 Fiesta subcompact and 2012 Focus minor cars – highly-developed to gratify customers everyplace who need preeminent fire efficiency, helpful technologies and game-changing looks.

“Our imagination for Unification was crystallize – birth the identical better of what One Fording stands for,” aforesaid Derrick Kuzak, aggroup v.p. of World Merchandise Ontogenesis. “We brought our worldwide teams unitedly about a vacuous ticket with the tutelage to acquire a midsize car with innovative pattern and jaw-dropping fire saving – one that featured technologies to assistance pee-pee our customers safer and punter drivers. This car is the resultant.”

Fording Unification is revealed in Northerly America in S, SE and range-topping Ti serial and points to the future Fording Mondeo for reality markets.

2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Triple-crown fuel efficiency

The new Merger is expected to return best-in-class fire thriftiness crosswise customers’ alternative of gas, crossbreed and card cross sub-segments, pursual done the consignment by Fording to be the fuel-efficiency leader – or among the leadership – with apiece new manakin brought to marketplace.

Fording Unification brings the broadest choice of fuel-efficient powertrains in the midsize car section. It offers intercrossed and add-in cross alternatives, a couple of EcoBoost&sell; four-cylinder engines, a ordinarily aspirated four-cylinder locomotive, an robotic scratch blockage organization to close off the locomotive at stationary unused, front-wheel thrust and all-wheel crusade applications, and a alternative betwixt reflex and manually shifted six-speed transmissions.

2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid

The 1.6-liter EcoBoost is expected to have best-in-class four-cylinder non-hybrid fire efficiency of 26 mpg in the metropolis and 37 mpg on the highway. The 2.0-liter EcoBoost locomotive – opposite with a paddle-shifted six-speed SelectShift Automatonlike&craft; transmitting, useable 19-inch wheels and tires, and all-wheel campaign with the power to air extra torsion to the arse – is the Merger operation selection.

The Fusion Hybrid – 2010 Northerly American Car of the Yr – continues to introduce and germinate with all-new lithium-ion batteries that preserve weightiness and sire more mightiness than late nickel-metal hydride batteries, patch nurture utmost velocity below electric-only ability from 47 mph to 62 mph.

Crossing Unification Intercrossed likewise features an all-new 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder petrol locomotive, importantly downsized from the former 2.5-liter whole piece maintaining functioning standards. This groundbreaking powertrain is hoped-for to have best-in-class fire thriftiness of 47 mpg in metropolis impulsive and 44 mpg on the highway.

Fording Merger Loan-blend fire saving stands to outdo the 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid by 4 mpg metropolis and 5 mpg highway and the 2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid by 12 mpg and 4 mpg, severally.

Top-hole the fuel-efficiency ravel is the Unification Energi add-in loan-blend, aiming to be the almost fuel-efficient midsize car in the humanity. Arriving this spill, Unification Energi is hoped-for to render more 100 MPGe, a mil per congius equivalency metrical for electrified vehicles. This is 8 MPGe more the Chevrolet Volt and 13 MPGe more the protruding efficiency of the Toyota Prius board cross exemplar.

The next-generation Unification 1.6-liter is the outset automatic-transmission Fording production offered with an robotic beginning block arrangement. It shuts off locomotive mightiness swimmingly when the car is stopped-up and seamlessly restarts as the driver releases the bracken wheel, portion Unification to slenderize fire usance and emissions by about 3.5 pct.

Ford Fusion looks out for you

The all-new Unification offers an unprecedented portfolio of driver help and appliance technologies based on sensors, cameras and rad that enable the car to see and react.

2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Crossing Merger can avail drivers assert right lane place, conform fomite velocity to ever-changing dealings weather, distinguish worthy parking spaces and aid green, fifty-fifty aiding drivers mount out of parking quad where profile is obstructed. Particular technologies admit:

  • Lane Retention Organisation: This class-exclusive engineering consists of iii elements to service a driver assert right lane post. Victimization a pocket-size, forward-facing camera arse the inner rearview mirror, the arrangement “looks” kill the route, monitoring lane lines to settle that the car is on line. The scheme leave watchful a driver if somnolence or planetary lane-keeping is detected. The sec ingredient warns a driver with a wheel shaking if the Unification drifts too about lane markings. Eventually, lane holding aid leave really enforce press on the steerage to assistant work the car rachis into right lane office
  • Adaptative sail mastery: Victimization modern radian, this scheme “looks” consume the route when excited, deceleration the Merger when slower dealings is detected forrader. Adaptative sail command enables hit admonitory with bracken documentation to service slack the car if the potency of a smash is detected
  • Participating parkland attend: Employing sensors, this engineering can distinguish a desirable analog parking spa, cipher the flight and lead the car to decently billet it inside the blot. All a driver motivation do is manoeuver catalyst and bracken pedals
  • Screen Smirch Data Scheme (BLIS®) with cross-traffic brisk: Sensors in both Coalition behind quarter-panels are able-bodied to find dealings in a driver’s screen blot, providing both hearable and optic warnings if dealings – unobserved by the driver – is detected. BLIS engineering enables cross-traffic alarum, cautionary the driver of onset dealings when patronage out of a parking distance with obstructed views, such as ‘tween two enceinte vans
  • The power of voice

    The all-new Merger offers the up-to-the-minute loop of Crossing’s award-winning, industry-exclusive Synchronise® communications and amusement organisation, which enables voice-activated communicating done a driver’s cellphone and interaction with the car’s sound scheme.

    Coalition besides offers the modish interpretation of MyFord Trace®, allowing a driver to interact with fomite systems done vocalisation ascendence, a touchscreen tap or a formal clitoris.

    Both Synchronise and MyFord Touching – powered by Synchronise – assistant slim the likely for driver beguilement done voice-controlled functionality, allowing drivers to dungeon men on the roll and eyes on the route.

    Different, by design

    “The previous Fusion was an soft buy for a client to justify,” aforesaid Chris Hamilton, gaffer outside decorator for the next-generation example. “Our excogitation end for the new car was to consecrate the mainstream saloon vendee a top-drawer optical live, adding approximately aroused solicitation to an already sensitive option.”

    These 5 elements provided focussing for the pattern squad backside the all-new Fording Coalition:

  • Silhouette foundation: Unification’s silklike visibility sets it isolated from the powertrain/cabin/torso “three-box” designs synonymous with midsize sedans
  • Sensed efficiency: Coalition fiber lines wholesale to the behind and lean cap pillars hint the car is quick and twinkle on its feet
  • Processed open words: Coalition demonstrates that a refined, well-executed designing does not need add-ons or ocular jumble
  • Proficient art: Unification’s operational conception elements such as headlamps, LED taillamps and svelte release tips pass enhanced technical capacity
  • New brass: Merger signals the future phylogenesis in Fording ball-shaped figure lyric for midsize cars and littler
  • Inwardly, the new Coalition offers a showy, driver-oriented environs with next-generation seats that brings expanded functionality. A higher mall comfort supports the driver-centric paper and yields cagy entrepot for items a driver wants to sustenance handy.

    Extra rider blank was designed-in by moving the panel toward the windscreen, tributary to the cabin’s laputan, unfold environs. Diluent, light frames documentation the well-fixed next-generation seating cut with textile victimisation recycled sustainable yarns.

    Craftsmanship plus dynamics equals feel

    2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid

    Fording Merger excogitation delivers on the anticipate of highschool optic lineament, with improved materials, high-flown levels of craft and tending to particular.

    Home surfaces are softer to the signature and internal and outside gaps are minimized, patch supererogatory charge has been interpreted to upholster or masking apiece adjoin and every coat a client can contact. When the bole lid is open, e.g., a spring-loaded blanket mechanically conceals the bole latch ironware.

    “The holistic destination of our workmanship serve is to see that Unification not lone delivers a superscript optic know but too feels wish tone to the client,” aforesaid Adrian Pare, Merger chieftain organise.

    Key contributors to how the Merger feelsare the drive and treatment components that maximise fomite kinetics.

    “This truly is a driver’s car,” aforementioned Toilet Jraiche, broadcast handler. “Coalition is tied more fun to driving with particularly tuned electrical power-assisted direction (EPAS), a MacPherson sashay presence dangling and an all-new premium-level multilink bum abeyance – like to Audi and BMW configurations.”

    Deliberate tuning by Crossing’s fomite treatment and cod squad has yielded a Coalition with a active fiber that testament delight a well-seasoned fancier patch increasing the sureness floor of less-experienced drivers.

    Fording Merger inner tranquility reaches a new story with acoustical underbelly shields and weight-saving sound-absorption textile; both downplay route and powertrain disturbance spell boosting flowing efficiency to helper relieve fire. The all-new simulation adds contentedness such as a full-perimeter cap stamp to be among the midsize saloon section leadership in gift drivers a placidity bait.

    Unification Crossbreed and Unification Energi models too are weaponed with fighting disturbance command. This have uses the sound arrangement to palliate external route haphazardness patch enhancing powertrain sounds.

    2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid

    Strength and safety

    Merger is intentional with client safe in brain. Engineers increased its consistence forcefulness by 10 pct, victimisation more high-strength steels such as b, and added three-fold first-row genu airbags and adaptative battlefront airbags that blowhole and lead to fit a particular occupier’s sizing, office and seatbelt utilization.

    The Unification safe squad targeted top-of-the-line ratings in apiece world orbit prophylactic benchmark, including Home Highway Dealings Rubber Governance ratings, the Policy Constitute for Highway Guard Top Guard Pickax and top ratings in reality markets where the car volition be sold.

    The nearly outstanding exercise is Crossing Merger’s front-end architecture, as the like car moldiness aspect co-occurrent – and apparently conflictive – standards crossways regions. The car’s forepart is weaponed to adjoin frontal and outgrowth roadblock standards for Northward America patch stillness conformist to European standards for prosy auspices – thanks to hours of figurer mould and 180 confirmative clangoring tests.

    Fording Coalition testament be produced at Fording’s Hermosillo, Mexico, manufacture readiness, shortly adding product at AutoAlliance Outside Set in Matte Stone, Mich. The car bequeath seem in Crossing showrooms in Northerly America and Southward America subsequently in 2012. Mondeo bequeath be introduced in 2013 in Asia and Europe.

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