2013 Ford Ecosport

Ford EcoSport

Fording revealed the output adaptation of the all-new Fording EcoSport and proclaimed plans to body-build the contract, fuel-efficient urban SUV in Chinaware, in add-on to India, Thailand and S America.

Crossing EcoSport’s globose entry at the 2012 Motorcar Chinaware in Beijing substance customers in Chinaware volition presently be capable to opt an aspirational sports utility-grade fomite substitute to a modest car. The Fording EcoSport offers a surefooted posture, a high-pitched drive office and racy persona on top of the legerity, maneuverability and fire efficiency that comes with a compress step. It’s the consummate compounding for the metropolis – fix for employment and cook for turn.

Inside a coeval conception aerodynamically honed for fire thriftiness, the EcoSport is entire of fresh technologies, features and workmanship that crack customers more they would anticipate therein section.

With a turn of powertrain solutions, including Crossing’s newest, nigh forward-looking locomotive the 1.0-litre EcoBoost&swop;, Fording EcoSport is intentional to be a benchmark in fire efficiency. It besides offers the Crossing Synchronize driver join scheme with vox controller and many former innovational features in a broad and well-off upcountry with new levels of workmanship likewise as great tranquility and elaboration.

“The Crossing EcoSport reflects our consignment to answer our Crossing customers in Chinaware and approximately the humans with the cars, utilities and trucks they deficiency and valuate,” aforementioned Joe Hinrichs, chairman, Fording Asia Peaceable and Africa. “EcoSport delivers salient character, heavy fire efficiency with the 1.0-litre EcoBoost locomotive, ranking condom and actually fresh pattern with Synchronise.”

2013 Ford Ecosport

2013 Ford EcoSport

The product expose of Fording EcoSport follows quickly subsequently the fomite’s worldwide trailer in January 2012 at the Delhi Machine Exposition besides as in Brazil, where Fording EcoSport was highly-developed by a planetary Fording growing squad. In increase to output in Chongqing, the EcoSport testament be manufactured in Camaçari, Brazil, Rayong, Thailand, and Chennai, India, and bequeath be offered in about 100 markets globally.

EcoSport joins Fording’s category of minor ball-shaped vehicles, which bequeath reaching an one-year output capability of 2 jillion units by 2015.

“The all-new EcoSport is intentional and engineered specifically for customers in worldwide emergence markets victimisation Crossing’s world SUV technology expertness and reflecting our commitments for caliber, star fire thriftiness, condom and hurt engineering,” aforesaid Raj Nair, aggroup v.p., Planetary Intersection Growth. “We’re delivering forward-looking products same this to crusade our ball-shaped ontogeny.”

Ford EcoSport Titanium

Crossing is showcasing its top-of-the-line example, the EcoSport Ti, on point in Beijing, calico in typical Mars Red. A standardised example is existence revealed in Salvador, Brazil, as EcoSport’s ball-shaped found impulse builds.

Crossing EcoSport Ti has 16-inch al admixture wheels and a chromium-plate wicket.

Within, EcoSport offers a fashionable, forward-looking and well-equipped inner delivering new standards of craft and calibre. The cabin – wide for fin masses and their cogwheel – has been engineered to return prominent levels of comforter and lull performance for customers.

In gain to Crossing Synchronize with articulation ascendancy, among EcoSport’s useable advanced technologies are Hurt Keyless Ingress, Fording Superpower Jump, and a cooled bin in the glovebox.

EcoSport offers advance rubber items, such as threefold movement airbags and position pall airbags, besides as Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) and Electronic Stableness Syllabus.

To takings the accent out of impulsive, the Fording EcoSport comes with an range of driver-assist features including Mound Found Assistance and arse parking sensors.

Its quick, maneuverable build features galvanic power-assisted steerage (EPAS) for striking steerage reply and improved fire efficiency.

Beautiful, agile, modern

The new EcoSport is an low-priced compress SUV that is fix for sour and make for caper.

It targets benchmark execution in fire saving, driveability and execution to redefine expectations in the press SUV section.

The new Fording SUV’s independent characteristics were outlined by consumers altogether of the regions in which it volition be sold. The invention and whippy use are function of the new fomite’s differentiated contrive, which too the lightsomeness and practicality for urban use, offers mightiness and validity for more contrary terrain.

The raised posture and purposeful position dedicate the new EcoSport the appearing of a higher form fomite. Its quick and modern-day lines carry self-assurance, civilisation and an adventuresome feel, inside a innovative and hurt software. All this contributes to Fording EcoSport’s aspirational solicitation.

“The new EcoSport is entire of personality,” aforementioned J Mays, radical v.p., Pattern, and head originative policeman, Crossing Motive Society. “Customers roughly the reality forthwith agnise its capableness and SUV hardiness that is achieved with belligerence. It is favorable and it’s a fomite that rattling makes you grin.”

Powering growth in China

Reinforcing Crossing’s committal to whirl a entire portfolio of vehicles in Chinaware, the all-new Crossing EcoSport volition be the sec of 15 new vehicles that Crossing plans to present in the commonwealth by 2015. This is role of a larger programme to institute more 50 new vehicles and powertrains to the Asia Peaceable and Africa neighborhood by mid-decade, underscoring the unprecedented enlargement in the realm.

“With its higher-up fire efficiency and a comp retinue of hurt technologies, the Crossing EcoSport is well-placed to superpower Fording into a new section not alone in Chinaware but besides in otc emergence markets in Asia,” aforementioned Hinrichs.

Crossing’s belligerent enlargement program in Chinaware is organism supported by respective new investments to step-up output capacitance.

It was proclaimed earliest this month that Fording and its reefer embark Changan Crossing Mazda Auto (CFMA) testament induct around USD 600 billion to amplify content in Chongqing by 350,000 rider vehicles, nurture amount capacitance in Chinaware to 950,000 units by 2014. The new investiture testament gain Crossing’s amount investiture in Chinaware to around USD 4.1 zillion.

CFMA already operates two forum plants and an locomotive flora in Chongqing. Extra facilities – a USD 500 trillion locomotive flora and a USD 350 trillion transmittal set – are presently nether structure.

Contemporary and Quiet: Ford EcoSport Delivers High Levels of Craftsmanship In and Out

The modernistic and affiliated new Fording EcoSport was unveiled at 2012 Automobile Chinaware in Beijing, its modern-day bod revelation an as advanced and advanced inside conception for Fording’s all-new modest SUV.

The all-new EcoSport provides commodiousness for 5, a heights impulsive place with salient profile, a processed cabin surround engineered for lull functioning, cautiously selected and matched materials, and a innovative figure ethos.

It all adds capable an inviting and well-off internal that matches the pattern collection of the outside and makes the Crossing EcoSport a compelling substitute to the distinctive little car.

The EcoSport’s inner has been intentional and executed to render the highest levels of tone and craft, reflecting an urban mundanity that is upright as sociable as it is open. And it is family to an telling regalia of technologies and features. The EcoSport reflects its first figure and technology, which translates into well-finished and utterly aligned surfaces, attractive and flaccid to the feeling fabrics, also as a serenity and modernistic upcountry.

Client expectations were at the bosom of the Crossing EcoSport excogitation floor. The quality of materials and the murder of invention elements excogitate the grandness of low alimony costs and fantabulous strength in the ontogenesis treat. EcoSport has undergone blanket strength tests altogether types of upwind, terrain and employment altogether of the regions where it testament be sold, portion to elaborate every constituent of the fomite.

2013 Ford Ecosport

The coating of the EcoSport’s torso is the kickoff appearance to contemplate the new levels of caliber and fabrication. It is evidenced by the coherent fit of the components and the fomite’s flowing visibility, which greatly contributes to the inside’s audio timber.

The inside offers a rattling mod designing, conjointly a serial of technical features that a new multiplication of consumers hope in a attached car, and concurrently, anticipate in a differentiated, well-heeled and inviting impulsive receive.

“The all-new EcoSport’s inside follows the present-day and originative lines on the outside. The enchanting venire, the ergonomically well-disposed seating with soft-touch materials, and Ice Bluing clarification service produce an consonant and inviting surround,” aforesaid Ehab Kaoud, honcho intriguer, Crossing S America, who led the EcoSport’s figure. “It offers a grade of inner quietude unmatchable in its family.”

Fording S America’s Ware Ontogenesis Centre in Camaçari, Brazil, is the but one of its genial in the area. Its 1,200 engineers and designers use state-of-the-art engineering, including forward-looking CAD and CAE tools, to grow vehicles. Camaçari is one of Fording’s 8 centers of excellency in the humans and operates in material sentence with the over-the-counter centres crosswise the earth.

Modern and robust lines

The unstable, active and elegant lines of the all-new Fording EcoSport are distinctly outlined by Crossing’s new globose innovation words, based on fivesome briny elements: silhouette initiation, sensed efficiency, neat coat speech, expert art and new look.

The mesomorphic beltine, formed by the windows and doorway creases, draws an ascension cut that rises as it runs to the backside of the car and reflects the unambiguously dynamical lineament of the concordat, urban SUV.

The heavy trapezoidal grill is another feature of the Fording innovation DNA which gives the touch Fording nerve, wish the over-the-counter new globular designs.

With a coefficient hale of 0.365, the EcoSport’s aerodynamically graven lines helper lend to its telling fire saving. Prepared A pillars and a short-circuit bonnet assist make a coeval and flashy appearing. EcoSport’s aerodynamic visibility creates a impression of sensed efficiency.

The devious headlamps – slight and prolonged – are technological art in the new Fording pattern words that reward its forward-looking stylus.

2013 Ford Ecosport

“The lines of the headlamps stint towards the backside, allowing the air to menstruum round them,” aforementioned Kaoud. “The active business that stretches from the hoodlum to the A-pillar and to the ceiling is another significant spotlight in the EcoSport’s forward-looking appearing.”

The blacked-out B pillars and incline windows manikin one uninterrupted configuration, conveyance a neat, racy visibility.

At the rachis, a prominent back windowpane that wraps approximately to the sides on with devious tail-lamps. The cut rod handgrip is reinforced into the tail-lamp and is another spotlight of the Fording EcoSport’s innovational invention.

The scanty tire, with an solely intentional cycle, is mounted on the swing-out doorway. This innovation sport – a definitive SUV cue – defines the delicious personality of the EcoSport folk: a flashy, contemporaneous and cursory fomite for consumers who essay modernness without having to kick hardiness and efficiency in their fomite.

Friendly, inviting and smart interior

The all-new new EcoSport offers an inviting, easy and favorable national for the senses. It stands out for its innovative and concordant lines, the use of materials with differentiated textures and by its high-quality finishing. The soft-touch fabrics crack a prime of innovative colours and patterns, peculiarly selected to satisfy the perceptiveness of the customers, with leather alternative in around markets.

The heights spot of the driver’s buns offers goodness visibleness and propose gentle and well-heeled admission to the jury’s controls. The minor SUV’s quilt is too manifest in the ergonomically favorable seats with anatomic cut-outs and incline bolsters, which backup the trunk well.

The kernel solace’s invention besides has its own personality. The center-mounted LCD covert and Synchronize controls produce a coeval demarcation to the parcel. The air vents trace asymmetric cutaways in the venire for optic entreaty and functionality.

Assorted commodious entrepot options are positioned for ergonomically favorable and soft approach, increasing the onboard practicality and consolation. More 21 litres and 20 locations of occupant-oriented sound memory are useable.

The behind ass can be familiarized and reclined, which adds to the consolation. It too offers a prompt fold-down organisation, facilitating its use, too as refuge maulers to batten kid constraint seating.

Sophisticated and quiet environment

The national’s finish materials were elect afterward blanket explore with consumers, with a center caliber, edification and originality.

The top-of-the-line Fording EcoSport Ti, e.g., offers a modernistic and advanced surroundings with a inkiness venire and coating contrasted by eloquent particularisation.

In increase to the tone of the materials, diverse factors lend to piddle the new EcoSport’s upcountry a repose and pleasant post, thanks to sophisticated technology figure which maintains a highschool torsional force in the torso.

The Crossing EcoSport’s acoustical timbre is telling and is the resultant of broad exercise to tighten disturbance, shaking and hardness in vehicles crossways the humanity. It can be sensed in the low come of shaking when the fomite is stopped-up or track, likewise as during active evaluations, with low flatus and locomotive haphazardness when the fomite is drive at highschool speeds.

The perfective paroxysm the figure and anatomy of divers national components too helped bestow to slim dissonance in the internal likewise as the consistency’s sleek pattern, which was honed in the farting burrow.

This lineament helps increment the delectation of existence interior the all-new Fording EcoSport, whether it is to peach, heed to medicine or to but love the tranquillity and trespass of everything that the fomite offers.

Creative, Connected and Compact: EcoSport is Ford’s New Small SUV with Smart, Innovative Technologies

Compress and spry, the all-new Fording EcoSport is likewise good of advanced technologies and features.

Delivery unitedly features not usually institute therein section, EcoSport offers a drive receive with a ranking banner of on-board connectivity, prophylactic and contrivance.

2013 Ford Ecosport

One of the highlights is the award-winning Synchronise driver join organization with vocalisation mastery. More 4 jillion vehicles are presently on the route with Synchronise engineering. Fording forecasts 9 trillion extra vehicles testament be weaponed with Synchronize by 2015 globally as it deploys the Ford-exclusive organization in products such as the new EcoSport.

Synchronize sets the curve for a hands-free, voice-activated futurity. It helps drivers dungeon their workforce on the bicycle and eyes on the route as they take their deary medicine and brand calls victimization vocalism commands.

Crossing EcoSport’s digital sound organisation features a CD/MP3 musician, USB and adjuvant slots, iPod connectivity, Bluetooth association, and a 3.5-inch LCD sieve. Synchronize volition be uncommitted in both Mandarin and English in Chinaware.

The EcoSport too comes with a reach of key features such as wattage aided guidance, superpower windows, remote locks, three-fold index incline mirrors, Inactive Anti-Theft Arrangement, Fresh Keyless Ingress, and Fording Mightiness Jump, and backside parking sensors.

Climate control and comfort

The all-new EcoSport offers an sophisticated clime ascendence organization, providing efficiency and comforter, including air-conditioning with pollen strain as received and optional electronic air-conditioning.

The all-new diminished SUV features improved versions of originative solutions, such as the cooled bin inner the glovebox which can shiver six 350ml cans when the air conditioning is excited, besides as a warehousing draftsman underneath the rider arse.

Green and efficient

Zip efficiency is one of the highlights of the all-new Fording EcoSport. The end set by Fording in the EcoSport’s ontogenesis was to turn the section leader in fuel-efficiency with the all-new 1.0-litre, three-cylinder EcoBoost&craft; locomotive likewise as the new 1.5L Ti-VCT gasolene locomotive.

The EcoSport’s fire thriftiness is foster enhanced by the handiness of the forward-looking six-speed PowerShift dual-clutch automatonlike transmittal which combines the efficiency and drive kinetics of a manual gearbox with the contrivance of a schematic robotlike transmitting.

Efficiency is besides represent in every panorama of the fomite’s invention. The SUV’s trunk was peculiarly highly-developed, including the use of high-strength brand and new designs to optimise angle and fire efficiency.

Advanced Safety

2013 Ford Ecosport

The all-new EcoSport was intentional to encounter the strictest rubber standards in the markets in which it leave be sold. Its torso was highly-developed with figure tools and advance package to cut angle, combine programmed zip brownie preoccupancy zones with an super inflexible security coop to protect occupants.

The figure’ constancy and robustly reinforced soundbox with mellow torsional rigidity for resident tribute, 20% punter than the late exemplar sold in S America, are role of the features which consecrate the Fording EcoSport the authority of a on-key SUV.

The fomite offers a comp bundle of guard features including measure double strawman airbags (for driver and rider) and optional incline mantle airbags to protect rear-seat passengers in rollover-type accidents. The hip pad provides pelvic shelter spell the endoergic position threshold cut provides pectoral and ab shelter during face shock accidents.

The Crossing EcoSport is likewise equipt with innovative dynamic prophylactic technologies such as Anti-Lock Brakes, Electronic Constancy Broadcast, and Mound Found Help.

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