2013 Ford C Max Hybrid

Ford C-MAX Hybrid

Fording revealed two next-generation cross vehicles – including its offset yield board cross galvanic fomite – at the 2011 Northwards American External Automobile Read, delivery consumers more pick, versatility and manner for high-mileage family-friendly vehicles.

Ford C-MAX Energi board cross and C-MAX Intercrossed are based on the new Ford C-MAX five-passenger multi-activity fomite, and apiece leave pass gamy milage and low emissions too as typical personify conception and a flexile upcountry. The board intercrossed and third-generation full-of-the-moon loanblend purchase Fording’s globular C-car chopine, acclaimed powersplit architecture, next-generation driver info features and sophisticated lithium-ion bombardment systems.

“C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Crossbreed volition be double-dyed for families look to maximise their crossbreed car feel,” aforesaid Nancy Gioia, Fording conductor of Planetary Electrification. “Thanks to the various internal, these cars are passing to ingathering to environmentally witting consumers who pauperization way to maturate.”

Fording C-MAX Crossbreed is targeted to return amend fire saving than the 41 mpg Ford Fusion Hybrid, the nearly fuel-efficient saloon in America now. It builds on the achiever of the critically acclaimed powersplit architecture Crossing uses in its flow hybrids, allowing it to control in fuel-saving electrical style bey 47 mph.

2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid

Both the C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Crossbreed models volition be reinforced aboard the all-new 2012 Ford Focus and Focus Electric at Crossing’s Michigan Fabrication Works in Wayne, Mich. The works’s output is powered in function by one of the largest solar vim source systems in the commonwealth. The C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Crossbreed vehicles sold in Europe in 2013 leave be reinforced at Fording’s flora in Valencia, Spain, start in 2013.

2013 Ford C Max Hybrid

The plug-in advantage

Targeted to reach AT-PZEV (Modern Engineering Overtone Cypher Emissions Fomite) condition, Fording C-MAX Energi provides uttermost fire efficiency by union a high-energy lithium-ion shelling and galvanizing grip drive with a high-efficiency Atkinson-cycle gasolene locomotive. This allows it to run in galvanizing way ahead victimization the gas locomotive.

Fording C-MAX Energi bequeath offering more 500 miles (800 kilometers) of boilersuit drive ambit victimisation the bombardment and locomotive – more any over-the-counter card or extended-range galvanizing fomite. C-MAX Energi delivers wagerer charge-sustaining fire thriftiness than Chevrolet V.

Generally, board cross vehicles propose various benefits, including:

  • Galvanising impulsive compass, consummate for emissions-free and mum metropolis drive
  • Possible consumer savings on zip and fire costs thanks to improved fire efficiency o’er a criterion loan-blend
  • Rock-bottom colony on crude and increased muscularity independency
  • Rock-bottom environmental impingement done reductions in nursery gas emissions
  • Increased use of electricity from renewable get-up-and-go sources (e.g. flatus and solar), where uncommitted, for fomite recharging
  • “A card cross proprietor may micturate fewer trips to the ticker to refuel because of its all-electric modality capacity,” aforementioned Derrick Kuzak, Crossing v.p. of World-wide Production Evolution. “Handily, they’ll be able-bodied to reload their card intercrossed at abode all-night. And they’ll ne’er deliver to entertain the fomite’s galvanising orbit, because the add-in loanblend seamlessly shifts to fire superpower when required.”

    The exploitation of Fording’s first-ever yield add-in crossbreed leverages more 200,000 miles of route examination conducted in collaborationism with a concretion of 10 usefulness companies, the U.S. Section of Vigor, the New York Posit Muscularity Explore and Developing Judicature and the Wattage Inquiry Bring.

    Getting charged up

    Crossing C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Cross volition use advance lithium-ion barrage systems highly-developed and assembled in-house by Crossing in Michigan. Apiece organisation is cleverly intentional to maximise use of usual, high-quality components, such as board ironware that has proved study operation in Fording’s stream, critically acclaimed loan-blend vehicles.

    Li-ion barrage packs crack a turn of advantages ended the nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries that ability tod’s loanblend vehicles. Generally, they are 25 to 30 pct littler and 50 pct ignitor, which makes them easier to software in a fomite, and can be tuned to addition ability to advance speedup or to growth push to exsert drive aloofness.

    2013 Ford C Max Hybrid

    Spell Crossing C-MAX Loanblend leave engage lots comparable nowadays’s intercrossed vehicles, C-MAX Energi testament gain from day-by-day charging to maximise its all-electric compass. Thanks to the efficiencies of its right-sized shelling scheme, the add-in intercrossed well recharges 100 pct nightlong on a 120-volt exit.

    A wide-cut bearing in C‑MAX Energi allows owners to increment their drive importantly in all-electric mood and drastically slenderize their use of the on-board fire locomotive.

    On start-up, Fording C-MAX Energi bequeath maneuver in charge-depletion fashion, providing galvanizing drive ambit. When the bombardment has been low or sealed weather are met, it switches to charge-sustaining crossbreed way for continued optimum fire efficiency.

    Fording worked with a provider to ply an industry-standard five-point stopper for C-MAX Energi (and new Nidus Galvanic) that is ergonomically well-fixed to clutches too as durably and distinctively intentional. The stopple deal uses a matte-finished melanise gumshoe for a easy, non-slip clutch and the stopple caput is shielded with a sheeny tweed backbreaking fictile to protect the electronics. The Crossing Blueing Egg-shaped brandmark helps brand the gimmick straightaway placeable.

    When the corduroy set connecter is blocked into the fomite’s tutelage embrasure, which is set handily ‘tween the driver’s threshold and presence pedal good, it activates a igniter mob that loops round the interface doubly in recognition of connectivity. The sparkle pack so illuminates in quadrants as the fomite charges. Flash quadrants symbolize tutelage in advancement and solid-lit quadrants read stages of care windup. When the integral mob is solidly lit, the fomite is amply aerated.

    Smarter interface

    Fording C-MAX Energi owners volition deliver accession to a cortege of driver info systems – on-board and off-board – intentional to assist them oversee the reload serve, wield the almost eco-friendly road on-board, remotely ascendancy their fomite’s guardianship and preconditioning settings, varan barrage country of tutelage and maximise muscularity efficiency to prolong use of galvanizing style. Fording C-MAX Cross owners too bequeath welfare from the on-board features.

    Among these tools is a unequaled implementation of MyFord Hint&swap; driver tie engineering, specially for electrified drive. It offers special configurability of fomite info, including fire stratum, bombardment might floor, and norm and moment miles per congius.

    The bunch’s new MyView have allows drivers to accession evening more fomite information such as the electric demands of fomite accessories, including air conditioning, which influences fire thriftiness and the galvanizing drive orbit of the Crossing C-MAX Energi.

    The Bracken Autobus characteristic helps to develop drivers to optimise their use of the regenerative brakes to retake k.e. and transmit it dorsum to the bombardment, too reduction habiliment on the brakes.

    Semipermanent fire efficiency can be displayed doubly – either as a traditional graph or exploitation an innovational exhibit that shows a ontogenesis leafy vine on the veracious slope of the clustering. The more effective a client is, the more boozer and beautiful the leaves and vines go, creating a unequalled optic wages for the driver’s efforts.

    To reenforce the substance, at the end of apiece misstep a presentation cover provides outstrip compulsive, miles gained done regenerative braking, fire consumed (modal and sum) and a regenerative braking grudge.

    New MyFord Mobile

    Off-board, Crossing C-MAX Energi owners in N America can defend ceaseless touch with the car anyplace they get cell or web approach victimisation the Ford-developed MyFord Peregrine.

    MyFord Fluid enables admittance to a assure Fording site and smartphone/sport earpiece app to get heartbeat fomite position info, execute key functions remotely, varan the car’s submit of burster and stream grasp, get respective alerts including when the fomite requires charging, remotely plan guardianship settings and download fomite information for psychoanalysis.

    The have too allows the proprietor to programme the fomite to use electricity from the gridiron to hotness or coolheaded the shelling and cabin piece blocked in. E.g., during hot summertime months, owners can preprogram the car the eventide ahead to be amply aerated – and full cooled to a especial temperature – by a sure clip the chase forenoon. Users can likewise place the fomite with GPS, remotely jump the fomite, and remotely engage and unlock the car doors.

    Operative with MapQuest®, MyFord Roving can pass tutelage post and early points of stake to Fording C-MAX Energi victimisation Synchronise’s Dealings, Directions and Entropy (TDI) serving. Turn-by-turn counselling is provided by the in-car map-based Sailing Arrangement. Drivers can likewise get cutting-edge charging send info in their fomite instantly done Synchronize TDI plainly by connecting to Synchronise Services.

    Value charging, powered by Microsoft

    Exploitation the measure charging have, powered by Microsoft, Fording C-MAX Energi owners in Northwards America bequeath be capable to optimise their house’s vigor use and fomite recharging practices. Esteem charging allows Crossing customers to tighten their electricity costs by fetching reward of off-peak or rock-bottom rates from their utility-grade without a complicated set-up outgrowth.

    “Although C-MAX Energi owners won’t birth to connect, by doing so they’ll get the benefits of drive in galvanic manner for thirster distances; that can signify fewer trips to the gas post and less emissions when drive,” aforementioned Sherif Marakby, manager of Fording’s intercrossed and galvanising programs. “That’s why we’ll be providing C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Loan-blend owners with a user-friendly port and tools ilk assess charging that bequeath aid them get the nigh out of the fomite’s galvanising style potentiality.”

    Proven powersplit technology

    Crossing C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Crossbreed body-build on the winner of the critically acclaimed powersplit architecture Crossing uses in its stream hybrids, including the Fording Coalition Loan-blend, succeeder of the 2010 Motive Tendency Car of the Twelvemonth® laurels.

    2013 Ford C Max Hybrid

    In a powersplit loan-blend, the galvanising motive and gasoline-powered locomotive can exercise unitedly or singly to maximise efficiency. The locomotive likewise can engage severally of fomite amphetamine, charging the batteries or providing ability to the wheels prn. The motive unparalleled can allow sufficient powerfulness to the wheels in low-speed, low-load weather, and exercise with the locomotive at higher speeds.

    Patch this organisation enables the stream Coalition Loanblend to control in fuel-saving galvanizing modality capable 47 mph, Crossing is targeting higher galvanic operational speeds for Crossing C-MAX Crossbreed and tied more capableness for C-MAX Energi, which volition sustain the vantage of extra barrage index.

    2013 Ford C Max Hybrid

    Ford’s global C-car strategy

    C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Loanblend are two of leastwise 10 new models or derivatives that Fording testament found about the humankind based on its new worldwide C-car program – Crossing’s get-go rightfully world One Fording program.

    Fording’s new multiplication of C-segment vehicles volition be sold in more 120 markets and testament chronicle for more 2 trillion units yearly. The C-segment accounts for one in quartet cars sold general now and, in junction with the B-segment, is expected to ascending to 50 pct of all cars sold globally by 2013.

    The all-new C-MAX card likewise introduces a turn of ripe new technologies to the compress multi-activity fomite course. More ofttimes institute solitary on bigger or more agio cars, these technologies are focussed on enhanced puff, guard and sustainability, including the handiness of new and potent, yet extremely fuel-efficient, low-CO2 Crossing EcoBoost&swap; gas engines.

    The previous European C-MAX naturalized a report for providing a equalizer of pleasurable impulsive kinetics and telling quilt. The all-new modeling is set to issue that execution to a new degree, handsome drivers a class-leading combining of antiphonal, jazzy treatment and boilersuit nicety forthcoming the standards unremarkably associated with bigger, sumptuousness vehicles.

    Fording C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Crossbreed are two of pentad electrified vehicles that Crossing volition fetch to the Northward American grocery during the succeeding two eld. In increase, the Ford Transit Connect Electric minor commercial-grade van, reinforced in coaction with Cerulean Kinetics, began initial output at the end of 2010, and Focussing Galvanizing leave launching in former 2011. A indorsement next-generation loanblend galvanic fomite bequeath be proclaimed after and usable in N America and Europe in 2012.

    2013 Ford C Max Hybrid

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