2013 Fisker Surf

Fisker Surf

In a designing masterstroke, Fisker Self-propelling has created a whole archetype fomite: the beginning galvanizing lavishness/sports auto for an fighting and eco-friendly life-style. The Fisker Channel-surf builds on the succeeder of the ground-breaking Karma Galvanizing Fomite with lengthy orbit (E’er&craft;) by adding extra, flexile load-carrying capableness, on with a spunky new position all its own.

Fisker Breaker combines functioning, opulence, stylus, usefulness, and saving with an abiding pertain for the sustainable use of resources and respectfulness for our cancel environs.

As a worldwide accompany Fisker Self-propelling leave whirl the Surfboard altogether its markets some the humanity for the 2013 modeling twelvemonth. The Fisker Breakers leave make a new recess and outdoors new client markets for Fisker, by likable to those looking this alone coalesce of innovative engineering, innovational excogitation and environmental sensitiveness, with added versatility. Europe, particularly, has demonstrated a historical partiality for sport-wagon invention, and it is thither where Fisker anticipates firm requirement.

2013 Fisker Surf

The Fisker Surfboard is the outset fomite of its sort and a root release from traditional vehicles offered by over-the-counter manufacturers. It brings added push to Fisker’s center Uncompromised Creditworthy LuxuryTM and Saturated Drive PassionTM.

Exterior Design

Really betimes in the maturation of the master Karma saloon, companionship CEO and Administrator Pattern Manager, Henrik Fisker distinct a more various version would be office of the modeling card. So when the clip came for the development from Karma to Channel-surf the course had already been outlined for combination usefulness with bluff and salient pattern.

2013 Fisker Surf

In mid-2009, with the Karma’s invention colonised, prelude ferment began on the Breaker. Exploitation the Karma as a start head, lines and angles round the bottom quarters were extensive for the new cap conformation, incline windowpane shapes and liftgate.

The figure resultant is peradventure the virtually refined output sport-wagon e’er made.

“The Fisker Breaker is a first-of-its-kind eco-friendly life-style fomite that offers infinite, operation and luxuriousness figure for masses who experience an dynamic, environmentally witting life-style and similar to crusade beautiful cars,” aforementioned Henrik Fisker.

A phoebe doorway fomite has ne’er looked this jazzy with its juicy graven arse fenders and dynamical position visibility. The bottom of the Fisker Breakers flows elegantly about to the position of the car with an craftily unified cap freebooter adding to the play of the arse. The liftgate itself is quite advanced composition, compounding substitute with an sleek mannikin styled for a classifiable genius. Tied the high-mounted LED stoplight is seamlessly merged into the back hatching and about inconspicuous until it illuminates.

Arresting new wheels – hush of 22 edge diam as received — are an phylogeny of the Karma’s Lap BladeTM designing, and rather intricate. They piddle use of a two-color blusher outline disjointed by machined areas. The undimmed orangeness Brembo® bracken calipers, single to the Fisker Channel-surf, establish boldly done the wheels.

At the breast of the car, designers took the chance to make a flashy identicalness for the Fisker Browse with a new third-dimensional honeycomb figure lattice.

The alone solar ceiling board that is a Fisker touch has been incorporated into the Fisker Breaker, with a few twists. The optional solar board not alone captures sunshine to powerfulness the car, it is really gauzy, with a dark-tint semitransparency that adds to the signified of nakedness indoors the car, specifically in the back seating. Touchstone is a tinted-glass bird’s-eye cap board that tilts outdoors at the binding for added respiration.

Incorporated cap rail provide added lading content and let been intentional to lawsuit the stylus of the car.

Patch the boilersuit posture and dimensions of the Fisker Breaker are unaltered from those of the Karma saloon, the new car appears yearner and sleeker with its drawn-out roofline and english methamphetamine.

The Surfboard is Fisker’s imagination of a crossing betwixt a sportsman car and a waggon and shows how Fisker is expanding its Karma chopine chop-chop with extra models that again make a new commercialise recession.

Interior Design

A substantial sensation of sumptuousness and fashion regard the Fisker Breaker’s conciliatory capabilities, thanks to the attractively unified retread of the baggage and bum rider areas. Again, the Karma saloon provided an splendid initiation, with its handsomely crafted inside and attentive comforts. The Browse creates its own classifiable identicalness in the details of its beautiful, various cabin.

The hold accessed by the Fisker Channel-surf’s new liftgate is dual-lane into leash working regions, start with the proboscis infinite at the arse, for big items such as golf bags and suitcases. Instigate forwards of that is a embossed ledge designers mention to as “the pulpit,” to conveniently oblige littler objects and consecrate utile procedure to an country strained by the bearing of the galvanizing powertrain’s prominent invertors below the story.

A 3rd area of the hold is created by the someone foldaway behind seatbacks. Either or both can somerset forwards to reconcile extra or outsized baggage or cogwheel.

The Surfboard’s essence soothe ‘tween the ass seating, nether which the car’s briny barrage is placed, too incorporates an extra reposition bin.

2013 Fisker Surf

Fisker’s invention ism is plain passim the Breaker’s new upcountry. In accession to desegregation the society’s touch adamant motifs, thither was a crystalize conclusion to not finalise for the average. The splitter venire betwixt the proboscis infinite and the pulpit is a amply crafted man with shape aluminium, napped plating and gauze divine by a high-end catamaran. Likewise, the groundbreaking latch handles to firing the behind backside backs are leather-trimmed and highly-developed for their tactual flavor. They mirror the fittings on ticket intriguer baggage.

Rider accommodations capitalize of the Fisker Channel-surf’s new cap conformation. Headway is increased importantly in rear, thanks to both the higher roofline and the absence of star nether the tinted chalk or solar-electric ceiling panels. Bigger side-window areas likewise earmark improved outbound profile and add a sensation of receptiveness.

It’s the perfective situation to savour the active-sports life-style that the Breaker both expresses and enables.

Technology and Performance

2013 Fisker Surf

The Fisker Breaker takes wax reward of the forward-looking, high-efficiency powertrain and the advanced infinite bod architecture of the Karma saloon it is based on. Automatically, the cars are nigh indistinguishable.

As the outset on-key galvanic fomite with extensive compass (EVerTM), the Karma – and now the Breaker – use an innovational series-hybrid crusade scheme in which the car is powered lonesome by electricity. The onboard gas locomotive drives just a source. A duo of herculean galvanizing grip motors cause the back wheels, winning zip from a 20 kWh lithium-iron-phosphate bombardment gang carried within the car’s exchange burrow. A 175kW author supplies muscularity to the motors and the batteries. It is goaded, only required, by the effective 260 hp turbocharged and direct-fuel-injected gasolene locomotive.

So good alike a diesel-electric, the Fisker Browse driver e’er enjoys the instant torsion and polish reaction, patch the national burning locomotive conjugate to the galvanizing motors offer increased push for uttermost functioning and elongated grasp.

Two impulsive modes, Athletics and Stealing, are usable to the driver at all multiplication. In Mutant modality, entire powerfulness is useable and the driver can statement the one 981 lb-ft (1,330 Nm) of torsion to quicken from 0-60 mph in scarce 5.9 seconds, and reach an electronically modified top amphetamine of 125 mph (201 km).

In the nonremittal Stealing way, graduated for efficiency, the Channel-surf uses lone bombardment exponent and accelerates from 0-60 in 7.9 seconds. Top velocity is 95 mph (153 km). Nether pattern impulsive weather, shelling index unequaled testament thrust the Browse roughly 50 miles (80 km). Aft that the gasolene locomotive/author and 9.5-gal (36 l) fire tankful ply another 250 miles of compass for a amount of 300 miles (483 km).

Victimisation a measure 110-volt house ply, the Fisker Channel-surf’s shelling bequeath full reload in most 14 hours. The Fisker Surfboard can likewise use touchstone European 220-volt outlets, allowing this clip to dip to roughly six hours.

2013 Fisker Surf

The Fisker Channel-surf and Karma percentage an modern architecture that helps render effervescent execution spell ensuring positive mastery and a silence, prosperous bait. The unbending al construction, hanker wheelbase, advanced autonomous respite and banner 22-inch wheels configuration the footing of a lithesome, lissome and antiphonal route car. A low centre of sobriety and 47/53-percent burthen dispersion aid leave a sportsmanlike spirit.

The monolithic Brembo brakes employment in junction with a amply blended regenerative organisation. During chicago, push that would differently be helpless as heating is seamlessly healed and fed dorsum into the bombardment to helper exsert grasp and maximise efficiency.


Same everything Fisker Self-propelled does, the Fisker Channel-surf has been conceived and highly-developed with a reproducible center sustainability. That agency the car runs flawlessly and expeditiously, naturally. But bey that, its pattern and fabricate anticipate low- environmental-impact alternatives at every chance.

The Low-Carbon LeatherTM put-upon in the EcoSportTM inside trimming comes from Nosepiece of Weir, a unequalled low-emissions and get-up-and-go self-sufficing tannery in Scotland. EcoStandardTM and EcoChicTM interiors use all animal-free materials. Woo for the national highlights is rescued from deep-set logs and fire-damaged trees, not cut from support forests. Recycled, recyclable and low-impact materials are ill-used for behind cushions, carpeting funding, clipping pieces and more.

By adamantly pursuing shipway to rise efficiency and cut environmental encroachment, Fisker Self-propelled is pains to be the carmaker nearly consecrate to sustainability.

2013 Fisker Surf

With the sensational new Surfboard, Fisker has an machine that expresses the values of an participating, environmentally creditworthy life-style bettor than anything else on the mart tod.

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