2013 Fiat Viaggio

Fiat Viaggio

The all-new agiotage grade Order Viaggio saloon’s introduction is without a dubiousness one of the eye-catchers at the 2012 Beijing Outside Automobile Appearance. The Rescript Viaggio symbolises an idealistic journeying ‘tween Italy and Chinaware, and its Chinese epithet Fei Xiang reinforces the content, evoking the receive of a fast ambition towards the find of a new life-style wholly befitting the make locating La Vita è Bella (sprightliness is beautiful) which embodies the Italian ism of life biography to the fullest with rage and manner.


Elysian by Italian conception, the new Edict Viaggio teams contemporary way elements with a billet of long-lasting classics that add to the passionate Italian fable. Intentional by Order Grouping’s Manner Kernel in Turin, the Rescript Viaggio has a dateless, clean-surfaced expressive outside designing that blends mobile and bosomy forms with warm proportions. A modern-day Order “brass” ensures plain blade individuality. Back backside lamps with processed LED lights render an simulacrum of higher-ranking character.

2013 Fiat Viaggio

The Order Viaggio is tastily intentional inner and out with evident Italian stylus. Order intentional the Viaggio to be a man contract saloon different any others in its section. Furnished with the boilersuit dimensions which are “lour, wider, and yearner” genetic from the architecture and program upon which it is based, the Rescript Viaggio affords a dynamical entreaty tuned to work class-leading razz and treatment.

An extensive C-pillar enables a silklike silhouette. The copiousness of refined chromium-plate details (from the launching clipping degree) gives the Decree Viaggio a extremely advanced aspect.

2013 Fiat Viaggio

2013 Fiat Viaggio

The on-board get is characterised by a “driver centrical” internal invention: a unparalleled “aimless island bezel” which combines the bunch and essence deal and helps severalise the inner from others. No films, false wood, or simulated metals: the splashboard boasts a pick, appliqué-free implementation (featuring high-quality soft-touch surfacing with haptic grains in an refined and tender threefold step (melanise/ecru) cabin. Bounty calibre materials solvent in bounty tactility. A balanced comportment of chromium-plate details and silver-plated elements add light and a feeling of mundanity to the refined splashboard. On top shave levels, the front of the 8.4 inches touchscreen wireless seafaring whole adds to the advanced surroundings a top hi-tech have unequalled to the section.

2013 Fiat Viaggio

Cutting-edge technology

Measure 4,679 mm in duration, 1,850 mm in boilersuit breadth and with a 2,708 mm wheelbase, the Rescript Viaggio is the new C-segment benchmark. With this car, Order brings the really outdo of its technical know-how, pattern and civilization to the biggest marketing section in Chinaware.

2013 Fiat Viaggio

The new four-dour, five-seater Order Viaggio saloon is based on the CUSW (Covenant US All-encompassing) architecture. It is the nearly innovative inside the Decree Radical, and it is too the footing of the new Dodge Dart, presented at the Detroit Drive Shew in January 2012. The CUSW architecture is, successively, derived from the Press architecture primitively highly-developed for the best-selling Alfa Romeo Giulietta, a fabric that enables the Italians and the Americans to contribution technologies and components and near of all better practices for technology and pattern capabilities.

Based on this program, the Order Viaggio is tuned to institute class-leading drive and treatment with uncompromised quilt for all its occupants. With splendid drive kinetics, prodigious refuge execution, prominent trimness levels and finishes, Edict is prepare to spoilation the nigh demanding Chinese customers with a unequaled commingle of might, fire efficiency, mundanity, engineering and fomite kinetics.

The Decree Viaggio testament be the solitary car in its section to go solely advanced Turbo engines (1.4L T-Jet 120 HP and 150 HP) on the Chinese mart, securing performances that anybody would anticipate from larger supplanting engines without conciliatory on fire saving and upkeep costs. Teamed with the T-Jet Turbo locomotive is Rescript’s modish genesis 6 upper three-fold dry grasp transmitting, and instead the well-tested 5-gear manual transmittance.


The Decree Viaggio is positioned in the virtually free-enterprise mid-class section in Chinaware’s self-propelled marketplace, targeting likely consumers with a cacoethes for living. Enthusiastic, creditworthy, audacious to aspiration and unrelenting: they are untested and styling, having full-grown up in the cities and set to get the sand of Chinese companionship.

World Class Manufacturing

2013 Fiat Viaggio

As the kickoff Fiat-Chrysler spliff propose, the Decree Viaggio volition be produced in the new GAC Order output works in Changsha, in the Hunan state.

The new product plants implements the Reality Category Fabrication standards, a way of workings that all Order and Chrysler plants ecumenical suffer embraced in gild to accomplish naught accidents, aught defects, naught stocks and naught breakdowns.

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