2013 Fiat Strada

Fiat Strada

Decree Strada leave be uncommitted in Italian dealerships from the end of January 2012. Made in the FIASA implant in Betim (Brazil), the new modeling leave accompany in the footsteps of S America’s notable transferral fomite. With no fewer than 127,800 vehicles sold general, the Order Strada was the s nearly democratic Order Master manakin aft the Decree Ducato in 2011.

The Order Strada comes in iii outfits (Workings, Trekking, Stake) and 3 trunk types (Brusque Cab, Foresighted Cab, Bunch Cab) for a summate of six unlike versions. The about crucial initiation is the launching of the Crowd Cab interpretation (for Running and Jeopardize versions), which can well bear 4 masses piece maintaining a load capacitance of capable 650 kg simultaneously.

Equipt with a herculean 95 HP 1.3 MultiJet 16v Euro 5 locomotive, the manakin is both various and multifunctional. This is demonstrated by the Workings one cab edition for professionals who are looking a “strictly commercial-grade fomite”. Interesting is the new bunch cab interpretation for miscellaneous use allowing capable quartet masses to be carried summation tools and materials.

2013 Fiat Strada

For the about demanding uses, the E-Locker electronic lockup derivative is usable to helper harness tricky terrain. All these features appropriate it to vie with bigger pick-up trucks but with the added vantage of depress leverage toll, linear costs and fire expenditure.

Prices (ahead tax) scope from 12,900 euros for the 95 HP 1.3 MultiJet 16v Workings Ace Cab adaptation to 16,000 euros for the top-of-the-range 95 HP 1.3 MultiJet 16v Jeopardize Bunch Cab rendering.

2013 Fiat Strada


The fashion conveys the picture of a potent, active and working fomite open of beneficial execution and super low working costs. The forepart is one of the virtually obtrusive innovations of the new simulation. The tougher, no-nonsense bumper has a renewed designing with two air vents now sorted in a individual orthogonal box and the new headlights (single-lens for the Functional rig and double-lens for the Trekking). Lots more self-assertive is the forepart of the Stake adaptation: calico in twinned torso coloration it has a nigrify lattice and chrome-plated inserts framed by an cut-in which continues o’er the pedal mischievous auspices. The incorporated fog lights are fitted in the lour function.

The Yearn Cab and Bunch Cab versions get lengthways cap bars and despoiler with merged thirdly stoplight in summation to deal of way in the rider compartment.

2013 Fiat Strada

The boilersuit dimensions of the fomite are much unaltered with prize to the former serial: distance 4409 mm (4457 mm for the Escapade variation), breadth 1664 (1740 mm for the Escapade versions) and a wheelbase of 2718 mm.

The Decree Strada within plentifulness of puff privileged for occupants and is really cautiously intentional passim. This is demonstrated by the new upholstery, the bran-new splashboard and the pilot crystallize, easy-to-read instruments. Ergonomic, antisubmarining seating, the height-adjustable wheel (touchstone on Trekking and Hazard) and the clime controller scheme (criterion on Jeopardize) shuffle traveling and functional on the Decree Strada flush more pleasant, well-heeled and rubber.

Load compartment

A metier of the Order Strada is its gravid bottom box, which is 1685 mm hanker (1332 mm on hanker cab versions, 1082 on bunch cab versions), and 1300 mm across-the-board (1070 mm betwixt cycle arches). Heavy and with a steady conformation to pass sluttish to effort full, it is provided with scratch-resistant protective facing intentional to defy extremum temperatures.

2013 Fiat Strada

Full-bodied maulers put-upon to fix the transported objects in amount rubber are ordered on the sides and backside of the box and intelligently located, so as not to block load and unloading operations. Approach to the loading compartment is likewise facilitated by the bum plug-in, covered in non-slip real which can be folded by 90° and now eve obliterable. It can deliver a weightiness of 300 kg. The shipment including driver ranges from 630 to 705 kg according to the reading, patch the glaring fomite burthen is 1915 kg. The towable weighting is Chiliad kg.


The Rescript Strada is up for any gainsay with its glorious 1.3 MultiJet 16v Euro 5 locomotive, which delivers a uttermost exponent of 95 HP and a torsion of 200 Nm (20.4 kgm at 1500 rpm).

Furnished with varying geometry turbocharger and intercooler, the locomotive ensures fantabulous functioning with low linear costs. Intake is near the like as the old Euro 4 85 HP locomotive (capable 5.3 l/100 km in the combined hertz). This is evening more noteworthy when compared thereto of the bulky pick-up trucks made by competitors which all liaison gamey phthisis to heights mightiness.

2013 Fiat Strada


The Order Strada offers plenteousness of banner equipment: new instruments with stumble reckoner, height-adjustable wheel (on Trekking and Hazard), doorway mirror manually adjustable from the inwardly and ABS. Extra banner features of the Order Strada Chance admit mood controller arrangement, fog lights, debase wheels with 205/65 R15 oversize, lug stride tyres.

For spare versatility on the nigh demanding missions, Jeopardize versions accompany a new stock electronic lockup derivative called E-Locker to efficaciously help tackling tricky terrain generally, where the exceedingly execution typically offered by a 4X4 is not required.

In contingent, the organization can engage the breast derivative, providing all the usable torsion to the bicycle with the outdo grasp to get the fomite out of dodgy situations: “off-road-like” execution combined with all the taking features of a 4×2. The E-Locker is commodious because it does not involve the excess costs of 4wd, it does not penalize darnel and freight and it has no elf on use and working costs (because the fomite consumes ilk a 4×2 when the scheme is off). Proofread of the Risk’s off-road personality is the fascia which, on E-Locker versions, is complemented by a auxiliary grasp and cast and slant cadence tool.

2013 Fiat Strada

Eventually, when it comes to comforter, the Edict Strada has a foresightful leaning of optional equipment for customising your fomite: radiocommunication with CD histrion, clime ascendence organisation, sun ceiling, leather wheel (Risk lonesome) and debase rims.

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