2013 Fiat Panda Uk Version

Fiat Panda [UK]

The third generation Fiat Panda, Europe’s best-selling supermini, is larger, roomier, safer and more fire effective than its predecessors. On sale from February 2012, it’s the modish interpretation of a good loved car that’s turn fabled for its use of spa, press dimensions, fun manner and functionality. With its cinque doors and pliable internal, the new Edict Panda is set to chassis on an enviable repute for gizmo and lastingness that’s been development always since the master was unveiled in 1980.

With the continued popularity of retrenchment, the conception of an attractive, advanced metropolis car with board for phoebe, an sophisticated grasp of frugal engines and a legion of heavy car features has ne’er been more likeable. The all-new Decree Panda is such a car thanks to an inner jactitation greater flexibleness and higher tone materials than its harbinger, with roughly ingenious forefront engineering existence made useable on a little car first. All this is mantled in a fashionable yet favorable new designing and powered by roughly of the nearly sparing engines uncommitted nowadays.

Iii locomotive options bequeath be offered at found, headed by Rescript’s award-winning TwinAir Turbo. This 875cc whole has the last co2 emissions of any measure yield gasoline locomotive in the mankind, and won Outside Locomotive of the Class 2011 courtesy of its unequalled combining of powerfulness, flexibleness and thriftiness. With 85hp, 67.3mpg saving (Combined Hertz), and a characterful throaty audio rail, this locomotive has cemented Order’s billet at the head of forward-looking burning locomotive growing.

2013 Fiat Panda [UK]

The TwinAir Turbo is to be coupled late in the yr by a usually aspirated rendering for the selfsame offset meter. Thither is likewise the up-to-the-minute phylogeny of the reliable 1.2-litre Flack locomotive. With 69bhp it employs varying valve timing engineering to blending might with thriftiness. The new Decree Panda is likewise usable with a 1.3-litre MultiJet2 turbo diesel. This irregular genesis, concordat whole features quicker injectors than its forerunner, fashioning it quieter, more sparing and cheaper to run.

The TwinAir Turbo and MultiJet testament accompany Jump&Closure and a Train Shimmy Indicant (GSI), which suggests to the driver when to modification appurtenance in fiat to accomplish the trump saving.

Too as new engines, the Edict Panda has revised dimensions that pass thirster, wider and taller than the car it replaces, with more blank for passengers and their baggage. But it hush maintains sufficiently lilliputian outside dimensions to sit securely in the metropolis car family. About of the Panda’s emergence in duration is in the ass beetle to increment the new car’s kicking spa too as crack more legroom to back passengers, who volition likewise welfare from a arse sliding bum pick first. The new Panda is besides 66mm wider, which way it can bum tercet passengers well in the behind. Near stratum rivals get way for just two passengers in the rear.

For improved rider puff and driver delectation thither is all-new abeyance and a soundbox that’s importantly more stiff than its forerunner. These attributes advance amend the Edict Panda’s already telling rubber certificate. With capable six airbags (four-spot of which are received), ABS anti-lock braking, optional ESP (Electronic Stableness Programme), and an alive anti-whiplash headrest organization stock equipment end-to-end the scope, the Panda volition be one of the best-equipped cars of its form in refuge footing. Outstandingly for a car of this sizing, it volition besides boast a new introduction as an selection, the Low Velocity Hit Moderation scheme. This reads the route before and when it detects an obstruction in the car’s itinerary it applies the brakes mechanically.

The Decree Panda’s helpful features aren’t hardly reserved for the driver. To maximize blank indoors, the all-new inner is jam-packed with utilitarian equipment. Thither are 14 depot compartments including an surface one on the splashboard. The ass arse judiciary can be specified to coast backward and ahead. Otc options admit a forepart rider ass that folds into a tabulate, piece admission to the midland has been boost improved.

As with every otc Rescript in the flow reach, the new Panda can be coherent with the Dark&Me connectivity organization to appropriate owners to synchronize euphony players and roving phones with the car. This enables hands-free ascendancy of devices victimisation either articulation energizing or steerage wheel-mounted buttons. The new Decree Panda likewise offers the modish Blueing&Me TomTom2 Experience as an choice. This seafaring twist has a 4.3-inch touchscreen, and likewise as routing, this includes latest upwind and dealings info.

The new Rescript Panda is usable in leash passementerie levels: Pop, Soft and Linger. Evening the entering grade Pop example is advantageously weaponed for this metropolis car stratum, patch features such as Low Speeding Hit Extenuation, which is usable on sensitive and high-pitched score cars, is new to this section.


The Edict Panda has farseeing been seen as an incarnation of noetic and excited values and its ‘well-disposed’ innovation has reflected that. Now entrance its 3rd multiplication, the new Panda combines the topper of the kickoff and endorsement coevals models with a quality of its own that allows Rescript to actuate the Panda fable forward-moving again.

Centro Stile Edict designers call the new innovation portrays an eve stronger imagination of the compounding of substitute and personality than the car it replaces. In creating this phylogenesis of the existent framework, designers treasured to underline that the Panda is a dateless classical patch too organism an inbuilt appendage of the Order Automobiles kinfolk.

Comp restyling has resulted in the Decree Panda’s lines organism made more rounded than the exemplar it replaces. This demulcent combined with the absence of corners conveys solidness and worldliness and makes the car seem larger than its metropolis car dimensions mightiness intimate. The silken new face has too been intentional to dedicate the rider compartment a welcoming and protective flavor, and an extra gain is a puff coefficient of 0.32, one of the last in the category.

The demulcent of lines continues inside the boilersuit contour. English windows suffer been molded to maximize outbound profile for added rubber, piece bighearted the cabin a percept of delicacy. All windows sustain rounded-off corners and the 3rd windowpane at the sides, a touch of the second-generation Panda, corpse but is less angulate. These likewise commingle with the taillight clusters, which are set higher to thin the theory of price from nipper knocks, patch devising them more seeable.

Bumper strips that adopt the rounded motive get been added for additional aegis from parking knocks. And in a nod to the offset propagation car, thither are optional incline mouldings (stock on Lallygag versions) to dedicate a furrowed expression. This is farther accentuated by flared roll arches and cap bars on Promiscuous and Couch versions.


The Decree Panda has e’er been synonymous with stylus, practicality and useableness, and this up-to-the-minute adaptation builds on those ‘pillars’. Although good 365cm hanker with a wheelbase of 230cm, the fledgling can well arse pentad mass and has one of the biggest boots in its form.

Functionality is another of the Decree Panda’s hallmarks and the new simulation is no dissimilar. The five-door excogitation makes cabin admittance soft. Interior place is 26mm wider at the forepart and 5mm wider at the back, spell boilersuit, the cabin is 20mm yearner compared with the modelling it replaces. New reduce buns engineering yields 23mm more introduction spa at the figurehead and 6mm at the backside which allows rear buns passengers more leg way piece those in the strawman profit from improved bottom locomotion which is now an telling 21cm forward and aft. Confederative to erect registration of 6cm for the driver’s arse, the forepart rider’s can be specified with a back that folds consume care a tabularize on Sluttish and Footle models.

Two backside seating are criterion patch a halfway arse, headrest and seatbelt can be specified as an alternative. The sliding backbone row is optional from September 2012. This moves by 16cm, increasing bang spa from 225 to 260 litres in its amply forrader billet. And the backside back folds devour to produce 870 litres of kicking blank, 36 litres more the irregular coevals simulation, and a chopine that’s more 2m in duration. On top of that, a back back that splits 60/40 can be specified. If the sliding behind ass is coherent, the back splits 50/50.

The behind textile is new too. This employs squares that are electronically welded to the backrests in rescript to amend airflow ‘tween the resident’s backrest and the bottom, up quilt in quick conditions.

Boost up chilling when temperatures are mellow, the new Panda has an improved mood command organisation. This centres on a revised mastery whole that ensures the needful temperature is reached as apace as potential, a specially suitable have in utmost conditions weather. Animation aboard has been promote improved by running to cut all types of stochasticity. This has resulted in a 4dB haphazardness diminution compared to the previous generation exemplar. This efficaciously agency route stochasticity has been halved.

2013 Fiat Panda Uk Version

The splasher has undergone a root retread. Harking backrest to the commencement e’er Edict Panda, it boasts a spacious repositing sack forward of the breast rider. Thither’s too a more ceremonious lockup glovebox in the glower role of the coney.

Over-the-counter cunning national innovations admit redesigned doorway panels, allowing the speakers to be positioned higher, which improves phone lineament piece besides enabling the threshold pockets to be made wider and more useable. The emergency has been redesigned too. Devising it shorter has released reposition quad before, bum and underneath the prize. In aggregate, thither are 14 memory spaces including a mix of surface and unsympathetic, and thither’s tied an optional specs bearer supra the driver’s slope windowpane.


Modernistic cars are around so lots more acquiring round, and as with every flow Order the new Panda is big on communicating. Therefore it features the award-winning Amytal&Me documentary scheme.

Based on Microsoft’s Windows Fluid for Self-propelled, Blueing&Me allows Bluetooth equipt devices such as phones and MP3 euphony players to be coupled into the car. Occupants can so proceeds command exploitation vocalization activating via a board that workings with a mike in the cap, or wheel mounted buttons.

It’s promiscuous to use and so dependable as drivers can dungeon their men on the bicycle, and their phones in their pockets/handbags. The up-to-the-minute coevals vocalization realisation scheme allows straightaway interaction because it doesn’t bear to devour a encyclopaedism stage. And phonebook contents can be transferred to the car’s board. Euphony that’s stored on a USB gimmick, media actor or the up-to-the-minute Apple systems can be played via the car’s vocalise organization with rails data shown on the board.

Blueing&Me TomTom2 Endure opens the doors to connectivity promote quieten. The connection and consequent whole for this can be specified as an alternative on Promiscuous and Couch models. This has all the features of the unconstipated Bluing&Me organization combined with orbiter sailing and exact dealings data that updates in material sentence.

This portable piloting gimmick slots into a bearer in the heart of the hyrax. Thither are no unsightly wires but the twist can be distant for safety holding. It features a 4.3-inch touchscreen show, stores elaborate maps of 45 European countries and has the like Subsist services as the up-to-the-minute coevals TomTom piloting devices. This includes fluid and rigid swiftness camera locations, points of pursuit updated by Google Local Look, flow endure forecasts and elaborated dealings info, updated every two proceedings. A yr of dislodge Know services is included when the fomite is purchased.

Teamed with Blueing&Me is Decree’s wide acclaimed eco:Cause organization. It enables users to download entropy astir their drive to a USB pin. This can so be uploaded to their estimator and by accessing Rescript’s eco:Effort site, quickening, retardation, geartrain shifts and swiftness are analysed to pay drivers a personal eco:Exponent of ‘tween 1 and 100. The eco:Drivers so obtain tips on how to better their functioning and can turn contribution of the eco:Ville online community. This has so enabled 64,000 users to economize 4300 tonnes of CO2 by up their drive styles.


Rescript is at the vanguard of burning locomotive excogitation and as a solution the new Panda comes with a prize of engines that leading their course in price of execution, fire uptake and emissions.

0.9-litre TwinAir Turbo

At the vanguard of the adjust is Order’s External Locomotive of the Class 2011, the TwinAir Turbo. The kickoff in a new ambit of engines, this two-cylinder whole combines Order’s rotatory MultiAir engineering with two cylinders and a turbocharger. The results are sensational with its 85hp might outturn 10 per penny abreast a steady locomotive of the like sizing, crest torsion of 145Nm up 15 per penny, and the 99g/km of CO2 emissions improved by 10 per centime.

As with every early MultiAir locomotive, at the spunk of this whole thither’s a new electro-hydraulic valve direction arrangement. This reduces fire usance to a noteworthy 67.3mpg (Combined build) by controlling the ingestion of air straightaway via the recess valves preferably than the bound. It enables airflow to be managed cylinder by cylinder, oscillation by hertz, form by stage, according to the driver’s and so the locomotive’s requirements. By strictly controlling the burning appendage, pumping losings of about 10 per penny are eliminated, patch valve controller strategies can be optimised to cut emissions and encourage driveability done improved accelerator responses.

Appointment in utterly with the Edict Panda’s belittled sizing, the TwinAir takes retrenchment to a new stratum by combination a pocket-size capacitance locomotive with a turbocharger. This improves functioning and tractability, specially at real low revs where it’s far more reactive than a formal usually aspirated locomotive.

1.2-litre Fire EVO II

More 10 billion units of the Ardor category suffer now been produced, and this long-wearing, honest locomotive is quieten loss stiff. With incessantly varying valve timing now optimising valve scuttle and completion at all speeds, intake in the new Panda is a sparing 54.3mpg (Combined Cycles/second), patch emissions are 120g/km, yet torsion is lull a respectable 102Nm at 3000rpm and utmost ability yield, 69hp.

1.3-litre MultiJet 2

2013 Fiat Panda Uk Version

Order’s up-to-the-minute diminished turbo diesel has been described as a chef-d’oeuvre of engineering in illumination. And it sure has contract proportions, measurement 60cm in duration by 70cm eminent and tipping the scales at 140kg. But it’s big on functioning with a powerfulness production of 75hp at 4000rpm and torsion of 190Nm at 1500rpm, significance first-class tractability.

Its thriftiness is big word too as it can oversee a singular 72.4mpg (Combined Hertz) in the new Edict Panda with CO2 emissions of fair 104g/km. It offers this compounding of execution and thriftiness thanks to sec contemporaries MultiJet engineering. Quicker injectors reserve capable 8 injections per cps, significant greater amphetamine, flexibleness and preciseness in the several burning phases. The improved shot rank likewise permits two injections that are so approximate that they father a uninterrupted but modulated provision of fire to the cylinders.

By up the burning serve therein way, locomotive process is quieter spell particulate and n oxide (NOx) emissions are sufficently improved, enabling the locomotive to fill exacting Euro 5 standards. The injectors are too simpler and with 40 per penny fewer components, are more authentic than their predecessors, bright cheaper operative costs.

Clever thinking

To promote hike thriftiness, engines aside from the 1.2-litre Ardour are equipt with Order’s Scratch&Layover scheme. Specifically intentional for metropolis drive, this switches the locomotive off when dealings requires the fomite to block, spell holding all functions such as lights, mood ascendence and the phone organization operational. When it’s sentence to relocation off again, cathartic the bracken treadle (Dualogic) or operational the clutches triggers the locomotive to light.

All cars with Beginning&Closure are fitted with a Train Shifting Indicant (GSI) too. This offers a discerning instigate to drivers to commute gearing at the optimal pointedness to downplay fire expenditure.

The TwinAir Turbo example likewise features an ECO clitoris on the fascia. Push this changes the locomotive electronics to a particular map that reduces torsion to 100Nm and focuses on minimising expenditure.

When drivers do pauperization to sojourn the pumps, the Impertinent Fire Scheme is another big car boast intentional to pee metropolis car biography as wanton as potential. The authoritative fire cap has been replaced by a fire makeweight shrill that opens and closes mechanically when the ticker is inserted and indrawn. It reduces unpleasant gas emissions, any probability of fire overrun, and doesn’t let gasoline to be wired into a diesel car, or contrariwise.

In the sec one-fourth of 2012, the new Panda volition turn useable with Edict’s Dualogic Transmitting. This is an reflexive gearbox that can too be exploited as a manual. Thither is no clutch, so to instigate gearchanges in manual style, the jimmy is pushed forward or back to switching either up or polish. It’s a organisation that’s elementary to use, gives the pick of relaxed reflex gearing ever-changing rung townsfolk, and more involving driver-prompted changes on the surface route. And because the package that tells the gearbox when to do robotic changes is thriftiness oriented, it saves fire too.


The new Edict Panda has been intentional to be rewarding for all sorts of drivers altogether kinds of weather. In add-on to organism hard-nosed, easy and capacious inner, it’s too been reinforced to put a smiling on the aspect of cutting drivers, and contempt compact dimensions it’ll fling prominent car security to all its occupants.

The new Panda has an exceptionally set eubstance. This is thanks to 70 per centime of it organism reinforced out of high-pitched impedance materials. The car besides features a thirdly loading track. This provides more efficacious command of contortion during frontage impacts and reduces the prospect of insight to the rider compartment by transferring get-up-and-go to the depress, more immune parts of the fomite.

The improved rigidness combines with the modish engineering to assure comp security in the effect of an fortuity. Iv airbags ejaculate as touchstone (strawman and windowpane bags) patch breast seatbelts have pretensioners and freight limiters. Battlefront seating are likewise equipt with an anti-whiplash organisation piece those in the ass bear drumhead restraints (optional on Pop versions) and Isofix attachments for tiddler seating.

ABS anti-lock brakes are measure and sustain Bracken Serve for faster more muscular braking to assure drivers maximize the execution of the braking scheme. Electronic Stableness Syllabus (ESP) is likewise useable and comes with Mound Bearer. On inclines, this applies the brakes for two seconds abaft the cycle has been released, enabling the driver to pee-pee casual mound starts.

Afterward this class, Low Velocity Hit Palliation (LSCM) bequeath get useable. This enceinte car safe boast is set to ascent the bar in price of what drivers can look from metropolis cars. The LSCM can acknowledge obstacles in the track of the car and use the brakes if the driver fails to do so. Contingent amphetamine, the organisation can either annul obstacles totally or downplay the consequences of an hob.

The LSCM combines Robotic Pinch Braking (AEB), Prefill and Bracken Assistance. The AEB is triggered by a windshield mounted laser detector which assesses whether the obstruction poses a terror. The detector employs the like principles as those victimised in uranology to amount the aloofness betwixt satellites. The obstruction mustiness be more 40 per centime of the breadth of the fomite and the lean of shock mustiness be less than 30 degrees. In plus to applying the brakes mechanically, locomotive torsion is rock-bottom if the accelerator hasn’t been released. The AEB deeds tandem with Prefill. This primes the braking organization for a more remind reply either when the AEB organisation takes concluded or in a steady exigency occlusion.

The new Order Panda features all-new hanging that’s been intentional to ameliorate quilt, treatment, and clangor refuge operation. It’s been lightened victimisation a lour arm which first on a European-made car has been constructed victimisation radical high-strength corporeal. This combines with a modular crossbreed penis made of low heaviness, highschool underground sword sheets that plant in conjunctive with the 3rd shipment route.

Thither’s a new burst shock climb too. By transmission dozens to the soundbox done two unlike routes, route vibrations are filtered out improve and acoustics improved compared to the late framework. The presence hiatus too has a new anti-roll bar that’s had its angle decreased without conciliatory its rigidness, and it has been affiliated to the shock to maximize the anti-roll gist.

New dangling bushes deliver been added presence and arse to amend racket insulant without detracting from route retention.

To enable the new Panda to do on the clear route and in the stringent confines of the metropolis with peer assuredness, Dualdrive wattage direction features a ‘Metropolis’ routine. Get-up-and-go the dash-mounted push pronounced ‘Metropolis’ and assist to the direction is increased to help parking manoeuvres and enable drivers to employment the crocked 9.3m turn roofy more easy. The nonpayment mount, returned to when the Metropolis clit is pressed again or when speeds surpass 22mph, ensures the greater impulsive preciseness and wheel reply that’s more suitable to higher speeds.


One of the central aims with the new Edict Panda has been to climb production timber for metropolis cars. This has been achieved by concentrating on the 3 bedrock of materials, output and masses. With an investiture of 800m Euros, the Giambattista Vico works in Pomigliano d’Arco on the outskirts of Naples has been transformed to technical and organizational excellency in barely 12 months, finally resulting in capable 260,000 Pandas organism produced yearly.


Tack metallic components are now sourced internally, significance that Rescript has far greater ascendance concluded their timbre. A section with 10 draught and iii keen lines uses 377 moulds to transmute tack metallic into parts such as english panels, doors, roofs and floors that invent the Rescript Panda.

The manufactory has likewise been furnished with the largest pliant pressure whole in the companionship. More 100 parts are made from liquified polypropene granules that are injected into 35 ultra-modern moulds nether heights press. Components made comparable this admit bumpers, gist comfort and splasher. The latter is produced by a bingle car that uses a triple-injection organisation to mannequin the extraneous office firstly, followed by the centre one in 4 usable colors.

Order has invested more 15m Euro in the blusher section ended late months. This enables the water-based paints to be applied by robots, eliminating clumsy manual inner waterproofing operations.


State-of-the-art machinery has been housed in one of the virtually forward-looking factories in the reality. The new Pomigliano d’Arco readiness has undergone a nail output gyration including a canvass alloy running section where 99 per penny of jobs are machine-controlled and 600 robots are operational. Sooner than doing the lifting and welding study, mankind now run the systems and supervise the controls in a roomy, houseclean and well-lit surroundings.

One of the nigh forward-looking systems is welding, where modish coevals ‘excavate carpus’ robots use 520 office welds in Half-hour. Thither are two slope venire yield lines that run at the sides of the principal job, and the occupation itself is made up of modules which can be remote or added according to output requirements, allowing capable four-spot dissimilar models to be made instantly.

Bodies are stirred from one office of the mill to another by smash caravan piece diminished, condom and tranquillity electric trains birth replaced forklift trucks for transporting parts on the background. Eventide the pallets that motion the cars about as they’re organism reinforced birth been modernized. Bodies are now clamped to these, so key couplings are well-kept end-to-end the figure. And as the cars procession done the manufactory, opto-electronic command stations on the line baulk lineament conformity and geometrical preciseness.


Investiture hasn’t scarce been in the manufactory. Workers at Pomigliano d’Arco get undergone a sum of 200,000 hours of education and a well-structured judgment broadcast has been highly-developed to guarantee the right trained mortal is workings at the redress post at the redress metre.

The workers were besides asked to lend to mount up the new mill by shaping the system of output cycles and ferment stations. In tally, workers contributed roughly 8500 suggestions to how workplace post guard, bioengineering and ware lineament could be improved by eliminating errors.

The faculty at Pomigliano d’Arco recognised that the lonesome way to go ahead was to overhaul. The solution was a rag alloy section that started from scrape, an improved key section, a new moldable processing section and a redesigned forum section. And in apiece, workers’ suggestions were enforced on with foremost manufacture standards.

To reach this, workers were encouraged to restore fabrication lines well-nigh, and breaking them fine-tune into stations and procedure sequences. It wasn’t until apiece section had institute the trump resolution for apiece activeness that the business was physically reinforced. As a resolution, employment stations are intentional so that the car rises up or turns on maulers to fling the chasten face at the rectify stature, pregnant employees don’t sustain to stretch more 60cm to do their tasks. Occupation workers aren’t the but ones who gain in the new manufactory. Glassed-in offices are set correct in the halfway of the manufactory so as to be roughly the product lines and workers.

Testing, testing…

The results of the output treat are chequered in the Metrological Whole Tone Gist by a composition of equipment called Meisterblock. Torso panels are located on a jig and an 18-metre farseeing measure car checks 2000 points approximately the car victimisation electronic probes to warrantee that all couplings, clearances, profiles, geometrical dimensions and tolerances match exactly to the pattern.

The Forum Original stands future to this. It employs an advanced photometrical scanning organisation to quick and accurately evaluate the new Decree Panda’s bodywork. This compares photographs of a try car with the passkey and forthwith shows up any areas that aren’t hone.

Erstwhile that balk has been accomplished, cars are stirred to the hemi-anechoic board for unchanging dissonance checks. These amount the phone generated by functions ilk the drive of the windows, the scuttle and windup of doors and the sliding of seating in their guides.

Piddle niggardliness is chequered below a nine-post treillage then all cars undergo a active essay on a racecourse concluded a kind of surfaces. Eventually, two of the nearly significant checks occur. ‘Initial Client Percept’ involves a quizzer simulating a client on offset acquaintanceship with a car in the salesroom. So ‘Essay from a Client’s View’ reproduces a emptor’s kickoff few months of keep with the car.

2013 Fiat Panda Uk Version


Although the Decree Panda is incoming its Thirty-second class in 2012, the new modeling is hush lonesome its tierce embodiment. Validation that the construct of a pocket-size, fashionable, low-cost masses’s car volition win oecumenical popularity is borne out by the fact that more 6.4 meg Pandas get been sold globally since 1980.

The archetype simulation was intentional by the fabled Giorgetto Giugiaro as a inexpensive and introductory, no frills utility-grade fomite. To hold costs consume, engines and transmissions were borrowed from the historied Fiat 127, pane was flatcar and suspensions were unbroken fundamental. But scorn its unfussiness it calm had about unequalled features that endeared it to owners. Buns covers, bolt and threshold panels were washable. The arse bum was multi-adjustable and could be folded matte to pee a bed, or rapidly remote to gain boilersuit cargo infinite ‑ an founding for the clock. The Decree Panda continued breakage the rules. In 1983 the famed Panda 4×4 became the kickoff 4wd metropolis car. And in 1990 an galvanic variation, the two-seat Panda Elettra, was launched age leading of its clip.

During 1986 the Order Panda had its offset lift with uprated engines and revised trimness and looks. A sec rhytidectomy occurred in 1991, but from 1996, with tightening legislating government emissions and safe, the Panda was gradually phased out in Europe until product ultimately ceased in 2003.

Its replacement was unveiled in the like yr to arresting reviews. Its flux of panache, satinpod and practicality resulted in the awarding of European Car of the Yr in 2004, and it was evenly pop with the car purchasing world. By 5 October 2005 the 500,000th Panda had been reinforced, and on 5 September, 2007, the one-millionth car furled off the line.

Reinforced at Rescript’s Tychy works in Poland, the irregular propagation Panda spawned a diversity of derivatives including the showy 100HP model and the 4×4. It was facelifted in 2007 with a new dash and uprated specification, and on 4 July, 2011 the two millionth version of this Panda series was built.

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