2013 Dodge Ram 1500

Ram 1500

The new 2013 Ram 1500 is the Ram Motortruck stain’s modish entering into the ultra-competitive life-sized, light-duty pickup section. The new motortruck represents the make’s low looping to its about accepted motortruck since the origin of the Ram nameplate in 2011.

“What started as a modest review of the Ram 1500 apace rolling into a best-in-class fire saving and best-in-class capacity gem,” aforementioned Fred Diaz, Chairperson and CEO, Ram Motortruck Sword and Chrysler de Mexico – Chrysler Grouping LLC. “Customers are expiration to have an completely new motortruck with engineering and features not offered anyplace else.”

The new 2013 Ram 1500 is the modish founding off Ram’s life-sized, body-on-frame motortruck architecture, intentional, engineered and executed to rap at the excited chords of the “Grit and Resplendency” outlook of enthusiasts and likely buyers. In shape and procedure, the new 2013 Ram 1500 conveys hardihood, gallantry, virtuousness and power-oriented capableness care no former in its form, but it does so, esthetically and functionally, at a dissimilar floor.

The light-duty life-size pickup section has evolved from “fauna capableness and satisfactory efficiency” to an technology and executing that trust worthy sizing, configurations, capacity, elaboration, efficiency, engineering and lineament.

The new 2013 Ram 1500 testament whirl the well-nigh fuel-efficient framework in its category, and more usable useable, groundbreaking and synergistic technologies than the rivalry. The new motortruck bequeath let capacity on par with or improve than anything in its stratum and more quality-validated than anything in it category.

2013 Ram 1500

The rally and manipulation compares favourably with premium-oriented sedans, but sacrifices nil in damage of load and towing capabilities for which it is best-in-class. The 2013 Ram 1500 conveys authority with antiphonal direction, brake-pedal smell and bang-up drive characteristics.

2013 Dodge Ram 1500

Ram’s newest motortruck likewise offers more factory-installed outside options and systems than anything in its year. The classifiable, brand-oriented invention and svelte mechanical home and outside executions bear on the conception of “bluff luxuriousness.” Customers therein class leave survey it as existence far more expensive than its competitors, but the new Ram 1500 cadaver a bang-up measure.

Care its 2012 harbinger, the new 2013 Ram 1500 leave be usable in tercet cab configurations (two-door Even Cab, four-door prolonged Quadruplet Cab® and four-door Crowd Cab) with iii box sizes – 5-foot-7-inch box, 6-foot-4-inch box and 8-foot box.

The new motortruck bequeath be offered in 11 models/packages: ST, Shopkeeper, Verbalize, SLT, Big Trumpet, Sole Genius, Outdoorsman, Mutation, R/T, Laramie and Laramie Longhorn.

The new 2013 Ram 1500 competitors are: Fording F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Nissan Heavyweight and Toyota Tundra.

Commencement of yield of the 2013 MY Ram 1500 is scheduled for one-third quartern of 2012. Even Cab configured vehicles leave be produced at the Saltillo Motortruck Forum Works in Saltillo, Mexico; Quadrangle and Gang Cab configured vehicles leave be manufactured at the Warren Motortruck Assemblage Embed in Warren, Mich.


Major changes nether the bonnet of the new 2013 Ram 1500 bequeath service bear best-in-class fire saving and solid increases in powerfulness and operation with the Chrysler Grouping’s award-winning Pentastar 3.6-liter V-6 locomotive conjugated with the offset use of an eight-speed TorqueFlite 8 transmittal in a pickup.

The 5.7-liter HEMI® likewise volition welfare with the outset use of an eight-speed automatonlike transmittance. The new, TorqueFlite 8 is uncommitted with the V-8 locomotive and features a higher capability torsion convertor and is scheduled for accessibility in belatedly 2012.

Linked with the entry of an eight-speed transmittal, prize Ram 1500 models leave pass a new stop-start characteristic that mechanically shuts the locomotive off when the motortruck comes to a discharge closure, conserving fire. The locomotive restarts when impulsive is resumed.

“The pairing of our fabled 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 and Guard’s 10-best, 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 to a new eight-speed machinelike contagion led the way to best-in-class fire saving for the 2013 Ram 1500,” aforesaid Bob Lee, V.p., Powertrain and Electrified Actuation Systems Technology – Chrysler Aggroup LLC. “Although the accession of a new eight-speed achieved double-digit percent gains in fire thriftiness, we too added a bit of section sole technologies such as thermic direction, stop-start and fighting grillwork shutters to encourage amend efficiency.”

Best-in-class V-6 Fuel Economy – Pentastar V-6 Engine

With best-in-class touchstone h.p. rated at 305 at 6,400 rpm and torsion of 269 lb.-ft. at 4,175 rpm, the 2013 Ram 1500 goes from nada to 60mph, trey seconds quicker than the old V-6 powertrain. The new Ram 1500 becomes the up-to-the-minute fomite to profit from the modern engineering Pentastar locomotive. Features admit Two-fold Smash Camshafts (DOHC), high-torque ended a unsubtle rpm orbit, low discharge emissions, E85 capacity, olympian fire thriftiness, and best-in-class disturbance, palpitation and rigorousness (NVH).

Introduced less than two eld ago, the new V-6 locomotive has turn the workhorse locomotive crosswise the Chrysler card and has replaced septenary late V-6 engines. The Pentastar won Cellblock’s 10 Trump Engines present in its launching yr of 2011 and perennial this observe in 2012.

The compress, 60 grade, all-aluminum closure is constructed of eminent forcefulness die-cast T380 al with form fe eager liners. Six deadbolt principal mien caps bestow to an super strict frown locomotive construction. Hurl al pistons are fitted to bad connecting rods. Aluminium cylinder heads with threefold smash camshafts and quartet valves per cylinder admit constitutional release manifolds. Gamey flowing, tummy inlet ports and a 10.2:1 densification proportion render an optimum counterpoise of ability, fire efficiency and civilisation.

Scorn the eminent densification proportion, the Pentastar V-6 is intentional to run on even 87 octane fire to slim the price of possession. The 3.6-liter Pentastar too is E85 compliant crosswise all 50 states.

To assistance have meliorate fire efficiency and bettor volumetrical efficiency crosswise a all-encompassing torsion stria, the locomotive likewise includes variable-valve timing (VVT) with dual-independent cam phasing. Most 90 pct of the locomotive’s visor torsion is usable from 1,800 to 6,400 rpm – an authoritative retainer when towing or trucking a consignment.

With increases in both h.p. and torsion, thither is no shortfall of capacity. For 2013, customers can opt for a V-6 locomotive with a 4×4 powertrain and in bunch cab models.

Best-in-class V-8 Fuel Economy – 5.7-liter HEMI® V-8

Farsighted associated with powerfulness, enhanced fire efficiency too is provided with the fabled HEMI® done the use of variable-valve timing (VVT) and cylinder shut-off engineering. The 2013 Ram 1500 is the beginning fomite to cartel the new eight-speed robotic and the HEMI V-8 locomotive (previous availableness).

With 395 h.p. at 5,600 rpm and 407 lb.-ft. of torsion at 3,950 rpm, the 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 delivers operation and best-in-class towing and cargo – 11,500 pounds and 3,125 pounds, severally with the Ram 1500 Storekeeper Enceinte Obligation. Equipt with VVT, the locomotive is intentional to birth powerfulness crossways a across-the-board torsion stripe.

Fire enhancing features with the HEMI admit cylinder shut-off engineering, which deactivates four-spot cylinders of the locomotive during sparkle quickening or cruising situations on the highway when wide-cut V-8 superpower is not required. Contingent the impulsive, cylinder shutoff can step-up fire thriftiness from 5 to 20 pct. Lucid to the driver, the scheme operates betwixt 1,000 and 3,000 rpm and provides V-8 mightiness for speedup and great dozens and four-cylinder surgery when the torsion requisite is less than the maximal usable from quadruplet cylinders, preservation fire.

Additionally, VVT engineering improves fire saving by beginning, reduction the locomotive’s pumping ferment by windup the uptake valve after, and endorsement by increasing the elaboration operation of the burning outcome. This allows more vigour to be transferred to the wheels alternatively of organism disoriented out of the eject as passion. VVT likewise improves locomotive eupnoeic, which improves locomotive efficiency and index.

Fire savings besides are accomplished done an Synergistic Retardation Fire Closed Off lineament (iDFSO), which expands opportunities for turn off fire to the locomotive during retardation events thereby up fire thriftiness in both metropolis and highway impulsive.

Likewise, towing and lading capacitance for the 2013 Ram 1500 is best-in-class with towing capable 11,500 pounds and load capable 3,125 pounds, contingent framework.

TorqueFlite 8 Automatic Transmissions

The new, 8HP45 eight-speed robotic transmittance is the new banner infection for Ram 1500 with V-6. For HEMI® V-8 – equipt Ram 1500 models, the higher torsion capacitance adaptation 8HP70 bequeath be useable in the outset tail of 2013.

Owners leave revalue an groundbreaking roundabout e-shift dial for trucks equipt with the new TorqueFlite 8-speed infection that replaces both pillar and story shifters. The sole orbitual e-shift enables visceral procedure with a organize and positive feeling, level with gloves on. The commodious, dash-mounted, easy-to-understand and manoeuver organisation provides totality ascendence of the advanced eight-speed contagion and is Ram Motortruck’s modern attack to electronic shifters, already ill-used in Grade 6-8 trucks. This new invention allows warm blind-shift transitions from “Reversion” to “Effort” when towing or navigating out of mud, snowfall or interfering parking dozens and crowded worksites. The new circular e-shift dial likewise yields distance for more operational and useable entrepot in the cabinet.

Full electronic, both the 8HP45 and 8HP70 transmissions have on-the-fly shimmy map ever-changing. More 40 soul sack maps for identical particular weather optimise sack character and shimmy points for fire saving, operation and drivability. The well-informed package takes into history variables including locomotive torsion gradients, boot kill events, longitudinal and sidelong quickening, mound spotting, rubbing detecting and downshift sleuthing to shape the reserve sack map. Extra parameters merged into the ascendance scheme admit fomite swiftness command, electronic stableness mastery interaction and temperature. The solution is machinelike unfirm ideally attuned to the execution requirements of well-nigh any impulsive necessitate.

The transmittance efficiency and all-encompassing proportion ranch ply the outflank potential fire thriftiness by operational at a glower locomotive rpm in both metropolis and highway environments. Impulsive at a lour rpm too helps to efficaciously slim emissions by about 11 percentage. Internally, superposable infection pitch ratios are exploited in both the 8HP45 and 8HP70 transmissions.

The gain of more pitch ratios besides helps tighten the gaps usually associated with upshifting and downshifting. Cogwheel changes are virtually unperceivable due to the equally separated geartrain stairs ‘tween apiece paraphernalia proportion. Internally, both transmissions suffer foursome geartrain sets and cinque shimmy elements (multi-disc clench and brakes). Sole two chemise elements are afford at any clock. With fewer surface slip elements, puff losings due to multiple parts rotating congeneric to one another are decreased, up fire efficiency.

Eminent efforts in shifty sustain been eliminated with appurtenance excerpt controlled by a shift-by-wire arrangement. Switching positions, selected by the driver via a orbitual e-shift dial on the board, are inherited electronically with no mechanical linkage from the gearshift to the exterior of the infection. Riddance of this linkage removes any shimmy feat from the driver’s train option but maintains an visceral performance with a mastermind and convinced smell. Standardisation likewise is improved for sander shift in garages or patch parking.

Torsion content for the 8HP45 is 332 lb.-ft. (450Nm). The heavy-duty 8HP70 has a torsion content evaluation of 516 lb.-ft. (700Nm).

Thermal Management System

Devising its debut and a section undivided on the 2013 Ram 1500 is a new thermic direction arrangement that is intentional to speedily heave locomotive and transmittance liquid temperatures. By rearing fluent temperatures, bloodsucking losings resulting from low-viscosity locomotive oil and transmitting unstable are decreased, up fire efficiency by 1.7 percentage.

One of the scheme enablers is a new electronic thermoregulator. Dissimilar premature mechanical thermostats, the electronic edition perpetually monitors locomotive temperature, allowing shorter warm sentence and maintaining the locomotive at the near effective operational stove. As the locomotive temperature increases to pre-determined levels, lovesome locomotive coolant is circulated done a thermic interchange whole, which too contains consecrated pathways for infection fluent and locomotive oil. As the thermic interchange whole heats up, it too heats up the fluids. This activity dramatically reduces warm clock for the transmittance, up fire saving, drivability and shifting tone. In well-nigh powertrain configurations, the transmittal heats up severally of the locomotive, delaying prolusion clock and reduction efficiency.

Touchstone on trucks with the TorqueFlite 8, the new caloric direction organization is principally victimized to addition fire efficiency but assists in preventing the transmittal from surpassing operational temperatures in situations when towing or trucking – up enduringness and operation.


Adding to diligence firsts in a pickup is the coating of stop-start, another fuel-saving sport usable on prime 2013 Ram 1500 models. This new scheme improves fire saving by capable 3.3 percentage, an growth of astir one knot per gal (mpg) to the motortruck’s metropolis cause oscillation.

Stop-start increases fire efficiency by closing the locomotive off when the motortruck comes to a finish blockage. Comforts (wireless, gauges, heat or air conditioning, etcetera.) proceed to manoeuvre, fashioning the functioning limpid to the driver. The locomotive restarts mechanically when the driver releases the bracken, allowing unseamed quickening.

The organization monitors bracken bicycle billet and fomite hurrying ended sentence to settle reserve locomotive close off, preventing haunt on/off cycling in expectant stop-and-go dealings situations.

Exact powertrain standardization and stimulation from a bit of systems determines when to occupy the arrangement.

Due to extra high-use and electric lading demands situated on the freshman, alternator and shelling, these components deliver been upgraded for heavy-duty functioning on models furnished with the stop-start lineament. This includes a high-durability entrant housed in a stronger vitrine, heavy-duty flywheel dentition and a more full-bodied crank solenoid. During examination, the new fledgling was subjected to strength examination cycles more 2.5 multiplication that of a non-stop-start weaponed whole – more 300,000 on/off cycles. The new barrage features 800 amps with Enwrapped Chalk Mat (AGM) engineering. An upgraded 220-amp alternator besides is included in the charging scheme.

Scheme potential is continually monitored done a barrage detector. If the shelling’s tutelage is rock-bottom, the motortruck leave quit stop-start until the shelling is recharged to an satisfactory story.

Stop-start is excited mechanically and requires no stimulation from the driver. A organization invalid alternate is situated on the sprint if the manipulator wishes to freeze the have.

Transfer Cases

Two carry-over cases are usable on the 2013 Ram 1500: the Borg Warner 44-45, which enables half-time 4wd performance with a two-speed appurtenance arrangement; and the Borg Warner 44-44, which enables an on-demand 4wd organization, besides with a two-speed geartrain organisation. Both transferee cases are set-aside with a dash-mounted circular dial (pillar gearstick) or buttons (TorqueFlite 8 circle e-shifter).

The parttime transference vitrine provides tercet operational ranges 2HI (two-wheeled campaign), 4HI (4wd) and 4LO (low-range reducing 4wd) asset a achromatic billet. The 2HI is intentional for any route open at any clock. Both 4HI and 4LO are for off-road use or crafty surfaces. Operational manner may be switched betwixt 2HI and 4HI patch the fomite is in move, but the fomite’s contagion moldiness be in achromatic to affiance 4LO. The low-range decrease proportion for 4LO is 2.64:1, which provides increased low-speed torsion capacity for pull ability in off-road weather.

The on-demand conveyance cause provides quadruplet operational ranges: motorcar, 2HI, 4HI and 4LO. The machine reach provides optimal versatility by piquant two- or 4wd contingent route weather. 2HI, 4HI and 4LO role the like as in the parttime carry-over suit.

Driveshafts incorporated 1350 serial oecumenical joints, bikini thrusting washers with triple-lip seals and improved daybook hybridisation durability.


2013 Dodge Ram 1500

Two terminal cause ratios, 3.21 and 3.55, are uncommitted on both the 2WD and 4WD models, reduction locomotive rpm end-to-end the operational scope for punter fire saving.

4wd models of the 2013 Ram 1500 use a forepart axle intentional for optional air abeyance or stock torsional freelance breast hiatus, incorporating half-shafts that ride breast hubs. The axle likewise has a unplug organisation that mechanically disengages the axle when 4wd mood is disengaged, for increased fire saving.

The arse axle uses a new optional air reprieve or multi-link climbing conception to ease a coil-spring apparatus, with forward-facing shock brackets. Quatern gearing ratios are useable: 3.21, 3.55, 3.92 and 4.10.

In plus, an optional helical-gear, limited-slip ass axle is uncommitted. The limited-slip office outright divides torsion ‘tween the back wheels in dimension to the grip uncommitted to apiece bicycle. The scheme is systematically smoothen when turn corners because it responds lonesome to variations in grip.


Although the new 2013 Ram 1500 boasts legion segment-exclusive features, almost are nether the pare, yet sure avail the new motortruck surpass from the crowd, delivering best-in-class fire efficiency, rally and treatment.

“For 2013, we looked at usable engineering and aligned systems with the finish of greatly up fire saving,” aforementioned Fred Diaz, Chairman and CEO, Ram Motortruck Stigma and Chrysler de Mexico – Chrysler Aggroup LLC. “The Ram 1500 continues to habitus on section exclusives, providing everything customers gestate in a mod motortruck, patch delivering best-in-class fire efficiency, more engineering, institution and features.”


The new 2013 Ram 1500 retains its ruggedly fine-looking show with a new, bolder and more strong-growing forepart. All-embracing wind-tunnel examination honed the 2013 Ram 1500 outside anatomy, resulting in continued best-in-class aeromechanics. Likewise, the co-op diligence of combat-ready aeromechanics and innovative styling led to a 6 percentage flowing melioration on the new motortruck. The 2013 Ram 1500 Steady Cab 4×2 coefficient of pull (Cd) is 0.363 – compared with a Cd of 0.386 for a 2012 Ram 1500 Even Cab 4×2.


The strawman air dam of the 2013 Ram 1500 has been prolonged downwardly to produce a 0.6 percentage melioration in fire saving. Engineers victimized a new thermo-plastic fabric, which is lots more pliable, preventing breaking due to impinging with curbs, rocks or over-the-counter objects.

A new wheel-to-wheel cannular side-step figure offers sleek improvements complete the flow variant by allowing air to disperse the motortruck more swimmingly. The advance adds 0.5 percentage to fire efficiency and allows customers soft entree to the forrader part of the motortruck bed.

For 2013, blue-ribbon Ram 1500 models lineament a section sole, measure, lockable tri-fold tonneau concealment. Helping a dual-purpose, the tonneau back improves fire thriftiness by 0.8 pct and adds certificate and upwind tribute for bed repositing. The alone innovation is compromising, bounteous owners the power to use one, two or all iii sections of the covering by foldaway the scheme on top of itself.

Active Grille Shutters

The new Ram 1500 is the beginning motortruck to employment an participating grillwork shutter scheme, which mechanically closes the airflow done the immense grillwork when chilling is least requisite. The scheme improves fire saving by 0.5 pct by reduction draw around 3 to 5 pct and improves prolusion clock/deice meter.

When the combat-ready wicket shutters are unopen, airflow is redirected terminated and approximately the figurehead of the motortruck, enhancing flowing functioning kinda than creating upheaval in the locomotive compartment. Locomotive coolant temperature and fomite hurrying settle shutter post. The shutters stay shut when less locomotive chilling is needed and sleek puff is virtually pregnant; the scheme leave spread the shutters when the motortruck’s chilling demands command extra airflow, e.g. travel up a mound or pull a laggard in high-temperature environments.

2013 Dodge Ram 1500

Air Suspension

Best-in-class razz and treatment equalize meliorate. The 2013 Ram 1500 is now uncommitted with an all-new air suspension for optimal bait and streamlined functioning. Another gain to the new air abatement is the load-leveling capableness, which mechanically detects freight on the reprieve from a poke or consignment. The pressure increases until the fomite reaches convention tantalise acme, equalization the motortruck and up the cockeyed cod.

The new air suspension features phoebe acme settings that manoeuver mechanically or may be controlled manually via solace or key fob controls:

  • Convention Drive Acme (NRH): 8.7 inches of headroom (careful from the fundament of the threshold sill) is the nonpayment, load-leveled razz acme
  • Aero Modality: Lowers the fomite 1.1 inches from NRH. Aero Way improves fire efficiency by capable hundredth and is excited by fomite swiftness, adjusting for optimum operation and fire thriftiness
  • Off-road 1: Lifts the fomite 1.2 inches from NRH for added tallness in glade obstacles
  • Off-road 2: Delivers more off-road capacity, increasing priming headroom by 2 inches ended NRH
  • Green Way: Lowers the fomite 2 inches from NRH for light debut/going and freight freight
  • The new air suspension adds capable 4 inches of heave couple, offer best-in-class panty altitude of 21 inches, best-in-class background headroom of 10.7 inches, best-in-class leaving weight of 27.8 degrees, and best-in-class breakover fish of 24.2 degrees supported by four-corner air springs that ply a cushiony, agio tantalise.

    The air suspension too allows for unlike bound rates contingent the tantalise meridian. In Off-road 2, the place is firmer when compared to Rule Bait Peak, up the power of the abeyance to immerse obstacles. In Aero style, the place is muted to meliorate bait on highways.

    Additionally, a fork push on the key fob gives the hustler the power to manually glower the motortruck, allowing for relaxation of rider entering and bed consignment.

    Electric Power Steering

    The 2013 Ram 1500 features wattage guidance (EPS). By victimization an galvanic motive to powerfulness the motortruck’s wheel and quill direction organization, the locomotive is jutting from the labor of a always turn a hydraulic ticker, up fire efficiency capable 1.8 percentage and adding 5 h.p.. Likewise, the founding of EPS reduces complexness by removing the former hydraulic ticker, hard-hitting hydraulic hoses and chilling setup. This greatly streamlines manufacture and sustenance. With EPS, apiece Ram 1500 exemplar can be specifically graduated to optimise direction exploit and preciseness careless of torso or powertrain conformation. Additionally, EPS senses perpetual stimulant from the driver, e.g. a poll in the route and compensates for improved ease.

    Weight Reduction

    Burthen reducing is an significant varying in the fire thriftiness equality. Reduction the burden of components improves fire saving and allows for more substance without poignant cargo or towing potentiality.

    Contingent exemplar, a new redesigned chassis benefits from a burthen step-down of capable 30 pounds by victimisation modern high-strength steels. Too benefitting from innovative metallic, new box storey cross-members in the bed eliminates 7 pounds and a new figurehead bumper figure removes 4 pounds. Additionally, aluminium depress command blazonry in the movement dangling conduce to weighting step-down and treatment. The Ram 1500 too features an aluminium cap economy 26 pounds.

    Underneath the goon, the compounding of the new Pentastar V-6 locomotive and new TorqueFlite 8 infection slim weightiness by around 76 pounds. The V-8 locomotive and TorqueFlite 8 unitedly cut angle by more 30 pounds.

    The slant reductions not alone allow more gizmo, puff and amusement features but too best-in-class fuel-saving engineering such as thermic direction, stop-start and fighting aeromechanics.

    Pulse-width Modulation

    Pulse-width transition (PWM) is a new fuel-saving engineering for the Ram 1500, which reduces bloodsucking electric freight. The engineering not sole eliminates unneeded lading on the alternator but likewise improves the lastingness of benefitting systems. Fire speech and the forrader chilling fan are two systems that capitalise of PWM, adding a 0.4 percentage betterment in fire efficiency.

    Fuel Delivery

    The basal fire heart is responsible ensuring a never-ending pressing of fire at the locomotive’s injectors. Although the motortruck is not incessantly at wide choke, the heart mustiness incessantly run at operational capability to redress for when the locomotive requires wide-cut gas fire livery. The PWM arrangement includes a detector at the fire track dictating fire press requirements, allowing the main fire heart to lock on-demand, practically ilk a lighter dimmer replacement. This effective process not just results in rock-bottom parasitical exit by relieving the alternator and reduction unneeded freight on the locomotive, but besides greatly improves the enduringness of the fire ticker arrangement by importantly reduction tariff cycles.

    Cooling Fan

    For 2013, the radiator’s electrical chilling fan likewise features PWM, allowing the high-current fan to lock at varying speeds. As in fire deliverance, the fan does not motive to engage at full-of-the-moon capacitance during all driving cycles. Although well-nigh self-propelling fan systems get the power to office at a diversity of speeds, few bequeath intimately admonisher the locomotive temperature and shuffle cold-shoulder changes in swiftness to repair for pernicious temperature changes. The combining of a PWM fan, alive wicket shutters, locomotive and transmittance thermic direction scheme, and an electronic thermoregulator render an advance temperature-control resolution for the 2013 Ram 1500.

    Low-rolling-resistance Tires

    The 2013 Ram 1500 features criterion low-rolling impedance tires to downplay gaunt vigour and diminish mandatory roll feat. Pace patterns, modern materials and millions of miles of examination resolution is greater fire efficiency.


    The 2013 Ram 1500 uses a new intentional build with improved, low-torsion (harshness) attributes that gain stableness and manipulation preciseness piece decreasing racket, vibe and rigour (NVH) capable 30 percentage, contingent ride cycles/second. Breast runway characteristic 20 pct increased issue potency from the use of high-strength blade. Among former features, the new framing innovation incorporates new powertrain, new air dangling and new eubstance climbing engineering.

    Portions of the chassis are hydroformed for dimensional truth (hydroforming reduces the number of welding that leads to straining), and position rail are amply boxed-in. The movement skeleton incision incorporates sophisticated, high-strength blade that maintains boilersuit force and enduringness spell delivery some 30 pounds. To foster better NVH, new bigger personify mounts are set on the battlefront bod track and at the C-pillar.

    Two framing lengths are usable: 120-inch and 140-inch. The new 2013 Ram 1500 is open of treatment the best-in-class towing and loading, 11,500 pounds and 3,125 pounds severally.

    In 2009, the Ram 1500 introduced an undivided multi-link, coil-spring behind dangling and the contest has been nerve-racking to snap up e’er since. Measure on Ram 1500 models, excluding Ram 1500 Storekeeper HD, the advanced arse reprieve provides improved bait and treatment characteristics with no departure of capableness. A coil-spring figure centralizes and absorbs bumps and impacts, patch reduction the quantity of detrition in the bounce arrangement. This innovation too weighs 40 pounds less than a leaf-spring conformation.

    New measure movement free-lance respite combines redesigned speed ascendancy munition, aluminium depress controller blazon and retuned geometry with helix springs for improved reactivity and treatment. New, more rich bollock joints on the presence abeyance sheeny greater strength and are engineered with improved waterproofing methods.

    Brake System

    A new brakes relocates the anti-lock bracken (ABS) ticker for improved NVH and is engineered for shorter bracken cycle travelling. Likewise, a new hydraulic-boost recompense whole enhances bracken bicycle spirit and execution nether pinch stoppage events.

    Four-wheeled saucer brakes are received on all 2013 Ram Motortruck models. Strawman rotors quantity 13.2 inches (336 mm) in diam and are clamped with dual-piston calipers, piece behind rotors are 13.8 inches (352 mm) and use single-piston calipers.


    The new 2013 Ram 1500 continues to defend its ruggedly fine-looking show with all-new midland and outside invention esthetics, improved aeromechanics and all-new, segment-leading engineering – and every Ram 1500 motortruck benefits from new contented specifically intentional to mates apiece modeling’s unparalleled flair.


    Ram Motortruck steel designers started with the Ram lattice, qualification it not lone bigger – with the like boilersuit breadth – but around one edge taller – “saddled” inside the new amphetamine dashboard jury for a more unified appearing. The glower outboard corners bear been beveled for a more “gusseted,” indestructible appearing.

    “The Ram 1500 has the almost recognisable excogitation on the route now and we neediness to maintain that arrogate,” aforesaid Joe Dehner, Caput of Ram Motortruck and Duck Excogitation, Production Designing Post – Chrysler Radical LLC. “With unpretentious changes, the topper sounding light-duty motortruck out thither continues to sustain its ‘ruggedly better-looking’ show with new improvements to aeromechanics.”

    The definitive Ram crosshair horizontal and perpendicular wicket bars are now blush at the top and freighter of the grill circumvent. The bars themselves are more sculptured and craftily crossbreeding in the centre to produce a everlasting locating for an updated rendition of the Ram badge, which now incorporates graven bevels some the carapace.

    Quatern new wicket designs are usable on the 2013 Ram 1500. ST, SLT and R/T sustain a new molded-in Blackness “Hex-Link” excogitation. Big Tusk and Sportsman both get a “Billet-Perf” grain useable in two dissimilar finishes particular to their exemplar. The Laramie modeling features the “Hex-Perf” grain in Chromium-plate and Laramie Longhorn offers an upscale “Wave-Mesh” grain.

    The new battlefront bumper figure supports the saddled Ram wicket paper with new vertically orientated fog lamps for improved lightness gap, aloofness and cleverness. Bigger openings roughly the strawman tow maulers (four-wheel-drive models) leave light entree to the maulers. The bumper is useable in quatern unlike finishes particular to apiece example – satin inkiness, body-colored, two-tone idiom or chromium-plate.

    The 2013 Ram 1500 quadruplet headlight designing has improved lightness bedcover, figure eubstance, outstrip and 30 percentage more lumens. An all-new bounty headlight inflammation arrangement is a bi-functional halogen projector innovation with 15 gold LEDs for green/act/office lamp and iii yellow-brown LEDs for the face mark. A vertically costate privileged lense softens the gleaming of the LEDs. The new lamp is received on Play (with singular Inkiness bezels) and Laramie Longhorn spell optional on Laramie. The Ram invention squad cautiously crafted the midland bezel and lodging to make a visually entertaining, yet running firearm of ironware. Too, a Ram carapace logotype is wrought into the caparison and the Ram describe wrought into the inner of the outer lense.

    Apiece Ram 1500 simulation features new pedal designs that contain the “gusseted” composition from the Ram grill.

    Outside threshold and pilot badges are resettled to a “portraiture” elan initialise from the flow “landscape” initialise, surrender not alone a cleanser appearing but more operational immovable on the doorway for a commercial-grade client’s signs and artwork. A new HEMI® buffer badge is bigger and ruined in chromium-plate with red and blackness accents.

    For 2013, the Ram 1500 offers 12 dissimilar colours, including cinque new sunglasses. Lightlessness Gilded Drop, Copperhead Drop, Maximal Blade Metal, Prairie Drop and Westerly Brownish Drop are all new, and usable in a drone and/or two-tone, contingent the modelling.

    The new, svelte stainless working boards suffer a sturdy-looking box cross-sectional excogitation with a hexagon stride practice. Battlefront and backside usance end caps characteristic “Ram” logos. Likewise, the new wheel-to-wheel run plug-in figure offers flowing improvements ended the flow rendering and provides client’s improved entree to the forrader parcel of the motortruck bed.

    A new 6-foot-4-inch bed selection is now uncommitted on Bunch Cab models handsome customers the power to commingle Ram 1500’s largest uncommitted cab with the largest usable bed.

    2013 Dodge Ram 1500

    An all-new bounty taillamp is stock on Play (with unparalleled Blackness destination) and Laramie Longhorn, optional on Laramie. The stoppage/backside/bit functions comprise of 15 red LEDs with 3 red LEDs for the face mark. A frosted interior lense creates optic amusement and softens the glowing of the LEDs.


    For 2013, new features and technologies make an chance for a redesigned upcountry with substantial upgrades, improved fit and destination, all-new home themes with dissimilar colours and materials, all-new HVAC controls and new multi-media systems. The 2013 Ram 1500 likewise features an scoop eight-speed transmittal with a new roundabout e-shift dial designing.

    “The 2013 Ram 1500 gave us the chance to figure on an already best-in-class national patch integration new technologies and features,” aforesaid Klaus Busse, Psyche of Home Innovation – Chrysler Grouping LLC. “We’ve added richer colours and unambiguously prodigious materials to dedicate our customers a agio feeling that corset lawful to the intrepid nature of a Ram Motortruck.”

    Behind occupants can bask the like calibre, fit and finishing as the driver. With points of liaison a antecedency, new agio materials, colours and designs are now on all 4 doors. Soft-touch materials heighten armrests and amphetamine bolsters with expanded use of agio surfaces. ST is usable in Melanise/Diesel inside cut. SLT is useable in Canon Chocolate-brown/Lightness Icing or Lightlessness/Diesel and the Mutant framework features all-Black materials. Stepping capable Laramie, customers can take from all Melanise or Canon Brownish/Igniter Icing. Laramie Longhorn has new Cows Tan/Inkiness or Canon Chocolate-brown/Lighter Rime options.

    The 2013 Ram 1500 features the adjacent contemporaries 8.4-inch Uconnect® organisation with setting screens tailored to particular Ram models and themes. To pee-pee way for the new big blind, the core batch is upgraded with twinned materials ground end-to-end the internal. To accompaniment the grasp of Ram 1500 models, the internal pattern squad created new, individualised themes with dissimilar colours and materials. ST receives Shadow Metalworks color with an Press Greyish Metal bezel. SLT features bounty Anodized Driftwood rouge with Satin Chromium-plate accents. Athletics uses Darkness Diesel Anodized with Igniter Nigrify Chromium-plate and Soft Nigrify finishes for a “street motortruck” flavour. Laramie features Spark Anodized Driftwood rouge, adding a present-day Wenge woods normal. Laramie Longhorn now features tangible Walnut Knot inserts varnished in Canon Brownish or Oxen Tan. Eloquent Pebble pigment covers the bezel and blends with the plentiful tones put-upon passim the cockpit. The Ram invention squad sought-after out a real rarefied Walnut caryopsis with a unequaled slub that was accidentally created by ranchers exploitation trees as palisade posts for barbwire. Finally, the trees overgrow the rust alloy telegram, creating a purl color convention and quality that is not institute anyplace else.

    Encircled by a chromium-plate tracer, the all-new HVAC controls payoff lessons well-read from early Chrysler Grouping Uconnect Trace applications and lineament uncomplicated, improved procedure, confluence the highest Homo Auto Port (HMI) standards. The HVAC organisation includes a spare architecture allowing the manipulator to use either the 8.4-inch touchscreen or manual controls to modify the motortruck’s surround. Under the upgraded HVAC agreement is a new alternate cant with resettled, easy-to-use controls for a issue of features contingent fomite models and options. The top row is for operable features and includes air-suspension airlift, stopover/first, stableness restraint, green sentiency and tow/catch. The merchantman row is for “ease” controls and includes: air reprieve lour, het wheel, het seating and ventilated seating. All buttons in the puff camber too are spare in the Uconnect organisation. Conterminous to the substitution swear is a conspicuously located, adjustable incorporated prevue bracken mastery allowing the driver to add or concentrate dawdler bracken procedure on the fly. The new soothe centre deal besides includes a 115-volt exit and new draftsman at the bag of the hatful with a placid, agio spirit, peter box-slide execute. The new draftsman features 12-volt outlets on either slope and an optional powered USB on the driver english.

    The Ram 1500’s new, class-exclusive eight-speed infection created the motive for an groundbreaking circle e-shift dial in the cockpit to supplant the centerfield cabinet rod gearstick – a low for pickups. The new sceneshifter workings in both ben and pail seats configurations. Realizing this is a striking vary in the way trucks let historically shifted gears, the home conception squad recognized the gainsay with a new switch node, course and conspicuously located to the driver’s rightfield, at the depress left slope of the essence flock, in position of the late conveyance causa shimmy thickening. The circle dial enables visceral surgery with a orchestrate and positive smell. “Ballpark” is set at the farthermost unexpended, so turn clockwise to “Reversion”, “Impersonal” and “Thrust” at the farthermost rightfield. This new innovation allows for prompt and light unfirm for operators wear gloves and for blind-shift transitions betwixt “Effort” and “Blow.” Two designs were created for the new dial. ST, SLT and Variation characteristic a inkiness arctic terminated stamp with chromium-plate circumvent piece all Laramie models admit a self-colored, spun-aluminum boss ruined in silver-tongued. Electronic Reach Prime for the new eight-speed infection is placed on the look of the wheel, redress english, allowing person appurtenance excerption. The transference suit retains wax capableness with LED lit “4WD Car,” “4WD Operate,” “4WD Low,” “2WD” and “Indifferent” advertize buttons set direct below the e-shift thickening.

    New engineering besides moves to the approximate flock. Antecedently but usable on bounty models, the 3.5-inch fomite data essence sieve is now banner on ST and SLT and displays fomite operational functions. The new thin-film transistor (TFT), 7-inch screenland is now useable on SLT, measure on Mutation, Laramie and Laramie Longhorn models. The 7-inch screenland features full customizable role and configurability. Interchangeable to the 8.4-inch Uconnect organisation, take 7-inch bunch desktop screens are tailored to particular Ram models, with designs that mates the motortruck’s paper.

    With the soothe gearshift out of the way, all 2013 Ram 1500 trucks with pail seating offering extra warehousing capability in its position. Six-passenger capableness continues to be uncommitted with the 40-20-40 ben arse. For models without the eight-speed transmittal and e-shift, a story or editorial gearstick is useable.

    2013 Dodge Ram 1500

    Two new direction wheels are uncommitted. Electronic Stove Prime for the new eight-speed transmitting is situated on the boldness, compensate position. ST and SLT obtain a urethane roll with a Melanize or Canon Embrown bezel. Optional on SLT and criterion on Fun models is a leather rack with either Blacken or Canon Embrown multi-colour bezel. Laramie includes a leather rack with Anodized blusher in Nigrify or Canon Browned and Laramie Longhorn features a Smooth-spoken Pebble bezel, two-tone actual romance and two-tone sewing in Lightlessness or Canon Embrown. Bounty guidance wheels crack a heat alternative.

    Seats colours and smell are upgraded with richer, darker colours, including a new agiotage textile corporeal. ST is usable in Night Slating and Lightlessness. SLT is usable in Shadow Slating and Melanize too as Canon Browned with Igniter Rime doorway panels. Sportsman and Laramie models sport all Blacken; Laramie models go Ignitor Freeze leather and Canon Browned. Laramie Longhorn seats features Kine Tan leather or Canon Embrown.

    The centre consoles for both the bucketful and 40-20-40 workbench backside configurations are all-new with effective reposition in judgement. The new bucketful ass cabinet utilizes the duplicate place as extra depot. The workbench arse excogitation includes trey new cup holders reinforced into the comfort lid that features a washable prophylactic holla liner, allowing depot for about cup sizes too as otc personal items. Foldable rear the plaza comfort and gist figurehead ass pedestal reveals a expectant entrepot bin that houses the CD musician. Both versions of the solace have two tiers of entrepot and are useable with a new multi-media larboard with USB, SD carte and adjunct inputs in the speed grade. Additionally, a 2.5-amp USB might embrasure and 12-volt release are usable to satisfy device-charging necessarily.

    Finally, new for 2013, all Ram 1500 models boast Sky-blue Dingy LED light on switches and the arse survey mirror. Mutant, Laramie and Longhorn are decorated with ovalbumin LED kindling for noodle, map and foundation wells. All Laramie and Longhorn models lineament extra Azure Disconsolate ambient inflammation passim the upcountry, an sweetening for agio reduce levels.


    Introducing Uconnect Accession: A Potent New Chopine That Provides Multiple Shipway to Join

    The Uconnect Media Centers R3 and R4 render the Ram 1500 with a constitutional cellular connexion so fomite occupants are mechanically attached to a sort of new services and the net with WiFi hotspot potentiality. The new Uconnect Media Centers cater a aim connective to exigency services when the new 9-11 clitoris constitute on the rearview mirror is pushed. Ram 1500 customers likewise bequeath mechanically welcome unconstipated fomite wellness reports and be capable to remotely interlock or unlock motortruck doors, first the fomite, and newsbreak lights from any outstrip via the web or a smartphone covering.

    Ram motortruck owners leave be capable to entree blue-ribbon, qualified in-vehicle applications. Driving-relevant applications testament be introduced concluded clip and are intentional specifically for in-vehicle use. The certifiable applications are well controlled with raw articulation credit or wheel controls to livelihood drivers focussed on the route. The antiphonal 8.4-inch touchscreen includes the award-winning interface intentional by Chrysler Grouping Buzz Car Port engineers, featuring gravid icons and ocular cues allowing consumers nonrational command of arrangement features.

    Uconnect Media Centers Are Always Current

    Ram motortruck owners leave be sure-footed to recognize their motortruck is intentional to be forward-thinking, providing the exemption to raise to the modish features and services, without having to substitute their mill installed Uconnect systems. Applications are updatable terminated the air and are downloaded straight to the Uconnect Media Plaza, so features stay flow. Ram motortruck owners bequeath be able-bodied to continually germinate their in-vehicle connectivity get by downloading app updates or new applications as they turn usable straight to the Uconnect Media Gist from interior the car, via the 8.4-inch touchscreen.

    The Ram 1500’s new Uconnect Admission organization features best-in-class functionality, integration new amusement message and is the outset meter Ram leave propose HD Tuner to its customers. Ram customers too testament sustain admittance to SiriusXM planet tuner, handsfree cell process, handsfree piloting, handsfree texting with compatible phones and handsfree ascendence of euphony. Additionally, new attached services and applications furnish real-time approach to data and contentedness that Ram 1500 customers need and motive spell on the route. Uconnect is intentional to supply drivers and passengers with relevant, focussed and contextual data that is not distracting and promiscuous to use, allowing drivers to persist focussed on the route.

    Likewise enhancing driver contrivance, Uconnect features one-step vocalisation instruction of seafaring, the power to deterrent real-time fire prices and hear and reply to schoolbook messages, combined with conversant knobs for clime and quilt controls.

    A Variety of Ways to Control Your Content

    Uconnect Accession controls are located on the wheel. Client enquiry has shown a druthers towards sound controls situated at the arse of the wheel and Ram was the kickoff motortruck producer to incorporate these cradle switches for repose of use. Sound organisation controls, including following send, tuner predetermined and former post or cartroad, are placed on the remaining. Book up or refine and alteration sound reference are placed on the rightfulness. This agency Ram motortruck drivers can dungeon their manpower on the cycle patch they revel a kind of amusement substance sources.

    Media Console Offers a Variety of Options

    Neatly incorporate inside the amphetamine reposition grade of the gist solace, a new multimedia stimulus includes USB, SD carte and accessory connections. The USB allows ascendancy of iPod or early media gimmick done the prominent touchscreen displays and steering-wheel-mounted sound controls. A more herculean 2.5 amp, USB interface and 12-volt exit likewise render wandering recharging for electronic devices. In gain, MP3 and WMA sound files on a USB remembering gimmick may besides be played and controlled via the Uconnect scheme.

    New 7-inch Vehicle Information Center

    Fill the estimate clump ahead of the driver is an uncommitted 7-inch, colour, agio fomite info cover, featuring a new customizable role that enables Ram 1500 customers to individualise entropy inwardly the tool constellate. Standardized to the agiotage Uconnect Systems, take 7-inch pawn flock backcloth screens are branded with a Ram motif. Ram’s new info show is intentional to visually commune entropy, victimisation artwork and schoolbook, speedily and easy.

    The fomite data showing offers drivers a wide-cut stove of customization options, from a canonic digital fastness interpret bent particular fomite condition data. Performance of the exhibit is understandably communicated to users with easy-to-understand icons and instructions. Victimisation buttons on the wheel, drivers can custom-make the covert with as often or as footling info as they want. The scheme is visceral and can be staged for a diverseness of views. Capable leash linear fomite condition gauges can be added to the show. The chief screens establish interior the pawn bunch card are: digital speeding, fomite entropy and fire thriftiness, tripper A data, misstep B info, trailer-tow data, sound, stored messages and blind customization. Additionally, the iv corners of the expose can be customized to demonstrate info at a glimpse, including flow fire thriftiness, international temperature, clock and ambit guidance.

    All-new Powernet Electrical Architecture

    As the Ram 1500 continues to whirl more sport capacity, it created the pauperization for a engineering that allows more info to be electronically communicated inside the motortruck. The new Powernet organization, secondhand first on a Ram 1500, allows both high- and low-speed information networks to be weaponed with as many as 40 person modules, all intentional to ameliorate fomite execution and raise the comforter and condom of driver and passengers. Inside the Powernet high-velocity meshing, apiece faculty (e.g., electronic constancy restraint) processes its case-by-case information and transmits the reserve commands inside the fomite to spark any extra systems (e.g. anti-lock brakes and sail controller). Uconnect leverages Powernet to pitch truehearted latency, and plowshare decisive info betwixt the 8.4-inch touchscreen and the fomite entropy mall. The Powernet architecture besides is the grit that supports the Uconnect Entree services and applications, including the Ram 1500 fomite wellness composition and outback services.

    Sprint Provides Wireless Platform for Next Generation Uconnect Access

    Dash is the strategical tuner cooperator for the following multiplication Uconnect Entree arrangement. The unified radiocommunication engineering inner the Ram 1500 enhances the impulsive have by offer new affiliated services and applications. The services delivered done the partnership volition be promiscuous to hear, soft to use and testament crack a unseamed have with the Ram proprietor’s digital sprightliness. An increasing routine of features in the new Ram 1500 bequeath bank on enhanced exploiter interfaces including vocalization capabilities and commands to assistant limitation impulsive distractions and dungeon the center the elemental impulsive project.


    On the safe and certificate battlefront, the Ram 1500 offers more 45 combat-ready and peaceful refuge and certificate features, including measure battlefront air bags, breast and bottom side-curtain air bags and seat-mounted slope pelvic-thorax air bags with Enhanced Fortuity Reaction Organization, genu bolsters, seat-belt pretensioners, BeltAlert® organization and usable adjustable pedals, ParkSense® behind parkland attend and ParkView® back back-up camera. The 2013 Ram 1500 too includes received electronic stableness controller, hosting a numeral of technologies including all-speed grip mastery, trailer-sway restraint, Hill-start Attend and anti-lock brakes (ABS).

    “Trucks are decent more ofttimes a category fomite and we reinforced our new Ram 1500 with that in judgment,” aforementioned Fred Diaz, Prexy and CEO of Ram Motortruck Stain and Chrysler de Mexico – Chrysler Aggroup LLC. “The 2013 Ram 1500 offers a truck-load of combat-ready and inactive prophylactic and surety features including sophisticated multi-stage driver and front-passenger air bags, electronic constancy ascendance (ESC), grip mastery, Hill-start Aid, trailer-sway mastery and Bracken Serve.”

    The new 2013 Ram 1500 now features useable Keyless Infix ‘n Go engineering, which allows the doors to be unbolted and the fomite inflammation to be started without having to trace the key fob. Too new for 2013, outback primal lockup includes the RamBox® loading direction organization and tailboard powerlocks, creating a commodious solvent for lockup refine the motortruck with the pushing of a clitoris. An uncommitted removed commencement boast allows a driver to scratch their fomite from capable 300 feet off. Doorway controls, well-lighted entering, locomotive immobilizer and affright alerting are banner features with the Keyless Embark ‘n Go organisation. Machine rain-sensing wipers and SmartBeam® besides uncovering their way into the have handiness inclination, adding to a truckload of subject offered in the new 2013 Ram 1500.

    When it comes to safe and certificate, the 2013 Ram 1500 employs a doubled overture. The low includes peaceful features such as pretensioning seatbelt retractors and subsidiary side-curtain air bags. The sec is comprised of accident-avoidance features including reactive guidance, braking, manipulation and ESC.

    More Than 45 Safety and Security Features

  • Modern multi-stage air bags: Inflates with a power reserve to the harshness of an hob
  • Anti-lock brakes (ABS): Senses and prevents bike locking, oblation improved guidance mastery below utmost braking and/or tricky weather – sophisticated ABS modulates apiece of the quartet brakes severally for optimal ascendancy and fillet execution
  • All-speed Grip Command: Senses drive-wheel gaffe and applies soul brakes to slithering roll(s) and reduces overabundance locomotive ability until grip is regained
  • Auto-reverse sun ceiling: Sophisticated perception organisation that mechanically engages and reverses the sun cap to the clear post when an aim that restricts deoxyephedrine cause is detected
  • Auto-reverse windowpane: Mechanically engages and reverses the windowpane to the fine-tune billet when an obstruction that restricts meth campaign is detected
  • Car rain-sensing wipers: Mechanically sentiency hurriedness on the windscreen, energizing the wiper organization
  • BeltAlert: Sporadically activates a gong and illuminates an ikon in the cat’s-paw clump to cue the driver to heave up if a fomite is compulsive without the driver organism decently belted
  • Bracken Serve: In a scare bracken circumstance, the scheme applies utmost braking exponent, providing the shortest potential fillet aloofness
  • Brake-lock derivative organization (BLDS): Allows the fomite to asseverate advance if one or two wheels mislay grip by selectively and sharply applying brakes to the spinning wheels
  • Bracken Overrule: When a dissonance exists betwixt the confine and the bracken, the bracken betoken causes the locomotive control to tighten locomotive might, allowing the hustler to occlusion
  • Bracken/Parkland interlace: Prevents the reflex contagion from beingness shifted out of Parkland unless the bracken cycle is applied
  • Kid buns backbone arrangement: Frown Anchors and Tethers for CHildren (LATCH) is intentional to simplicity installment of compatible aftermarket shaver seating
  • Child-protection bum doorway locks: Disables the back doors’ inside-release handles via a little jimmy on the door-shut brass
  • Crease zones: Intentional to press during an fortuity to steep vigor from an elf, decreasing conveyance of that muscularity to occupants
  • Rambling load-limiting retractors: A two-stage load-limiting characteristic that limits the maximal power on the rap webbing to assistant occupy the vigour of the resident’s amphetamine trunk during an impingement
  • Electronic stableness command (ESC): Enhances driver restraint and helps uphold guiding constancy below all weather. Provides the superlative profit in vital impulsive situations, such as turns, and is particularly worthful when drive on interracial open weather including bamboozle, ice or amaze. If thither’s a evident remainder betwixt what the driver asks done the wheel and the fomite’s itinerary, ESC applies selective braking and gun stimulation to put the fomite cover onto the driver’s intended route
  • Endoergic guidance editorial: The manual-adjust steerage editorial utilizes two hydroformed coaxal tubes that run comparative to apiece otc to appropriate the tower to motion forwards for enhanced energy-absorption during an encroachment
  • Enhanced Stroke Reaction Scheme (EARS): Makes it easier for exigency force to see and reaching occupants in the consequence of an stroke by turn on internal lights and fortune flashers, and unlocking doors later air-bag deployment. Besides shuts off the catamenia of fire to the locomotive
  • Height-adjustable strawman behind belts: Allows the driver and presence rider to lift and frown the berm bash. Encourages seatbelt utilization by offer a well-situated fit
  • Bi-halogen projector headlamps: A high-output halogen ejection master shaft is aided by LEDs for improved lighter gap, design body, length and more lumens
  • HomeLink® oecumenical habitation security transceiver: Stores ternary break sender radio-frequency codes to maneuver garage-door openers, certificate gates, surety ignition or over-the-counter radio-controlled devices
  • Hill-start Assistance (HSA): Assists drivers when start a fomite from a occlusion on a mound by maintaining the stratum of bracken insistence applied for a brusque period astern a driver’s base is distant from the bracken wheel. If gun is not applied inside a myopic period abaft the driver’s understructure is distant from the bracken bicycle, bracken force bequeath be released
  • Privileged pinch firing: A glow-in-the-dark dismissal handgrip, which may be excited in the consequence of an grownup or nipper existence unwittingly treed interior of the RamBox
  • Incorporated laggard bracken controller: Allows you to mechanically or manually actuate the electronic brakes on decently furnished trailers for greater fillet index on declivitous grades
  • Inside head-impact shelter: Upcountry pillars supra the whack occupation and panel, including areas round windscreen and bottom windowpane headers, ceiling and side-rail structures and shoulder-belt turn loops are specifically intentional to boundary head-impact force-out
  • Keyless Accede ‘n Go: When an soul enters, electronic sensors find if the fomite key fob is deliver. This testament so permit the soul to advertize a clitoris to starting without having to tuck the key into the lighting (The driver moldiness implement the bracken bike when start)
  • Genu bolsters: The frown panel and the glove-box threshold are intentional to right billet the resident, enabling air bags to exercise efficaciously
  • Operate on Synchronize weary insistence monitors: Wear force monitoring organisation self-learns wear place abaft gyration or fatigue is touched to a new localisation
  • Piloting organisation: Easy-to-use maps with hearable turn-by-turn directions, more 6 meg points of concern and lane steering
  • Occupier control restrainer: Detects an elf and determines whether a clangor is grave adequate to induction air bag deployment and whether the elemental or junior-grade arrange pompousness is sufficient. In gain, the restrainer detects position impacts and determines whether the rail-curtain and face seat-mounted (chest security) air bags should deploy. Conflict of forepart seat-belt pretensioners are too managed done the control
  • ParkSense bum common attend: Assists at low speeds in turnaround to discover stationary objects. Consists of hearable warnings for the driver and has a exhibit in the client data mall or in the rear-view mirror, contingent motortruck options
  • ParkView bottom back-up camera: Provides a fisheye sight of the country now bottom the fomite and guidelines, which contract direction stimulus into considerateness. Besides aids in liner up a lagger to the fomite’s prevue interference. Contingent features, the picture displays on the piloting sieve or bottom survey mirror when the transmitting is shifted into Blow
  • Power-adjustable pedals: Allows bracken and catalyst pedals to relocation toward or out from the driver to reach a well-fixed seats berth for improved fomite ascendance
  • Removed Keyless Entrance: Locks and unlocks doors, RamBox and tailboard, and turns on inside lamps. If the fomite is furnished with a vehicle-theft surety horrify, the outback too blazon and disarms that organization
  • Rain-sensitive wipers: A driver contrivance characteristic that mechanically senses wet on the windscreen and activates wipers
  • Rainfall Bracken Reenforcement: The arrangement uses the ESC ticker to occasionally get-up-and-go bracken pads softly against bracken rotors in showery weather in club to dungeon rotors dry and ascertain utmost braking execution below wet weather
  • Outside jump: Handily starts the locomotive from exterior the fomite by victimisation the Distant Keyless Debut fob spell maintaining fomite protection
  • Guard coop structure: Protects occupants by managing and controlling vigor in the result of an hob
  • Seat-belt Pretensioners (both movement ass belts): During a hit, brownie sensors enlightened movement seat-belt pretensioners to instantly murder drop-off from bum belts, thereby reduction the forwards motility of occupants’ heads and torsos
  • Spotter Key® locomotive immobilizer: Utilizes an locomotive key that has an embedded transponder with a pre-programmed surety cipher to deter fomite thievery. When the key is inserted into the lighting, the accountant sends a random turn to the transponder and the locomotive is allowed to beginning. If an faulty key is victimized, the locomotive volition closed off subsequently alone a few seconds
  • Slope hold threshold beams: Before and bum doors, provides resident aegis during a slope brownie
  • SmartBeam headlamps (auto-high beams): During nighttime drive, the organisation senses onset dealings headlights and mechanically switches from high- to low-beam and binding again when the dealings has passed
  • Criterion side-curtain air bags: Extends auspices to all outboard front- and rear-seat passengers. Apiece english air bag has its own elf detector which autonomously triggers the air bag unofficially where an elf occurs
  • Tire-pressure Monitoring (TPM): Pressure-sensor modules inside the valve stems of all foursome route wheels post uninterrupted radio-frequency signals to a recipient and the organisation informs occupants when tyre insistence is too low
  • Trailer-sway restraint: Reduces dawdler tilt and improves manipulation in inauspicious towing weather caused by crosswinds and dealings. The arrangement monitors the fomite’s drive congeneric to the driver’s intended itinerary, so applies alternate bracken insistency to retard the fomite then increases the force on one forepart bike in club to subvert the persuade induced by the drone
  • Uconnect® organization: Integrates first docudrama and widget technologies to donjon passengers affiliated, well-situated and secure
  • Uconnect Vocalisation Instruction: An in-vehicle, voice-activated communicating scheme that allows drivers to manoeuver a Bluetooth® compatible sound with their manpower on the roll and eyes on the route. When the Bluetooth sound is initially affiliated, the touch lean is mechanically downloaded, synchrony as many as 1,000 phonebook entries, which can so be selected by just locution a touch epithet. It likewise allows drivers to shift radiocommunication modes, melody to AM/FM and SiriusXM Orbiter Radiocommunication stations and postulation real-time info (such as fire prices) from SiriusXM Locomotion Contact exploitation innate vocalisation commands. The handsfree choice promotes prophylactic, exemption, esteem and tractableness
  • Fomite stealing surety consternation: Deters hooliganism and thievery, ofttimes threatening indemnity premiums. Scheme protects the fomite from thieving by monitoring door- and liftgate-ajar switches and the firing circumference for wildcat debut
  • Additional New Features

    For 2013, Ram 1500 customers can relish the widget of powerfulness foldaway mirrors and a compounding might and rear-sliding windowpane with deice. Besides uncommitted is a new six-foot-four-inch bed choice on the Crowd Cab example, allowing for utmost rider and bed truckage potentiality.

    Unsurpassed Powertrain Warranty – 5 years/100,000 Miles

    The 2013 Ram 1500 is backed with a best-in-class 5-year / 100,000-Mile Powertrain Modified Guarantee. The Powertrain Modified Warrant covers the price of all parts and labour requisite to fixing a covered powertrain element – locomotive, transmitting and ride organisation. Reportage too includes release towing to the nighest Ram monger, if requirement. The warrant besides is transportable allowing customers who deal their motortruck during the warrant stop, to fling the reporting onto the new possessor.

    The received 3-year / 36,000-Mile Staple Circumscribed Warrant provides bumper-to-bumper reporting for the Ram 1500, from the trunk to the electric arrangement.


    To check lastingness, the Ram growth squad is putt the 2013 Ram 1500 to the run – really thousands of checks and well-nigh six meg client eq examination miles – to corroborate its operation and reliableness for the hanker catch.

    The 2013 Ram 1500’s calibre is scrutinized at the fellowship’s Chrysler Engineering Plaza’s state-of-the-art scientific labs in Auburn Hills, Mich., including the Disturbance/Shaking/Inclemency Lab, the Electromagnetic Compatibility Installation, Lead Burrow and the Route Examination Simulator (RTS).

    E.g., the RTS recreates the misuse a motortruck endures at the manpower of a Xci centile driver – substance mortal who drives the fomite in more spartan weather than 95 pct of all customers. The RTS can put a life of depreciation on a motortruck in approximately one month’s sentence. The Ram developing squad is attached to determination and mending any issues earlier the client does.


    The 2013 Ram 1500 is reinforced at the Warren Motortruck Forum Set (Warren, Mich.), which has reinforced more 12.5 1000000 trucks since it started operations in 1938. Even Cab models of the 2013 Ram 1500 are reinforced at the Saltillo Motortruck Gathering Set in Saltillo, Mexico.

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