2013 Dodge Challenger Rt Redline

Dodge Challenger RT Redline

Patch ice frigid wintertime brave sweeps crosswise Lake Shoring Effort, the Elude blade heats up the 2013 Chicago Automobile Demonstrate by construction on Challenger‘s blistering immortalise merchandising twelvemonth, and now at the read, the foundation of the new Rival R/T Redline with bodoni muscle-car cues, a virile HEMI® V-8 locomotive throwing pile 375 hp and a performance-tuned form for foremost kinetics – this new Competitor delivers precisely what Duck fans wishing.

2013 Dodge Challenger Rt Redline

“Construction on Rival’s all-time sales immortalize in 2012, the new Rival R/T Redline fuses our iconic inheritance with a one-of-a-kind customized appearing,” aforesaid Reid Bigland, Chairman and CEO – Circumvent Steel. “Featuring unparalleled body-side chevron and blackness chromium-plate wheels with red accents, the new R/T Redline combines unrivaled personalization with the plain execution of the fabled HEMI V-8.”

The new 2013 Contrivance Competition R/T Redline builds on the winner of the 305 hp V-6 Challenger Rallye Redline framework that arrived in the centre of the 2012 modelling yr.

2013 Dodge Challenger Rt Redline

2013 Dodge Challenger R/T Redline

Based on the 2013 Duck Contender R/T – America’s well-nigh low-cost V-8 heftiness car at $29,995 MSRP – or R/T Positive, the new Contender R/T Redline adds flush more position and manner with a right-from-the-factory customs anticipate the make’s iconic coupe.

2013 Dodge Challenger RT Redline

Undermentioned Scheme Competition’s touch A-line bodyside fibre occupation, an all-new two-color Redline Red and Plumbago banding runs from backside the forepart roll arches to the arse. For a classifiable feeling, the rear-quarter part of the stripes features the “Redline” gens in Red complete Plumbago gloss dodge. For a classifiable face, the R/T Redline features a body-color wicket surroundings.

Weft the roll wells, the Scheme Competition R/T Redline features 20-inch Blackness Chromium-plate wheels with a Redline Red lip and internal spine for a one-of-a-kind expression. For eventide more functioning and drive preciseness at-the-limit manipulation, the useable First-rate Running Pak adds Goodyear Eagle F1 P245/45R20 three-season functioning tires, high-performance bracken linings and a lowered drive altitude.

With its two-color banding and iv useable outside colours, including Berth Smooth-spoken, Granite Lechatelierite, Vivid Tweed and Ebony, apiece new Duck Rival R/T Redline testament surpass from the push. Stratagem Competition R/T Redline features a Night Slating Grayish internal with Iniquity Slating Gray-haired (R/T) operation seating, or agiotage Nappa leather functioning seating in Rad Red or Iniquity Ticket Greyish (R/T Asset). Reflex transmittal models likewise sport hopeful pedals, a Mopar® T-Handle sceneshifter and distant jump.

2013 Dodge Challenger Rt Redline

HEMI Power

For the functioning fancier, the 2013 Stratagem Competition R/T Redline features the fabled 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 locomotive that delivers capable 375 hp and 410 lb.-ft. of torsion and gets capable 25 miles per gal (mpg) on the highway. When opposite with the track-proven Tremec TR6060 six-speed manual transmittal, the Elude Competition R/T delivers shine shifts, spell delivering eventide more index done alone performance-tuned two-fold eject and under-floor mufflers with low-restriction bottleful resonators. The solvent, 0-60 mph runs in the low-5-second stove and a baleful discharge growling for the cars unexpended in its rear-view mirror; a earmark of the archetype Competition HEMI from more 43 geezerhood ago.

The 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 locomotive is too usable with a five-speed reflex infection producing 372 hp and 400 lb.-ft. of torsion. In gain, this edition of the locomotive includes Chrysler Aggroup’s modern Fire Recoverer Engineering to seamlessly changeover to high-fuel-economy four-cylinder manner when less mightiness is required and V-8 modality when more ability is coveted. And for flush more ascendance, steering-wheel mounted toddle shifters with “athletics fashion” contagion standardisation are included.

Loaded with standard features

2013 Dodge Challenger Rt Redline

Stratagem Competition R/T Redline besides includes a marvellous storey of touchstone equipment plant on every 2013 Contender R/T, including the fabled 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 locomotive with cold-air generalization delivering capable 375 hp, Tremec six-speed manual transmittal, performance-tuned abeyance, performance-disc brakes, performance-tuned guidance standardization, Uconnect Vox Instruction with Bluetooth, console-mounted USB porthole with iPod restraint and supplemental sound remark laborer, SiriusXM Orbiter Radiocommunication with 12-months subscription, machinelike headlamps, LED-illuminated instrumentate bunch with 160-mph main speedometer, panel with mini-carbon bezel, fog lamps, “R/T” wicket badge, “HEMI” bonnet badges and backside body-color deck-lid despoiler. Removed scratch, burnished pedals and Mopar T-handle gearshift are too included with the five-speed reflex infection.

For drivers who lack eve more agio nuance and details, the new Contrivance Contender R/T Redline can besides be reinforced on the 2013 Contender R/T Addition, which includes agiotage Nappa leather seats in Iniquity Slating Gray-haired or Rad Red, het forepart seating, six Boston Acoustics bounty speakers with 276-watt amplifier, ParkSense arse common assistance, might het mirrors, Electronic Fomite Entropy Essence (EVIC) with temperature guess, locating particular tire-pressure monitoring and scope, fomite protection alert, and HomeLink world-wide transceiver. Distant commencement, undimmed pedals and Mopar T-handle gearstick are likewise included with the five-speed reflexive transmitting.

Just in time for spring

The 2013 Contrivance Competitor with R/T Redline Aggroup is uncommitted for order now and arrives at dealerships this April 2013 with a U.S. MSRP of $1,995. When configured on the Competitor R/T or R/T Positive models, the MSRPs are $31,990 and $33,990 severally (both prices shut $995 address).

2013 Dodge Challenger Rt Redline

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