2013 Dacia Dokker

Dacia Dokker

Chase the establish of Lodgy at the origin of 2012, the Dacia ambit has been expanded with the plus of two steel new models: Dacia Dokker and Dokker Van. Dacia Dokker is a five-seat gang van for sundry secret and pro use. It offers one of the biggest boots and the topper modularity in its year. Dacia Dokker Van is a little Ignitor Commercial-grade Fomite. Its best-in-class useful features bequeath leaven attractive to tradespeople and craftsmen. In safekeeping with the values championed by the Dacia blade, both newcomers present a generous tilt of hardheaded features for an unrivaled low damage. They leave pass sale initially in Morocco this June 2012, so in the models’ otc Mediterranean and European markets at the end of the summertime 2012.

Dacia Dokker targets customers with miscellaneous inevitably who deprivation a fomite that can exaltation bulky lashings yet too conciliate their kinfolk in consolation. So, in plus to its power to expect capable phoebe occupants, it too offers the commercialise’s biggest bang content. The user-friendly modularity of the bum terrace buns enables capable 3m3 of duplicate carrying capability to be freed up, qualification it nonesuch for master use. It can be arranged with either one or two shiny sliding slope doors which help approach to the hold or back seating.

In add-on to existence true and full-bodied, Dacia Dokker Van delivers the biggest carrying content in its section thanks to the smartly intentional modular battlefront rider bum (the optional Dacia Light Arse), patch its all-encompassing sliding incline threshold facilitates payload. To encounter the necessarily of traders and tradespeople as intimately as potential, a highschool routine of conversions and a full compass of accessories are uncommitted for Dokker Van.

2013 Dacia Dokker

Similar that of Dacia Lodgy, the interiors of Dokker and Dokker Van are comfy, advanced and peculiarly operative. The Media Nav multimedia comes with a seven-inch (18cm) touchscreen and comprises pilotage and tuner functions, summation Bluetooth connectivity. The options catalog includes a upper clipper and backside parking sensors.

Contingent mart, Dacia Dokker and Dokker Van are useable with a prize of quadruplet powerplants: the blade new 1.2 TCe 115 and existent 1.6 MPI 85 gasoline engines, summation the 1.5 dCi 75hp and 90hp diesel engines. Both diesel engines dispose for the Dacia eco² touch thanks to fire use of upright 4.5 litres/100km and CO2 emissions of 118g/km.

Dacia’s brandmark dependability and bod character let farsighted been acclaimed by customers and the media likewise, but Dacia has interpreted these strengths farther distillery thanks to the expertness of Renault, Europe’s notable Commercial-grade Vehicles steel since 1998. Many of Dokker Van’s components were intentional to fulfill the exigent briefs specified by Renault for its own vans and the manakin was submitted to the like heavy tests as Renault LCVs in edict to proceeds the near arduous types of use into explanation.


The discover Dokker is a caper on the intelligence ‘lumper’ and expresses the gamy carrying content of the two models, besides as their modular inner layout and validity.

The lines, proportions and generous dimensions of Dacia Dokker and Dacia Dokker Van (duration: 4.36m / breadth: 1.75m / acme: 1.81m) detail to a peculiarly wide inside. This sentience is strengthened by the unlittered upright soundbox sides, spell the apertures of the sliding slope doors and asymmetrical backside doors control loose admission.

The category semblance of these two new models with the early vehicles of the Dacia ambit is plain in the manikin of their wicket and big headlamp units. Meantime, the bodoni, high-tech flavour of their conception showcases Dacia’s new styling indistinguishability as pioneered by Lodgy.

The newcomers’ outside volumes, self-assertive forms and frill-free lines head to the Dacia mark’s brandmark timber and lustiness, a ace which is promote accentuated by the mellow waist and big threshold handles. The measure blackness grain-effect bumpers of Dacia Dokker and Dokker Van roll about the full bum share of their forepart, compensate capable the headlights, piece the backside bumpers sustain been positioned to protect the spark clusters. Sure versions are weaponed with position protective mouldings.

The optional consistency semblance bumpers usable for the higher-end crowd van versions are more inline with coach styling cues.

2013 Dacia Dokker

The internal features a bodoni, usable splashboard which incorporates respective storeroom spaces that let been cerebration done for intensifier use. The bolt’s wholesale forms enhance the notion of solidness and its two-tone colouration outline has been carried ended to the threshold panels (contingent equipment floor). The unmistakeably modernistic, hi-tech tone of the cabin is built by the new figure of the instruments – familial from Dacia Lodgy – and the internalisation of a Media Nav multimedia.

Dacia Dokker and Dokker Van too welfare from the enhanced driver-friendly appointments that were low seen on Lodgy, including new headlamp and wiper controls. The switches for the galvanising windows drop promptly to manus on the threshold armrests and the controls for the mood ascendance are more approachable than those of the Logan kinfolk of models.

The cabin of the crowd van interpretation has more of a coach smell approximately it, root with the unlike colors employed for the inner shave. The higher-end equipment levels accompany a Gunmetal Grayish essence solace, addition the use of chromium-plate for the presence threshold handles, instrumentate, hummer controls and gearstick boss.

Dacia Dokker, the versatile crew van

Dacia Dokker well carries capable fin multitude and, for their baggage, boasts the biggest charge in its section, with a capacitance of 800 litres and a utmost cargo distance of 1.16m.

Dacia Dokker comes as banner with one shiny sliding english threshold and a endorsement can be logical as an pick (touchstone on the high-end variation). The english threshold frees up an aperture of 703mm to help dependable admittance to the bum seating.

Bottom passengers profit from comfy seating and flock of infinite (clearance: 1,065mm / berm way: 1,458mm / stifle way: 177mm).

The modular 60/40-split backside workbench bottom is gentle to exchange into one of a all-embracing alternative of arrangements. Thanks to a pronto approachable hold, apiece segment of the buns rachis can be folded onward severally. The ben can likewise be tilted onward against the presence seating to unfreeze up a flatbed storey with a consignment duration of 1.57m and a carrying capability of 3m3.

Dacia Dokker Van, one of the most practical vehicles in its class

Thanks to its dimensions (duration: 4.36m / breadth: 1.75m / altitude: 1.81m), Dacia Dokker Van offers a generous 3.3 three-dimensional metres of carrying capacitance and a uttermost consignment distance of 1.9m.

2013 Dacia Dokker

Its carrying capability can be elongated thanks to the apt optional Dacia Promiscuous Ass. The binding of this various strawman rider seating tips forrader to shape a defer. Instead, the unharmed arse can be leaning onward against the mitt box to release up quad for oodles of capable 2.42 metres in duration. It can besides be distant all to supply 3.9 three-dimensional metres of carrying blank. This placement permits items of ternary metres in distance to be transported with rest (maximal lading distance: 3.11m). These market-best figures place Dacia Dokker Van as one of the about running vehicles in its section, yet quilt hasn’t suffered since the Dacia Sluttish Bum is stem/aft adjustable and has a reclining dorsum. Dacia Dokker Van’s utmost shipment is 750kg.

Contingent edition and subject legislating, the cabin is set-apart from the hold by two tube-shaped protective bars, a amply shiny bulkhead or a engagement pivoting bulkhead. The latter enables carrying capability to be increased by fold the rider backside (optional Dacia Sluttish Behind) to addition carrying capacitance yet quieten assure the driver’s auspices.

Dacia Dokker Van is fitted as banner with one wide-cut sliding incline doorway and a sec is useable as an alternative. These doors profit from an super racy excogitation and afford effortlessly to help entree to the hold thanks to their big hold.

The asymmetrical backside doors cut clear to 90 degrees and are held in spot by a retentiveness scheme which prevents the doorway from slamming enclose blowy brave. This ringlet can be freed by a grip set on the privileged of the doorway to enable the latter to be open to 180 degrees.

Numerous stowage solutions for Dacia Dokker and Dokker Van

To simplify the daily aliveness for drivers, a numeral of pragmatic storeroom spaces totalling capable 44.2 litres in the gang van adaptation are positioned some the cabin. The enceinte non-lidded splashboard bin can adapt a laptop or A4-size documents. Dacia Dokker is too furnished with a lidded 6.6-litre mitt box (contingent equipment story), too as 12 litres of well -accessible viewgraph storeroom (contingent equipment layer). A minor lidded bin to the driver’s remaining is especially utilitarian for ensuring that items such as unleash commute are perpetually approximately deal.

A 1.5-litre bottleful can be stored in the forepart threshold bins, spell a look-alike can-holder and tray on the core comfort can likewise be specified.

In the suit of the bunch van variation, back passengers gain from a 0.5-litre bottleful bearer on the heart solace, positive minor extra threshold bins and map pockets of the forepart backside backs (contingent rendering).

When it comes to conversions for particular byplay uses, Dacia benefits extensively from Renault’s expertness. So, the make has worked tight with the web of Renaultapproved converters to acquire a foresighted name of conversions. Those uncommitted for Dacia Dokker Van admit ambulances, TPRM solutions, the transfer of refrigerated or frigid goods, wandering workshops or treatment vehicles, etcetera.

In edict to encounter the wide-ranging necessarily of its customers, Dacia has highly-developed an encompassing excerption of accessories and midland fitments. The accessories intentional to heighten solace or carrying capacitance admit a fundamental armrest, DVD thespian, backside rear papers bearer, fry seating, a portable ice box tank, a cap box, a interlock grill backside bottom seating (crowd van reading), etcetera.

Dacia Dokker Van comes with a compass of accessories intentional peculiarly for occupation customers: woods linings, wheel-well aegis, stowing kits, wooden closet kit, blade cap bars, protective bars for glassy bottom doors, etcetera.

Vehicles can besides be individualized in the colors of the client’s accompany.


Since the establish of Dacia Lodgy, a figure of features suffer been upgraded to be eventide more well-heeled, advanced or hardheaded. Uncalled-for to say, Dacia Dokker and Dokker Van gain from these improvements.

Media Nav: user-friendly technology

Dacia Dokker and Dokker Van are weaponed with the Media Nav multimedia offset seen inner Dacia Lodgy. The scheme has been dead structured into the exchange facia and comprises a seven-inch (18cm) touchscreen. In accession to organism identical mere to use, this attractively-priced choice (€430) combines piloting and sound functions, also as Bluetooth® hands-free connectivity.

The homepage enables users to coil fleetly done the six Media Nav functions. It is besides potential to relate a portable euphony actor via the fascia-mounted USB or jackass sockets. Users can quality tracks victimisation either the touchscreen exhibit or the steerage wheel-mounted distant controls.

The haptic, nonrational sailing organisation has both 2D and 3D (Birdview) artwork. A consecrated site enables customers to admission function updates and upload them via the USB interface.

2013 Dacia Dokker

Instead, two over-the-counter multimedia systems are uncommitted to sartor the offer to the inevitably of apiece client:

  • Dacia Fireplug & Radiocommunication. This arrangement features a wireless with a big show, an MP3-compatible CD thespian, Bluetooth® engineering, dash-mounted USB and knave sockets and guidance wheel-mounted fingertip remote.
  • The littler (1 DIN) incoming grade radiocommunication, Dacia Ballyhoo & Medicine, allows extra stowing infinite to be fitted. This radiocommunication comes with the like features as the Dacia Hack & Tuner, with the exclusion of the CD participant.
  • All the radios profit from 3D Fathom by Arkamys® which is derived from Renault’s sound compass. The Arkamys® outgrowth uses digital handling package to render tailor-engineered voice and perceptibly higher-up lineament. The 3-dimensional audio produced by the quadruplet loudspeakers has been engineered to issue both the layout of the cabin and the materials it uses into story.

    More well-heeled and hard-nosed for the driver Drivers sit 3.5cm above in Dacia Dokker and Dokker Van than they neutralize Logan MCV, spell the buns peak and wheel can be familiarized to obtain the almost well-heeled drive spot. Comforter is promote enhanced by a big tuffet.

    Dacia Dokker and Dokker Van besides lineament the like new, more advanced and more hard-nosed fascia as Dacia Lodgy. The centrally positioned mileometer is flanked to the remaining by the rev-counter and to the compensate by a blind which incorporates the fire bore and amount/burst outstrip readouts. In the pillowcase of versions furnished with a stumble reckoner, the like showing provides information concerning the measure of fire secondhand, travel outdistance, median and real-time fire phthisis, odd grasp, norm upper, the aloofness until the succeeding servicing, swiftness clipper excerption and a time.

    2013 Dacia Dokker

    Alike Lodgy, the new models accompany new driver aids. The swiftness clipper allows drivers to broadcast a maximal amphetamine they do not bid to outmatch, enabling journeys to be realised in stress-free prophylactic. This routine can be excited or deactivated exploitation a clitoris placed on the cardinal dashboard. The velocity mount is selected victimization the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons on the wheel. Urgent gruelling on the gas permits the driver to nullification the organisation if needed.

    Arse parking sensors are uncommitted for Dacia Dokker and Dokker Van. They are placed in the back bumper and render drivers with an hearable indicant of the outstrip ‘tween their fomite and any obstruction. The routine can be excited or deactivated victimization a replacement positioned to the left-hand of the wheel.

    The mood restraint organisation figures among the ludospace marketplace’s outdo in footing of its operation. Its content has been engineered to equal the sizing of the cabin and tally glassy area. Engineers from the Renault Radical took their stirring from the clime ascendancy organization victimised for Renault Mégane and get succeeded in uprating airflow and capability with no extra interference. Chilling air is distributed more equally end-to-end the cabin thanks to the fitment of vents at the movement and backside.

    Thrifty care was too paying to acoustical quilt. The area of soundproofing materials inwardly the locomotive compartment, underneath the fomite, in the rack arches and at the conjunction betwixt the trunk and windshield has been increased by 30 percentage compared to Dacia Dustrag. The locomotive runs more quiet thanks to 1.5 dCi locomotive’s new fire injectors. Farting dissonance has likewise been decreased thanks to work the mannequin of the threshold mirror housings and cap bars. Route dissonance has been foster atrophied done the conception of the sparkle inserts and seals, too as the reward of sealed components parts to oppress sonorousness.


    The Dacia Dokker and Dokker Van ranges sport a blanket option of reactive, fuel-efficient and dependable engines to lucifer the unlike necessarily of drivers. The 1.2 TCe 115 and 1.6 MPI 85 gasolene engines are linked by the 1.5 dCi diesel which is uncommitted in a alternative of two superpower outputs (75hp and 90hp).

    Low seen below the cowl of Aggregation 2012-versions of Renault Mégane and Renault Scénic, the 1.2 TCe 115 (Euro5) is the kickoff Renault Radical locomotive to gain from engineer injectant and turbocharging, piece its lighter angle is due to its al stop. This powerplant delivers a compounding of drive use, economical fire use and low CO2 emissions, yet it silence provides a degree of operation (115hp) like thereto of a 1.6-litre locomotive. Its generous crest torsion of 190Nm is eq thereto of a 2.0-litre locomotive, and 90 pct of this chassis is uncommitted from as low as 1,500rpm, with uttermost torsion uncommitted betwixt 2,000 and 4,000rpm to see crispen re-acceleration. This downsized powerplant drives done a five-speed manual gearbox and delivers combined-cycle fire phthisis of fair 6.1 litres/100km, tantamount to CO2 emissions of 140g/km (Dokker Van: 6.2 litres/100km and 143g of CO2/km).

    This low fire uptake way that track costs are importantly frown, spell the fitment of a maintenance-free timing range (rather of the more traditional smash) likewise plays a function in delivery polish costs, which leave plain prayer to concern customers.

    1.6 MPI 85 Euro 5

    This 60.5kW entering story gasoline locomotive drives done a five-speed manual gearbox. Combined bicycle fire ingestion is 7.5 litres/100km, eq to CO2 emissions of 175g/km.

    The Euro 4 variation has a superpower yield of 59kW (80hp). Its combined cps fire ingestion is 8 litres/100km (CO2 emissions: 189g/km).

    1.5 dCi 75 and 90 (Euro5)

    Wide acclaimed for its dependableness, functioning and regard for the surroundings, the 1.5 dCi is useable with a powerfulness yield of either 75hp or 90hp. Both versions characterise for the Dacia eco² touch and are especially fire effective, with NEDC combined wheel fire expenditure of 4.5 litres/100km, eq to CO2 emissions of 118g/km.

    Both versions cause done a five-speed manual gearbox. The 90hp interpretation delivers 200Nm of torsion, 90 pct of which is useable from 1,750rpm to undertake actual impulsive joy, eventide at low revs. The 1.5 dCi 75 adaptation boasts utmost torsion of 180Nm usable from 1,750rpm.

    The summit ability of the Euro4 adaptation of this locomotive is 63kW (85hp). It is paired to a fivespeed manual gearbox and combines tractability, operation and low operative costs. Its combined bike fire expenditure is 4.9 litres/100km (CO2 emissions: 130g/km).

    Similar Dacia Lodgy, Dokker and Dokker Van are based on the new M0 chopine which incorporates a new locomotive compartment and a particular back part.

    The MacPherson-type strawman abatement with trilateral arm uses the like layout as all Dacia’s former models. Derived from that of Renault Kangoo, the bum respite features a programmed-deflection pliable send with corkscrew springs. The crowd van interpretation is equipt with a 20.3-mm-diameter anti-roll bar. In increase to existence racy and specially suitable to its freight content, this placement has been engineered to slim personify roller and amend Dacia Dokker’s cornering stableness. Thither is therefore no remainder in the sum of trunk roster ‘tween a loaded and an unladen fomite, thereby providing effective, surprise-free manipulation at all multiplication.

    Because of their dissimilar end-uses, the stipulation and standardisation of the respite is particular to apiece adaptation. The wheelbase of 2.81 metres – which is virtually 10cm shorter than that of Logan MCV – ensures nimble operation, including a turn r-2 of 11.1 metres. The background clearances of Dacia Dokker and Dokker Van are severally 189mm and 186mm which agency they are able-bodied proceeds nigh types of route in their tread.


    It goes without expression that Dacia’s trademark dependability and chassis tone, which are acclaimed by customers and the media similar, bear been corporate into the genes of Dacia Dokker and Dokker Van. On top of that, both models gain from the expertness of Renault, Europe’s first LCV mark since 1998.

    Many of the parts ill-used for Dacia Dokker and Dokker Van were highly-developed to the like abbreviated as that which Renault has haggard up for its own orbit of LCVs. The underbelly and personify plate are reinforced to the like fastidious demands as those of Renault Kangoo and can concealment 300,000 kilometres without any exit of execution. The MacPherson-type forepart hanging with three-sided arm organisation has been built to play Renault’s criteria for LCVs, patch the ass respite is derived from that of Renault Kangoo – itself reputed for its razz solace and validity – and has been particularly altered to the cargo.

    In decree to covering as many types of end-use as potential, Dacia Dokker endured 1.9 trillion kilometres of proof examination in laborious weather. Its active operation and dependability were implement their paces on paved roadstead, cobblestones, pot holes, pee crossings, sandlike tracks and in rubble, too as in extremum hot and frigid climates.

    Dacia Dokker Van was submitted to Renault’s particular LCV exam curriculum, including survival run on the severest splashboard aerofoil essay ben. Meantime, the sliding incline doors and back doors demand to be of gravid tariff for master use and were implement 100,000 surface and exclude cycles.

    Dacia Dokker Van’s strength was besides time-tested in the airfield. Beginning employed for Renault Mégane III, this trial syllabus nowadays consists in pickings about 30 vehicles as they chip the contrast and drive them in grievous real-life weather in Romania for leash months. Dacia Dokker Van totalled nearly 850,000 kilometres crosswise an all-inclusive spectrum of situations, tantamount to vehicle-ageing of betwixt quadruplet and six age. The areas where improvements can be made are uncovered and quickly dealt with ahead changes are incorporate into the fabrication operation. This coming advance ensures that the end-product truly matches the demanding expectations of concern users.

    Dacia Dokker comes with a warrantee of deuce-ace days/100,000km.

    Active safety

    2013 Dacia Dokker

    Dacia Dokker and Dokker Van have the like braking organization as Dacia Lodgy, including ABS with EBD electronic brakeforce dispersion and emergency assistance. The optional ESC uses the latest-generation Continental whole (Continental Scrape 100) which is besides useable for Dacia Lodgy. The scheme incorporates grip restraint and dynamic rollover security to assistant hold the fomite on its demarcation when cornering in unmanageable weather, also as in situations care avoiding an obstruction, a going of clench or slippy roadstead.

    Passive safety

    To assure utmost resident auspices, Dacia Dokker and Dokker Van gain from a built architecture validated by Renault aggroup engineers. The construction is in the front when it comes to protecting occupants, and that of Dokker and Dokker Van uses blade and over-the-counter materials which suffer bettor vim assimilation and looseness properties.

    The bottom belts are weaponed with shipment limiters which protect the pectus in an encroachment. The driver retentivity organisation of versions of Dacia Dokker sold in Europe likewise comprises pyrotechnical pretensioners which gradually constrain the rap crossways the chest and jetty to optimize the way the occupier is held in berth below expectant braking. Banner equipment includes driver and forepart rider airbags, besides as sidelong caput/pectus airbags.

    The 3 bottom seating are equipt with ISOFIX anchorage which permits the good fitment of tiddler and plugger seating.

    Dacia Dokker and Dokker Van were intentional to offering a eminent grade of footer shelter. The heaviness and rigidness of the movement bumper were selected to protect glower limbs. The hood and wings were highly-developed to engage shock zip should a earthbound be hit, and no strict elements are placed nether the cowling at places where a footer’s nous power hit the fomite.


    With universal sales totalling more 1.9 zillion vehicles, the Dacia blade is a actual succeeder level and has enjoyed the quickest ontogenesis in Europe and the Euromed realm concluded the yesteryear ogdoad age. It top-notch the marketplace in Romania and Morocco and is likewise expanding in legion European countries. It is France’s 5th best-selling carriage stain.

    This succeeder history can be explained by the foretell of indestructible, usable, no-frill vehicles at invincible prices. These values let tempted a eminent numeral of one-time used-car owners to intensify to a new fomite for the real commencement clip. Customers are pleased with their skill and lofty to driving a Dacia, as illustrated by the unequalled phenomenon of Dacia picnics which collected more 10,000 customers crosswise Europe in 2011.

    Dacia Dokker and Dokker Van are suitable flagships for the make’s values and their launches contract the aggregate bit of models introduced by Dacia in a point of scarce eighter eld to ennead.

    Dacia Dokker and Dokker Van manufactured in Tangiers

    Similar Lodgy, these two new models are manufactured in the sword new mill in Tangiers, Morocco. The embed’s yearly product content is presently 170,000 vehicles but testament continue to ambit 400,000 vehicles annually.

    Tangiers stands out as the man’s kickoff zero-carbon, zero-effluent motorcar manufactory, spell its CO2 emissions interpret a delivery of 98 pct (eq to 135,000 tonnes of CO2 annually) compared to an tantamount yield adeptness thanks to the optimization of zip intake and the use of renewable energies, such as hint and biomass. The minor total of odd CO2 testament be salaried for either by the leverage of c credits or by way of projects such as reforesting and the growth of solar panels.

    The Tangiers mill draws 70 pct less urine for product purposes than a mill with an tantamount yield capacitance. Effluent is toughened and re-employed thanks to cuttingedge recycling technologies conceived by Veolia Environnement.

    This new readiness delineated an investiture of €1 million and rounds off the product substructure in Morocco on with the commonwealth’s existent capacitance in Casablanca.

    A bespoke Dacia network

    Dacia Dokker and Dokker Van bequeath be distributed by the Dacia net which has expanded unceasingly since the mark’s launching. The sword is deliver in 1,830 showrooms, 818 of which are consecrated to Dacia. About 1,300 sales masses are consecrate to the sale of Dacia vehicles in European and Mediterranean rim countries.

    Dacia has launched a new after-sales insurance intentional to return economic, square, superiority service trim to adjoin the inevitably of single customers. This new propose allows customers to define exact Dacia service plans at a really competitory terms. For evening finisher ascendance of budgets, the covering and length of Dacia’s service plans and warrantee extensions can be altered as a use of customers’ necessarily.

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