2013 Citroen Cactus Concept

Citroen Cactus Concept

Citroen Cactus is more a conception car; it is a patent of the futurity models in the C demarcation. Citroen is shifty the image with the new conception car, peeling the excess and delivery welfare unwaveringly into the glare. Citroen Cactus is a suitable, user-friendly car that forges an unprecedented harmoniousness betwixt classifiable yet matter-of-fact excogitation, comfortableness for all occupants, and easy-to-use engineering.

2013 Citroen Cactus Concept


The origins of Citroen Cactus appointment backrest to the expose of the C-Cactus concept car at the 2007 Frankfurt read. C-Cactus was a base self-propelled access that posed a issue of key questions: What do motorists bear from cars in nowadays’s earth? And which equipment and features actually reckon? The entrancing practice pushed engineers and designers to brand wholesale changes and set problems otherwise in gild to research new solutions. The practical access eschewed the spare to center what makes motorists flavor commodity. The end resultant, Citroen Cactus, is a patent that previews upcoming models in the C job.

2013 Citroen Cactus Concept

Pure and functional styling

The styling of Citroen Cactus marries the esthetic to the hardheaded, with designers having sought-after to receive the correct volumes and widen efficiency to the smallest details. The estimation was to donjon just the all-important, and optimize that core to prevail a manakin of born paragon. The feeler allowed the designers to prison-breaking absolve from classical self-propelled cues and research cunning solutions to institute customers substantial equipment and features.

2013 Citroen Cactus Concept

The consistence styling of Citroen Cactus seems pilot and obvious, both simultaneously, tarriance easy in the retentiveness same that of all big cars that birth pronounced their meter. The styling is promiscuous to key, with:

  • Saturated and still surfaces in opalescent albumen
  • Flow, aggression-free shapes
  • Natation quarterlight and cap
  • Contrastive figure components, apiece one with a office (shelter with Lama grayish Airbumps and coarse-textured nigrify bicycle arches; conveyance with lacquered lightlessness ceiling arches; cabin twinkle with the gravid bird’s-eye cap).
  • One ingredient stands out straightaway done its originality: the Airbump.

    Set on the sides and the bumpers of the car, the pattern constituent expresses a new advance that gives flair a part. The Airbump strengthens the styling of Citroen Cactus, heightening its personality with its originality and personalisation possibilities. The lissome tegument of the Airbump features a flaccid discourse that resists scratches and includes air capsules that break hob.

    Citroen Cactus has optimum proportions for supererogatory efficiency and impulsive quilt:

  • The dimensions of a constrict hatchback (4.21 m yearn and 1.75 m all-inclusive)
  • An nonsuch counterpoise ‘tween third shiny expanse and two-thirds fender aerofoil
  • Mellow earth headway (21 cm) but with an optimised meridian of equitable 1.53 m
  • Decreased beetle, with the wheels set firm in the corners
  • The styling of Citroen Cactus evokes engineering and sensed lineament and is whole disengage of aggressiveness.

    2013 Citroen Cactus Concept

    The forepart, previewing the optic indistinguishability of hereafter models in the C business, is characterised by:

  • Still surfaces showcasing the chevrons
  • Flow forms with a unlined progress from cowl to annex
  • A hi-tech spark touch with LED day functional lights and lamps reinforced in to the Airbumps
  • The styling at the rear respects the like precept with 3D-effect LED lights reinforced in to the full Airbump protecting boot.

    The curious and stem designing of Citroen Cactus too promises a ardent, ergonomic and well-situated inner. The absence of english windows, arse windowpane and B pillars beckons onlookers to describe the cabin inwardly, which has been altogether reworked in damage of architecture also as in the innovation of colors and materials.

    Ingenious design

    2013 Citroen Cactus Concept

    The low target with Citroen Cactus was to justify up spa indoors for the driver and passengers, delivery them more repose and user-friendliness and, therefore, more consolation.

    The lithesome, natation fascia full frees up the storey infra and on its speed office offers the movement rider a capacious and easy-access reposition place. The splashboard invention was made potential by exploitation a 100% digital port and by optimising the organization of the driver’s send, particularly by:

  • Replacement the instrumentate constellate with a 7-inch filmdom
  • Shift ascendence buttons for an 8-inch touchscreen attached to all fomite functions (air conditioning, sound, satnav, attached services and driver aids)
  • Installment the rider airbag on the roof
  • Replacement the traditional shifter with push-button controls on the glower function of the splashboard and steering-wheel paddles
  • The new architectural advance too informs the movement seating, which were intentional sofa-style for excess comfortableness and humming fondness.

    Supernumerary comfortableness is likewise delivered by the bird’s-eye ceiling, thermally hardened to admit the twinkle but not the warmth. It protects passengers from UVs with engineering exchangeable thereto put-upon for category-4 shades.

    The endorsement finish with Citroen Cactus home was to cater a fashionable and relaxed air. The internal layout frees up flock of quad and focuses on unquestionable and instinctive materials. The seating and doors are upholstered in a compounding of two materials evoking modern-day furniture: a disconsolate heathered-cotton framework and innate “camel” leather (veg suntanned) besides secondhand on the fascia and wheel.

    2013 Citroen Cactus Concept

    In a nod to the baggage sphere, the innovation of the doorway handles and the store blank on the speed office of the splasher was informed by ornamental travel-trunk components.

    The figure choices for Citroen Cactus were guided not barely by inside architecture word but by a unhurt new access to the auto. Citroen Cactus brings drivers a new motoring see and aggregate peacefulness, reuniting them with the pleasance and exemption underlying in car locomote – a uncomplicated, communal, day-after-day pleasance.

    User-friendly technology

    Citroen Cactus technologies are wanton to use, stinting and environmental engaged, approachable to all and affiliated, and decisively focussed on the new necessarily of motorists.

    The new Loanblend Air drivetrain is a precedent. The full-hybrid engineering combines tight air and the hydraulics of a PureTech gasolene locomotive. This powertrain excellency is scripted into the Mark’s DNA and has led to find execution, with fire ingestion of below 3 l/100 km.

    Loanblend Air engineering has a decreased environmental footmark (no extra barrage) and is generally low-priced thanks to:

  • Attractive toll busy (45% diminution in fire intake in urban drive)
  • Promiscuous care and service done the compounding of proved technologies
  • No compromises on upcountry place
  • Digital, haptic and attached! All the controls are sorted on the 8-inch touchscreen in the kernel of the splasher, ergonomic, promiscuous to use and oblation entree to Citroen Multicity Relate. The driver and passengers profit from a portal of web-connected applications that takes fomite information – including milage, fastness, ambit and GPS office – into report to engender info altered to motorists’ necessarily, monitory them of endangerment areas, localization serving stations and identifying tourer destinations, among over-the-counter advantages.

    Asking questions differently to find new answers

    By proposing a impudent new play innovation, architecture and engineering, Citroen Cactus stands as a new self-propelled deduction. The car’s affirmative attack last addresses the expectations of multitude look to coalesce practicality with delight.

    Citroen Cactus is a suitable, user-friendly car, one that is a delight to parcel daily:

  • “Elementary to subsist”. An clever invention and nonrational technologies
  • “Simpleton to honey”. A useable invention disengage of all aggressiveness
  • “Simpleton to parcel”. A user-friendly cabin and a machine-accessible drive port
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