2013 Citroen C4 L

Citroen C4 L

The “Sofa” adaptation of the Citroën C4 is positioned at the top end of the C-segment. Launched in former 2012 in Chinaware and in 2013 in Russia, the Citroën C4 L extends the C4 folk and is amply ordered with the “convinced vim” liveliness of the line-up done its honored and contemporaneous styling, surpassing on-board wellbeing and originative in-car technologies ensuring comfortableness, refuge and operation.

Dynamic, prestigious styling

The Citroën C4 L three-box pub now gives off an effect of animation with its well-adjusted proportions (4.62 m x 1.78 m x 1.5 m) and road-hugging position. It likewise expresses elegance and contemporaneousness done stiff styling and authoritative Citroën designing cues, including sculpturesque lines, a heavy chrome-finished wicket, breast and taillight signatures, and a bulging ass windowpane divine by those on the Citroën C5 and C6.

2013 Citroen C4 L

The new model’s top-end status is underscored by seamless panel joints, alloy wheels and pure and well-defined chrome detailing, all of which also serve to boost the personality of the Citroën C4 L, an elegant and refined car worthy of superior segments and featuring impressive levels of in-car equipment.

2013 Citroen C4 L

Prestigious driver’s station

2013 Citroen C4 L

The impression of quality continues behind the wheel, with a high-end driver’s station and a lavishly equipped console. The dashboard includes a modern instrument cluster with a sophisticated play of transparency and light and settings that drivers can set to suit their tastes. The Citroën C4 L is also extremely user-friendly and puts drivers and passengers at ease immediately. Drivers can operate the driving and comfort controls without taking their hands off the wheel.

New standards in quality

The Citroën C4 L is strong on perceived quality at all levels, from styling and materials to technologies, such as laser welding. For optimal reliability and long-lasting performance, Citroën will carry out over four million kilometres of tests worldwide before launch.

First-class travel

In line with Brand values, the Citroën C4 L was designed with the travelling comfort of passengers in mind. It brings occupants unrivalled well-being in the segment, with generous rear leg room, thanks to the longest wheelbase in the segment (at 2.71 m, some 10 cm more than the new Citroën C4), and supremely comfortable rear seats featuring wraparound bases, 29° tilting seat backs and, depending on the country, “comfort” head rests for first-class travel in a lounge-like atmosphere.

The Citroën C4 L also boasts a capacious boot, at 440 litres VDA, and a host of ingenious and roomy storage compartments, such as big door bins, a sizeable glove box and a cubbyhole under the armrest.

Top-grade thermal and acoustic comfort

The Citroën C4 L also benefits from top-grade thermal comfort and a pure cabin atmosphere thanks to an airquality management system, an air conditioning unit with three air-flow settings and, depending on the country, an air ioniser. Acoustic comfort is also strong, with optimised soundproofing (sealed-out exterior noise and filtered road noise). The aim is simple: total calm for all passengers.

Citroën road feel

Citroën fine tuned the suspension settings on the C4 L to give it optimal comfort, strong roadholding and inimitable Citroën road feel. Bumps and holes are soaked up masterfully for front and rear passengers alike. The C4 L sets a new standard in its segment on this score.

2013 Citroen C4 L

As well as comfortable, the Citroën C4 L is easy to drive, with precise steering, controlled body roll and sharp responses for dodging obstacles and braking in emergencies. The new model immediately inspires the confidence of driver and passengers.

Modern equipment

For the safety and well-being of all passengers, the Citroën C4 L is, depending on the country, available with cutting-edge technologies such as hands-free start-up, a fully heated windscreen, a reversing camera for easier parking, an automatic windscreen wiper/headlamp system, Xenon dual-function headlamps and a touch-screen GPS system.

The latest-generation GPS features a number of quality features, including a 7-inch touch screen, a DVD player, mapping with real-view 3D intersections, and, naturally, connectivity for portable devices (USB, streaming, etc.) plus a Bluetooth hands-free kit.

New range of petrol engines

The Citroën C4 L ships with a broad range of market-adapted petrol engines:

  • the THP engine, designed with the BMW group, with high-pressure direct sequential injection and a Twin Scroll turbocharger, developing 150 bhp to 170 bhp (depending on country) and generating torque of 240 Nm from 1,400 rpm. Mated to a 6-speed automatic and sequential gearbox, this engine guarantees an excellent at-the-wheel experience.
  • the new VTi 135 unit (1.8 16V with 136 bhp), equipped with a 5-speed manual or 6-speed auto/sequential gearbox. This new “core range” powerplant, launched with the Citroën C4 L, is available in China.
  • An international car

    2013 Citroen C4 L

    The Citroën C4 L is a 100% international car through:

  • its “project team”. The C4 L was styled in China by a multi-cultural team, designed in Europe, developed by project teams based in Russia and China, and tested around the world in severe driving conditions. Citroën rolled out a fully international project to better meet the needs of each customer base;
  • its production sites. The Citroën C4 L will be produced as close as possible to its markets, initially at Wuhan in China and at Kaluga in Russia;
  • its product definition. By producing the C4 L locally, Citroën can adapt to the specific needs of each market in terms of interior design scheme, body colour and available features (engines, equipment, suspension settings).
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