2013 Citroen C Elysee

Citroen C-Elysee

The Citroën C-Elysée reaps the total benefits of Citroën expertness in engineering and designing. Its styling and features birth a particular reaction to the necessarily of customers looking an attractive, low-priced pothouse. Scheduled for plunge at end-2012, it demonstrates steel expertness in working geartrain, caliber and engineering, as illustrated by the new VTi 72 locomotive, intentional for execution, fire efficiency and lastingness. The Citroën C-Elysée was intentional offset and first to fulfil the inevitably of external markets.


The designers of the Citroën C-Elysée started off with a lacuna sail. From the commencement stroking of the pencil, the aim was to case the three-box torso stylus. The resolution is both attractive and fountainhead balanced. The front directly identifies the fomite as a extremity of the mark folk, with a expectant chromium-plate touch accenting the enveloping, costate hood. The bodywork is both proportionate and attention-getting, conveyance a full-bodied sentience of bearing with a high-pitched waist, across-the-board tracks and powerfully curved wings. The Citroën C-Elysée ships in a pick of 7 soundbox colors, with chromium-plate particularisation contingent the story of trimness.

2013 Citroen C Elysee

Within the car, the graceful, rich designing is too detectable to passengers. The executive-style splasher features a shave slip before of the movement rider, according to clipping. All materials were selected to be not but attractive, but besides full-bodied and wanton to treasure.

2013 Citroen C-Elysee

Unfailing quality and reliability

A car is a semipermanent investing. The Citroën C-Elysée was thence intentional to standpoint the essay of clip and milage. The utmost impulsive weather in roughly countries were factored in from the pattern leg. Reflecting this, the fomite features:

  • conquer headway and tyres
  • extra under-body aegis
  • built soundbox portion designing with the use of electropositive attachments (screws).
  • All these adjustments control the lastingness of the Citroën C-Elysée, intentional in France and produced at Vigo in Spain. As foster validation, it has been time-tested ended more quadruplet trillion kilometres about the humanity, altogether drive weather (frigid, junk, tracks, etcetera.).

    Benchmark comfort and ride

    The Citroën C-Elysée reaps the full-of-the-moon benefits of make expertness, peculiarly in price of route smell. All-encompassing tracks and particularly intentional operative gearing are combined with wattage direction that is both informatory and exact at all fomite speeds, to check warm roadholding and refuge for all passengers, level in the nigh unmanageable weather. Contingent the land, it may too be fitted, as touchstone or optional with ABS and ESP, e.g., or capable quadruplet airbags.

    2013 Citroen C Elysee

    Promiscuous to campaign, the Citroën C-Elysée too illustrates sword expertness in footing of ease and hanging, conveyance a smell of welfare and tangible drive pleasance eventide in the nigh utmost weather.


    2013 Citroen C Elysee

    The Citroën C-Elysée is a fomite of generous outside dimensions: 4.43 m hanker, 1.7 m wide-cut and 1.47 m improbable. The 2.65 m wheelbase is the longest in its class. It delivers not alone an immaculate razz but besides, supra all, prodigious infinite.

    The upcountry spaciousness is suitable of saloons in the future class up, with best-in-class quad in the rear seating. The leg board usable to passengers at the bottom is singular in damage of both breadth and duration (stifle way of 120 mm). The broad conception of the cabin has no hob on rush blank. With a capacitance of 506 litres VDA, boot is one of the near biggest in the family. With these features, the Citroën C-Elysée is full suitable to its persona as the independent kinsfolk car.

    …and onboard consolation

    Aboard a figure optimised in damage of spa and dimensions, the Citroën C-Elysée is useable with a reach of mod, nonrational comfortableness equipment, banner or optional contingent the area. Features admit air conditioning with a digital show, back parking sensors, a cruise-control/speeding clipper use, and an mp3 car wireless with a Bluetooth hands-free kit.

    It can too be fitted with hi-tech equipment geared to the particular requirements of the countries of sale, such as a het windshield for Russia and Ukraine. For hot countries, exceptional aid was nonrecreational to the air conditioning, which includes a “Max” procedure for firm chilling. This hi-tech oblation volition be promote expanded in the orgasm months with a touch-screen GPS, reversing camera, and hands-free admittance and start-up.

    A across-the-board reach of accessories enables customers to personalize the fomite outside with refined chromium-plate particularisation (fog sparkle reduce, rearview mirror housings, arse piping), and to protect the bodywork (cobwebby bumper security strips, slope mouldings) and inside (all-embracing pick of bang mats or boxes) also as to addition the payload loudness (ceiling bars, cap hoop). In price of multimedia systems, semi-integrated sailing systems (with no ostensible sucking pads or cables) ply effective counsel, spell the O’car tuner, an groundbreaking solvent consecrate to iPhone, lets users tattle or heed to euphony in discharge condom patch recharging their smartphones.

    Engines tailor-made to inevitably

    The Citroën C-Elysée ships with the new VTi 72 gasolene locomotive, especially tailor-made to drive weather and fire in external markets. The new-generation powerplant was highly-developed to optimize functioning (72 bhp, torsion of 110 Nm from 3,000 rpm), fire phthisis (from 5 l/100 km and 115 g/km of CO2, a 22% advance on the 1.4i locomotive replaced) and enduringness, tied in life-threatening operational weather. It can be paired to a five-speed manual or machine-driven gearbox.

    2013 Citroen C Elysee

    The new VTi 115 locomotive, combined with a manual or robotlike gearbox, rounds out the gasolene scope. The Citroën C-Elysée besides ships with the HDi 92, a proved diesel already produced in more six 1000000 units and combine route car content (heights torsion at low locomotive speeds) with modified fire expenditure (4.1 l/100 km and 108 g/km of CO2).

    An attractive ‘features/toll’ proportion

    2013 Citroen C Elysee

    For the butt client groundwork, a car is a major investing. Customers are demanding altogether areas, including damage tags and track costs. The Citroën C-Elysée combines attractive pricing, trim to apiece commercialize, with the functions and caliber of all the Brand’s vehicles.

    Working costs are besides low, with fuel-efficient engines, seize service frequence, lengthy servicing living for assume parts, and full-bodied, washable materials. The Citroën C-Elysée was unfeignedly intentional to uprise to intensifier use.

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