2013 Chevrolet Traverse

Chevrolet Traverse

The new 2013 Chevrolet Transom crossover-utility fomite offers families a new gather blank with greater manner, shade and rubber. It goes into product after this twelvemonth, edifice on the infinite, quilt and efficiency that let made Chevrolet Cover democratic.

“The new Crossbeam is a class fomite without compromise,” aforesaid Chris Perry, v.p., Chevrolet Worldwide Selling and Scheme. “It is more open than many sport-utility vehicles, with as often board as a minivan and amend functionality than both. The Crossbeam is ingenious, subject and positive – and thither when you demand it about.”

The 2013 Chevrolet Transom has a new, gymnastic outside pattern, complemented by a more expressive front that introduces a new cheek for Chevrolet crossing utilities.

2013 Chevrolet Traverse

The figurehead features a new anatomy supported by a powerdome punk, a three-bar amphetamine and two-bar glower wicket invention, new lamps, chromium-plate accents approximately the lattice and fog lamps, and graven forepart corners interchangeable to the Malibu saloon. The new innovation captures the boilersuit part of Hassle’s new car card, for a ordered kinsfolk resemblance.

“We get injected a stronger front into the Crosspiece outside by centering on the details,” aforementioned Phillip Zak, GM manager of outside excogitation. “The belittled but authoritative changes dedicate it a more vivacious personality that more tight reflects the lifestyles of the families who trust on the Crosspiece to get them done their officious lives.”

At the back, redesigned lamps and the numberplate sack are positioned in the new liftgate for a sportier expression.

2013 Chevrolet Traverse

New family gathering space

Infinite is the authentication of the Harry Trave upcountry. With its class-leading roominess, comfy and pliable seats for capable eight-spot adults, and more cargo-carrying capability than any early fomite in its section, the 2013 Harry Deny builds on these accomplished attributes by offer an national surround with new features and tasteful appointments.

Upgraded materials admit soft-touch surfaces on the board and presence doorway uppers, contrastive sewing, chromium-plate and fluent accents, and uncommitted amytal ambient firing that flows done the cabin.

2013 Chevrolet Traverse

A new gist heap showcases a 6.5-inch colouration hint tuner with the usable Chevrolet MyLink docudrama arrangement. MyLink allows customers to seamlessly desegregate their smartphones for hands-free career done the sound organisation and Bluetooth cyclosis of pop net wireless favorites Pandora and Stitcher. The mall heap likewise has big and well-lighted mood controls that are easier to use and let a more upscale flavor.

The breast seating now have articulating drumhead restraints that can be familiarized up or devour and stem and aft for greater comforter. The eight-way powerfulness rider bum includes leather reduce. New woo trimness treatments are touchstone on LT and LTZ.

Adding to the boilersuit spirit of calibre, the fit and coating of the inside panels suffer been improved on all models. The new Chevrolet Trave bequeath accompany deuce-ace home gloss choices, in fabric or leather, including Sable and Mojave, Sparkle Ti and Nighttime Ti, and Ebon.

Passes the parent test

2013 Chevrolet Traverse

The Chevrolet Traversal passes the rear essay with iii rows of seats touchstone on all models, whippy seats configurations, class-leading mass and cargo-carrying capacitance, and family-friendly amusement and otc features.

Chevrolet Transom’s second-row arse comes with a couplet of skipper’s chairs or a three-passenger ben. Apiece incorporates Chevrolet Deny’s child-friendly, second-row SmartSlide characteristic that enables unobstructed approach to the third-row judiciary buns with one give – and is loose for children to engage.

The third-row behind can well suit iii grownup passengers. Chevrolet Cover’s 24.4 cu. ft. (691 liters) of shipment board bum its tierce row is bigger than many life-size substitute vehicles. Chevrolet Trave besides has easy-to-operate prophylactic belts, capable 12 cup holders and an uncommitted rear-seat amusement organization.

Efficient power and car-like ride

Hassle Traversal has a farsighted 118.9-inch (3,019 mm) wheelbase, with a full 67.8-inch (1,721 mm) movement running and 67.4-inch (1,712 mm) behind raceway – a compounding that enables polish, static cod and manipulation characteristics.

Efficiency in the Chevrolet Transom comes from a technically ripe 3.6L V-6 with fuel-saving mastermind shot engineering and endlessly varying valve timing. It is paired with a six-speed robotic transmitting with improved shifting flavor that results in more positive quickening when the driver necessarily extra exponent to embark the highway or crack another automobilist.

The locomotive is SAE-certified at 288 h.p. (215 Nm) and 270 lb.-ft. of torsion (366 Nm) with double tucker (281 hp/210 kW and 266 lb.-ft./361 Nm with unity beat). Its organize shot fire deliverance helps make index standardized to many V-8 engines and uses unconstipated leadless gasolene.

The transmitting controls bear been revised to ply faster and more reproducible shifts. On with extra infection ironware changes, the Chevrolet Traversal is expected to keep to have among the outdo fire saving ratings of any eight-passenger (FWD) substitute fomite.

Rag and treatment improvements suffer been made done the use of bounce springs in the strawman struts that step-up scroll ascendancy. New cushion valving has been employed for low-velocity mastery to return a sander drive at depress speeds.

The usable level-headed all-wheel-drive (AWD) scheme provides increased grip on tricky roadstead by actively managing the torsion dispersion betwixt the presence and arse axles, based on factors such as rack upper, gun and open weather. Thither is no driver interposition; the organization mechanically decides how practically torsion to implement and delivers it to the wheels that overcome grip.

2013 Chevrolet Traverse

Chevrolet Trave maintains potentiality to present improved cod and manipulation, oblation utility-like towing capacitance of capable 5,200 pounds (2,358 kg).

Smart and safe family hauler

The Chevrolet Crosspiece is among the safest vehicles on the route now, antecedently earning top honors and acknowledgment from preeminent third-party organizations and in governance clangor examination.

For 2013 it enhances its condom report with the diligence’s low strawman essence air bag. It is engineered to ply extra chasteness to drivers and movement passengers in far-side brownie crashes, where the touched occupier is on the opponent, non-struck face of the fomite.

When a spartan impingement occurs, the air bag deploys in milliseconds from the inboard slope of the driver’s ass and inflates ‘tween the driver and movement rider, providing added tribute for both presence occupants.

“Spell no simplicity engineering or sport can speak all soundbox areas or all voltage injuries, the presence essence air bag is intentional to direct field-relevant, side-impact crashes that are not addressed by stream regulative or consumer metrical trial weather,” aforementioned Gay Kent, GM executive of Fomite Rubber and Crashworthiness. “It workings with the fomite’s former air bags, rubber belts and construction to return a safer occupier surround.”

Extra guard and protection features:

  • Uncommitted Position Unreasoning District Brisk and Behind Crossing Dealings Watchful systems (banner on LTZ) use radian to scout floater the driver may not see – and render seeable and hearable warnings to service foreclose collisions.
  • Stock header drapery position air bags with rollover shelter for outboard occupants altogether seats rows. In gain to providing auspices in moderate-to-severe incline crashes, the roof-mounted psyche pall air bags volition deploy in a rollover to helper allow increased resident auspices and containment.
  • StabiliTrak electronic stableness ascendance with rollover moderation engineering is touchstone on all models and incorporates full-function grip restraint.
  • Banner rearview camera scheme is intentional to cater the driver with added potentiality to survey what is in the reverse way of the fomite.
  • Banner four-wheel-disc brakes with ABS featuring still, placidity performance, yearner pad liveliness and more immunity to bracken pulse.
  • Safe bang pretensioners tighten onwards motion during a hit, and are banner on the presence condom belts, on with load-limiting retractors that assistant restrain the belts’ gremlin on the occupants’ breast. The dynamical lockup latch denture locks to grasp the occupants’ hip in berth.
  • LATCH (Lour Anchors and Tethers for CHildren) kid behind affixation arrangement is included in outboard second-row seats positions.
  • Outwear imperativeness monitoring organisation is stock on all models.
  • Solid structure to occupy clang vigor and offer a protective “safe coop” some occupants.
  • Touchstone mound first aid brakes helper cut the leaning of a fomite to paradiddle forrader or half-witted on a mound afterwards the bracken cycle is released by momently retaining press on the bracken discs.
  • OnStar Features

    2013 Chevrolet Traverse

    OnStar is measure on all Cover models. It uses GPS and cellphone engineering to mechanically bespeak avail in the issue of a clangoring. OnStar subscribers likewise can use the serving to be Near Samaritans by sending avail to former motorists, and to demand assist in former non-crash emergencies.

  • OnStar is the stellar supplier of in-vehicle prophylactic, surety and data services in the Joined States and Canada.
  • Six months of gratuitous OnStar Directions and Connections serving with Turn-by-Turn Sailing for easier itinerary counseling comes on all Crosspiece models. The boast is light to use because all directions are sent to the car by an adviser, without the motive to stopover. Turn-by-Turn can be cost-efficient, since map updates and aftermarket seafaring systems are not requisite.
  • Stolen Fomite Assist helps constabulary raceway the fomite.
  • OnStar Wandering App allows owners with Humanoid&patronage; or Apple&sell; smartness phones to remotely scratch the locomotive, interlock and unlock doors and aspect life-sustaining fomite info such as jade insistence, fire cooler storey, reach, leftover oil liveliness, etcetera.
  • For 2013, Chevrolet Cover is offered in LS, LT and LTZ models (with two LT packages: 1LT and 2LT), in both front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive configurations. It is reinforced in Lansing, Mich.

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