2013 Caterham Supersport R

Caterham Supersport R

Caterham has added to its iconic compass of Fantan, big the acclaimed Supersport a steroid-induced sidekick – the two-litre Caterham Supersport R, which packs 180bhp and track-bred kinetics.

2013 Caterham Supersport R

Comparable the criterion Supersport, the new variation has many circuit-orientated operation essentials, but gains a larger locomotive and a five-speed gearbox to rise instantly operation importantly.

Intentional to sit directly supra its 1.6-litre sib in the Sevener reach, the new adaption’s 2-litre Fording Duratec locomotive has proved its enduringness and execution on the running, having been highly-developed during trey age in Caterham’s R300 run backup.

2013 Caterham Supersport R

Competitively priced at £ing;24,995 (incl tax) in self-build configuration or &lbf.;27,995 fully-built, the new simulation benefits specially in mid-range ‘clout’ and features a 25% exponent growth on the Supersport, too as 5bhp more the R300 route car.

Caterham Cars proclaimed a bluff new articulatio hazard technology partnership this workweek with Renault, which bequeath solution in a reach of stigma new vehicles, start with an challenging ‘daily’ sportscar that testament birth the blade’s ‘approachable fun’ doctrine to new markets. But the Caterham Supersport R shows the truehearted’s chronic allegiance to break the iconic Heptad, which it has been technology and edifice for well-nigh 40 geezerhood.

2013 Caterham Supersport R

Caterham Cars’ Gaffer Administrator, Graham Macdonald, aforementioned: “The Supersport’s pattern has smitten a harmonize with impulsive enthusiasts and we are convinced that, by extending the orbit to admit an R simulation, we volition be capable to anatomy on the archetype’s succeeder.

“The operation of the car is real telling but, teamed with the availability of the dangling spec that workings so effortlessly on the route and rails on the foot simulation, it is well-adjusted, cheering and fun in footing of the impulsive get it offers.”

2013 Caterham Supersport R

The front-mounted Caterham-developed Fording Duratec locomotive pairs up with a limited-slip derivative to farther raise its execution certificate.

Meantime, grippy Avon CR500 tyres, Supersport dampers and raceway springs guarantee the car’s manipulation is highly-focussed but calm lissome decent for the route.

Deliberation barely 535kg, the new fomite extends the Supersport business, which already includes route and rails versions of the 1.6-litre simulation.

Inwardly the cabin, a made-to-order Supersport wheel, incorporate change-of-pace lighter, complex run seating and four-point raceway harnesses over the track-inspired receive. Course, an aero concealment comes as touchstone.

2013 Caterham Supersport R

The Caterham Supersport R’s DNA stems from the Caterham Supersport Title, which is the quaternary stave of its motorsport ‘run’ and is Caterham’s fastest-growing serial.

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