2013 Buick Encore

Buick Encore

Buick introduced the all-new 2013 Encore – a sumptuosity pocket-sized crossing that delivers Buick’s touch dash, home acoustical shade and assembling of sumptuosity conveniences in a manoeuvrable, various and effective box.

The Buick Encore is on exhibit at the 2012 Northwards American External Machine Display in Detroit, and goes on sale in other 2013.

“Buick Encore is a great-looking, fresh selection for those who deficiency lavishness crossing conveniences in a more manoeuvrable and quick fomite,” aforementioned Tony DiSalle, U.S. v.p. of Buick Selling. “It represents a sumptuousness alternate for a new interview of Buick customers, and delivers features and flexibleness not typically establish in vehicles of its sizing tod.”

Buick models keep to increase in popularity, with two serial days of higher ret sales. The Encore joins Verano – Buick’s one-third all-new saloon in leash age – to round the make’s card and continues the impulse conventional by the Enclave crossing near fin age ago.

With way for phoebe and capable 48.4 three-dimensional feet (1,372 liters) of entrepot place with the arse arse folded, the Buick Encore offers hearty lading capability on with the surefooted, higher drive berth, all-wheel-drive potentiality and coeval styling of a crosswalk.

2013 Buick Encore

Extra features admit 10 received air bags and an Ecotec 1.4L turbo four-cylinder/six-speed robotic powertrain, on with touchstone and uncommitted technologies such as Buick’s voice-activated IntelliLink – which uses Bluetooth or a USB to link the driver’s smartphone to a high-resolution, full-color seven-inch LCD expose radiocommunication.

2013 Buick Encore

And because it’s a Buick, QuietTuning is touchstone on the Encore, which likewise features Buick’s outset use of dynamic interference cancellation engineering.

Contemporary design offers versatile spaciousness

In safekeeping with the world-wide innovation nomenclature that has resuscitate symbolise the blade, the Buick Encore’s graven and refined styling traits – including wholesale part lines – arrive straightaway identifiable as a present-day Buick. Touch cues admit a falls grill, chromium-plate accents and surrounds, portholes on the punk and multi-colour frown panels, exchangeable to the Enclave.

2013 Buick Encore

“The Encore brings Buick’s dateless, sculptured invention to the crossing section in a way that blends elegance, efficiency and utility-grade,” aforementioned David Lyon, executive of designing. “Thither’s self-assurance in its gymnastic position and primary looker in its copious details.”

Blue-accented projector-beam headlamps and elaborate taillamps heighten the agio show; and 18-inch, five-spoke multi-colour al wheels are stock. Seven-spoke chromium-plate wheels are usable.

Indoors, the Buick Encore’s constituent styling carries concluded to a sleek panel that wraps course into the doorway panels. A outstanding fundamental panel houses the gravid, full-color, seven-inch LCD showing for the IntelliLink voice-activated tuner arrangement. It besides features displays for the SiriusXM planet wireless, likewise as useable sailing and ass camera systems.

A modern-day mix of nighttime and lightness tones distinguishes the cabin, which is stressed with ice amytal ambient light, prize use of undimmed trimming and wood-grain shave. Bounty seating featuring high-density sparkle for greater puff on foresighted drives are cut with either a present-day material/leatherette motive or uncommitted leather. Het battlefront seating and a het wheel are useable. The back behind features a fold-down armrest with cup holders.

2013 Buick Encore

More of the Buick Encore’s consolation and opulence features – touchstone and uncommitted – admit:

  • Distant fomite first
  • Dual-zone automatonlike mood restraint
  • Rainsense wipers
  • Bose bounty audio arrangement
  • Het, leather-wrapped wheel with sound controls
  • Six-way, power-adjustable driver’s backside with ability lumbar readjustment and driver retentivity.
  • Buick Encore too features flock of store content and repositing compartments. It offers 18.8 three-dimensional feet (533 liters) of store buns the split-folding ass bottom and 48.4 three-dimensional feet (1,372 liters) with the arse backside folded. With the arse bum in position, thither’s way for leastwise six wax market bags and with the behind behind folded, thither’s board for golf clubs and nightlong bags for a weekend pickup. Fifty-fifty the forepart rider behind folds matted to prolong the shipment distance and conciliate yearn items that would not unremarkably tantrum a fomite of this sizing.

    Niner outside colours and iii upcountry colouration combinations testament be offered.

    QuietTuning gets ‘active’

    QuietTuning is the summons of shaping Buick caliber, audio and quiver characteristics and scheming and refinement the fomite next a three-point scheme of reduction sounds at their germ, block sounds from ingress the cabin and riveting any leftover sounds.

    For the Buick Encore, particular contented was applied to reach 40 audio benchmarks for civilisation, including Buick’s commencement diligence of dynamic interference cancellation. With it, ceiling-mounted microphones notice locomotive haphazardness, the frequencies of which are refined by a calculator that directs counteracting vocalize waves done the sound scheme’s speakers and subwoofer.

    2013 Buick Encore

    Extra touchstone QuietTuning features admit:

  • Acoustically tempered star with a tuned gap betwixt it and the high-strength-steel cap empanel
  • Sound-absorbing materials put-upon in the cabin, below the cap and in the cycle family liners
  • HydraMatic 6T40 six-speed infection with electroneutral paraphernalia detachment
  • Quiet-tuned 18-inch Continental tires
  • Aero-optimized out-of-door mirrors
  • Ultra-quiet locomotive alternator
  • Acoustic-laminated windscreen and thicker 5mm slope pane
  • Froth bewilder insularism at the orifice of structure cavities.
  • ‘One-tire’ doctrine sharpens cod and manipulation characteristics

    The new Buick Encore is reinforced on a globose small-crossover program and engineered with a “one-tire” doctrine. Everything is optimized round a i 18-inch fatigue spec, intentional for more accurate dangling tuning, drive shade, soundlessness and a impression of controller.

    The Buick Encore’s 100.6-inch (2,555 mm) wheelbase and all-embracing position – 60.6-inch (1,540 mm) battlefront and ass tracks – bring to a more confident-feeling drive see, spell a warm construction enables greater abatement preciseness and a quieter bait. Tuned locomotive, including two hydraulic mounts, are trim to the locomotive’s underlying torsion bloc to interrupt the transmittance of palpitation and haphazardness. This form besides helps mastery the transferral of impulse, resulting in improved active counterweight.

    A MacPherson sashay strawman abatement is victimised with helix springs, a enceinte stabiliser bar and side-load-compensated battlefront sashay modules. The back abeyance incorporates a heighten ice (contortion send) figure, with a double-wall, vasiform V-shape ray visibility with gas-charged twin-tube shocks. It combines all the advantages of a formal tortuousness shaft axle, including minimum spa requirements, with low burden and ordered bank ascendancy. Urethane saltation isolators are victimised to wash disturbance.

    The Buick Encore likewise features a column-mounted, variable-effort wattage guidance organization. It contributes to a 36.7-foot (11.2 meters) turn diam, piece too preservation fire compared to an engine-driven superpower direction heart.

    Safety technology helps protect occupants

    Buick Encore is intentional with technologies – including radar-based features – to assist deflect crashes and protect occupants in vitrine one occurs. Technologies that assistant annul them admit:

  • Stock StabiliTrak electronic stableness ascendence
  • Four-wheeled record brakes with ABS and electronic bracken strength dispersion
  • Cornering bracken ascendance and bracken assistance
  • Usable all-wheel-drive organization that seamlessly shifts might to the ass wheels when compulsory for meliorate grip and manipulation
  • Uncommitted ahead hit alive and lane going monitory
  • Uncommitted figurehead and ass ballpark assistance
  • Useable behind imagination camera.
  • When it comes to occupier shelter, the Buick Encore’s structure forms a protective coop some the rider compartment. 63 percentage of the underbelly construction is comprised of high-strength steels, patch 57 percentage of the speed eubstance uses high-strength steels, including ultra-high-strength blade. That auspices is complemented with 10 received air bags, which admit:

  • Driver and strawman rider head-on air bags
  • Driver and battlefront rider stifle air bags
  • Battlefront and bottom pectus air bags (all outboard positions)
  • Position mantle air bags for forepart and behind outboard passengers.
  • Buick Encore’s retinue of rubber features is rounded out with sole OnStar engineering, which includes the Innovative Clang Reception Organization, pinch aid and more.

    Ecotec turbo engine drives efficiency

    The Buick Encore is powered by an effective, power-dense Ecotec 1.4L turbocharged four-cylinder locomotive and six-speed robotic infection. It generates an estimated 140 hp (103 kW) and 148 lb.-ft. of torsion (200 Nm) betwixt 1,850 rpm and 4,900 rpm. The all-inclusive rpm compass for the uttermost torsion – a particular trait of turbocharged engines – helps it bear a amend drive get and execution.

    2013 Buick Encore

    The 1.4L’s turbocharger is incorporated inside the discharge multiplex, for rock-bottom slant and greater publicity tractableness. A strengthened crankshaft and bad connecting rods present extra forcefulness to reinforcement the locomotive’s pressurized might and torsion complete a all-embracing rpm ring.

    Respective of the locomotive’s features conduce to the Buick Encore’s boilersuit fire efficiency, including:

  • A high-efficiency alternator
  • Regulated potential ascendance
  • Electronically controlled returnless fire organization
  • Retardation fire cut-off.
  • They accompaniment former vehicle-wide systems and components that too assistance ameliorate efficiency, including low-rolling-resistance tires, wattage guidance, achromatic jobless have and optimized aeromechanics.

    A Hydra-Matic 6T40 six-speed robotic transmitting backs the Ecotec 1.4L turbo locomotive. It is function of a class of six-speed forepart and all-wheel ride transaxles highly-developed for little cars and crossovers. It has a alone excogitation, with the planetal gearsets positioned on the like bloc as the locomotive crankshaft centerline, fashioning the full powertrain whole shorter fore-to-aft. This designing enables a shorter boilersuit fomite distance, increased internal place, enhanced guard shell zones and glower burden.

    The Hydra-Matic 6T40 offers a “exorbitant” first and a “improbable” overuse top pitch to accomplish a wide-cut proportion gap of 6.14:1. This allows the Buick Encore to attain full-bodied speedup, also as fire efficiency and depress locomotive interference at highway cruising speeds. A neutral-gear pullout lineament helps raise suavity and efficiency.

    The Buick Encore bequeath get arriving at U.S. Buick dealerships in the beginning tail of 2013.

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