2013 Bmw X6 M50D

BMW X6 M50d

The globose succeeder of the BMW X simulation construct is frozen in a stratum of clean flare unrivaled by any otc all-wheel-drive car with off-road capableness. The knock-down engines, ripe form engineering and BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive scheme (whose master endowment, in accession to maximizing directing stableness and grip on unloose earth and in untoward conditions weather, lies in enhancing dynamical operation done corners) of the BMW X5 and BMW X6 supply drive joy bey the reaching of their section rivals. Summation, the six-cylinder in-line diesel versions of the Sports Activeness Fomite and Sports Action Coupe, particularly, imprint with astonishingly low fire ingestion and emissions precondition their expression and functioning capacity.

The launching of the BMW M Operation Automobiles adds another level to the BMW X models’ repute for bearing, cool and efficiency. With the nearly herculean diesel in the BMW locomotive line-up and the optimization of superpower conveyance, manipulation and streamlined counterbalance for which M is famed, the BMW X5 M50d and BMW X6 M50d set new standards in their grade in damage of betting execution, conceptual harmoniousness and efficiency.

M Performance TwinPower Turbo technology: an efficient route to enhanced sporting performance.

Increased diesel might and an M-specific set-up shuffle the BMW X5 M50d and BMW X6 M50d level more assured performers. The locomotive highly-developed for the BMW M Functioning Automobiles generates utmost yield of 280 kW/381 hp and crest torsion of 740 N metres (546 lb-ft), fashioning the two BMW X models the enviousness of every over-the-counter diesel-engined simulation therein section. The BMW X5 M50d races from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.4 seconds, patch the BMW X6 M50d brings that clock kill to 5.3 seconds. Both models besides welfare from the vast militia of mightiness provided by their diesel when it comes to brusque sprints at higher speeds. Top amphetamine is electronically modified to 250 km/h (155 mph) in both cases.

2013 BMW X6 M50d

The two models’ stinting feeler to fire use offers foster certify of their telling abilities. At 7.5 litres per 100 kilometres (37.7 mpg imp) and 7.7 l/100 km (36.7 mpg imp) severally in the EU exam oscillation, the mean fire intake figures of the BMW X5 M50d and BMW X6 M50d are lonesome somewhat supra those for the existent diesel variants of the two models. CO2 emissions standpoint at 199 grams per km for the BMW X5 M50d and 204 grams per kilometer for the BMW X6 M50d.

Striking efficiency is a feature the eight-speed Sports robotic contagion in the BMW X5 M50d and BMW X6 M50d shares with the new diesel. Added to which, BMW EfficientDynamics engineering guarantees level-headed zip direction. Bracken Vigor Re-formation, the need-based surgery of accessory components and a disengageable air conditioning compressor are all received.

BMW xDrive: intelligent control, optimised to enhance dynamics.

The BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive arrangement uses an electronically controlled multi-plate grip to diffuse the locomotive’s exponent ‘tween the battlefront and bum wheels variably and according to the billet impendent. So, thrust can be switched ‘tween wheels in a split-second to optimize grip, directive stableness and impulsive kinetics. xDrive and the DSC stableness command scheme workplace unitedly to allow advancement psychoanalysis of the impulsive berth leading. The power to observe the peril of ride elusion at an betimes leg and undermine one or respective spinning wheels by variable the dispersion of might has helped realise xDrive its condition as an levelheaded all-wheel-drive arrangement.

In rule drive situations crusade is sent preponderantly to the bum wheels, accentuating the notable manipulation characteristics of BMW cars. The M-specific set-up of the BMW X5 M50d and BMW X6 M50d has been optimised to raise kinetics, portion it to continue a rear-wheel prejudice below dynamical cornering. Level when the car is stalls done corners, a bigger ratio of the locomotive’s might is channelled to the bottom axle to raise nimbleness and avert understeer.

In increase, Functioning Controller enhances the treatment nimbleness of the BMW X5 M50d, spell Dynamical Execution Controller does a standardised job for the BMW X6 M50d. As shortly as the figurehead wheels of the BMW X5 M50d startle to advertize too to the exterior of a recession, the command electronics of xDrive and DSC team to bracken the ass roll on the interior of the twist prn. The departure of onwards actuation is balanced out by an growth in locomotive powerfulness, the treatment of Functioning Mastery ensuring accurate turn-in. Mightiness dispersion can be wide-ranging to an eventide greater arcdegree in the BMW X6 M50d, which comes as banner with Dynamical Execution Controller. This organisation reroutes locomotive yield from the interior arse cycle to the out-of-door ass wheel a box if the organisation detects an impending adventure of understeer. Dynamical Execution Command besides counteracts oversteer in its other stages, shift crusade from the extraneous back bike – which is experiencing specially eminent motor forces – to the within arse roll. Active Operation Mastery too stairs in to steady the car when the driver takes his pes off the throttle, ensuring accurate and spry turn-in and enabling passing active speedup out of corners.

M-specification chassis set-up produces accurate steering and precisely controllable handling.

The flesh engineering underpinning the BMW X5 M50d and BMW X6 M50d is based on a double-joint spring-strut presence axle and inbuilt backside axle. This placement offers the nonsuch chopine for a sportsmanlike treatment set-up which too achieves eminent standards of tantalise solace. Both models likewise characteristic air hanging with reflex self-levelling at the behind axle. The backup mounts, elastokinematics, bound and muffler organisation, and Servotronic function of the hydraulic steerage – among otc things – suffer been limited to pervade the frame set-up of the two BMW X models with earmark M characteristics.

Stronger consistency climb reduces roller, which successively optimises steerage truth done corners. Concurrently, the analogue build-up of sidelong forces for which M cars are celebrated enables exactly governable manipulation capable the restrain. The M-specification tuning of build components extends to the electronically controlled dampers and participating anti-roll mastery routine of Adaptative Driving, which comes as banner on the BMW X6 M50d and is usable as an choice for the BMW X5 M50d. Meantime, the large-format braking arrangement – with 385-millimetre presence discs and 345-millimetre behind discs – provides brawny and coherent braking, level nether lowering gobs.

Exclusive design features: aerodynamically optimised body, sporty interior ambience.

Single outside and midland figure features for the two BMW M Functioning Automobiles based on the BMW X models supply crystallize ocular specialization, optimised streamlined counterbalance and enhanced impulsive pleasance. Its knock-down comportment and distinctively third-dimensional contours shuffle the body-coloured movement proscenium a really attention-getting detail. To optimize the append of chilling air to the might whole, the spaces usually reserved for foglamps on unconstipated BMW X models play a new persona as air intakes, and these prominent surfaces go a tempting steer of the locomotive mightiness lurking bottom the scenes. Horizontal bars in the colouration tincture Ferrous Greyness metal row crossways their rise. The race-inspired air-channelling flap sited downstairs the slope air intakes optimize the cars’ streamlined symmetricalness at gamy speeds.

Titanium-coloured erect bars for the BMW kidney lattice, outside mirror caps in Ferrous Gray-headed metal, a modelling badge on the tailboard and BMW High-gloss Phantasma Demarcation trimming for the face windowpane surrounds and outside mirror bases add boost model-specific touches. The BMW X5 M50d comes as banner with 19-inch M light-alloy wheels in V-spoke invention, the BMW X6 M50d with 20-inch M light-alloy wheels in double-spoke innovation. Both models are too usable with optional 20-inch M light-alloy wheels in Ferrous Grayish metal highly-developed entirely for the BMW M Execution Automobiles and fitted with motley tyres. The knock-down appearing of the BMW X5 M50d is tending extra front by pedal arc extensions and tailor-made incline sills and boot plates, piece the gymnastic posture of the BMW X6 M50d is underlined by a hood sportsmanlike a hit powerdome as stock. Both models besides boasting a powerful behind proscenium with the embellishers for the release tailpipes merged leftfield and rightfulness.

The betting impulsive pleasance served up by the BMW X5 M50d and BMW X6 M50d is summed up in their interiors by doorway sills mien the “M Operation” inscription, the dedication “M50d” in the pawn bundle, a shifter prize with M logotype, an M leather wheel with gearstick paddles, an M driver’s ottoman, a BMW Mortal ceiling lining in Anthracite and Napped Al Apparition internal trimness strips. Both models are likewise fitted as received with single Alcantara/Nappa leather M sports seating offer electrical adjustability and a remembering part. The inkiness seating are decorated with ovalbumin demarcation sewing and an raised M logotype.

Among the otc items of criterion equipment fitted on the BMW X5 M50d and BMW X6 M50d are xe headlights with LED daylight drive lights, Sail Ascendancy with braking role, 2-zone mood controller, a rainfall detector, the Radiocommunication Pro and the iDrive controller organisation. Highlights of the options leaning admit Comforter Approach, reflex tailboard process (received on the BMW X6 M50d), a deoxyephedrine/bird’s-eye sunshine-roof, doors with Cushy End Reflex use, a laggard mating, a het wheel, alive seating, piloting systems with laborious harrow store and high-quality sound and rear-seat amusement systems. Customers can likewise club the BMW X5 M50d with a one-third row of seating, patch the BMW X6 M50d is uncommitted with optional Adaptative LED Headlights.

The reach of driver assist systems and mobility services from BMW ConnectedDrive offers a wide-cut survival of options intentional to optimize gismo, safe and the use of docudrama functions. The BMW X5 M50d and BMW X6 M50d can be specified with equipment including Green Outstrip Ascendence, a rear-view camera with Top Aspect, Adaptative Headlights, the Head-Up Showing, High-Beam Supporter, Alive Sail Ascendence with Layover & Go role, and Speeding Demarcation Information. Over-the-counter advanced technologies enabling the link-up of the car with the away man and the desegregation of roving devices consecrate drivers accession to the BMW Help help (including Modern Pinch Outcry with automatonlike place determination and BMW On-line), likewise as unexclusive in-car cyberspace utilisation. Real-Time Dealings Entropy, interim, gives the driver highly blanket and exact dealings info. Among the benefits of the besides optional Apps use is accession to on-line services Facebook and Chirrup.

2013 Bmw X6 M50D

The powertrain: The most innovative and sporty diesel engine in the world.

Telling statistics headline the enviable gaze in which innovative diesel engines are held. The yield now inside their range, but more importantly the uttermost torsion they are subject of generating let fuelled their popularity among evening performance-minded drivers. The gamey efficiency of diesel engineering likewise ensures highly low fire intake and CO2 emissions. BMW has played a major use in the burgeoning ingathering of the diesel, development units which deliver sentence and again brocaded the bar in damage of sports execution and efficiency. The fellowship’s disc of diesel maturation, which began in 1983 with the establish of its outset diesel example, now continues into another engrossing attribute. The commencement of the new BMW M Execution Automobiles – initiation a ware family focalization on jazzy drive pleasance – are powered by a diesel. The 3.0-litre six-cylinder in-line whole, whose blanket bears the M Operation badge, has all the requisite tools to fulfill the abbreviated handed to the new stock: engineering without collimate oecumenical, the highest production always achieved by a BMW diesel and salient levels of efficiency.

2013 Bmw X6 M50D

Fitted in the BMW M550d xDrive, BMW M550d xDrive Touring, BMW X5 M50d and BMW X6 M50d, the 2,993 cc locomotive generates maximal turnout of 280 kW/381 hp. No less baronial is its crown torsion of 740 N metres (546 lb-ft), all of which the driver volition uncovering on tap as low consume as 2,000 rpm. Instant torsion developing well-kept into the speed reaches of the rev stove is the earmark boast of the new whole, one underpinned by an range of advanced and globally unparalleled proficient genius. Fetching kernel arrange – first in a BMW – are a triad of turbochargers. Their organisation and interplay scheme are the key to the locomotive achieving its exceptionally mellow efficiency.

More pressure, more output, more torque: world premiere for six-cylinder in-line diesel engine with three turbochargers.

The co-ordinated interplay of turbochargers of unlike sizes endows an locomotive with instant reactivity at low revs and allows care insistence to be increased according to demand when the locomotive is set below greater heaps. BMW uses this construct in the six-cylinder in-line diesel engines with BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering fitted in models including the BMW 535d, BMW X5 xDrive40d and BMW X6 xDrive40d. And now the society is set to go the mankind’s outset automaker to confront a diesel which expands the precept of multi-stage turbocharging to comprise a one-third turbocharger. The locomotive highly-developed for the BMW M Operation Automobiles bequeath, first, see two relatively diminished hard-hitting chargers workings with a bigger low-pressure whole. The consolidation of an extra hard-hitting turbo increases the locomotive’s capacity when it comes to generating tutelage force, a key constituent in winning the locomotive’s mightiness turnout to the succeeding grade.

The M Functioning TwinPower Turbo engineering – including the necessity mission air chilling – is, wish its herald, incorporated into a pocket-size blank generally whole. Its concordat expression puts the locomotive in a situation to play next prosy auspices stipulations, spell the transcription of the leash turbochargers is likewise role of an highly sound organisation. Both the beat influx to driving the turbos and the append of wise air, summation the channelling of tight air to the burning chambers, bear been intentional to insure that the tercet concretion units ferment as a squad as efficaciously as potential at all locomotive speeds. Efficiency is encourage optimised by the varying turbine geometry of the two hard-hitting chargers, which allows them to oppose level more just to the driver’s mightiness inevitably.

2013 Bmw X6 M50D

Instantaneous responsiveness and precisely coordinated interplay.

One of the two diminished turbos is excited at locomotive speeds scarce supra slug. Its low bit of inactivity allows it to answer without check to the slightest movements of the catalyst and thus provide the burning chambers with flat air at an former leg. As revs addition, the menstruum of fumes gas likewise reaches the bigger turbocharger, which announces its reaching with the locomotive spinning at hardly 1,500 rpm. Running collectively the pocket-sized courser, it ensures that the telling bill torsion of 740 N metres (546 lb-ft) is generated at this low locomotive velocity and retained capable 3,000 rpm.

2013 Bmw X6 M50D

To foster increment the functioning of the heavy turbocharger, a greater book of tucker gas is compulsory at some 2,700 rpm. If the driver calls up extra ability, a vacuum-modulated fumes fuss straightaway opens up another provision itinerary, allowing spare expel gas to menstruum by the already fighting hard-hitting courser to the expectant low-pressure turbo. The tertiary turbocharger – incorporate into this shunt cable – likewise has a low bit of inactivity and varying compressor geometry, which reserve it to saltation into activity as shortly as the eject flapping opens. The solvent is extra bearing imperativeness, generated by two sources simultaneously. The heavy turbocharger is able-bodied to pitch its total production, piece the irregular minor turbo builds on the force of its two combat-ready colleagues by supply evening more flat air to the burning chambers. This placement allows the turbocharging organisation to crusade the locomotive with emphatic and sustained poking to its maximal outturn of 280 kW/381 hp, which it notches up betwixt 4,000 and 4,400 rpm. The utmost locomotive swiftness of the new diesel powerplant is 5,400 rpm.

In edict to see that mission pressing is highly-developed as efficaciously as potential, not to note expeditiously, both the release catamenia and ply of wise air to the turbos and the channelling of flat air into the burning chambers is regulated with utmost preciseness. If the great turbocharger is spinning at especially high-pitched speeds, a vacuum-clean governor opens a wastegate valve to lighten the force then forfend undesirable discharge backpressure. The provide of impertinent air is besides controlled according to motive by agency of pneumatically excited flap. E.g., at low revs a beltway flapping ensures that the air is channelled instantly to the hard-hitting courser, which spins into litigate selfsame other. At less than 2,700 rpm a change-over flaps keeps the air outside from the 3rd turbo, which is not yet alive, to forestall unneeded fluctuations in insistency.

Collateral tutelage air chilling enables the temperature of the air tight by the trey turbos to be rock-bottom to the optimal story for increasing locomotive turnout. Both the chief radiator positioned straightaway ahead of the burning chambers and the intercooler buns the low-pressure courser are supplied by a low-temperature piss circumference with break galvanising ticker.

Detailed optimisation enables higher combustion pressure, increased output and enhanced efficiency.

The new torquey and high-revving diesel besides breaks new earth with its particular production of 93.6 kW per liter of translation. Nonetheless, the turnout potential victimization M Operation TwinPower Turbo engineering is generated not in the turbochargers but in the kernel of the canonical locomotive, which has thus too been extensively limited. Utmost burning insistency has risen from the 185 bar of the almost muscular diesel in the existent BMW line-up to 200 bar.

As share of this maturation, the crankcase in the new 3.0-litre diesel features an modern tie rod construct for the fabrication of the principal mien caps and cylinder drumhead. The sintered primary comportment caps are presumption supernumerary enduringness by a key screwing. Care the crankcase, the cylinder drumhead is too subjected to a exceptional hard-hitting concretion appendage. This “HIPen” fabrication construct sees the aluminum castings het to answer tempering temperature and the cast pores created during manufacture welded below gamey pressing. This operation gives the ruined part extra force. A look-alike stroke gauge ensures the interbore bridges suffer high-pitched caloric constancy.

The geometry of the crankshaft and connecting rods has been advance optimised and they are now made from higher-strength materials. Added to which, hub bushings and roll rim remelting heighten the core of the gain in plunger condensation peak.

Higher pressure also raises the efficiency of the injection system.

The shot arrangement of the new six-cylinder in-line diesel has besides benefited from a strict treat of foster maturation. The common-rail calculate shot organisation plays its share in enhancing the locomotive’s efficiency and promoting strip burning by sending highly exact quantities of fire into the cylinders. The upgraded scheme raises the shot insistence of the piezo injectors to 2,200 bar. During apiece superpower slash, iii pre-injections, one master shot and foursome post-injections of fire hap. An ultra-high-performance heart channels the fire to the burning chambers done a usual rails made from bad stainless.

The production and content of the cooling deliver been disposed another encourage, too. An extra low-temperature circumference supplied by an electrical weewee heart controls the temperature of the intercoolers. The discharge intervention organisation includes a diesel particulate filtrate and oxidisation catalytic convertor, which is set about the locomotive in the like case. More effective discharge chilling, interim, minimises the organisation of n oxides. And standard-fitted BMW BluePerformance engineering, which includes a NOX reposition catalytic convertor, helps the new diesel powering the BMW M550d xDrive to encounter the EU6 eject criterion not due to cum into violence until 2014.

2013 Bmw X6 M50D

Eight-speed Sports automatic transmission with M-specific gearshift dynamics.

The combining of the almost brawny diesel always offered for a BMW with an eight-speed Sports robotlike transmittance ensures that cause is transferred onto the route rise highly efficaciously and expeditiously. The shape of the transmitting direction scheme for the BMW M Operation Automobiles promotes active quickening. The M-specification gearstick kinetics enable passing speedy paraphernalia changes with an most continuous menses of might. The eight-speed Sports robotlike transmittal offers the driver two machine-controlled slip programs – D and S modes – too as the selection of ever-changing paraphernalia manually (in M style).

The robotic gearbox is operated victimization an electronic shifter pry on the gist comfort decorated with an M logotype. Manual mood allows the driver to alteration gears consecutive exploitation either the gearstick pry or the paddles on the wheel. In habitual M forge, the right toddle changes up a appurtenance and the left totter is ill-used for downshifts. If the driver activates manual way victimisation the shifter pry, the transmitting holds the gearing selected until the locomotive’s revs hit the clipper. By not unfirm up mechanically therein fashion, the gearbox gives the driver maximal ascendancy ended the car when push the dynamical boundaries. The driver can likewise switching outright from reflexive train changes to M fashion with a prod of one of the shifter paddles; if M mood is selected therein way, the gearbox’s reflex shift-up office cadaver alive. The infection too restores robotic mood if the shifter paddles are not secondhand again next an upshift or downshift.

Enhancing the natural soundtrack inside the car turns driving pleasure up yet another notch.

The operation capacity of the diesel and the authentication M drive characteristics of the BMW M Operation Automobiles support a new definition of drive delight. Noble torsion and a set-up focussed straightforwardly on sports execution devote drivers a active impulsive live they bequeath ne’er sustain antecedently sampled in a diesel car. The BMW M Operation Automobiles likewise entwine this drive pleasance with extra acoustical collection. Done strait innovation engineering, the raw locomotive fathom is specifically enhanced to lawsuit the impulsive place at the sentence and sent into the internal via the sound organization, ensuring an veritable replication of the new locomotive’s manifest straight-six soundtrack.

The scheme’s digital signaling processing engineering exchanges information instantly with the locomotive direction, allowing it to fundament its accurate transmittal of the locomotive’s timber on the revs at any once, the sum of torsion organism produced and the car’s hurrying terminated the route. Accentuating the straight-six diesel’s turbine-like, sportsmanlike and heavy tones adds to the aroused appealingness of the impulsive have, particularly in the BMW M550d xDrive when Mutant or Fun+ way is excited exploitation the Drive See Ascendancy switching. This gives the driver an imposingly exact opinion of how grueling the locomotive is presently workings and of the might existence unleashed, and provides an eve clearer windowpane into the car’s responses on the route. Controlling the sound organisation therein way too ensures that the locomotive phone can be enjoyed to match core from every arse.

New six-cylinder engine with three turbochargers – a milestone in the glittering history of BMW diesel engines.

The locomotive highly-developed for the BMW M Operation Automobiles represents a new highwater score in the famed account of diesel engines at BMW. The agio automaker has offered customers diesel-powered models since 1983. The BMW 524td that kicked off this amercement custom chop-chop earned itself the position of the sportiest diesel exemplar on the grocery. Its locomotive highly-developed 85 kW/115 hp and delivered the outflank execution yet too the last-place fire usance of any car in its form. Since so, diesel BMWs birth regularly emerged as the well-nigh effective models in tete-a-tete tests. A boniface of esteemed awards – such as the Locomotive of the Twelvemonth Prize – and the telling winner of diesel-powered BMW models on the racetrack headline the party’s peerless expertness in the exploitation of diesel engineering.

Then it is whole in guardianship with the companionship’s majestic inheritance that the low BMW M Functioning Automobiles are now set to adjust with a diesel below the cowl. The whole highly-developed to superpower them fulfils its sportsmanlike abbreviated with starring operation in a ambit of disciplines and, in so doing, dismantles the historical contradiction betwixt impulsive delight and thriftiness fifty-fifty more effortlessly than e’er.

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