2013 Bmw X1


As the kickoff bounty fomite of its variety, the BMW X1 is a truthful groundbreaker in the press section. Astern about two-and-a-half years, sales of the constrict BMW X manakin reinforced at BMW Engraft in Leipzig and in Tiexi, Chinaware birth already exceeded 275 000 units. Now this all-around gift emerges with renewed muscularity to satisfy a heap of new challenges. With its especially limited eubstance conception, meticulously upgraded inside, comprehensively revised locomotive portfolio, the new scope of BMW Lines and encourage innovational equipment features, the new BMW X1 delivers an fifty-fifty more intensifier have of the stylemark drive joy for which the make is known.

In analogue with the plunge of the new BMW X1, preparations are nether way for its US commercialise found. Farther outgrowth impulses exhale from yield in Chinaware: the new BMW X1 models bound for the Chinese mart are existence reinforced in the new open flora at Tiexi in Shenyang State.

The successful construct of transferring fellow BMW X features to the covenant section has since led to increased challenger in the fomite family spawned by the BMW X1. What cadaver uncontested is the BMW X1’s leading place in price of sportiness and efficiency. This tether is now existence elongated: the kinship ‘tween functioning and fire usance has been boost optimised thanks to engines with BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering, an eight-speed machinelike transmitting that is unequalled therein section, the Motorcar Start-Stop purpose, Bracken Get-up-and-go Re-formation, ECO PRO style and a wider orbit of BMW EfficientDynamics engineering. Scene a especially telling lesson hither is the BMW X1 sDrive20d EfficientDynamics Variation with modal fire phthisis in the EU examination bike of 4.5 litres per 100 kilometres (62.7 mpg) and CO2 figures of 119 grams per klick.

2013 BMW X1

The ambit of engines for the new BMW X1 comprises leash gas and phoebe diesel units spanning an outturn reach of 85 kW/116 hp to 180 kW/245 hp. Prima the way in the new propagation of four-cylinder diesel engines is the 160 kW/218 hp powerplant of the new BMW X1 xDrive25d, featuring BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering comprising latest-generation varying serial turbocharging. Contingent the example version, superpower is transferred via brand-typical rear-wheel driving or via the healthy BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive organisation. Either alternative is usable to ternary of the locomotive variants of the new BMW X1.

The new BMW X1 besides offers innovational individualization possibilities for the outside and the internal. Usable first, as an substitute to the introductory clipping storey, are the BMW Lines with their undivided, harmoniously matched innovation and equipment features. The BMW xLine especially emphasises the racy versatility of the new BMW X1 patch the BMW Play Cable accentuates its lightness and kinetics.

Invention: new touches foreground its elegance, versatility and sportiness. Distinctive BMW proportions, expressive, vivacious surfaces and touch BMW X modelling conception cues bod the show of the BMW X1. A wholesale hood, hanker wheelbase and offset rider compartment underscore the car’s active endowment, piece attractive igniter and specter effects tip at its integral legerity. The versatility and sturdiness of a BMW X framework are reflected in elements such as the blacken bordering at the frown border of the trunk and the mesomorphic roll arches.

2013 Bmw X1

Supra all, the new BMW X1 conveys eventide more strikingly the potent position that likewise distinguishes BMW’s Sports Activeness Vehicles. In add-on to the inserts in the figurehead and back forestage – resonant of an underguard – and the peculiar slope dame covers, the flyer foglamps positioned below the headlights add to the assay-mark features of a BMW X. Bey this, the new BMW X1 boasts attractive touches of dissipated elegance. At both presence and back, the surfaces multicolor in consistency coloring now imbibe a bigger arena, piece the quality of outside paintwork colors has been augmented by foursome new variants.

Front view: even more details in the style of a BMW X model.

2013 Bmw X1

When viewed from the breast, the muscular posture of the new BMW X1 on the route and its atmosphere of timber are now accentuated with evening greater intensiveness. The course of the car’s lines, which meet on the license home backing from either position of the BMW kidney wicket, follows the Five contours of the hood, forging down and outward in the lour incision of the bumper to produce the wholesale “X” associate from the BMW X models in higher fomite segments. The new three-party air uptake is also a sport divided by all BMW X models.

The car’s outstanding lines go script in deal with a elaborate executing of the personify’s open styling, signalling a vibrant clean persona and loaning the figurehead forestage a specially bounty appearing. The foglamps are now layer with an supererogatory kris pipeline that forms a discerning scoopful on the amphetamine bound of the lights and continues into the incline walls. The increased expanse calico in soundbox colouring likewise adds to the car’s elegance.

The new-design headlights yield a elaborated aspect of the car’s innovative twinkle engineering. In the speed arena, a chrome-coated emphasis striptease now cuts crosswise the top of the similitude throwaway headlights, patch an LED emphasize spark – included as portion of the optional xe sparkle parcel, dispatch with LED lighter rings for the day drive lights – ensures the authoritative BMW focussed face.

Side view: characteristic proportions, new exterior mirrors.

The upset pipeline that rises steady to the backside of the car, a foster role contrast extending the contours of the incline meth graphical as it runs backward, and potently flared bike arches countenance the BMW X1 to externalize a really classifiable build side-on. The marked english skirts are a touch boast of the BMW X models, piece the incline centering indicators are now unified into the new-design outside mirrors.

Rear view: focused emphasis on wide and powerful stance.

The bounty smell of the new BMW X1 is besides underlined at the bottom by the new section of forestage, bumper and underguard, with the repositioned reflectors now besides bordered by surfaces multi-colour in consistency colouration. As a solution, the melanise moldable elements are slimmer, spell the silver-coloured underguard has a more hit rise construction. Moreover, the contours of the backside lights featuring LEDs now menstruation harmoniously into the business of the tailboard address. A stronger accent on the horizontal lines renders the back broader and sportier in appearing.

Interior: precise lines, high-quality materials, sophisticated colour scheme.

The modifications to the excogitation of the new BMW X1 midland produce an flush more lifelike vitrine of the sportsmanlike impulsive delight, up-to-date versatility and bounty flavour this car provides. The slope of the gist cabinet angled towards the driver is now shallower and boasts a especially top-quality aerofoil lineament. This acutely highlights the driver-focused rule of the cockpit innovation. The jury for the audio and mood organization controls now has a high-gloss inkiness aerofoil to mate the air air besiege.

The new BMW X1 comes as measure with a warehousing compartment in the kernel of the panel. In vehicles featuring an optional pilotage organisation, this houses the key Controller Showing for the iDrive os. Chromium-plate accents unofficially surrounds of the onboard varan highlighting this equipment boast. High-quality electroplated surrounds for the gearstick jimmy and the essence comfort cup bearer besides as a chromium-plate curtail on the headlamp transposition add the coating touches to the midland’s single atmosphere.

Engines: wide choice, sporty power curve, outstanding efficiency.

The locomotive portfolio of the new BMW X1 comprises ternary gasoline and pentad diesel engines, oblation a wider pick than any rival and fashioning for trademark BMW card-playing operation. Furthermore, their eminent levels of efficiency joined with comp BMW EfficientDynamics engineering endows all models with a encourage optimised proportion of execution to fire uptake that is emblematic in the several free-enterprise airfield.

The entry-level whole is the 2.0-litre four-cylinder gas locomotive in the BMW X1 sDrive18i featuring VALVETRONIC varying valve timing and varying camshaft command on both inspiration and release incline (look-alike VANOS). It has turnout of 110 kW/150 hp and delivers maximal torsion of 200 N metres, winning the BMW X1 sDrive18i from deadlock to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 9.7 seconds. Intermediate fire intake in the EU essay cps is 7.7 litres per 100 kilometres (36.7 mpg imp) with CO2 emissions of 180 grams per klick.

The two 2.0-litre four-cylinder engines on the former gasoline models accompany BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering, a parcel comprising a twin-scroll turbocharger, Highschool Preciseness Gasolene Calculate Injectant, VALVETRONIC and double-VANOS. The locomotive powering the BMW X1 sDrive20i and BMW X1 xDrive20i provides crown outturn of 135 kW/184 hp and uttermost torsion of 270 N metres, enabling quickening from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 7.4 (BMW X1 sDrive20i) and 7.8 seconds (BMW X1 xDrive20i) severally. Ordinary fire expenditure is 6.9 to 7.1 litres (40.9 – 39.8 mpg imp) (BMW X1 sDrive20i) and 7.5 to 7.7 litres per 100 kilometres (37.7 – 36.7 mpg imp) (BMW X1 xDrive20i), with CO2 figures of 162 to 165 g/km and 176 to 179 g/km severally (figures based on the EU quiz bike, contingent the tire formatting selected).

The top-of-the-range locomotive in the BMW X1 xDrive28i boasts 180 kW/245 hp and 350 N metres, pickings 6.1 seconds to dash from cipher to 100 km/h (62 mph). Fire intake in the EU hertz is 7.7 to 7.8 litres per 100 kilometres (36.7 – 36.2 mpg imp) and CO2 emissions are179 to 182 grams per kilometer (contingent the tire initialize selected).

The four-cylinder diesel engines uncommitted to the new BMW X1 offering a alternative of five-spot yield levels and two variants of the BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering box. An all-aluminium crankcase, a turbocharger with varying consumption geometry, and common-rail aim injectant victimization solenoid injectors are features divided by the 2.0-litre might units for the BMW X1 sDrive16d, BMW X1 sDrive18d, BMW X1 xDrive18d, BMW X1 sDrive20d, BMW X1 xDrive20d and BMW X1 sDrive20d EfficientDynamics Version models. The new entry-level diesel exemplar, the BMW X1 sDrive16d,has turnout of 85 kW/116 hp and utmost torsion of 260 N metres. It reaches the 100 km/h (62 mph) scar from tie-up in 11.5 seconds and intermediate fire uptake in the EU trial wheel is 4.9 litres per 100 kilometres (57.6 mpg imp) with CO2 emissions of 128 grams per km. For two foster models, the four-cylinder diesel provides outturn of 105 kW/143 hp and vizor torsion of 320 N metres. They deal the nix to 100 km/h (62 mph) hyrax in 9.6 (BMW X1 sDrive18d) and 9.9 seconds (BMW X1 xDrive18d) with median fire phthisis in the EU exam wheel of 4.9 and 5.5 litres severally (57.6 / 51.4 mpg imp) and CO2 figures of 128 and 144 grams per klick.

Thanks to their outturn of 135 kW/184 hp and torsion uprising to 380 N metres, the BMW X1 sDrive20d and BMW X1 xDrive20d reach the received dash in 7.8 and 8.1 seconds severally. The resulting drive pleasance is conjugate with fire and CO2 figures in the EU quiz bicycle of 4.9 litres (57.6 mpg imp) and 129 grams for the BMW X1 sDrive20d and 5.5 litres per 100 kilometres (51.4 mpg imp) and 145 grams per klick for the BMW X1 xDrive20d. Eve more telling is the kinship betwixt sportiness and frugalness in the showcase of the BMW X1 sDrive20d EfficientDynamics Variation. The mankind’s near fuel-efficient agiotage fomite of its tolerant cite up 120 kW/163 hp and maximal torsion of alike 380 N metres. The dash from stalemate is completed in 8.3 seconds and intermediate fire phthisis in the EU tryout bicycle amounts to 4.5 litres per 100 kilometres (62.8 mpg imp) with CO2 emissions of 119 grams per km.

The new top-line framework among the diesels is the BMW X1 xDrive25d. Delivering 160 kW/218 hp and crown torsion of 450 N metres, its locomotive presents a boost advance in tractive might. Ensuring instant might developing that continues clear into the gamy rev ranges is its multi-stage charging with varying aspiration geometry for the littler of the two turbochargers. Common-rail organize injectant uses piezo injectors underdeveloped a maximal pressing of 2 000 bar. The BMW X1 xDrive25d sprints from the blocks to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 6.8 seconds. Modal fire intake in the EU examination oscillation is 5.9 litres per 100 kilometres (47.9 mpg imp) and CO2 emissions are 154 grams per kilometer.

All engines are combined as touchstone with freshly highly-developed six-speed manual transmissions. Instead, all locomotive variants – with the elision of the BMW X1 sDrive18i, BMW X1 sDrive16d and BMW X1 sDrive20d EfficientDynamics Variant – can be optionally combined with an eight-speed robotic transmittance that is singular therein fomite section. For the entrylevel gasoline manakin thither is the pick of a six-speed robotlike infection.

Wide-ranging BMW EfficientDynamics technology, ECO PRO mode marks its debut in the BMW X1.

In occupation with the enhanced engines and transmissions, the net campaign of the new BMW X1 and the exponent splitter of the xDrive all-wheel-drive arrangement too brag optimised efficiency. All framework variants get furnished with Bracken Vim Re-formation. Manual models sport an Optimal Slip Indicant and the Car Start-Stop purpose – the latter besides in conjunctive with the eight-speed reflexive transmittance. Contingent the model-specific conformation, on-demand process of adjunct units, a disengageable mood compressor and tyres with decreased peal resistivity are too useable.

By substance of an optional substitution in the inwardness comfort panel infra the sound arrangement, ECO PRO mood can now besides be excited in the new BMW X1. This supports a relaxed and economy-optimised impulsive flair done targeted adjustments to the throttle map and the sack characteristics of the robotlike infection. Furthermore, the turnout of electrically operated functions such as the buns heat, clime mastery scheme and outside mirror warming are regulated to guarantee extremely effective vigour direction. A extra show informs the driver of the redundant ambit gleaned done these measures.

2013 Bmw X1

BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive system: intelligent, fast and precise for enhanced driving pleasure.

Phoebe of the eight-spot engines uncommitted to the new BMW X1 can transferee their might to the route with the assist of BMW xDrive reasoning all-wheel ride. The top-of-the-range gas and diesel severally accompany xDrive entirely. An electronically controlled multi-plate hold allows the arrangement to transferee might variably to the presence and bum wheels, thereby guaranteeing maximal grip, the highest potential condom, owing treatment and optimum index developing disregarding of endure or route weather.

2013 Bmw X1

By virtuousness of existence incorporated with Dynamical Constancy Ascendence (DSC), the xDrive ascendence organisation is able-bodied to canvass the drive position with expectant preciseness. It can hence weaken any trend towards oversteer or understeer by distributing exponent prn ahead the driver is fifty-fifty mindful of the motivation. What’s more, the coaction ‘tween xDrive and DSC enables the Mound Line Ascendancy routine (HDC) for condom transit consume an side at an mechanically regulated speeding.

State-of-the-art suspension technology for agile and safe handling.

The compelling lightness of the new BMW X1 is complemented by superordinate and exactly governable impulsive characteristics. Its high-end abatement engineering and ripe constancy systems tap an nonsuch equaliser ‘tween drive kinetics and tantalise solace conjugated with a gamey level of alive refuge. The all-wheel-drive variants boast a double-joint poking bar axle at the strawman, spell the BMW X1 sDrive20i, BMW X1 sDrive18i, BMW X1 sDrive20d, BMW X1 sDrive18d and BMW X1 sDrive16d accompany a double-joint tie bar axle. Both breast axle variants are opposite with a five-arm bottom axle.

Likewise conducive to the accurate manipulation of the new BMW X1 are its steerage systems with hydraulic or electromechanical ability aid. On the rearwheel- campaign variants, guidance help is provided with enceinte efficiency by an electrical motive which is solitary excited if steerage supporting is really needed or requested by the driver. The drive consumes no exponent during straightline impulsive or steady-state cornering. Servotronic speed-sensitive mightiness help is optionally uncommitted on all models.

The muscular braking arrangement, with maintains its capacity flush nether extremum piles, is supported by the Dynamical Stableness Mastery arrangement (DSC) which comes as criterion. This arrangement incorporates, inhume alia, the Anti-lock Braking Arrangement (ABS), Active Grip Ascendance (DTC), Cornering Bracken Mastery (CBC) and Active Bracken Ascendance (DBC). Encourage functions admit Bracken Help, Attenuation Recompense and the Bracken Drying role. The BMW X1 sDrive20i, BMW X1 xDrive20i, BMW X1 xDrive28i and BMW X1 xDrive25d additionally lineament the Bracken Understudy part and Mound Beginning Attend.

As an choice, the all-wheel-drive modeling variants can assign the Operation Ascendancy organisation for just controlled braking pulses on with torsion recompense. This provides a restorative measuring against the low signs of understeering on slippy surfaces or in peculiarly active cornering.

2013 Bmw X1

All manakin variants of the BMW X1 are fitted as stock with 17-inch sword or admixture wheels. The stove of optionally useable alloys in 17, 18 and – first – 19-inch specification has been foster prolonged.

Premiere in the new BMW X1: the BMW xLine and BMW Sport Line.

So that drivers can invest their new BMW X1 with an case-by-case manner based on personal preferences, the BMW Lines suffer been made usable to these models first. The BMW xLine allows the uncompromising versatility of the squeeze BMW X exemplar to be overtly emphasized, comprising as it does underguard elements for the strawman and back aprons, position wench covers, air inlet and kidney grill slats in Ti Ag flat cultivation, likewise as single 18-inch alloys in Y-spoke excogitation. The classifiable charisma of the new BMW X1 is likewise brought to deliver in the internal, start with entrance strips comportment the inscription “BMW xLine”, a sports leather wheel with multifunction buttons, Ambient Kindling with colors that variegate from albumen done to orangeness, also as single midland trimming strips in Nighttime Cu high-gloss and deck mats with colour-matched pipe. Another scoop sport of the BMW xLine are seating in the new Carve form with hardwearing textile for the bottom airfoil and the core segment of the seatback and top-grade leather for the slope supports. In co-occurrence with the BMW xLine, Nevada leather upholstery is another selection, with the single gloss sunglasses Terra and Huitre besides put-upon on the doorway shave panels and the frown segment of the splasher, patch the caput restraints have a classifiable brocaded “X”. As a foster alternative, upcountry cut in Fineline Bay lustrelessness amercement court conclusion is useable solely in combining with the BMW xLine.

The stand-out nimbleness and kinetics of the new BMW X1 inside the free-enterprise surround can besides be highlighted done undivided and meticulously matched innovation and equipment features. Cue for the BMW Variation Contrast, which features a strawman and bum underguard, face annulus covers, air intakes and kidney grillwork slats in Nigrify high-gloss, tailpipe finishers in Blacken Chromium-plate, single 17-inch or – contingent the framework – 18-inch spark alloys in double-spoke dash with bichrome surfaces, and incoming strips with “BMW Fun” inscription. In the internal, sportsman seating upholstered in anthracite cloth with coral red accents, a sports leather wheel and train chooser prize with red sewing, midland cut in Lightlessness high-gloss goal, deck mats with red pipe and Ambient Firing that can shifting in color from ovalbumin to orangish all add to an ambiance that is explicitly geared to intensifier impulsive joy. Too optionally usable are leather sports seating in a pick of two colors, patch midland trimming strips in Al with emphasize pipeline are an optional excess single to the BMW Mutation Job.

Both BMW Lines are offered as an substitute to the entry-level edition. An M Variation parcel is besides usable as an alternative for the new BMW X1. Whole structure, comp refuge equipment.

Care all BMW X models, the new BMW X1 boasts a trunk with gamey torsional hardness which, thanks to thinking jackanapes pattern, pairs utmost hardiness with optimised slant. In the interests of peaceful refuge, the hob forces in the upshot of an fortuity are amused on respective cargo paths, intent by incisively outlined contortion zones and therefore unbroken forth from the unchanging rider cellphone.

Likewise as movement and incline airbags for the figurehead seating, received upcountry equipment includes position drape psyche airbags for both rows of seating, three-point inertia-reel bottom belts on all seating, whack latch limiters and smash latch tensioners at the strawman and ISOFIX fry backside mounts in the back. All chasteness systems are controlled by a primal electronic organization. Straightaway afterwards its mart launching, the BMW X1 was awarded the uttermost 5-star evaluation in the Euro NCAP clangor tryout.

Interior allows diverse uses with modern functionality.

The new BMW X1 likewise showcases its versatility when it comes to likely exile exercise. The bum seatback can be snag 40 : 20 : 40, with the iii sections foldaway kill singly or conjointly according to requirements, and can be familiarised in ten stages. The tilt of rock ranges from 31° – a specially prosperous tip for passengers – clear to a near-vertical consignment situation of 1°. This deftness unequaled agency the baggage spa can diverge betwixt 360 and 480 litres, with a content of 420 litres when the ass seatback is in its rule place. Foldaway all ternary ass elements polish amply creates a nearly flatbed shipment coldcock with a cargo capability of 1 350 litres. Two 46-inch golf bags can be stowed widthways or, astern fold polish the primal subdivision of the seatback, longitudinally. The through-loading aperture betwixt the outer behind seating can likewise be exploited for two snowboards or quadruplet pairs of skis. The rider compartment offers a all-embracing compass of memory spaces and compartments of assorted sizes, besides as liberally sized threshold pockets. Extra transport possible is open up by ceiling track (in deuce-ace colouration choices), a warehousing compartment box, a tow bar with obliterable nut header, and cookery for a behind newsboy torture.

Premium character thanks to comprehensive standard equipment and high-grade options.

The farther augmented reach of banner equipment on the new BMW X1 guarantees impulsive delectation and consolation at bounty car storey. The orbit includes mood command, electrically adjustable het outside mirrors, foglamps, LED ass lights, chromium-plate tailpipe finishers, elasticated straps for the breast doorway pockets, a leather-lined wheel, an onboard reckoner, and a vocalize organization with CD participant, AUX-IN connector, pentad loudspeakers and two-line exhibit viewing reckoner information, ring numbers and medicine rail titles. The compass of optional extras includes, among early features, the pilotage scheme Master with heavy platter and a Harman Kardon Surroundings Fathom Arrangement, likewise as the options of Consolation Entree, Robotlike Mood Ascendancy, prospect crank ceiling, mechanically dimming outside and rear-view mirrors, electrically operated bottom accommodation, a rainwater detector and wheel warming.

BMW ConnectedDrive, meantime, offers a wide-cut selection of options for optimising the gizmo, prophylactic and documentary functions of the car. Adaptative Headlights with cornering use, uncommitted in conjunctive with the xe headlamp alternative, light the route based on the steerage lean, swiftness and yaw pace. The new BMW X1 likewise offers a pelting detector including automatonlike drive lights ascendance and High-Beam Help. Precise and condom manoeuvring is facilitated by Commons Outdistance Ascendance and the rear-view camera, which relays its images survive to the Ascendance Presentation of the iDrive os. The Sail Command arrangement with braking routine, meantime, adjusts not solitary the locomotive direction and braking but besides the paraphernalia pick of the optional reflexive contagion in fiat to assert the driver’s pre-selected amphetamine.

BMW Serve, a globally unequaled mobility serve, comprises among early features a call info help and the Reflex/Modern Pinch Shout procedure with machinelike detecting of the fomite localization. Early advanced technologies tolerate straight-out Net use and the integrating of the Apple iPhone and over-the-counter smartphones likewise as medicine players, including the use of Internet-based services. The Apps choice enables iPhone users, among former things, to welcome Cyberspace wireless stations and to exhibit Facebook and Chitter posts on the onboard proctor. Another new role – Real-Time Dealings Info – provides the driver with exceptionally precise dealings alerts and recommended diversions.

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