2013 Bentley Continental Gt Speed

Bentley Continental GT Speed

Bentley has released wide-cut proficient details of the Bentley Continental GT Swiftness – its exciting new 205 mph (330 km/h) all-wheel ride execution flagship – forward of its functionary outside shew launching at the 2012 Moscow Drive Shew. The new Bentley Continental GT Upper is the quickest road-car Bentley has e’er produced and orders are existence interpreted now, with deliveries scheduled to first in October 2012.

Powered by Bentley’s iconic 6-litre twin-turbo W12 locomotive, the GT Velocity develops 625 PS (616 bhp) at 6000 rev/min – up 50 PS versus the criterion Continental GT – with 800 Nm (590 lb.ft) of torsion useable from 2000 to 5000 rev/min (up 100 Nm) for directly approachable heights execution. Conjugated with a new ZF eight-speed close-ratio robotic transmittal and state-of-the-art locomotive direction package, the GT Velocity despatches the zero-to-sixty dash in 4.0 seconds (0-100 km/h in 4.2s), arrival 100 mph (160 km/h) from a standing commencement in upright 9.0 seconds. In-gear speedup is evenly breath-taking.

In the Bentley Upper custom, undischarged functioning is matched by an enhanced bod with up-rated springs, anti-roll bars and bushes, a lowered rally altitude (by 10mm strawman and backside) conjointly re-tuning of the electronically controlled damping and guidance systems.

Nevertheless, this newest, virtually hefty summation to the Continental stalls lull displays the shade and lissomeness that makes a Bentley unparalleled. Flush the beat annotation, deeper and more elating nether arduous speedup, stiff genteel and elegant during high-velocity cruising.

2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed

Its all-wheel-drive organisation, coloured 60:40 in privilege of the bottom, offers reassuring constancy and the possible to admission the surpassing operation all class turn in well-nigh any endure weather or route coat.

Pernicious touch excogitation cues severalize the GT Amphetamine from its stable-mates, including sole 21-inch, ten-spoke metal wheels, dark-tint matrix to the radiator shield and depress bumper grilles and ‘rifled’ expel tailpipes. Inner the handcrafted cabin, the Amphetamine models are specified solely with the Mulliner Impulsive Spec, featuring quilted, punctured leather and promising alloy particularization asset a broader pick of optional technological finishes. This now includes the exclusive-to-Speed night tinge al too as c fiber. The solution is a extremely classifiable, contemporaneous, clean, opulence coupe.

The 575 PS (567 bhp) W12 powertrain of the Continental GT coupe and GTC convertible models besides benefits from enhancements made to the more sinewy GT Speeding. In accession to the new locomotive direction organization and eight-speed transmittal, all W12 engines now boast an muscularity recovery arrangement. Unitedly, these pitch a 12% melioration in fire thriftiness and CO2 emissions crossways the GT W12 orbit and a 10% melioration for the GTC W12.


As the quickest yield Bentley e’er, the new Bentley Continental GT Hurrying reaffirms the fabled W12’s position as an locomotive of uttermost execution. Development 625 PS (616 bhp) at 6000 rev/min and 800 Nm (590 lb ft) of torsion from 2000 rev/min, the twin-turbo, 48-valve, 6.0-litre W12 is now fitted with the identical modish ME17 locomotive direction organisation. Able of acting 180 jillion mortal calculations per secondment, the new organization delivers enhanced turbocharger ascendance, striking torsion direction and improvements to driveability. In gain, a revised Mutant modality provides a cardsharper limit with quicker answer for casual quickening at all speeds.

The W12 locomotive is paired to a ZF eight-speed transmitting first. Intentional to handgrip the utmost levels of torsion generated by the W12, the infection cuts speedup multiplication by ensuring that the locomotive is ever at the nonsuch speeding for bill torsion deliverance. This state-of-the-art infection besides features “Occlusion Unfirm” engineering, open of shift straightaway from (e.g.) 8th pitch to 4th cogwheel for instant reply and deafening speedup.

The compounding of the new transmittance and the uprated locomotive results in breath-taking supercar operation. The dash from 0-60 mph takes fair 4.0 seconds (0-100 km/h in 4.2 seconds) and the grim speedup continues to a top amphetamine of 205 mph (330 km/h). 0-100 mph is dispatched in a simple 9.0 seconds – a stratum of functioning blood-related to the former coevals Continental Supersports, and nearly a entire endorsement faster than the updated 575 PS Continental GT.

The exhaust of the Bentley Continental GT Hurrying has been highly-developed from the free-breathing, low backbone press innovation beginning put-upon on the Continental Supersports Ice Velocity Disc car. The new fumes produces a sportier, more vivid barytone vocalize below difficult speedup without sacrificing a relaxed, tasteful and lull shade during cruising weather.

Up to 12% efficiency improvement for all two-door Continentals

Powertrain developments deliver not been qualified to the pursual of instantaneously operation. Bentley’s technology squad has besides focussed on enhancing efficiency, and the ability and torsion increases for the new GT Fastness are attended by an betterment of capable 12% in fire saving, ambit and CO2 emissions crossways the two-door manakin compass.

The new eight-speed contagion delivers six per centime of the sum efficiency profit. The octad close-ratios control that the locomotive operates in its nearly effective reach during relaxed drive, spell the real up-to-the-minute package developments assure that paraphernalia changes are both flying and unnoticeably polish.

The new transmittal, jointly the ME17 locomotive direction organisation, is fitted to the criterion Continental GT and GTC models from now.

The W12 locomotive features recovery first, delivering a 1.6 per centime decrease in CO2 emissions lone. Recovery is a engineering involving accurate ascendence of the fomite’s electric organization and alternator to tolerate pliable multiplication of electricity. The turnout of the alternator is increased during low locomotive freight weather, e.g. when decelerating, with the inordinateness electricity stored in the car’s shelling. When the locomotive is so below loading, the alternator production is rock-bottom, increasing boilersuit locomotive efficiency piece the bombardment provides the antecedently stored vim to recompense.

2013 Bentley Continental Gt Speed

Reflecting the improvements in efficiency, the Continental GT and GT Swiftness now boast a combined bike fire saving of 19.5 mpg (14.5 litres/100km) and CO2 emissions of 338 g/km (topic to certificate) – salient figures for a 12-cylinder thousand phaeton. Interim, the GTC has a combined wheel fire thriftiness of 19.0 mpg (14.9 litres/100km) and CO2 emissions of 347 g/km.

The efficiency improvements besides gain the execution of the measure GT and GTC models. The banner 575 PS GT now takes fair 4.3 seconds to speed from nix to 60 mph (0-100 km/h in 4.5s) with 100 mph (160 km/h) reached in 9.8 seconds from a impasse. The execution of the Continental GTC is as elating – 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds (0-100 km/h in 4.7s) and 0-100 mph (and 0-160 km/h) in 10.3 seconds.


The new Bentley Continental GT Swiftness features substantial changes to both anatomy ironware and package for a flashy, piquant effort that matches the unnerving powertrain. Al image wishbone strawman abatement and a trapezoidal multi-link bum frame-up are maintained, but now have revised air respite springs and dampers for improved lightness and trunk ascendance, with cast, pitching and pant all decreased for a more nimble impulsive live.

The self-levelling scheme invariably monitors bait tallness and damping according to route weather, and positions the car with a rally meridian 10mm glower than the banner Continental GT. Bentley’s build engineers deliver besides fitted stiffer hanging bushes for crisp, communicatory manipulation and uprated anti-roll bars to optimize the treatment equalizer.

Package changes are likewise varied, compounding to use the revised respite ironware to render an exciting but elegant live. Steerage and hanging command systems experience revised calibrations.

Sophisticated stability control, optimised for driver involvement

The Electronic Stableness Mastery (ESC) scheme has been optimised to sour dead in air with the new ME17 locomotive direction scheme for undischarged impulsive functioning. The ESC organisation retains the “Dynamical Fashion” context that allows increased rack elusion at higher speeds, with locomotive torsion reinstated more rapidly afterwards a arrangement intercession. Unitedly, these systems commit the enlivened driver more chance to feat the entire likely of the new build frame-up and higher exponent production. Steerage tone and feedback to the driver are both improved, patch heedful tuning of the Uninterrupted Damping Command (CDC) organisation agency minimum abasement in bait comfortableness contempt the uprating of the abeyance components.

2013 Bentley Continental Gt Speed

Outstanding stopping power across the Continental range

In business with the criterion Continental models, the Bentley Continental GT Speeding is fitted with 405 mm diam presence and 335 mm behind ventilated, mold press bracken discs and eight-piston callipers as banner for spectacular fillet mightiness. The boundaries of braking operation can be foster drawn-out by specifying 420 mm battlefront / 356 mm back cross-drilled C Silicon-Carbide (CSiC) discs as a toll pick. Providing a 20 kg burthen redemptive o’er the measure brakes, the fade-free CSiC discs finale the life-time of the car nether rule impulsive weather, patch bracken pad sprightliness is double. ABS, Electronic Bracken Violence Dispersion, Hydraulic Bracken Aid, Puff Torsion Ascendance and aquaplane detecting are all fitted as touchstone.

All-wheel drive – a performance car for all seasons

For all Continental models, the new eight-speed contagion feeds the far-famed Bentley curl of torsion to a lasting all-wheel-drive arrangement which retains the 60% bottom / 40% strawman torsion snag outset introduced on the Supersports. Allowing the game driver to restraint the car’s demarcation and symmetricalness victimisation the gun, the rear-biased torsion snag minimises understeer during heavy cornering and varies torsion ‘tween the breast and bum axles for optimal clench. Interim, the all-wheel thrust scheme provides reassuring clasp and grip altogether route and conditions weather.


The iconic Continental GT has a mannikin that expresses the like equaliser of exponent and elegance, excitement and survival that is provided by its exceeding powertrain. The definitive Bentley DNA is apparent done the fleshly powerline that runs the distance of the car, confluence the graven backside haunch.

2013 Bentley Continental Gt Speed

Modern superforming engineering uses mellow temperatures and pressurised air to bod the strawman fenders into keen, unploughed curves in passing undestroyable aerospace-grade 5083 aluminum debase. The modish consistency expression techniques render sharply outlined lineament lines and mannequin to every arena of the outside invention. The aerodynamic lines and curves – divine by the master Fifties R-Type Continental – produce extremely distinguishable surfaces, delivery the tone of a sincerely coachbuilt car to the Continental folk.

For the GT Amphetamine, these refined shapes are enhanced with a entourage of touch figure cues. A new 9.5J x 21″ ten twin-spoke bicycle designing is undivided to GT Amphetamine, usable in brilliant multi-color or colored tinct finishes, and fitted with 275/35 ZR21 tyres. Colored tinct radiator matrix and forepart bumper grilles heighten the air intakes that pay court to the Le Mans fetching Bentleys of the Twenties to pay the breast of the new GT Speeding a more belligerent, sportsmanlike flavor.

2013 Bentley Continental Gt Speed

At the bottom of the car, new rifled beat tailpipes are fitted entirely to GT Upper and are complemented by chromium-plate taillight bezels that are likewise introduced on Continental GT and GTC models. Too fitted as touchstone to all 6.0 liter Continental models are new W12 badges placed infra the mesomorphic ability cable on the presence fenders. Below the hood, the similitude turbocharged inhalation manifolds of the Amphetamine framework are unambiguously powder-coated with a blackness conclusion. GT Upper treadplates nail the set of outside pattern cues.

Mulliner Styling Spec in dressed c fiber

All two-door Continental models may likewise be specified with the salient Mulliner Styling Spec parcel alternative. Usable as a dealer-fit adjunct, the “Graeco-roman Ring” comprises a scope of styling features ruined in c fiber that accent the car’s iconic contour, including:

  • Figurehead bumper lattice strakes
  • Figurehead divider
  • Position sill annex blades
  • Back bumper diffusor
  • Completing features admit c fiber threshold mirror cowls, the coating of the measure behind looter in c fiber and the fitment of the 21″ “Refined” wheels in a unequaled blacken goal.

    Besides as the 17 outside rouge finishes uncommitted as stock to the Continental models, a compass of well-nigh 100 extra pigment options is useable including whole, metal, iridescent and satin finishes. Advance extending the art-of-the-possible, Bentley’s specializer pigment squad can too make tailor-made outside colors to exactly lucifer client requirements.


    Disdain the GT Upper’s sporty overtones, this thousand phaeton retains a handmade inner created victimisation alone the finest raw materials. Flabby, lithe leathers, urbane veneers and cool-touch metals combining with the punctilious craft for which Bentley is celebrated to allow a cabin of special character.

    As stock, the Bentley Continental GT Hurrying is specified with Bentley’s voluptuous yet sporty Mulliner Impulsive Spec, which features diamond-quilted, pierced leather hides to all 4 seating, threshold trims and ass tail panels. The cabin headlining is ruined in indented leather cover, piece optional embroidered Bentley emblems can be specified for the headrests.

    2013 Bentley Continental Gt Speed

    The sports gearshift has a authoritative knurled ending, patch the driver uses drilled admixture sports base pedals. The alone Bentley “Bejewel” makeweight cap is provided as stock, as are Colored Varnished Bur Walnut or Softly Melanise veneers.

    With its glimmer, geometrically accurate lapping circles, engine-turned al – alias ‘locomotive reel’ – has unerasable associations with Bentley betting succeeder. The splashboard of ‘Old First’ – the Upper Six that won two Le Mans 24 Hr races – is crafted from the like fabric. With such a origin it’s lifelike that Bentley offers two locomotive whirl options for the facia and consoles – one in Smart Al and the former, unparalleled to the Bentley Continental GT Velocity, in Night Touch Aluminum. Its unpretentious spectre dead complements the wickedness tone chromium-plate radiator and bumper grilles.

    Instead, the more late Bentley Le Mans achiever is reflected in choosing the C Character selection for dashboard, ceiling and inwardness consoles, its satin coating especially highly-developed to thin unwished reflections.

    Xvii dissimilar fell colors are useable and as with the relaxation of the Continental kinsfolk, the inside of the GT Fastness can be specified with duo-tone coloration splits, including one rip antecedently undivided to GT V8. Contrast stitching throughout, including to the steering wheel, is also available.


    A new feature of the advanced 8-inch touchscreen, 30GB on-board Infotainment system is the addition of satellite navigation “Personal Points of Interest”. This allows the user to save places of their choosing (e.g. a specific restaurant) into the system.

    The touchscreen displays the car’s audio system, telephone, ride and comfort settings and navigation information, which uses both the hard-disc drive and a DVD player to access route data.

    An eight-speaker sound system is offered as standard employing the latest Balanced Mode Radiator technology. These unique compact, flat-panel speakers provide exceptional clarity across the audible spectrum and a very wide frequency range. The 11-speaker Naim for Bentley system – created exclusively by British audiophiles Naim – is available across the Continental range.

    Music can be played and controlled directly from an iPod® as well as from a six-disc CD changer, SD card reader or directly from the car’s hard-disc drive, which can store up to 15GB of music. DAB digital radio is also available in regions where the infrastructure supports it.

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