2013 Audi A6 Black Edition

Audi A6 Black Edition

The daemon actually is in the particular for Audi A6 Saloon and Avant and A7 Sportback models as a new Nigrify Variation stipulation lends the acclaimed administrator ranges a clearly darker air. The 3 new Inkiness Variant models blend their more emphasized styling with the well-nigh all-inclusive equipment number in apiece compass, and are priced in the UK from &quid;35,010 OTR to &lbf.;56,785 OTR.

Inkiness Version distinguishing features scratch from the priming up with rotor-design metal wheels with a colored ti conclusion and either a 20-inch diam in the A6 Ginmill and Avant or 21 inches in the A7 Sportback. These arresting wheels fully fulfill their arches in the A6 helped by lowered sports respite which is a measure lineament of the S job models on which the new stipulation is based, and in the A7 Sportback by encourage lowered S cable sports dangling.

The darker english of all trey models is likewise verbalised outwardly by a lightlessness coating for the grill and turn plateful surrounds and the windowpane skeleton strips, and by concealment crank extending from the B-pillar backwards. Appropriately, the A6 Avant Melanise Variation is besides furnished with blacken cap rail.

2013 Audi A6 Black Edition

Within, the vista is set by typical Forte-piano Blackness inlays which accompaniment the sports seating upholstered in lightlessness Valcona leather and the nigrify headlining. In A6 and A6 Avant models, the already comp S demarcation equipment number is besides expanded by a BOSE fence strait arrangement, DAB digital wireless and the Audi Euphony Port (AMI) for iPod joining. The A7 Sportback Melanise Variant gains the BOSE rise, and already features DAB radiocommunication and AMI as banner from SE spec and supra.

In the A6 models the innovation S occupation stipulation besides brings features such as undivided S occupation outside and internal styling enhancements, planet sailing, twinkle and rainfall sensors, Xe all-weather headlights and LED arse lights, the Audi crusade quality adaptative kinetics organisation, the Audi parking scheme asset and keyless go. On top of these, the A7 Sportback likewise includes extras such as powered tailboard procedure, electrically adjustable presence seating and a powered retractable back despoiler.

2013 Audi A6 Black Edition

Tour de Force

The new Melanise Variant stipulation is an saint co-occurrence to the redoubtable 3.0-litre BiTDI whole with its 313PS and 650Nm of torsion, which is usable altogether deuce-ace ranges. It combines particular functioning that absolutely suits the more purposeful posture achieved by the Lightlessness Variation climb, but can besides bear a singular 44.1mpg according to the combined oscillation essay. In the A6 orbit Lightlessness Variant stipulation is besides usable in coincidence with all engines from the 177PS 2.0-litre TDI up, excluding S6 models, and with either front-wheel-drive or quattro all-wheel-drive. In the A7 Sportback, it can be enjoyed altogether versions bar the front-wheel-drive 3.0-litre TDI 204PS and the S7 Sportback.

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