2013 Audi A3

Audi A3

In 1996, Audi launched the bounty concordat section with the A3 – now the tertiary genesis of the successful manakin is fix at the scratch. The new A3, which leave entry at the 2012 Hollands Motive Read, is a hi-tech car good of innovations altogether areas. Versions with loanblend and substitute driving systems such as gas and Audi e-gas are presently in exploitation. A variation with an exceptionally effective 1.6 TDI locomotive leave launching on the commercialize in 2012; it consumes scarce 3.8 liters of diesel/100 km (61.90 US mpg), which is tantamount to 99 g/CO2 (159.33 g/mil).

Audi radical jackanapes engineering has helped to shave burthen in the eubstance of the sympathetic three-door car – compared to the previous model, the new A3 is now 80 kg (176.37 lb) igniter. The bod is tuned for a jazzy and nimble impulsive flair. The engines are hefty yet extremely effective, the inner offers an ambiance of active flair. In driver aid systems and documentary, the new A3 offers a portfolio of technologies that redefines standards in the section.

The car’s styling visualizes the gaudy fiber of the new A3; it gives the 4.24 metre (13.91 feet) yearn three-door exemplar a brawny position on the route. Shrill edges ply the outlines for dynamically curving sheet-metal surfaces. The boilersuit fomite distance was unbroken very to the premature exemplar, piece the wheelbase grew to 2.60 meters (8.53 feet), and the fish of the C-pillars was made low similar that on a coupe. The single-frame grille that is distinctive of Audi dominates the face of the forepart. As an alternative, Audi can add headlights in xe asset engineering collectively LED day track lights; therein showcase, the taillights are likewise weaponed with LEDs. Afterward, good LED headlights bequeath protract the orbit of features – and testament be a beginning in the compact section.

2013 Audi A3

Audi’s logical covering of its extremist jackanapes twist rule has produced a new A3 1.4 TFSI that weighs fair 1,175 kg (2,590.43 lb) – devising it importantly hoy than cars of the rivalry. The breast wing and locomotive punk are made of aluminium; the car trunk likewise integrates a highschool ploughshare of extremist high-strength and hot-formed steels.

The whole redesigned midland of the Audi A3 appeals with the horizontal lines of an board that appears to swim, trend-setting timbre of materials and craftsmanship also as elucidate bioengineering. The quatern circle air vents, refined panel of the measure air conditioning organization and the instrumentate bunch are all highlights hither.

The semblance expose of the driver entropy organisation (stock on the Aspiration and Ambiente equipment lines) presents art in extremely elaborated 3D images.

The electrically retractable MMI supervise – with a seven-inch bias in the top variant – is lone 11 millimeters midst (0.43 inches). The new electromechanical emergency creates spa on the soothe ended the mall burrow for the concluding of the optional MMI os. In its good rendering – MMI pilotage summation with MMI ghost – the upside of its orbitual pushbutton is intentional as a touchpad – another ergonomic institution. The driver can comment letters and numbers by thumb movement as in the Audi life-size category.

Audi is oblation the Attracter, Ambitiousness and Ambiente equipment lines as selections on the new A3; they let the client take the particular fomite fiber they are looking. Designers get highly-developed attractive colours and materials for apiece of the versions. Customers can opt from among many sporting and commodious options that stretch capable adaptative ignition, magnetized rag dangling and a bird’s-eye deoxyephedrine sunshine-roof.

Another technological region in which the new Audi A3 is extending its leading part is in its new high-performance driver aid systems. They ambit from radar-assisted adaptative sail ascendence to Audi position assistance, Audi alive lane attend, dealings signal catching, commons aid and the Audi pre feel introductory prophylactic scheme. None of our competitors offers a standardised portfolio of such systems.

In the docudrama arena too, the advanced modular architecture hosts a unit align of components. It includes the strait organisation from Smash & Olufsen and MMI seafaring addition. They are ideally complemented by the Bluetooth on-line car headphone with WLAN hotspot. It gives passengers admission to the Net piece travel; for the driver, thither are customized on-line services that conciliate the Audi tie parcel. The new Audi A3 volition launching with trey four-cylinder engines, all of which are basically new developments. The two TFSI engines and the TDI sour with 1.4, 1.8 and 2.0 liters of translation. Their powerfulness levels are 90 kW (122 hp), 132 kW (180 hp) and 110 kW (150 hp). Compared to the premature exemplar, fire saving of the new A3 was improved by astir 12 percentage on intermediate – with about engines the savings are fifty-fifty greater.

The 1.8 TFSI operates collectively a stock seven-speed S tronic; the 1.4 TFSI and 2.0 TDI are opposite with a six-speed manual gearbox. In apiece pillowcase, locomotive index is perpetually transferred to the figurehead wheels; quattro perm all-wheel ride – and former engines, including a 1.4 TFSI locomotive with groundbreaking cylinder on need engineering from Audi – leave espouse terminated the row of the following few months.

The build of the new A3 combines clean impulsive fun with dear consolation and telling constancy. The pedal suspensions mannikin the initiation hither, and the delicately tuned mightiness guidance organization has a extremely effective electromechanical campaign. The ESC stabilisation mastery integrates the electronic special slip-up derivative – which makes treatment fifty-fifty more runny and condom at operation limits when impulsive done curves.

The optional Audi crusade blue-ribbon arrangement (touchstone on the Aspiration business) lets the driver depart the operational modes of key components – such as guidance, the throttle and transmitting characteristics (with S tronic) – for a customizable drive get. It likewise incorporates the optional adaptative impact absorbers; they apply magnetized rally engineering from Audi. Wheels compass from 16 to 18 inches in diam.

The new Audi A3 volition advance sale in the bounce, and beginning deliveries to customers bequeath be this summertime. The bag cost of the A3 with the entry-level locomotive, which leave espouse round the end of the yr, leave be 21,600 euros in Germany.

2013 Audi A3

Exterior design

The new Audi A3 was intentional with summary lines, and its dimensions are concordat. Its duration of 4,237 mm (13.90 feet) and acme of 1,421 mm (4.66 feet) are much the like as on the premature framework. And yet its proportions are sportier: The car’s wheelbase grew by 23 mm (0.91 inches) to 2,601 mm (8.53 feet). Its battlefront beetle is now shorter, and its breadth increased by 12 mm (0.47 inches) to 1,777 mm (5.83 feet).

The A3’s liberalist stately words visualizes all of the mania with which Audi engineers produces automobiles. The shaping constituent at the presence is the real modeled single-frame grille with its six corners; the locomotive cowling continues its lines. Big air intakes at the strawman excogitate the might of the engines.

The headlights are apartment and desegregate a wave-shaped glower boundary. As an choice, Audi can present xe addition units; the LED bands that cast the day functional lights shuffling the A3 plain – particularly at nighttime.

On the sides of the consistency, the sharp represented crack demarcation – another authoritative ingredient of Audi invention – gives construction to the arena under the windows. Supra the face sills, this dynamical business rises crisply upwards.

Dynamically flared alloy surfaces and big pedal arches bring a hefty appearing to the new Audi A3. The low angles of the lithesome C-pillars and the cap that sweeps cover into a mild looter take the jazzy face of a coupe.

2013 Audi A3

Styling at the bum with the freebooter butt supra the diffusor emphasizes the breadth of the new bounty contract. The burst taillights – in LED engineering when furnished with xe summation headlights – demonstrate a version on the internal architecture of the battlefront headlights. The torso lid has a sculptured, three-d expression. The new A3 sports either one or two tailpipes on the remaining slope in its diffusor inset, contingent the locomotive typecast.

13 blusher colours are usable, and an optional high-gloss software offers ocular highlights. The S business outside software with its typical accents leave prayer to sport-oriented customers particularly.

The Audi ultra lightweight construction principle

Radical whippersnapper structure has yearn been a achiever rule and a earmark of the Audi stain. By no agency is it express to a particular corporeal; alternatively, the catchword is: “The correct corporeal in the rectify position for optimum purpose.” Rightful to this axiom, engineers highly-developed a multi-material personify for the new A3.

Components made of form-hardened and hot-formed steels configuration a solid construction in the underbelly domain, A- and B-pillars and the cap pixilated. In many over-the-counter consistence areas, high-strength and ultra-high-strength sword grades are exploited. The locomotive cap and fenders are made of aluminium, which saves terminated ennead kilograms (19.84 lb) in burden.

The whippersnapper trunk and retrenchment engines develop expectant subaltern effects in the boilersuit fomite; many components of the build, the exhaust and upcountry get decreased weights. The A3 1.4 TFSI weighs scarce 1,175 kg (2,590.43 lb) – which is 80 kg (176.37 lb) less than the late simulation and sets an telling criterion in the agio concordat form.

The trunk of the Audi A3 exhibits early strengths. It has a heights grade of brownie condom; it is stiff and acoustically well-heeled; a sound-insulating windscreen is criterion equipment, and legion early measures were interpreted to slim national haphazardness in the new A3, flush at gamey speeds.

Sleek refinements, including a covered underbelly and locomotive compartment, resolution in a low Cd esteem of 0.31.

Interior and equipment

The sporty-progressive lines of the outside are besides reflected in the internal of the new A3. As in heavy Audi models, the cockpit wraps approximately the driver in a bend. The panel is slight and grade; it appears to oscillate supra the visually jackanapes inwardness cabinet that is angled towards the driver.

The high-end belief conveyed by the internal of the new A3 was created by the subject custody of Audi designers who selected its colours and materials, and it is a rumination of the Audi’s tight caliber standards. The national layout is unlike for the dissimilar equipment lines – Draw is the advanced, Dream the gaudy and Ambiente the voluptuous version.

Audi delivers the inside in the tranquility colours inkiness and ti grayish; as an substitute, impudent accents are created by pashmina ecru, chestnut chocolate-brown and capri orangeness. Thither are optional bottom covers in unlike qualities of leather and a leather/Alcantara variate. The S cable fun parcel offers many scoop details and a blacken feel passim the home. The Audi figure option capri orangeness opens up a new, extremely modern-day colouring humanity.

The ass seats of the new Audi A3 offers infinite for leash persons, and gentle incoming is a banner contraption lineament. The fresh highly-developed presence seating propose first-class documentation and contours; their low climb positions punctuate the showy role of the three-door car. The driver takes a bottom ass a new wheel pattern that has iii or four-spot spokes, contingent the equipment pipeline, and shimmy paddles; multifunction keys are usable as an pick.

Hunky-dory details highlighting the inner. The iv great, troll air vents in jet figure are hellenic elements, and they help a lower-ranking advanced part: Plainly by pull the schnozzle on its bloc, the air current can be familiarised from draft-free all-inclusive dispersal to a directed teem of breathing air. The air conditioning board has a facia in Soft coating melanise.

The new typewrite of shaped ornamental panels on the contoured forepart of the panel and in the doors can be delivered in aluminium as an alternative.

Intuitively elementary exploiter interfaces – this is one of Audi’s competency domains. All of the buttons, switches and controls are positioned just where one expects them. The expose of the driver entropy organization (in semblance on the Aspiration and Ambiente lines) positioned betwixt the two expectant stave instruments shows all key entropy, around in luxuriously elaborated 3D art – which generates a engrossing core.

The torso of the new Audi A3 offers a introductory capacitance of 365 liters (12.89 three-dimensional feet); load capability grows to 1,100 liters (38.85 three-dimensional feet) when the snag behind seatbacks are folded. The shipment level can be situated on two levels – either for maximal book or instead as a grade lading storey. As an alternative, Audi can provide a load-through crosshatch with ski dismissal, a two-sided mat and a repositing bundle for the home and the torso.

Altogether equipment lines, the new Audi A3 offers a touchstone air conditioning organization with manual ascendance, altitude adjustable battlefront seating, on-board reckoner with efficiency curriculum and a entire packet of prophylactic simplicity systems; the sevener airbags admit a genu airbag for the driver. In the A3 Ambitiousness, banner features admit forepart fog lights and extremely adjustable mutant seating.

Audi likewise offers many attractive extras. They admit the LED inside kindling packet (received in the Ambiente), a bird’s-eye spyglass sunshine-roof, sportsman seating, het seating, gadget key for keyless fomite admittance, luxe robotic air conditioning with thriftiness modality, aide warming and adaptative lighter for the xe asset headlights, which can be supplemented with varying headlamp ambit command.

The new Audi A3 volition reach dealers in Germany start in summertime 2012. The entry-level interpretation, which testament adopt approximately the end of 2012, is listed at a terms of 21,600 euros.


At its found, Audi is offer one TDI and two TFSI engines for the new A3; these iii four-cylinder engines were highly-developed from the priming up. They compact many efficiency technologies – organise shot, turbocharging, innovational caloric direction and the start-stop organisation. The locomotive retrenchment conception – reduction translation by supercharging – stands for gamy powerfulness with low fire phthisis. Compared to the former manakin, fire intake has been decreased by an ordinary appraise of almost 12 pct.

The 1.4 TFSI, with its 1,395 cc locomotive shift, produces 90 kW (122 hp) of index and 200 Nm (147.51 lb-ft) of torsion; the latter is already useable from 1,500 rpm. This locomotive accelerates the A3 from nada to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 9.3 seconds and capable a top velocity of 203 km/h (126.14 mph). Its combined fire uptake is a bare 5.2 liters per 100 km (45.23 US mpg), eq to CO2 emissions of 120 grams per km (193.12 g/mil).

The 1.8 TFSI – with an locomotive shift of 1,798 cc – produces 132 kW (180 hp) and outputs 250 Nm (184.39 lb-ft) of torsion ‘tween 1,250 and 5,000 rpm. It combines calculate shot with auxiliary shot into the trigger pipage, varies the valve diagonal based on shipment victimization the Audi valvelift scheme and utilizes a real el caloric direction organisation to chop-chop passion the locomotive afterward a coldness startle. Its key operation information: nil to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 7.2 seconds, top hurrying 232 km/h (144.16 mph), combined fire use of 5.6 liters per 100 km (42.00 US mpg), eq to 130 g CO2 per km (209.21 g/mi).

The 2.0 TDI with 1,968 cc locomotive translation likewise offers a high-performance thermic direction organisation. Its two haltere shafts were resettled from the oil pan to the crankcase, which intelligibly improved quiet locomotive operative. Producing 110 kW (150 hp) and 320 Nm (236.02 lb-ft), this diesel delivers grand superpower.

The A3 2.0 TDI sprints from a stalemate to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 8.6 seconds and reaches a top hurrying of 216 km/h (134.22 mph). In combined way, it solitary requires 4.1 liters per 100 km (57.37 US mpg) – tantamount to CO2 emissions of 106 g per km (170.59 g/knot).

Audi bequeath be extending the locomotive line-up of the A3 framework serial stepwise. A active S framework and early extremely effective and low-emissions versions are aforethought, including a CNG rendering for procedure with gas or Audi e-gas.

A variation with the peculiarly effective 1.6 TDI locomotive volition entry in 2012; it consumes good 3.8 liters diesel/100 km (61.90 US mpg), tantamount to 99 g/CO2 (159.33 g/mi). Thither are no limitations whatever on the compass of features for this extremely effective variation; this A3 is a fully-fledged Audi too.

At the A3 mart establish, Audi bequeath brace the 1.4 TFSI and 2.0 TDI with a six-speed manual transmittance. In the 1.8 TFSI, the seven-speed S tronic is banner; the extremely effective dual-clutch transmittance integrates a devil-may-care purpose in connective with Audi campaign choose. All of these transmissions transport might to the presence wheels; the quattro lasting all-wheel cause testament accompany complete the row of the yr. Its centrepiece is a hydraulic multi-plate grip. If requisite, it can variably diffuse exponent betwixt the figurehead and arse wheels – lightning-fast and according to the fleeting impulsive spot.


The bod of the new Audi A3 is good balanced for a clean style of drive. The battlefront reprieve has a McPherson layout with wishbones, patch the multi-link bottom respite absorbs longitudinal and cross forces severally. The electromechanical superpower steerage scheme operates with sensibility, preciseness and gamey efficiency; in straight-line impulsive it does not ask any get-up-and-go comment – fashioning an significant donation to the boilersuit efficiency of the new Audi A3. When the mutant abatement is consistent, the soundbox is lowered by 15 mm (0.59 inches), and with the S contrast reprieve it is lowered by 25 mm (0.98 inches).

The new Audi A3 rides as touchstone on 16-inch or 17-inch wheels (metal on the Ambiente and Dream). Upon quest, Audi can supply wheels capable 18 inches in diam. The various outwear sizes are 205/55, 225/45 and 225/40; all tires expose low roll impedance without any compromises in dynamical operation.

Buns the heavy wheels are sinewy brakes, and the figurehead discs are internally ventilated. The ESC stabilisation command adds the electronic express elusion derivative in a weight-neutral way. It improves manipulation and drive prophylactic at the limits of execution in curves by fashioning minimum bracken interventions. The new electromechanical emergency, adoptive from the great car models, is operated by a clit on the gist solace and includes an motorcar dismission routine and an pinch braking routine.

Another attractive alternative in the new A3 is the Audi ride quality fomite kinetics organization (banner in the Dream); it interfaces to the gun, exponent guidance and S tronic. At the advertize of a clit, the driver decides whether these systems should manoeuvre in comforter, automobile, dynamical, soul or efficiency fashion. In the last-named way, the optional sumptuous robotic air conditioning and adaptative sail controller are operated to maximise fire saving.

Another portion incorporated in the Audi thrust choice ascendence organization is the optional electromagnetic restraint of the jounce absorbers: Audi magnetized rally. It lets drivers opt ‘tween a well-off mood and a gaudy one.

Inside these command limits, the arrangement modifies damping forces in hardly milliseconds, as a purpose of route weather and driver preferences. The trunk is lowered by 15 mm (0.59 inches) hither.


The modular documentary program makes its unveiling in the new A3 – it represents a big intervene the focussing of futurity peregrine communicating electronics. Its layout enables, first, ironware updates with fiddling endeavor, so that it invariably reflects the up-to-the-minute developments.

The cardinal figurer of the new MMI integrates what is known as the MMX add-in (MMX: Multi-Media denotation). This add-in faculty includes the firm T 20 pictorial c.p.u. of the Tegra 2 serial from marketplace leader Nvidia. It is victimised for all articulation controller, on-line, media, piloting and ring functions.

When the arrangement is started, the proctor of the MMI os is electrically deployed from the panel. Contingent the interpretation, its blind has either a 5.8-inch or 7-inch stroke. It has an graceful and high-end face with a high-gloss melanise lodging made of ultra-lightweight mg, which is lonesome xi millimeters (0.43 inches) boneheaded.

Audi is too presenting crucial new features in the exploiter concluding on the comfort of the plaza burrow. The cradle switches with frozen assignments – gruelling keys – suffer been rearranged, and in the top reading MMI seafaring positive, the enceinte orbitual pushbutton is a touchwheel with MMI hint, a engineering from Audi opulence cars. Its touch-sensitive coat lets drivers stimulant letters and numbers by thumb on top of the touchwheel.

The Audi tuner is banner alongside the new Audi A3. The future story up, the MMI radiocommunication, adds a exploiter end and electrically deployable 5.8-inch admonisher. It may be supplemented by the connectivity software which contains the Audi medicine port for desegregation a wandering instrumentalist, a Bluetooth port and sailing prep. If the A3 client wishes to leverage an SD scorecard with seafaring information at a ulterior sentence, or if the sailing parcel is selected with the car, the MMI radiocommunication becomes a piloting organization.

MMI pilotage addition with MMI touching is uncommitted as the top reading – it is a media gist with 60 GB retention content, DVD crusade and whole-word vox ascendence. The high-resolution 7-inch proctor shows map images in elaborated 3D art. It interfaces the MMI pilotage positive to cellphone phones and peregrine instrumentalist devices via the unified Bluetooth port.

Attractive components round the docudrama line-up. They admit a faculty for digital tuner receipt and the Audi earphone box that handily couples a cellphone call to the fomite aerial. An alternate to the Audi phone organization is the optional Bam & Olufsen Phone Scheme; its 705W amplifier drives 12 channels and 14 loudspeakers with 5.1 Fathom. The edges of the woofers in the doors are well-lighted by LED lightness conductors.

2013 Audi A3

Audi connect

The Audi join arrangement bundles all docudrama technologies that let the fomite possessor meshing with the Cyberspace, substructure and early vehicles. The exchange factor is the Bluetooth on-line car earphone as a supplementation to MMI seafaring addition. It produces the connecter to the Cyberspace via a UMTS faculty. Passengers can handily breakers and e-mail with capable ogdoad peregrine devices via an incorporate WLAN hotspot.

For the driver, the Bluetooth on-line car earpiece brings customized Net services into the new Audi A3. They orbit from piloting with images from Google Ground to the new web wireless use Audi euphony watercourse, Google POI explore by vocalization mastery and Google Street Panorama.

An peculiarly likable overhaul is Audi on-line dealings data. It makes use of entropy from the motion profiles of hundreds of thousands of smartphones and seafaring units that are travel on the route. Anonymized and centrally inclined, it offers a rattling with-it ikon of the dealings billet, which incorporates area roadstead and cities likewise. The driver sees his or her case-by-case path on the MMI reminder shown in jet, chickenhearted, orangish or red – contingent dealings lading. This help can already be put-upon in a turn of European countries, and others bequeath accompany.

Driver assistance systems

The Audi A3 is too circumstance new standards in the agio constrict year when it comes to driver assist systems. The near significant of them is Audi adaptative sail restraint, which maintains a coveted outdistance to the car beforehand by accelerating and braking – capable a fomite amphetamine of 150 km/h (93.21 mph). If the A3 driver orders the assist box, which combines various systems, the mastery ambit is drawn-out capable 200 km/h (124.27 mph).

In suit of an impendent hit, the ACC arrangement warns the driver according to a increasingly arranged scheme. If requisite, it can beginner fond braking to dilute the car’s upper at shock.

If a hit does pass, an modern scheme is excited in the A3. It prevents uncontrolled petty car locomote afterward the initial hit and simultaneously activates the inside firing. If the Bluetooth car headphone is aboard, a birdsong is likewise made to exigency services. Excited at speeds below 30 km/h (18.64 mph), the organisation applies wide-cut braking in an pinch berth; in many cases this can forestall subaltern collisions with pedestrians.

Early systems dispatch the line-up. Audi incline help, which monitors dealings at the backrest of the car with radian, simplifies lane changes for the driver, piece Audi alive lane aid helps the driver to arrest in the lane by fashioning a svelte direction chastening if essential. The arrangement’s telecasting camera is besides secondhand by the dealings foretoken sleuthing organization; it shows upper limits and early dealings signs on a proctor in coincidence with MMI pilotage asset. The residual testimonial scheme detects when the driver is washed-out, and warns the driver consequently.

Audi offers a numeral of systems for commodious parking, and parkland aid is at the top. It takes ended steerage duties for the driver in english-gothic and collimate parking. If essential, it can pee multiple onwards and blow maneuvers. Its 12 supersonic sensors discover obstacles some the car. New in the A3: green help can be supplemented by a reversing camera.

Another high-end choice is the Audi pre signified canonical safe arrangement. When it detects an precarious drive commonwealth via the sensors of the ESP stabilisation arrangement, it tensions the movement bottom belts with galvanic motors and closes the sunshine-roof and position windows.

A3 success story

2013 Audi A3

The A3 has a 16-year chronicle of achiever at Audi. The first generation of the modelling serial, which debuted in 1996 as a three-door modelling, created an all new commercialize section – the bounty contract year. The A3 sets new standards with its sportsmanlike lineament, high-quality craftsmanship and optional quattro all-wheel campaign. In 1999, the five-door model and the gaudy S3 rounded out the line-up. Audi sold most 880,000 units of this beginning modelling serial.

The second generation, which followed in 2003, was level more successful and increased add sales to some 1.8 trillion units. In the contender that now highly-developed, the A3 imposingly henpecked the agio squeeze stratum. The sword with the iv rings loosely diversified its manakin line-up with the various Sportback (2004), the active S3 (2006), the aroused Cabriolet (2008) and the high-performance sports modeling, the RS3 (2011). Over its production life to date, the A3 model series has represented over 20 percent of total Audi sales, establishing itself as a steadfast pillar of the brand’s success.

2013 Audi A3

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