2013 Audi A1 Quattro

Audi A1 quattro

Audi is crowning its successful A1 example serial with an scoop top-of-the-line exemplar. The active Audi A1 quattro, express to upright 333 units, moves to the brain of the compress family. Its two-liter, turbocharged locomotive produces 188 kW (256 hp) and 350 Nm (258.15 lb-ft) of torsion, which is delivered to all quadruplet wheels. The Audi A1 quattro sprints from naught to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 5.7 seconds and has a top fastness of 245 km/h (152.24 mph).

2013 Audi A1 Quattro

The Audi A1 quattro is powered by the 2.0 TFSI locomotive. The 1,984 cc, four-cylinder locomotive combines gas orchestrate shot with turbocharging in the hellenic Audi way. Among its highlights are the adjustable uptake cam cock and the two counterweight shafts, which check placid process. Utmost torsion of 350 Nm (258.15 lb-ft) is incessantly usable ‘tween 2,500 and 4,500 rpm, and summit superpower (188 kW/256 hp) is highly-developed at 6,000 rpm.

Every item of the flashy, heavy four-cylinder locomotive has been optimized for mellow operation and low fire use. Plebeian runway shot, a turbocharger with intercooler and a regulated oil heart are barely a few examples. The Audi A1 quattro is expected to deplete on medium less than 8.5 liters of fire per 100 km (27.67 US mpg). Yet it performs comparable a tiptop sports car: The received dash takes scarce 5.7 seconds, and top swiftness is 245 km/h (152.24 mph).

2013 Audi A1 Quattro

The 2.0 TFSI delivers its index to the quattro lasting all-wheel effort organisation via a incisively unfirm six-speed contagion, delivery Vorsprung durch Technik to the small-car course. The pump of this arrangement is an electronically controlled, hydraulicly actuated multi-plate batch whose software of plates rotates in an oil bathroom.

2013 Audi A1 quattro

During rule impulsive, the clutches sends near of the locomotive’s superpower to the battlefront wheels. If grip decreases thither, the grip can transport torsion steplessly to the arse axle in good a few milliseconds by forcing the packages of plates unitedly by a outlined measure. A pressing source helps the galvanizing heart to acquire the oil force. If a rack on one of the axles should slip-up, it is braked by the electronic derivative mesh (EDL).

2013 Audi A1 Quattro

The emplacement of the multi-plate batch at the bottom axle provides for a proportionate dispersion of the axle lashings, and the frame of the Audi A1 quattro has been altered to the kinetics of the drivetrain. It is often more tautly tuned than that of the product example. The breast abatement is a McPherson building; a four-link axle is victimized at the bottom. The raw and effective electrohydraulic ability direction has a showy, mastermind 14.8:1 direction proportion.

The Audi A1 quattro rolls on 8.0 J x 18 mold debase wheels. They are Glacier Gabardine, lineament an single turbine invention and are fitted with 225/35-series tires. The internally vented battlefront bracken discs mensuration 312 millimeters (12.28 in) in diam and are gripped by nigrify calipers. The ESP stabilisation platform includes a fun style and can be switched off all for a tripper to the subspecies raceway, e.g..

2013 Audi A1 Quattro

One looking is all it takes to see that the Audi A1 quattro is a real particular fomite. It is usable just in Glacier Whiteness metal, and its cap is multicolor high-gloss blacken. The presence bumper is mesomorphic, the framing and grating of the single-frame lattice are high-gloss blacken. The curving bars in the headlights – the wings – are red. The grill, the cap archway and the bottom hatching mutant quattro badges.

The bum windows are tinted; the ceiling flows into a prominent, two-color annexe. The semblance melanize accentuates the behind cover and the diffusor. The LED ass lights are tinted; the arse bumper sports a typical feel. The exhaust terminates in two dressed two-fold tailpipes on the leftover and the correct, apiece mensuration 100 millimeters (3.94 in) in diam. The Audi A1 quattro is 3,987 millimeters (13.08 ft) foresightful, 1,740 millimeters (5.71 ft) across-the-board and 1,416 millimeters (4.65 ft) marvellous, qualification it moderately yearner than the modelling on which it is based. Baggage capacitance is 210 liters (7.42 cu ft); fold pile the bottom seating increases this to 860 liters (30.37 cu ft).

Poise, jazzy lightlessness dominates the inner of the Audi A1 quattro. The seating and the armrests on the doors are covered in Silk Nappa leather with contrastive red seams. The S variation seating up battlefront let marked bolsters, incorporate header restraints and a quattro badge on the back covers. The seating lineament multi-way accommodation. The frown subdivision of the essence solace shines in high-gloss lightlessness; the footstool and the treadle caps are made of napped stainless. Red seams build the flooring mats, and the threshold sill trims carry A1 quattro badges.

The instrumentate bunch has a bit of attention-getting features, including ovalbumin needles, a red tach, the quattro logotype and the coloration exhibit for the driver info scheme. The multifunction variation wheel is planate at the freighter, absorbed in leather with contrastive red sewing and sports the car’s successive turn. The switching prize boss is made of al. Many ascendance elements birth an aluminum-look destination.

The Audi A1 quattro bequeath be uncommitted from the arcsecond one-half of 2012 and bequeath be supplied to customers with a entire grasp of equipment. It includes many features interpreted instantly from the sumptuousness category, including xe addition headlights, high-beam adjunct, adaptative bracken lights, LED inner firing parcel, sparkle and rainfall detector, mechanically dimming inner mirror, bum parking organization, robotic air conditioning, alarm, memory parcel, gizmo key and sail ascendancy.

The documentary equipment besides leaves cypher to be craved. It includes a CD modifier, a digital radiocommunication radio, the Audi euphony port and MMI pilotage summation. The Bose vocalize organisation drives 14 speakers with 465 watts of superpower; the woofers in the doors are indirectly lit with lightness draw LEDs. Audi unite uses the Bluetooth on-line car call to unite to the Cyberspace and pitch especial web services, including Google Ground, to the car. Passengers can besides colligate their wandering devices to the incorporate WLAN hotspot.

2013 Audi A1 Quattro

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