2013 Aston Martin Vantage Sp10

Aston Martin Vantage SP10

Aston Martin is entry a selfsame extra variation V8 Vantage S in Continental Europe that takes its brainchild from the make’s legion successes on the run rails.

Elysian by its successful motorsport activities in the GT4 racing serial – especially in the VLN survival title at the Nürburgring – the new car is a route modelling that has been engineered in the flair of the sumptuosity sports automaker’s GT4 racers.

With 436 PS and a top speeding of 305 km/h, Aston Martin has named the new particular version modeling Advantage SP10. The brainchild backside it is its namesake grade SP10 in the VLN serial, in which GT4 racing cars contend at the Nürburgring.

The Aston Martin Advantage SP10 is offered in a tailor-made stipulation that reflects its ending kinship with the racer.

Jeffrey L. Scott, Director of Aston Martin Lagonda of Europe: “Aston Martin has a foresightful and successful custom in motorsport. Since in the GT4 grade the technological similarities ‘tween racing cars and their route modeling cousins are super marked, many of our customers see their own Aston Martin as a way to discover with our motorsport activities, or they actively enter as ‘gentlemen drivers’.

“With the new Advantage SP10 we are now offer a V8 Advantage S with a extra motorsport and backwash raceway genius – at a private-enterprise terms spot.”

Impressive performance and, for the first time, manual six-speed transmission

2013 Aston Martin Vantage Sp10

2013 Aston Martin Vantage SP10

Technically, the Advantage SP10 is about indistinguishable to the V8 Advantage S but with the increase, first, of a six-speed manual contagion.

Since its commercialise plunge in 2011, the V8 Advantage S has highly-developed into a democratic modelling for Aston Martin customers, a simulation that places an eventide greater stress on sportiness. With its 4.7-litre V8 locomotive, which produces 436 PS and 490 Nm on the route, the V8 Advantage S manages 0-100 km/h in 4.5 seconds and reaches a top upper of 305 km/h. This sportiness is enhanced by its contact show, which took stirring from the V12 Advantage, and the arresting voice from the locomotive, which comes thanks to the sports release with combat-ready ringway valves which was specifically highly-developed for this modelling.

The Aston Martin Advantage SP10 is the outset V8 Advantage S to lineament a six-speed manual contagion. This manual gearbox is offered as received and, as with the V8 Advantage, volition imprint those who delight complete sports car drive.

2013 Aston Martin Vantage Sp10

Instead, customers can opt the optional Sportshift&barter; II machine-controlled manual seven-speed contagion that was highly-developed for the unveiling of the V8 Advantage S. This contagion allows for cogwheel changes that are some 20% faster than the former infection, which worked with six gears. This extra pitch brings astir shorter transmittal ratios and optimal geartrain unfirm. And the solvent: quicker quickening and a more flashy drive receive.

With the V8 Advantage S, Aston Martin has encourage shut the gap ‘tween route cars and racing cars. Ilk its model, the Advantage GT4 racer, it has an passing stiff al bod – the paragon chopine for a racer but besides the consummate groundwork for a showy route car.

2013 Aston Martin Vantage Sp10

Telling functioning, dynamical impulsive characteristics and brilliant treatment transmute the V8 Advantage S, and hence the Advantage SP10, into a sports car that delivers a on-key ‘fun ingredient’ for fancier drivers of all kinds.

Design inspired by motorsport

The Aston Martin Advantage SP10 has a purposeful appearing that showcases its lightness and functioning and transfers the optical kinetics from motorsport to the route.

Both the Takeoveré and the Two-seater are usable in Ceramic Greyness Metal. The translatable top of the Two-seater is Giant Greyness. Its 19-inch shape admixture rims with Five spokes in a rhombus play ending and multi-coloured in high-gloss melanize, and the lightlessness bracken callipers, punctuate the sinewy face of the car. The peculiar rouge on the rims is offered entirely for the exceptional Advantage SP10 framework.

Early optical and running details from the man of motorsport admit the figurehead divider and the c back diffusor – both ejaculate as contribution of the Advantage SP10 measure equipment, on with the crystallize behind lamps.

Blacken is the prevailing colourise the fomite inner. Alone in occupation with its motorsport blood, the Takeoveré features feature Advantage S bum and back covers and a sports wheel in Blackness Alcantara.

The eloquent sewing offers a firm counterpoint. And the inner is rounded off by a cap lining in Inkiness Alcantara. In demarcation to the Putsché, the Buggy features nigrify leather bottom and back covers and a inkiness leather wheel, likewise with smooth-spoken sewing.

Both versions are weaponed with a inwardness soothe in Pianoforte Melanise. The panel is cut totally with leather and embellished with smooth-spoken sewing.

2013 Aston Martin Vantage Sp10

Extensive combinations of features for more luxury and practicality

Comparable the V8 Advantage S, the Advantage SP10 is more barely a classifiable sports modeling. Thanks to its features, it volition leaven itself to be owing in daily use.

Electrically operated seating, planet seafaring, sail command and Bluetooth telephony cookery are equitable a few examples of the voluptuary leaning of touchstone equipment that makes the Advantage SP10 a pleasant associate for casual animation. And with the 750W Bounty Sound Phone Organization which is evening function of the stock equipment in the Advantage SP10, medicine lovers can besides pee-pee the nearly of this car.

The hi-fi audio can be enhanced foster by choosing the 1000W Fringe & Olufsen BeoSound Sound Organisation as an optional supererogatory. This and former extra equipment features, such as a reversing camera, sports abatement (on the Putsché but) or whippersnapper c seating, vouch tied higher levels of quilt and sumptuousness.

One peculiarly peculiarity of this exceptional example is a badge on the block that features the dedication “Aston Martin Advantage SP10” and which, course, comes as banner.

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