2013 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Touring

Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Touring

Chase the debut of the all-out styling model in 2012, Touring Superleggera is majestic to introduce the outset product manakin of the iconic Discotheque Volante at the 2013 Hollands Motive Display. As from now, the Discotheque Volante testament be usable to the discreet client.

Aft the hit successes in the late Hollands shows, the Discotheque Volante is another testimonial of Touring’s potentiality as a creator and maker of bespoke-designed cars jitney reinforced in really modified runs to man grade lineament standards.

In good nether a twelvemonth’s clock, the Discotheque Volante has highly-developed from a image to a product exemplar; prepare to be enjoyed by a patronage appreciating its alone compounding of craft, timbre, forward-looking conception and self-propelling account. Among them bequeath be collectors, sporty drivers and designing aficionados.

The Discotheque Volante is a runabout Grandma Turismo. It is based on the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione coupé with its front-central mounted 4.7 l V8 locomotive and a transaxle back cause with unmodified specifications. Apiece whole, of which the expression requires 4,000 hours of manual study, volition be reinforced solitary on involve.


The jackanapes and ultra-aerodynamic Alfa Romeo C52 ‘Discotheque Volante’ was considered a figure picture most correct from the scratch, when it saw the sparkle of day in 1952. The briefing at Carrozzeria Touring therein class mentioned the want for a form that was ‘insensitive to farting’. The unequaled canonical invention was tied registered as ‘innovation evident’. Exploitation Alfa Romeo 1900 C elements, the car standard a new cannular build, and a jackanapes, prominent and effective aluminum eubstance.

2013 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Touring

Initially aimed at sports car racing, the C52 Disco Volante is one of the outdo examples to exemplify the creed of Touring’s flop Felice Bianchi Anderloni “Il peso è il nemico, la resistenza dingle’aria è l’ostacolo” (weightiness is the foeman, air underground the obstruction).

2013 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Touring

Exterior Design

The acquaint Discotheque Volante celebrates the myth of the 1952 stylus image. The new figure briefing requisite to combine ingredients as institution, emotion and flowing properties into a dateless and all-important bod. Keywords are: bluff, innovational, brisk, venturous.

During the growth degree, Caput of Designing Louis de Fabribeckers and his squad cooperated with the engineers on an near day-to-day fundament. “We focussed on the conservation of the conception center. – says de Fabribeckers – Erst the invention quick-frozen, we had to see the manufacture problems and lick them promptly without flexible the excogitation.”

Many elements were changed therein point, alike a slenderly higher cowling needful for the locomotive bay respiration. Calm, the pilot proportions were maintained, so these changes bequeath be scarce noticed. The termination is fifty-fifty more spectacular and telling than the styling cogitation that was presented in 2012.

Interior Design

In body with the car’s figure doctrine the midland has a ‘skill fable’ spirit thereto. Portion of this ‘starship’ air was created by elements care the red LED inside lightness profiles. Too, astronautics has been the intake for parts wish the splasher, instruments and buns readjustment prize.

As for the upholstery, leather hides were bespoken manufactured to regurgitate the outside color spook. These are matched with blackness Alcantara&swap;.

Course, personalisation of the national invention to fill client’s preferences is function of the propose, in business with Touring’s personal commission ism.

Rolling Chassis

The Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione flesh was elect for its lightness and stiff construction and its prominent dynamical properties. Thus it forms the everlasting groundwork for the coach-built bodywork of the Discotheque Volante, integrally conserving the peal figure and thrust gear.

The Alfa Romeo 8C’s blade space-frame and former geomorphologic elements were maintained to assure torque harshness, mellow functioning and the calibre received. The skeleton members and the cardinal c cubicle remained unaltered. Elements of the underpinning and the personify, such as the locomotive bay and firewall, the windshield and cowling, the a-pillar and the locks and hinges birth been maintained too, scarce as the splashboard and instruments, the pedals and the wheel.

Parts same doorframes, the ceiling framing and the c-pillar birth been limited to compeer with the new form.

The layout of a front-central mounted locomotive, a transaxle transmittance and rear-wheel ride offers an optimum slant dispersion of 49-51% betwixt the presence and bottom axles. To see fantabulous manipulation the strawman and behind double-wishbone abatement dodging is combined with hub carriers of bad al and extra tracking munition for the backside dangling.

The whippersnapper and concordat 4.7 l V8 locomotive delivers 450HP and 480Nm vizor torsion. It is conjugate with a six-speed serial transaxle gearbox with electronic command and paddle-shift gearing pick. Conjointly a limited-slip derivative and a state-of-the-art braking scheme with great diam, ventilated discs a accurate, active and proactive thrust is ensured.

2013 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Touring

The Discotheque Volante can speed from 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 4,2 seconds and has a top fastness of almost 290 km/h (181 mph).


2013 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Touring

All new and limited components of the Discotheque Volante deliver been CAD intentional. Therein serve, which covers feasibleness, safe, homologation, aeromechanics and geomorphological psychoanalysis, the nigh forward-looking IT tools and pretense techniques suffer been secondhand.

Since contortion rigourousness and disturbance simplification are of decisive grandness, especial tending has been paying to the under-body construction and its elements, ilk the tubelike frames encouraging the ass wings and bumper, and the paradiddle bar connexion the c-pillars. Early composite pattern issues were the tailboard hinges, the 3d-cambered doorway windowpane, and the breast pedal covers.

The Discotheque Volante was so submitted to a CFD streamlined survey to raise the airflow and assure optimum downforce in the behind department. Afterwards that, FEM calculations were run to evaluate opposition and rigidness of all parts content to homologation.

Manufacturing Process

Touring Superleggera is synonymous with the construct of whippersnapper bodywork. The burthen reward of al is one of the assets of Touring Superleggera’s twist methods. Now withal, the cunning of hand-beating aluminum panels is combined with the use of c fiber strengthened moldable (CFRP). For the Discotheque Volante, Touring distinct to use this compounding of al and CFRP. This has been the outcome of a discipline conducted to set optimum use of materials for the bodywork in price of weighting, underground, preciseness, goal and lineament, and simplicity of fixing in vitrine of terms.

The CFRP is put-upon for particular components ilk the breast bumper and grill, the cowling, the skirts, boot lid and the incorporate rear-window framing. The cowling and boot lid are sandwich-built with Nomex makeweight mediate to hold a meliorate rigour/weightiness proportion and to moisten palpitation and racket.

The al panels are hand-beaten exploitation an epoxy moulding. Since the interior frames of near parts of the bodywork are made of CFRP, this requires gluing of al on c character. This proficiency adds to the rigidness as the mucilage has morphological properties.

The torso panels are pre-assembled on a laser measure chopine victimisation a jig. This ensures that the nonindulgent margin needful is well-thought-of. Astern readjustment, the panels are either welded or pasted. The body-in-white is so secondhand to prefabricate and fit all trimness components, brightware and mould.

2013 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Touring

To ascertain invariable and quotable timber, the intact output treat is attested and digitally logged. Wish serial yield, thither is a quantified fabrication cps and a Eyeshade of Materials. Tolerances, measurements and otc caliber standards are quantified.

Quality Assurance

The tone ascendancy appendage includes inactive too as dynamical exam runs ahead the car is sign-language off. The static-test protocol requires abidance to eminent standards in interstice and coat conjunction, blusher and application timbre, internal trimness and forum.

A functionality quiz is run in a climatical bedchamber. The active trial takes post on the proving priming. Beside number checks on absence of creaking, rale and former randomness, it concentrates on manipulation, braking and all early functionalities. It includes high-velocity runs, cornering and former manipulation tests on various types of surfaces.

2013 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Touring

Type Approval

The Discotheque Volante has standard EU type-approval nether the EU-Directive 2007/46 EC for pocket-size serial.

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