2012 Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

Spell Toyota continues to straighten its wax intercrossed engineering to new commercialize segments done models such as the Auris Crossbreed and Yaris Hybrid, the Prius corpse the near placeable ware to sport Toyota’s good crossbreed powertrain excogitation.

The new Toyota Prius features a revised outside figure, improved midland sensory timbre, enhanced orchestration and a compass of low-priced multimedia and innovative sailing systems: Toyota Hint, Toyota Touching & Go Summation and Toyota Contact Pro.

The Toyota Prius corpse a favourite in the airfield of technical creation. Apiece contemporaries has introduced new, heights engineering features to the section leading of their sentence.

2012 Toyota Prius

The third generation Toyota Prius, launched in 2009, showcases a Head-up Presentation, sticking utile info onto the fundament of the windshield, including fomite velocity, the Eco Crusade Supervise and the condition of the optional Pre-Crash Rubber and Participating Sail Ascendance systems.

A steering-wheel mounted Trace Tracer showing alternate allows the driver to restraint the sound scheme, the air-conditioning and the ECO Cause Supervise without the motivation to looking devour, or withdraw his or her custody from the cycle.

A Pre-Crash Safe arrangement, which incorporates Adaptative Sail Controller, uses sensors set below the battlefront wicket to foretell potential collisions and triggers a serial of well-informed safe features. The arrangement bequeath mechanically pre-tension seatbelts, trip an hearable, Bracken Serve horrify and, if a hit is inescapable, actuate robotic braking. This lessens the potency brownie and price if a hit occurs.

2012 Toyota Prius

Levelheaded Parking Serve enables the Toyota Prius to mechanically tactic into the elect parking billet. Exploitation supersonic sensors and a behind horizon camera, the scheme calculates the guidance movements required to setback into a parking spa. The driver has solitary to ascendence the fomite velocity.

2012 Toyota Prius

The thirdly coevals Toyota Prius too introduces the world-first compounding of a solar ventilation and removed controlled air conditioning. The other prevents the national air temperature from revolt when the Prius is parked whilst, in coincidence, the air conditioning may be excited remotely, victimization the gravid content crossbreed shelling to coolheaded the national for capable 3 proceedings ahead occupation.

Sole 2 geezerhood aft its establish, well-nigh 100,000 tertiary multiplication Toyota Prius let been sold in Europe. And it continues to solicitation to customers choosing Toyota first. During the kickoff one-half of 2011, 50% of European Prius sales were to customers advent to the Toyota steel from one of our competitors .

2012 Toyota Prius

The new Prius, presented at the 2011 Frankfurt Motive Demonstrate, features a new, more active facade discussion. The revised, Nether Anteriority breast bumper pattern places the vehemence on an magnified depress grill, in guardianship with the new look of the succeeding contemporaries Toyota kinfolk. A new, open lense headlight conception features a revised LED lamp form, and day working lights birth been unified in the bumper.

The threshold mirrors, which admit redesigned indicant lamps, now let a power-folding part and the behind combining lamps birth been redesigned to micturate the car directly recognizable in the night. The optional solar cap can be now consistent with a prime of a new 15″ cycle innovation or the existent 17″ alloys.

The new Toyota Prius leave be uncommitted in a orbit of 8 outside colors, of which two, Bordeaux and Navy, are new.

Aboard, the sensory character of the Prius midland has been elevated done the accessibility of a new, inkiness inner, the summation of facile inserts to the air vents and essence cabinet, a hybrid-blue button commencement push and the accessibility of new, highschool gradation ass upholstery.

The gist soothe includes a new intentional arm residual which opens vertically and has an incorporated open-type cup bearer ruined with a smooth-spoken hoop. Inwardly the arm residual, the USB and AUX connections are now placed at the presence of the depot quad.

The multi-information expose has been improved with a 16 gradation-step Vacuum-clean Fluorescent Show (VFD), which gives a clearer and more three-d show.

Impulsive keep functions now admit an EV index lamp and two new functions: Monthly Fire Phthisis Disk shows the mean fire use of both the flow and 5 late months. Eco Savings allows the exploiter to set a quarry fire phthisis (e.g. that of his premature car) and flow fire toll. When the existent fire use is frown than the predetermined objective measure, the m displays the sum the exploiter has protected during the month.

The new Toyota Prius’ Well-informed Parking Help organization has been improved to reserve eventide more effective and quicker parking manoeuvres. It is now able-bodied to recognise parking spaces eventide when thither are no parking bay lines. In gain, admonisher displays and vocalization piloting bequeath scout the driver to the requirement start period for the organisation to be excited when place sufficient for parking is detected.

2012 Toyota Prius

The new Prius offers customers a unequalled scope of multimedia equipment choices. Fitted as measure, Toyota Feeling, a 6.1 edge, entire coloring, touch-screen port, represents a new access to commodious, low-cost, on-board multimedia systems. It includes a CD/MP3 actor, Bluetooth cell connectivity with cyclosis installation, a USB porthole, the readiness to show iPod album concealment art, a backside purview camera, entree to fomite settings and an Push Menses admonisher.

Toyota Signature & Go Summation builds on the Toyota Trace multimedia whole by adding legion new, modern engineering features to Toyota’s noteworthy touch-screen multimedia.

Furnished with 11 speakers, it features advance vocalism realisation for seafaring speech stimulant, one-shot finish entrance, medicine research and gambling, and telephone link explore and outcry. It besides incorporates netmail transmit and incur, a text-to-speech substance read-out installation, a calendar and, done a Gracenote database, a ‘Gambling More Similar This’ euphony procedure.

Enhanced orbiter sailing function incorporates 3D metropolis moulding and landmarks, and an extra Dealings Patterns database screening the median speeding on route segments en itinerary contingent meter, day and month. The organization includes 3 age release map and package updating.

Toyota Feeling Pro is the almost advanced orbiter pilotage organization yet offered by Toyota. This agiotage tone multimedia features a high-resolution 7.0 edge touch-screen port with a ‘domicile’ sieve, displaying the near relevant air-conditioning, sound and pilotage entropy.

With a pick of 20 carte and steering languages, the scheme covers the unanimous of Europe. It offers a comp compass of ripe features including articulation acknowledgement, reflexive map whizz at intersections, 3D metropolis framework and watershed art, an online Points of Stake explore adeptness and the jut of supplemental driver’s navigational counseling in the head-up show.

The organisation too provides entree to SMS messages and emails, and includes a ‘text-to-speech’ substance read-out installation. A bum camera with dynamical counseling lines to service manoeuvring in jailed spaces is fitted as banner.

Toyota Ghost Pro likewise incorporates DAB/DAB+/DMB digital wireless as measure, qualification it compatible with a new modern Transferral Protocol Exportation Radical (TPEG) dealings data serve . Based on a digital line, TPEG represents a pregnant melioration ended existent, RDS-TMC parallel systems because it can convey far more entropy .

2012 Toyota Prius

Not solitary testament its pin-point truth enable punter piloting routing, but it volition besides addendum a canonic dealings result and menses serving with info on parking accessibility and fire prices, adding extra info including speeding limits and brave thenceforth.

Apiece of the new multimedia systems can be combined with a JBL Agiotage Phone Scheme featuring GreenEdge engineering (criterion on Toyota Touching Pro) which helps to maximise vim efficiency by reduction functional index requirements by capable 80% of those of a established on-board sound arrangement.

The new Toyota Prius benefits from increased eubstance rigourousness, thanks to additional welding floater and reinforcements. This has allowed for the abeyance to be tuned in a more absolvitory style, without losing dynamical power. In add-on, redesigned refreshful has increased direction pillar rigidness, up steerage tone.

Vocalize proofing has been added to promote confine the invasion of twist and impulsive disturbance into the internal.

The up-to-the-minute Prius returns 3.9 l/100 km in the combined bicycle, and generates CO2 emissions of just 89 g/km. Hush the last-place emitting fomite in its section.

With world-wide sales passage 2.4 jillion units, the Toyota Prius maintains a unrivaled report for dependability, strength and low price of possession. In the 2012 TÜV Composition on semipermanent reliableness and fomite timber (promulgated by Germany’s prima technological review affiliation), the Prius continues to prove the last-place turn of defects, again higher-ranking No 1 boilersuit this yr. In the two- to three-year old class, hardly 1.9% of the models well-tried showed any signs of fault (pile from 2.2% conclusion yr).

An crucial aspect of the Toyota wide-cut intercrossed fomite mart elaboration, the new 2012 Prius leave now suit the offset wide loan-blend fomite useable as a discharge stand-alone manakin stove – Prius, Prius+ and Prius Card Loanblend.

The trey models testament importantly flourish the Toyota Prius client fundament and subsequent sales: the Prius+ targeting development European families who expect the quad and tractability of a bigger, seven-seat fomite, the Prius Add-in Loan-blend likeable to a new grouping of environmentally painstaking betimes adopters thanks to its protracted EV compass of 23 km.

Prius+ and Prius Card Cross both pass sale passim Europe in the summertime of 2012.

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