2012 Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry

Toyota introduced the all-new, seventh-generation Toyota Camry, America’s best-selling car for ennead age operative and 13 of the preceding 14 days. The 2012 Camry debuts a bluff, advanced new designing with a more wide inside, improved impulsive kinetics and an tied quieter cod than earlier. With stratum star guard, fire thriftiness and multi-media engineering added finally solvent is the outflank Toyota Camry e’er made. Introduced in 1983, the Toyota Camry would after shew the guide for the modernistic midsize saloon, mount benchmarks for Calibre, Reliableness and Dependability, on with a easy, serenity cod. Since that metre, Toyota has sold more 15 gazillion Camry models general.

“The all-new 2012 Camry blends an phylogenesis of the car’s values – such as ease, efficiency, dependableness and prophylactic – with a more likable pattern and piquant impulsive receive,” aforesaid Bob Carter, Toyota Part grouping v.p. and worldwide director. “Contender in the midsize saloon section is the strongest it’s e’er been, and the all-new Camry is intentional to defend its long-standing leaders piece besides widening its solicitation.”

The Toyota Camry again offers deuce-ace powertrain choices, all of which sustain been enhanced for 2012 to render wagerer fire thriftiness and more reactive functioning. All Camry models with the revised 2.5-liter four-cylinder locomotive now fling 178 h.p., an addition of ix hp, and 170 lb.-ft. of vizor torsion. EPA-estimated fire saving figures are 25 mpg metropolis/35 highway, and the 28 mpg combined is two more the late coevals Camry. The 2.5-liter locomotive employs Three-fold VVT-i (Two-fold Varying Valve Timing-intelligent), which controls valve timing on both the inlet and expel camshafts for optimum operation and efficiency at all locomotive speeds. The Acoustical Ascendence Trigger Organization (ACIS) helps optimise torsion complete a large-minded locomotive hurrying scope.

2012 Toyota Camry

Performance and Efficiency

The DOHC 3.5-liter V6, uncommitted in the SE and XLE grades, delivers 268 hp at 6,200 rpm and 248 lb.-ft. of visor torsion at 4,700 rpm. Enhancements to this locomotive advance its fire thriftiness to sticking EPA-estimated ratings of 21 mpg metropolis/30 mpg highway, the outflank for any stream V6 midsize saloon.

The V6 uses chain-driven camshafts and Threefold Varying Valve Timing with word (Treble VVT-i). To better efficiency, the V6 features a new, lour oil viscousness and an robotic infection liquid heater that brings the transmittance to operational temperature more apace in coldness conditions. Higher last drive-gear ratios likewise bring to improve fire thriftiness in the new Toyota Camry models.

The gas-engine LE, XLE and SE models arrive equipt entirely with a six-speed machinelike transmittance that offers a sequent manual switch way victimisation the solace gearshift. Healthy ascendance adapts unfirm scheme in reception to driver comment, with truehearted kick-down. In gain, the Camry SE entirely offers a “D ambit” successive shifty, which allows manual unfirm with the new wheel spank shifters eve when the solace gearstick is in the “D” fashion. Too single to the Toyota Camry SE, the reflex infection features quicker chemise multiplication when in “S” modality and downshift blipping controller emphasizes a signified of sportiness.

All-New Camry Hybrid Sets New Standard for Mid-size Hybrid Sedans

The all-new Camry Hybrid debuts a extremely revised variation of the steel’s Loanblend Synergism Crusade powertrain, including a new 2.5-liter four-cylinder locomotive. The 2012 Camry Loanblend LE, with EPA-estimated 43 mpg metropolis/39 mpg highway/41 mpg combined, yields a more-than-30 percentage advance in fire thriftiness in the EPA metropolis and combined impulsive cycles, compared to the late propagation, thanks mostly to the new intercrossed powertrain, but besides due to hoy fomite angle and optimized aeromechanics.

Done its unequaled transaxle, the Intercrossed Synergism Driving organization combines outturn from the four-cylinder locomotive with a little high-torque galvanizing motive. The scheme produces a combined 200 hp and varies mightiness ‘tween the gas locomotive and electrical drive, or combines both, prn.

The new 2.5-liter locomotive, alike the 2.4-liter it replaces, uses the Atkinson cycles/second (delayed intake-valve windup for an elaboration proportion greater than contraction proportion) to reach maximal efficiency. The Varying Valve Timing with tidings (VVT-i) organisation on the consumption camshaft enhances torsion, which is greater than with the former locomotive. An galvanising urine ticker, a roller-rocker case valvetrain and a variable-output oil ticker service to concentrate home clash, boosting saving.

A new water-cooled tucker gas recirculation (EGR) scheme helps to control the last potential emissions at all fomite speeds and helps addition fire efficiency. By chilling and controlling eject gas injected into apiece cylinder, the organization eliminates the want to richen the air-fuel intermixture to restraint cylinder temperatures.

The 2012 Camry Loan-blend meets AT-PZEV (Advance Engineering Partial-credit Cipher Emissions Fomite) standards. New strait engrossing materials in the locomotive compartment, on with more analogue ascendance o’er locomotive speeding, consecrate the 2012 Camry Crossbreed a more pleasing audio below speedup.

Because thither are situations in which the gas locomotive in the Toyota Camry Intercrossed shuts off, air conditioning and index guidance systems are determined electrically. New efficiency measures in the Cross Synergism Effort arrangement admit reduction interior losings in the transaxle, up motor-voltage mastery, and optimizing the regenerative braking. The proved nickel-metal-hydride shelling, situated in the trunk bottom the back seating, now features enhanced air-cooling. Its more covenant sizing, on with moving the DC/DC convertor to the locomotive compartment, results in a bole that is 2.1-cubic feet bigger than in the previous-generation Camry Intercrossed.

2012 Toyota Camry

Hoy boilersuit fomite burthen besides contributes to bettor execution and fire saving. Its 7.6-second zero-to-60 quickening clock places the Camry Crossbreed ‘tween the four-cylinder and V6 models. Glower trilled resistivity tires, uncommitted first in 17-inch sizing, besides assistant rise fire thriftiness.

New for the 2012 Camry Intercrossed, an EV Thrust fashion allows the driver to lock the car on the galvanic drive only for capable 1.6 miles at lour speeds (downstairs some 25 mph). The EV index illuminates when the fomite is organism propelled exclusively by the galvanizing drive.

As on the late Toyota Camry Cross, ECO manner optimizes gun answer and air conditioning yield to prioritise uttermost fire thriftiness. A Hybrid-exclusive tool clustering with Intercrossed Scheme Index and fire ingestion index helps the driver to manoeuver the car as economically as potential.

Instant fire saving is shown with LEDs (twinkle emitting diodes) some the away of the modal fire saving bore. The car’s Multi-Information expose diagrammatically shows fire saving in veridical metre and can likewise display muscularity stream, and cruising stove entropy.

2012 Toyota Camry

As ahead, applying the bracken converts the centrifugal to a source that captures the k.e. from the still-spinning fomite wheels, storing it in the loan-blend shelling coterie. Putt the gearshift into “B” uses regenerative braking as a cast of locomotive braking for enhanced command on absorb descents. New hill-start serve controller helps keep the fomite from rolled back when start off on an pitch when the bracken bicycle is released.

Scoop outside and inner innovation touches and badging specialise the 2012 Camry Loan-blend from early Camry models. Indoors, Hybrid-exclusive reduce is base on the board and threshold alternate bases, speed comfort panels and switch boss. The Camry Loanblend likewise features its own sole behind cloth in tusk or twinkle grayness. An single leather and Ultrasuede is too uncommitted. A three-dial Optitron approximate board with chrome-accented outer rings provides a voluptuary show.

2012 Toyota Camry

Grade Strategy

The all-new Toyota Camry and Camry Loanblend testament offering six unlike example grades to prefer from. Camry testament be useable in the entry-level L, value-driven LE, bounty XLE and clean SE grades. The XLE and SE are useable with four-cylinder or V6 engines. The Camry Loanblend is offered in LE and XLE grades.

Exterior Design

The 2012 Camry employs an elegantly simpleton but mod cast, accentuation a wider, frown position than late models. The invention conveys an “architectural argument” done scrunch, accurate persona lines, spell a more powerfully curving threshold cross-sectional and more outlined cradle board casting (chromium-plate stressed on LE and XLE) spring the Camry a more expressive show.

Headlights display a more dynamical conformation, with a marked curve of the main-beam whole confluence into the bumper concealment. Fog lights are touchstone on the XLE and SE grades. The taillight clusters roll tightly into the eubstance sides, with their top sections extending into the bole board.

The Camry LE and XLE have extra outside chromium-plate cut, and the SE degree debuts its own lower-body innovation and single fine-mesh amphetamine grillwork part. The SE too features three-part depress wicket subdivision caparison fog lamps, on with nigrify mutation trimming headlight bezels. The more large cradle empanel moldings on the SE flawlessly linkup to incorporate battlefront and bum underbelly spoilers, accentuation breadth, and the body lid carries an structured pillager.

Accentuating the new torso excogitation are quatern new colours. Two of the colours (Posture Lightlessness Metal and Clearwater Disconsolate) are all-new to Toyota in the U.S. Posture Melanize Metal blends in a sky-blue paint for an challenging acquire traditional green; Clearwater Disconsolate incorporates a ag metal paint to add this hue a glazed, water-like goal.

Interior Design

Piece featuring almost the like extraneous dimensions as the late genesis, the 2012 Camry offers a more inviting and wide inner. A new splasher excogitation, limited bottom locations, redesigned seating and “angle” doorway, mainstay and star reduce all trust to add both existent blank and greater perceptual roominess patch besides enhancing outward-bound profile. Repositioning the driver’s bum and the received leaning/telescoping wheel (leaning has increased 33 pct for greater driver comfortableness) too aid forward-moving profile and raise the driver’s aligning.

The gun and figurehead seating were affected ahead, and the rear-seat hip period was positioned reverse, increasing the brace outdistance by 0.6-inch; collectively reshaped presence seatbacks assistance step-up rear-knee board by 1.8-inch. The redesigned core comfort and strawman sharpness of the rear-seat soften increment arse halfway bum legroom by two inches.

Not as obvious are the many areas where Toyota Camry designers reshaped midland reduce to addition the opinion of capaciousness, including the A- and B-pillars, star concluded the ass backside and threshold passementerie. In about vehicles, spa is leftover betwixt the construction and the shave to yid a “neat” airfoil. Exploitation a lean-car invention coming, the reduce more tight follows the construction below it. The solvent is added infinite that contributes often more to a flavor of quilt than the gains in simple millimeters power hint.

3-dimensional twist and contrasting-material textures commit the new board a touch of astuteness, piece the shapes themselves bring to a more roomy cabin and improved ahead sightlines. The conspicuously curving plaza clustering appears to swim terminated the panel, reduction its optical bulk. Cushy textures secondhand on the amphetamine panel, speed threshold trimming, threshold armrests and essence comfort armrest bring to greater comforter in the Camry. Sewing on the board flaccid cushioning and twin stitching-look trimness elsewhere helps to produce a smell of sumptuosity. Aluminum-color and chromium-plate trimming are victimised judiciously.

The Camry LE and XLE grades have either bone or gy seats semblance; the Camry SE features unparalleled upholstery in black-on-black or black-on-gray. Fresh intentional front-seat frames, higher seatbacks and thirster arse cushions heighten comforter. The tallness accommodation on the driver’s behind offers virtually a one-half edge greater compass than earlier (totality jaunt is 2.4 inches). The SE’s jazzy figurehead seating ply thicker incline bolsters, and the scoop three-spoke leather-wrapped wheel offers paddle-shift controller for the six-speed robotlike contagion.

For 2012, the Toyota Camry offers foursome seat-covering materials: textile in the LE and XLE; cloth with SofTex in the SE, measure leather passementerie on the XLE V6 (optional in the XLE four-cylinder), and Ultrasuede® with leather usable for the SE and XLE Loanblend. Het seating are criterion on the XLE V6 and are uncommitted for SE, XLE four-cylinder and Intercrossed with varying temperature ascendence.

The new Camry provides the added functionality demanded by consumers now, yet keeps its controls aboveboard and nonrational to use. Command knobs convey a high-precision tone when victimised. Limited aid was paying to routine and ease with the centre comfort pattern. Mild kneepads on both sides add comfortableness for the driver and rider; the breast division offers a 12V appurtenance connecter and an easy-to-access USB/comment knave interface for connecting iPods and otc media devices. A sliding ass soothe threshold – preferably than the more traditional flip-up conception – enables easier accession from either strawman bum. Two wheel designs, with incorporate sound and Bluetooth® controls, are featured: a four-spoke for LE; a leather-wrapped four-spoke for XLE; and a showy three-spoke, leather-wrapped rack for the SE.

All grades now sport a touchstone 60/40 burst foldable back seatback to dilate loading content. The seating can be lowered by a outside liberation from the body country. Rear-seat face airbags are received crosswise the demarcation, and an armrest with cup holders adds solace and widget.

Advanced Connectivity

Seamlessly unified into the Camry are state-of-the-art electronics and enhanced connectivity features. A Bluetooth radio connectedness for compatible hands-free earpiece calls is measure, now improved by an useable reflex phonebook conveyance part. Too criterion is a USB porthole that allows acting of medicine and tv from portable sound devices, victimization the fomite vocalize organisation and uncommitted in-dash show covert, including good iPod consolidation.

The stock sound organisation on LE, XLE and SE has a 6.1-inch cover and six speakers. The sieve likewise displays the vigour varan and fire usance information, and functions as the reminder for the usable incorporated back-up camera (SE and XLE just) and the Exhibit Sound Organisation. The cover likewise offers a new value-driven pilotage organisation and serves as a portal for Entune, Toyota’s innovational new multimedia. An useable HD Radiocommunication organisation enables CD phone timber from digital FM broadcasts, and has features that maximise analogue and AM circularise audio caliber. The organization testament admit HD Tuner with iTunes tagging for hereafter leverage and SiriusXM Planet Radiocommunication&swap;.

The top-of-the-line sound is furnished with a new seven-inch Agio HDD Seafaring scheme with Entune&deal; and JBL. This organization offers a new split-screen sport that allows for simultaneously displaying piloting and sound data.

Toyota Camry too offers the new JBL GreenEdge&sell; sound arrangement that combines an eight-channel amplifier and door-mounted “acoustical lense” speakers, to allow a high-quality strait. The GreenEdge amplifier achieves a 66-percent step-down in boilersuit people and a 50-percent sweetening in fathom efficiency. The GreenEdge speakers make a higher yield of phone with the like superpower or less ingestion of ceremonious models.

Entune Multimedia System

Camry testament be one of the offset Toyotas to crack the Entune multimedia. First always in a Toyota machine, this new scheme leverages the peregrine smartphone to offer a richer in-vehicle see with amply merged admittance to piloting, amusement and data services.

Toyota Entune debuts the first-ever reinforcement for piquant nomadic apps, such as Bing, OpenTable, and movietickets.com, on with accessing utilitarian travel-related services, such as exist endure, dealings, fire data (emplacement and damage), stocks, and sports. Toyota Entune brings the largest excerpt of euphony options useable to a fomite, including iHeartRadio’s 750+ stations, and Pandora’s individualized euphony avail.

The sound systems combined with Entune boast a best-in-class, advance colloquial phonation acknowledgement organization that helps the driver to remain focussed on the route by eliminating the indigence to con thousands of vocalisation commands. The organization testament besides leave sound read-back and rematch capabilities for schoolbook messages, with the power to react by pre-set “Straightaway Answer Messages” such as: “I’m impulsive and volition answer afterward.”

A New Benchmark for Midsize Sedan Quietness

Foresightful lauded as a benchmark for rag suaveness and tranquility in the midsize section, the all-new Camry resets the received by fetching both attributes to an evening higher layer of nuance. To slim disturbance passim the intact cabin, centering was set on suppressing noises that surpass. As powertrains bear get more neat and quieter, fart dissonance and route stochasticity let attended turn more obtrusive to drivers and passengers. A low dissonance recitation (in decibels) does not e’er correspond to a subjectively tranquillity internal. Fomite occupants’ percept of soundlessness likewise depends on the case and frequence of the audio.

It was compulsive where such detectable sounds embark the cabin, and extra insulant was set in those areas. New phone fascinating materials secretiveness any racket that manages to diffuse the upcountry. Particularly, engineers focussed on suppressing noises that are dear the frequencies of thrum lecture to cater an surroundings that is more easy for conversation.

Measures that center reduction farting racket admit stronger doorway and cradle domain seals; optimized emplacement of vocalise insulating materials; froth applied in the ceiling, pillars and threshold openings; acoustical spyglass secondhand for the V6 and Intercrossed modeling’s windscreen; and especial brisk of cowling aspiration louvers.

The fascia construction and forum, one of the almost composite areas in advanced cars, was exhaustively optimized to foreclose haphazardness violation. It can likewise be a beginning of dissonance usurpation. The construction employs a new hybridisation appendage and centerfield braces, on with sandwiched canvass nerve to conquer sonorousness and tighten quivering. With the sandwiched nerve, asphalt froth is secondhand to steep oscillation push patch increasing audio block potency.

A hyrax outer muffler uses an air stratum ‘tween the hyrax impanel and vocalize gripping mat. An internal silencing bed uses cushy and gruelling felts to pulley a wide-cut reach of low-to-high frequencies. Damping-coating heaviness and diligence areas bear been optimized for decreased floor-panel quivering and racket insight done the storey, and a new case of carpeting helps eliminates dissonance. Muffler panels installed in the rear-wheel housings, and new sound-absorbing materials added to the torso’s home english trimness advance cut route dissonance from the tires and rack housings.

Exceptional Handling and Ride

A more unbending structure, revised movement reprieve, redesigned behind reprieve and aeromechanics all assistance to permeate the new Camry with greater straight-line constancy and crisper direction reaction, spell likewise enhancing boilersuit cod puff. Treatment constancy, more scarce conveyance a feel of impulsive use, likewise greatly influences the driver’s impression of surety.

The 2012 Toyota Camry structure uses a greater sum of highschool ductile nerve (440 Mpa or higher) than earlier and fifty-fifty stronger mellow pliable effectiveness mainsheet nerve (590 Mpa or higher), resulting in a stronger but barge torso than the former modelling. A flared conception on the doors and fenders enables use of slimmer but stronger structure. Gamey pliable aluminium bumper supports are barge yet stronger than earlier. Freshly highly-developed formative for the bumper covers and bonnet louvers reduces slant also.

2012 Toyota Camry

The stiffened bonnet department increases suspension-area inflexibility, suppressing turn. The front-suspension towers are now affiliated done the hood to increment inflexibility, and the fastening method and reenforcement brace let been reinforced. The all-new bum underbelly and back subframe gain sidelong violence mastery and torsional inflexibility.

The McPherson-strut battlefront hanging now uses reciprocally hurt curl springs that raise straight-line constancy. Shock-absorber damping and stabilizer-bar heaviness deliver been optimized likewise. The arse hanging retains the proved dual-link tittup constellation of the premature modeling but has been redesigned with new geometry (increased toe-in during cornering and braking) and retuned components to raise cornering constancy. Spiral springs, bushings, stabilizer-bar and shock-absorber damping get all been revised.

Rear-combination lamps and side-view mirrors on the 2012 Camry merged aero stabilising fins, divine by Rule One racing engineering, that produce air vortexes on the torso sides to stabilise the soundbox and conduce to manipulation constancy. Underbelly flowing elements govern airflow below the fomite, too contributive to tantalise suaveness.

The Camry SE example features particular hiatus components and tuning, including sole steerage knucks and flatboat, stiffer glower forepart mastery blazonry. The forepart and arse springs are undivided to this manakin, and the daze absorbers characteristic national recoil springs for greater cornering cast resistor. The behind reprieve No. 1 ascendence arm uses a pillow-ball bushing to boost heighten manipulation lightsomeness.

All new Camry models testament be the commencement to boast Toyota’s modish wattage guidance (EPS) mastery organization, which leave pass more flexibleness to steering-feel tuning. The organization regulates power-assist reaction based on fomite swiftness, and first steering-input value. The vehicle-speed perception characteristic bequeath supply lightness travail during low speeds, ever-changing to moderationist sweat during higher speeds.

The SE class volition lineament a power-assist proportion that provides a more sporting feel than the LE and XLE.

2012 Toyota Camry

Besides, electricity is just consumed when help might is essential, portion to ameliorate fire thriftiness. Wattage guidance is likewise more environment-friendly, as it does not demand hydraulic mobile.

All Toyota Camry grades sport freshly highly-developed all-season tires intentional for an optimum correspondence of fire thriftiness, manipulation, quietude, tantalise comfortableness and braking functioning. The LE class features banner 16-inch wheels; the SE comes stock with five-spoke 17-inch debase wheels and the V6 SE offers the outset 18-inch admixture wheels on a Camry. The latter lineament is a singular twist-spoke invention with 225/45R18 all-season tires. Camry SE models leave besides admit tires that birth more clutch. The Camry XLE comes touchstone with 17-inch admixture wheels featuring an refined 10-spoke designing.

Safety and Security

All 2012 Camry models are weaponed with 10 measure airbags: dual-stage modern SRS breast airbags, presence and behind seat-mounted slope airbags, face mantle airbags and a driver’s and battlefront rider’s stifle airbag. The front-passenger’s stifle airbag and rear-seat face airbags are new to Toyota Camry.

The Camry’s structure is intentional to helper engage collision-impact forces and service minimise elf distortion to the rider cabin. High-strength blade is put-upon for B-pillar and rocker-panel reinforcements to assist deal boilersuit personify distortion in the effect of sure incline collisions. The behind frames too are intentional to assistant engulf incline hit gobs. The inner-hood construction and front-edge structure are intentional to assistant tighten earthbound injuries in a hit.

Similar all Toyota models, the Camry volition have Toyota’s Ace Prophylactic Scheme&swap; received, which includes Fomite Constancy Mastery (VSC), Grip Ascendance (TRAC), Anti-lock Braking Organization (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Dispersion (EBD) and Bracken Attend. It too features the touchstone Smarting Occlusion Engineering brake-override organization. An electronic jade insistency monitoring arrangement is touchstone equipment.

Another useable rubber scheme, Prophylactic Colligate, can accession a birdcall mall with a experience hustler who can shipment law and exigency vehicles. The arrangement combines robotlike hit notice and a stolen fomite locater sport, which can rail the localization of the stolen fomite via GPS and aid pathfinder constabulary to convalesce it.

The new useable Unreasoning Smear Reminder uses sub-millimeter brandish radiolocation to notice vehicles in the driver’s unreasoning floater. When the organization detects a fomite in the contiguous lane, it alerts the driver exploitation indicators unofficially mirrors. If the blinker is on when the thither is a fomite in the unsighted billet of the driver’s intended lane, the index on the like mirror volition flashbulb. The driver can cut the scheme, if craved.

In vehicles furnished with one of the expose sound systems and fill-in camera, when the fomite is shifted into Blow, the sound showing testament read the picture of what the camera captures, on with an overlayer of position lines representing the parking infinite and outdistance to obstacles.

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