2012 Toyota Aurion

Toyota Aurion

The found of 3.5-litre V6 quadruplet cam Toyota Aurion has realized the roll-out of Toyota’s portfolio of new Australia-made models.

The well upgraded five-model Toyota Aurion grasp has been capped at a damage below $50,000.

It is Toyota’s topically made flagship and is organism promoted as an come-at-able luxuriousness car.

Aurion’s classifiable styling and occupier puff levels supply crystallise specialization.

Arcsecond propagation Aurion is the virtually potent Toyota made in Australia.

It generates 200kW at 6200rpm on 91 octane fire.

Toyota Aurion delivers the trump fire saving in the 3.5-litre year in the enceinte rider section – six per centime meliorate than the commencement contemporaries.

Tailpipe emissions sustain been rock-bottom by eighter per penny.

Toyota Aurion is light and slenderly bigger than the fomite it replaces.

It incorporates engineering advances in drivetrain and combat-ready and inactive rubber strategies which suffer lone lately been highly-developed.

Aurion, alike its topically made stablemates, benefits from new figurer numeral ascendance (CNC) machines at Australia’s Altona implant which permit evening more accurate manufacture techniques.

Gore fit many instances has been rock-bottom from tolerances of 5mm to fair 3.5mm – the orbit of a real few rightful luxuriousness cars.

Inside tranquility volition be a authentication of s genesis Aurion.

The juncture exponent of upcountry audibleness has been improved by more 10 per centime.

Tantalise and manipulation has been improved altogether areas as a resultant of across-the-board local examination and exploitation.

2012 Toyota Aurion

User-friendly modifications suffer been made in many pocket-sized but crucial shipway.

The gist cabinet hold is yearner, and boot payload lip is glower to the undercoat for easier freight.

Inner dimensions get been increased to render evening more legroom, and particularly, greater headway for arse behind occupants.

Seating bear increased in sizing spell existence made eve more supportive.

Toyota has sought-after to down its valuate proposal to Aurion buyers.

Besides as capping Toyota Aurion’s recommended ret terms below $50,000, it has encourage improved its pop capped damage logbook service suggestion to foursome eld/75,000km (whichever occurs low) capable the get-go fivesome avail periods.


Second-generation Toyota Aurion has pentad example grades, all with 3.5-litre quadriceps cam V6 locomotive and six-speed electronically controlled transmittal.

The cinque models are organized in a ‘Y’ scheme, including two sport-grade models.

All models are fountainhead specified, with vii SRS airbags (including driver’s genu airbag first), seatbelt warnings on all cinque seating, fomite stableness ascendance (VSC), grip ascendancy (TRC), dual-zone robotic climate-controlled air conditioning, reversing camera, cinque debase wheels, 60/40 split-fold seating first, multi-information showing, Eco index, showing sound with USB stimulus and iPod® connectivity, acoustical windshield, twofold expel, chromium-plate ass trim and cradle modelling, Optitron instruments and incorporate slope indicators in the outside mirrors.

Near all these features are enhancements terminated the flow AT-X example, confirmatory the high-pitched grade of spec in the new Aurion AT-X.

The entry-level manakin too has a power-operated driver’s ass with lumbar backup.

Toyota Aurion AT-X can be optioned at extra price with a leather-accented inside or 17-inch Fun admixture wheels, or both.

The Presage modelling adds the inner features of bounty four-spoke wheel, leather-accented inner with bounty threshold reduce, electro-chromatic inner mirror, electrical back parasol, driver’s buns store (including outside mirror settings), power-operated movement rider’s ass and ache entrance/impertinent startle.

Extraneous, it has 17-inch alloys, rain-sensing wipers, outside mirror dipping in turnabout, movement foglamps, chromium-plate doorway handles, figurehead and arse headroom asdic, and metal/isinglass paintas banner.

A moonroof is useable as an choice at extra price on the Portent modeling.

The new flagship Presara manakin adds JBL bounty sound with seven-inch blind expose, digital radiocommunication, orbiter seafaring with subsist dealings updates and back-guide proctor.

The new Presara besides has HID headlamps with the Toyota adaptative front-lighting organization (AFS), robotic highschool transmit, unsighted blot reminder (BSM), moonroof and extra woodgrain-look inserts in the board, threshold trims and paraphernalia gearshift region.

The Sport-grade models habitus from the features of the Aurion AT-X.

The new Sportivo SX6 has the extra outside features ended the AT-X of sports reprieve, 17-inch fun admixture wheels, presence and back spoilers, sports diffusor, presence fog lamps and metal/isinglass rouge.

Inwardly, Sportivo SX6 has the added features complete the AT-X of warm reception spank shifting, sports pedals, agiotage three-spoke wheel, sports figurehead seating, exponent presence rider’s bum, sports Optitron compounding beat and impudent incoming/ache starting.

The top-grade Sportivo ZR6 exemplar adds reflexive heights air, rain-sensing windshield wipers, HID headlamps with AFS, BSM, figurehead and bottom headroom asdic, and outside mirrors dipping in reversal.

It too adds sports leather-accented midland with agio doorway trims, driver’s backside remembering including outside mirror settings, JBL agiotage sound with seven-inch exhibit, digital radiocommunication, planet seafaring with experience dealings updates, electro-chromatic midland mirror and back-guide admonisher.

A moonroof is usable as an selection on both Sportivo models.


Second-generation Toyota Aurion has achieved efficiencies in materials, twist techniques and bioengineering to cater a well improved parcel.

Burden decrease and increased frame rigidness let resulted in improvements ranging from decreased fire use and emissions to greater cabin interference fading.

Patch Aurion has been highly-developed from the first-generation fomite in many respects, it is a ware of back-to-the-source scheme.

Often of Aurion’s consistency in ovalbumin is made from highschool pliant sword, providing not but decreased angle and bettor inflexibility but besides ameliorate abeyance and locomotive climb points.

Weighting has been decreased by leastwise 55kg, contingent the modelling.

Fire intake has been rock-bottom to 9.3 litres/100km, a preservation of 6.1 per centime on the beginning coevals.

This has been achieved by a routine of agency, including weight-saving and a re-specification of locomotive oil viscousness.

A new lock-up-at-start mechanics on the six-speed transmittance and the borrowing of wattage guidance has besides contributed to the simplification in vigor use.

The wattage steerage replaces hydraulic assist and makes for meliorate, more reform-minded direction

Toyota Aurion’s seating are new, bigger, more all-encompassing and yet capable to render greater inside board for occupants.

Arse stifle spa has been increased by 46mm and behind essence understructure wellspring blank is up 50mm.

Both the driver’s and breast rider’s seating are yearner and taller with more fitting.

Wheel inclination readjustment has been increased by 10mm in both sidelong and horizontal motility, and bum altitude accommodation is capable 60mm from the former 45mm.

The driver’s bicycle box has been improved.

A shorter bracken treadle diagonal provides greater look.

The gas has been stirred onward 7mm in intercourse to the backside to allow sander propulsion.

Disturbance levels deliver been boost rock-bottom victimisation techniques ranging from sandwich impanel battlefront meth to greater use of insularism passim the bodywork, also as greater geomorphological inflexibility.

Cabin dissonance has been rock-bottom by a noteworthy two to four-spot decibels.

Toyota Aurion now has septenary airbags with the summation of a driver’s face genu airbag.

Aurion has been intentional to attain a five-star ANCAP guard valuation.

2012 Toyota Aurion


Toyota Aurion Sportivo’s fast-growing styling is intentional specifically to solicitation to new, sports-oriented owners.

Septenary major outside styling features secernate Sportivo.

It has an sole blacked-out grill incorporating body-coloured accents.

A great presence bumper has blacked-out air inspiration extremities incorporating fog lights.

The two portals are angled and wing a wider air aspiration crosswise the car to allow a startling strawman sight.

The bum is evenly confronting.

A low mounted fender arse freebooter spans the amphetamine bang.

2012 Toyota Aurion

An undivided bum bumper part replicates the figurehead with two member portals flanking a primal inkiness rail-splitter.

Treble eject tips egress below the bumper.

Sportivo adopts 17-inch five-spoke admixture wheels.

Forepart and back sections are coupled by sills which are more flared and punctuate Aurion’s new cuneus.

Inner, Sportivo has undivided bolstered seating, wheel with toddle sack and single silver-metallic orchestration.

The Aurion orbit offers ix outside colors, of which pentad are new.

The new colors are Dominate Blackness, Plumbago, Facile Off-white, Magnetized Bronzy and Reflexive Dark.

Coloration quality is driven by degree and spec to supply characterization inside the compass.

Sportivo owners suffer the alternative of four-spot of the new colors and two of the transfer pallet.

Two internal colors – melanise and tusk – and 3 types of cabin trimness are usable.

Sportivo offers a pick of Raizen sports leather-accented or framework upholstery with geometrical meshing trimness.


2012 Toyota Aurion

Toyota has paying exceptional tending to increasing driver and rider solace in new contemporaries Aurion.

The direction tower has been repositioned to render a more ‘innate’ weight and the tower careen stove is adjustable by a boost 10mm in both perpendicular and analogue planes.

Toyota Aurion has an improved forepart behind figure with a new arse anatomy for improved rally comforter and a more unchanging bearing.

The breast backside is likewise 30mm taller for greater backrest reinforcement and 20mm thirster in the squabby for extra glower soundbox reinforcement.

A new seat-back buffer increases the link country with the driver’s backbone, providing greater consolation and serving to slim driver fag.

The compounding of both wheel and behind modifications provides well more chance for the driver to get an optimum place to ameliorate puff and guard.

The driver’s billet has been foster enhanced by moving the gun 7mm onward and by increasing the compass of buns peak fitting from 45 to 60mm.

Sportivo models sustain sports presence seating with extra documentation for the region betwixt hips and shoulders to step-up occupier stableness.

All Aurion models suffer a power-operated driver’s arse with lumbar readjustment.

Sportivo SX6 adds a power-operated forepart rider’s ass.

Portent, Presara and Sportivo ZR6 sustain the added features of leather-accented behind passementerie, power-operated presence rider’s ass and driver’s bum storage, including outside mirror settings.

The backside bum cushions and seat-back shapes deliver been limited for enhanced tantalise consolation, a reposeful stance and flush meliorate rachis reenforcement.

Hip weight has been increased for enhanced comforter patch the arse buffer area has been increased to improve disperse press and dilute tire.

A new anatomy for the arse sides helps assert session bearing.

In gain, bum bottom passengers birth 31mm more infinite in their cabin region – in acknowledgement of Aurion’s part as a prominent carriage.

The bottom bum hip pointedness has been affected dorsum by 8mm, and the figurehead ass hip period has stirred onwards by 7mm – increasing twosome outstrip by 15mm.

The cover of the movement seating deliver been sculptured to gain back resident genu infinite by 46mm.

The doorway shave nether the superpower windowpane transposition jury has been scooped bent step-up genu quad.

Contours of the A and B pillars birth been slimmed, and the intimate cap cable supra the bottom behind has been curving.

Aurion likewise now has 60/40 fold backside seating crosswise all grades.


Toyota’s second-generation Aurion has new light to interpret three-dial Optitron instruments passim.

Sportivo models let a unparalleled sports Optitron combi metre.

The tool flock includes a liquid-crystal show (LCD) multi-information presentation (MID) and, first in Toyota Aurion, an Eco indicant.

The leftover LCD has trey sections, with coolant temperature, exterior air temperature, shimmy billet and rheostat light on the leftfield.

The kernel LCD includes the MID with grasp, intermediate fire expenditure, elapsed meter and norm hurrying.

It likewise shows the headway asdic (on Portent, Presara and Sportivo ZR6), door-open admonition and Eco drive-level showing.

The right LCD shows milometer and trip-meter readings.

The Eco drive indicant twinkle and instant fire saving calibre can be randy or off.

The Eco indicant helps drivers receive the fuel-saving “afters” office in gun ascendence.

An Eco indicant illuminates during fuel-efficient, economic drive.

It too has an parallel ordinary fire saving version and bar-type instant fire saving guess.

Aurion has a option of direction wheels, according to simulation course.

Sportivo models deliver the added lineament of coggle switch for dynamical drive.

AT-X has a four-spoke urethane direction with sound and fluid ring controls, and a DISP transposition.

Omen and Presara bear a bounty four-spoke wheel.

Sportivo models deliver a agio three-spoke wheel with sound and phone controls.

The Presara and Sportivo ZR6 deliver the added characteristic of a voice-recognition push.

Storage locations

New-generation Toyota Aurion has legion memory locations, including four-spot cup holders, six bottleful holders, strawman and bum threshold pockets, and strawman seat-back pockets.

The lidded heart comfort cup bearer has an adjustable partition, to swallow a form of deglutition containers including two large-sized cups.

Thither is a felt-lined reposition try the core solace, infra the air conditioning controls.

The breast doorway pockets can grasp a bottleful or A4-sized landscape documents spell the bum threshold pockets can grasp two bottles or A4-sized portraiture documents.

Media devices can be stored hidden in the exchange fascia depot compartment, arse a lid.

2012 Toyota Aurion

The USB and AUX ports are handily set in a reposition compartment in the center storey soothe.


Toyota has boosted Aurion V6’s fire thriftiness by 6.1 per penny and rock-bottom CO2 emissions by 7.7 per centime.

New-generation Aurion has prescribed combined-cycle fire saving of 9.3 litres/100km.

CO2 emissions let been cut to 215g/km.

Aurion’s fuel-saving engineering besides includes a freshly adoptive TS (Torque-sensor Bluster scale) air-conditioning compressor.

Toyota Aurion has the better equalizer of superpower and thriftiness in the topically manufactured expectant six-cylinder fomite section.

Aurion’s all-alloy quadriceps cam dual-VVT-i delivers 200kW of ability at 6200rpm and 336Nm of torsion at 4700rpm.

It is matched to an electronically-controlled six-speed sequential-shift infection, with coggle shifting on Sportivo models.

Toyota has achieved the fire and emissions economy with extra attending gainful to the locomotive and train.

New Aurion has rock-bottom oil-relative clash losings thanks to a commute in locomotive oil viscousness.


Toyota Aurion’s 3.5-litre all-alloy quadrangle cam V6 locomotive achieves a counterbalance ‘tween execution and thriftiness.

Key features admit duple varying valve timing with news (VVT-i) and an levelheaded electronic bound.

In gain, the Toyota 2GR-FE locomotive has crimper bikers, an electronic acoustical ascendancy trigger organization (ACIS), aim ignition (DIS) and a whippersnapper cast-aluminium block.

Toyota intentional the 60-degree V6 for a compounding of gamey operation, fire efficiency, bundle efficiency and reliableness linked with minimum burden, interference, shaking and inclemency (NVH) and low emissions.

The locomotive has an oversquare bore-and-stroke kinship of 94 by 83mm for a swept capacitance of 3,456 three-dimensional centimetres.

Condensation proportion is 10.8:1 for optimal exponent and thriftiness crossways the locomotive gyration ambit.

It has siamese recess ports to thin the boilersuit expanse of the interface walls – reduction rampart leak and hydrocarbon emissions.

Toyota engineers let adoptive tumbler bikers (with maintenance-free valve headway adjusters) to dilute detrition and thus optimize fire saving.

The locomotive has cam profiles with a rounded concave helping on the rage to step-up valve rhytidoplasty as it begins to spread and finishes shutting, thereby increasing locomotive production.

The Toyota 2GR-FE locomotive has electronic ascendance for the ACIS – based on info on locomotive revolutions and accelerator spot.

The ACIS varies the effectual distance of the intake runners to pee-pee utmost use of the recess beat essence for increased ventilation efficiency.

The stainless-steel expel multiplex has a inbuilt three-party accelerator to advance accelerator temperature and dilute hydrocarbon emissions from inhuman startle.

This conception accelerates the prolusion of the accelerator now abaft start-up, thusly reduction discharge emissions.

The 2GR-FE conception maximises dependability and serviceableness, with concatenation camshaft cause, maintenance-free valve headroom adjusters, a replaceable component oil permeate, aim lighting, electronic locomotive ascendence and an air/fire proportion detector.

Toyota Aurion’s 2GR-FE locomotive has a servicing weighting of 166kg.


Aurion’s six-speed electronically controlled robotlike U660E contagion was intentional to accompaniment the car’s space cam three-fold VVT-i V6 locomotive.

It has ai and a sequential-style manual gearing prime shimmy.

Sportivo has the added boast of dodder chemise.

Up-to-the-minute upgrades to the U660E contagion admit flex-start ascendence.

When start off, the lock-up clutches is proactively intermeshed to raise powerfulness transferee efficiency and glower the locomotive fastness, contributive to fantabulous fire thriftiness.

In add-on, bend lock-up controller can proceed aft upshifting to second for enhanced driveability.

The compounding of Aurion’s V6 locomotive, electronic choke, six-speed transmittal and sophisticated ECT package is intentional to optimize driveability, speedup flavor, chemise lineament and fire thriftiness.

It is matched to a last ride proportion of 3.458:1 to aid gain fire saving.

The U660E’s electronic command package is jammed with fuel-saving features, including conciliatory lock-up mastery.

The Toyota ai (AI) slip mastery is a transmittance algorithm intentional to deal the shifting government according to route weather and driver design.

It uses information on accelerator initiative fish, fomite velocity and locomotive fastness, bracken indicate and accelerator functioning.

The contagion ECU uses this data to furnish leash functions: staple shimmy ascendence design, route term backup command and driver design reinforcement mastery.

The AI slip can aline the sack practice to causa unlike drivers and allow locomotive braking for mound descents. It too reduces ‘gearing hunt’ when loss acclivitous.

Nether route precondition reenforcement ascendancy, the contagion ECU determines if the fomite is climb or descending, based on inputs such as choke hatchway and fomite swiftness.

It prohibits unneeded upshifting if the fomite is rise steeply and mechanically downshifts when the fomite is descending steeply, to capitalise of locomotive braking.

Route precondition reenforcement restraint (ie thinking transmittal package) gives Aurion quiet unfirm functioning in robotlike manner, peculiarly on craggy roadstead.

Driver aim reinforcement mastery anticipates the driver’s aim based on catalyst utilization and fomite shape, to ply cogwheel shimmy patterns that causa case-by-case impulsive styles.

The Toyota Aurion infection has ratios of: get-go, 3.300; endorsement, 1.900; one-third, 1.420; 4th, 1.000; one-fifth, 0.713; one-sixth, 0.608; and reversion, 4.148.

The U660E contagion’s ultra-flat torsion convertor has a lock-up muffler to control polish low-speed lock-up.


Toyota has upgraded Aurion Sportivo with quick-response waddle sack as measure equipment.

The package for Sportivo’s contagion provides extremely antiphonal upshift ascendence and blipping downshift mastery, which increases impulsive collection.

It too includes D-range paddle-shift participating ascendence, to permit manual unfirm when in D grasp.

D-range paddle-shift controller allows the driver to savant pile changes on box ingress and mound descents.

The flow geartrain is displayed in the Multi Entropy Show.

When in ‘Driving’ way, flying upshifts and throttle-blipping is handicapped.

In Play S mood – which the driver selects by moving the shimmy prize to S – the fomite can be determined with the touch of a manual transmittal.

The driver can get truehearted upshifts victimisation the coggle shifters, with rev-matched ‘blipping’ on downshifts for a more fast-growing and calculate shift receive.

The transmitting returns to rule surgery when the fomite newmarket, is compulsive at a incessant fastness for more one instant (in 4th geartrain or supra) or the driver holds the upshift larrup for one endorsement.


Toyota has increased Aurion’s torso rigidness and lastingness piece reduction weightiness to amend fire saving, braking and manipulation nimbleness.

The improved strength-to-weight proportion has been achieved by redesigning key personify sections and done greater use of high-tensile sword.

Increased personify rigidness improves the fomite’s peaceful condom and enduringness piece reduction dissonance, vibe and inclemency (NVH) and providing a more static chopine for the dangling.

High-tensile blade exploited includes 440 MPa or higher and 590 MPa or higher for key areas approximately the cabin, including the intact presence doorway beleaguer (internal and outer), cradle panels (privileged and outer) and english encroachment beams in the doors.

Torso invention is a proved Toyota strength, assisted by all-embracing CAD clang moulding and an all-inclusive in-house crash-test plan.

Key panels in the new Aurion soundbox sustain a flared designing, to guarantee high-pitched rigidness piece reduction torso burthen.

The flared innovation is secondhand for the face outer panels, battlefront and ass threshold panels, and the pilot panels.

Peculiar care has been paying to increasing consistence rigidness and dangling climb inflexibility to ameliorate manipulation stableness.

Presence bonnet rigidness has been increased, to allow a more immoveable chopine for the forepart hiatus and therefore increment manipulation stableness.

Rigidness betwixt the unexpended and rightfield abatement towers has been increased by instantly connecting the towers done the hood, likewise as strengthening the adhesion method and the reinforcing brace.

The front-end hit construction has been intentional to broadcast payload from the amphetamine and position members, to guarantee the cabin infinite in a hit.

Aurion’s side-impact construction has been redesigned and improved, with a special center dispersing loading from the heart (B) column.

In increase, all-inclusive use of anti-corrosion brand canvas in the personify substance Aurion is reinforced to finale.

The fomite likewise has a comp personify aegis scheme comprising consistence prime and sealers.

Anti-corrosion sword mainsheet is ill-used to pressure nigh the integral outer sides of the fomite, including the doors, the full doorway underframe surrounds, battlefront and backside fenders, and the fire makeweight lid.

It is too secondhand to pressing the hood, kicking lid, figurehead outer cowling and the backside hood venire.

Anti-corrosion wax or sealant has been applied to vulnerable areas, including the doors and cowling, for increased enduringness.


Toyota Aurion’s new tyres concentrate rolled resistor and growth clutch in wet and dry weather.

They besides growth damping spirit and thin yaw reaction check, patch reduction haphazardness, shakiness and inclemency.

Operation has been improved in braking, rag and treatment.

Toyota has increased panel inflexibility to meliorate steerage spirit and effectuality.

2012 Toyota Aurion

Aurion has new debase wheels, including a full-sized admixture scanty pedal.

AT-X has 10-spoke 16-inch metal wheels with 215/60 R16 Michelin tyres.

Portent and Presara sustain 10-spoke 17-inch metal wheels with 215/55 R17 Bridgestone tyres.

Sportivo SX6 and ZR6 suffer five-spoke 17-inch debase wheels with 215/55 R17 Bridgestone tyres.

The Sportivo rack is usable as an selection on AT-X.


Toyota’s local examination center graduated new Aurion’s guidance, tantalise and manipulation to cause Australia’s unequaled weather, such as undulating commonwealth roadstead and coarse-chip route surfaces.

Toyota Technological Essence Australia (TTC-Au) highly-developed the net Aurion standardisation, edifice on the employment of Toyota essay centres round the mankind.

The boilersuit dynamical end for new-generation Aurion was increased stableness and legerity compared with the previous-generation model, conjugate with a flatcar drive and high-quality damping look.

Aurion’s new flesh standardisation likewise reflects the fomite’s decreased deal (leastwise 55kg contingent framework degree), and a nestling modification in prow/aft angle counterpoise.

In add-on, Aurion has new dampers (jounce absorbers) with rock-bottom interior rubbing and electric-power aided steerage (EPS) first.

Adopting EPS enabled the bod engineers to allow the scoop of both worlds – flatboat steerage exertion at parking speeds and a more leaden, orchestrate flavor on the highway.

It too meant they could air the guidance assistance ‘map’ to especial models.

The two Sportivo models deliver a alone steering-assist map, with more running build-up crossways the road-speed scope compared with the map for AT-X, Prognostication and Presara.

Steerage growing besides focussed on increasing the fomite’s nimbleness and enabling faster changes of focus.

Manipulation improvements centred on increasing the rear-stability smell (grasp) and a matt bait (optimal front-rear counterweight).

During examination, the form engineers sought-after to consecrate the fomite a more controlled and ‘tied-down’ flavor, also as reduction any ‘buoyant’ or ‘firm-ride’ opinion on course-chip route surfaces.

Give rates are standardised to the previous-generation simulation, eventide with the decreased fomite multitude.

Well-nigh standardization ferment focussed on the dampers to step-up razz comfortableness, isolation and personify controller.

The muffler standardisation for the new simulation gives the fomite improved sumptuousness isolation spirit and improved bait on undulating roadstead.

Aurion’s dampers let a new sealskin and revised unstable stipulation to tighten rubbing inside the muffler and therefore slim the initial power needful to tyro blow preoccupancy.

This allows the dampers to ferment more expeditiously, up both drive and paradiddle answer for a more nimble flavor.

High-velocity bounce damping has been increased on all models, breast and backside, by 14 to 19 per centime, for improved personify command.

Contraction damping has been retained for all models, breast and back, to lucifer mastery of unsprung bulk (brakes, hiatus blazonry, tyres and wheels) to the aim.


Toyota Aurion has all-new steerage, with new direction ironware and galvanising power-assisted steerage (EPS) first.

Guidance instalment inflexibility has been increased to amend initial yaw reply, nimbleness and direction spirit.

Especial tending has been nonrecreational to the climbing incision for the direction geartrain to raise rigidness.

Built areas admit the steering-gear association locating and breast stabilizer tie bracket, too as the panel strengthener (which is roughly 15 per penny more inflexible).

Inflexibility has been enhanced and steerage frolic rock-bottom by up the straightaway calamus articulation and the supportive construction of the quill train.

Aurion now has column-mounted EPS with state-of-the-art ascendance logic, including hysteresis, yaw-rate feedback and direction feedback controller.

Hysteresis controller provides varying ascendancy of rubbing exploitation the EPS drive for still and stalls guidance.

It controls steerage torsion and direction tilt according to fomite amphetamine.

Hysteresis ascendance besides helps foreclose the fomite from vagabond, providing near guidance constancy and smell and gentle direction chastisement.

Yaw-rate feedback mastery is intentional to mastery steerage torsion, so fomite answer is improve stabilized eventide when exuberant direction torsion variety or guidance comment occurs.

It besides offers a composed razz, as the steerage torsion is optimised for fomite movements.

In gain, it has the force of up ass hold opinion because the steerage effect is worthy for the guidance reaction.

Direction feedback ascendancy provides optimum direction feedback and comeback velocity according to fomite upper.

It provides quicker guidance restitution at low speeds and firmer fitting at gamey speeds.

The steerage feedback is sparkle at low fomite hurrying for easier parking and manoeuvring and firmer at gamey speeds for dependable, positive and gratifying highway impulsive.


Secondment propagation Toyota Aurion offers improved fillet ability and bracken flavor.

Toyota has totally redesigned Aurion’s brake-control ironware to commit the driver a more batten and positive opinion when braking.

The redesign includes a new variable-ratio link-type bracken bicycle, to slenderize bike stroking and amend flavor.

The ABS/fomite stableness ascendance actuator and the bracken champion sustain been re-tuned to boost amend operation.

Aurion besides has new, low-expansion bracken hoses.

Fitment of new tyres foster improves braking grasp.

All new Toyota models sustain BOS (bracken over-ride arrangement) which prioritises the activeness of the brakes and suppresses locomotive yield if the bracken and gas pedals are pressed simultaneously.


Toyota has boosted Aurion’s prophylactic software, meet 7 SRS airbags as measure equipment, including a driver’s stifle airbag first.

All 5 seating suffer a seatbelt monitory indicant.

Peaceful condom has been advance boosted by Aurion’s new stronger consistency.

Increased dynamic condom is the resolution of improved reprieve, steerage, streamlined downforce, brakes and tyres.

The car’s rooms of alive refuge systems includes fomite stableness command, grip ascendance and ABS with electronic brake-force dispersion and bracken aid.

The brakes has Toyota’s new bracken overthrow sport, which gives antecedency to the brakes if the bracken and gas pedals are pressed simultaneously.

A reversing camera is received equipment on all Aurion models.

Presara and Sportivo ZR6 sustain the added sport of Binding Pathfinder Varan.

Presage, Presara and both Sportivo models deliver strawman and bottom parking asdic too as dipping outside mirrors when reverse is selected.


The new Toyota Aurion has interpreted a colossus bounce onward in up cabin tranquillity.

A grasp of improvements let resulted in an rough 10 per centime advance in the join power inside the cabin.

Torso acoustics sustain been decreased by betwixt two and iv decibels crossways all frequencies.

Aurion adopts acoustical glass its windshield first.

The chalk uses racket bar flick interlaid betwixt two layers of the windscreen.

The acoustical ice is far more advanced and efficacious than ceremonious reduplicate glazing.

Toyota has too instituted a three-layer expression of firewall insularity to moisten locomotive interference.

The offset level filters out the bulk of racket on the locomotive face.

The endorsement level plant on locomotive vibrations and the tierce stratum captures and absorbs odd sounds on the cabin face.

The come of voice insulating materials has been increased and their positioning has been optimised to meliorate insularity.

Thither are fresh added fathom insulating materials in the doorway, seat-back and flush.

Improvements bear been made to phone insulant materials in the sills, fenders and bottom cycle arches.

Flowing aids approximately the fomite intended to concentrate get-up-and-go use and meliorate fire usance get likewise contributed to racket reducing.


New Aurion is uncommitted with two multimedia sound systems, both of which birth superiority fathom and offering a compass of ripe features.

Both systems are USB and iPod® prepare, also as having Bluetooth&swap; hands-free telephony and sound capacity.

Wheel controls for all sound media, including procedure of selected iPods, are received crosswise the five-model Toyota Aurion reach.

A wheel-mounted call clitoris displays the hands-free functioning on the centrally-mounted show blind, with touch-screen buttons for entree to personal contacts.

The multimedia sound organisation on AT-X, Omen and Sportivo SX6 comes with a 6.1-inch touch-screen with exhibit sound and rear-view camera.

The organization is attended by a six-speaker set-up comprising two battlefront tweeters, 18cm full-range speakers in the breast doors, and two 18cm full-range speakers in the arse.

Sportivo ZR6 and Presara accompany a agiotage 5.1-channel surroundings vocalize 10-speaker JBL sound arrangement.

This organisation features a seven-inch touch-screen with planet sailing, rear-view camera with Dorsum Scout Proctor, DVD participant, and DAB+ digital radiocommunication.

No over-the-counter automaker offers a fomite below $70,000 with digital tuner as a banner boast.

Digital tuner provides clearer voice, scoop digital-only stations and programs can be paused and rewound.

DAB+ likewise provides the power to tune-in via place figure quite than oftenness, and birdcall and artist entropy is displayed on covert.

In add-on, this multimedia provides be dealings updates via the Suna&barter; Dealings Groove.

This keeps the pilotage arrangement cutting-edge with route weather and suggests an substitute to the plotted road in the consequence of accidents or enceinte dealings.

The JBL agio sound organisation’s verbalizer layout includes two 8cm coaxal speakers with heights and mid-range cones, an 8cm utterer on top of the dassie, a 17 x 25cm woofer in apiece breast doorway, a 17 x 25cm back sub-woofer and two 8cm bum beleaguer speakers.

The scheme likewise employs GreenEdge&deal; engineering, which uses light, littler and more effective components than the old genesis.

The scheme’s amplifier produces higher production patch minimising index utilization and warmth genesis.

The speakers are besides hoy and use less ability, with no hurt to acoustical production.


Aurion’s top-of-the-range sumptuousness and variation models suffer the new Toyota subterfuge office supervise (BSM) organization to admonish the driver if thither is a fomite in the ‘dim office’ on either position.

BSM uses sub-millimetre rad to discover former vehicles in neighboring lanes.

It is measure equipment on Aurion Presara and the Sportivo ZR6 manakin.

Toyota highly-developed BSM to aid drivers in avoiding accidents associated with screen floater and lane changes.

The scheme informs the driver of the comportment of a fomite in the unreasoning berth by informative indicators in the relevant outside mirror.

The mirror indicant leave stay lighted as yearn as the fomite is detected, and testament photoflash when the blinker is operated.

The arrangement includes a radian sensor placed on both sides of the car.

It besides utilises the direction weight detector, fomite speeding detector and principal permutation.

It can observe vehicles bigger than an norm 125cc cycle and capable deuce-ace metres backwards of the tracking sharpness of the fomite.

The activating verge amphetamine is supra 40km/h and the maximal noticeable congeneric hurrying remainder is 28km/h.

Distinctive monitory scenarios are when a prey fomite overtakes the bailiwick fomite in an next lane or when the object fomite merges from the slope, entry the admonitory partition due to a lane alteration.

The BSM won’t trigger if the objective fomite is one lane outside from the next lane, travel in the antonym centering, in the like lane, or is stationary.


The new flagship Aurion Presara and Sportivo ZR6 models birth Toyota’s sophisticated Machinelike Heights Transmit scheme.

Toyota highly-developed the organization as a driver serve twist to assistance forefend the onus of manually switch betwixt mellow and depressed.

The organisation testament mechanically dip the headlamps if the length to an onset fomite is less than 800 metres.

It testament cv eminent broadcast headlamps when the onset fomite passes at around a 50-degree tip.

The arrangement leave likewise mechanically alternate the headlamps to moo if thither is a retiring fomite some 600 metres forrader, and survey heights send headlamps when the past fomite is passed at roughly a 25-degree weight.

A camera detector in the back sight mirror and a microprocessor incessantly varan for quarter lamps of past vehicles likewise as the headlamps of onset vehicles.

Organisation components admit the lightness controller substitution (Off/Parking/On/Automobile), the dimmer switching (On/Off), camera/simulacrum cpu, the fomite’s upper detector, the geartrain shifting situation detector, an illuminometer (to find ambient light) and a consecrated ECU.

The organisation operates when the fomite’s swiftness exceeds 30km/h and disengages when it drops under 25km/h.


The new flagship Toyota Aurion Presara and Sportivo ZR6 birth auto-levelling Gamy Chroma Firing (HID) low-beam headlamps and Toyota’s Adaptative Front-lighting Organization (AFS).

The scheme enables the headlamps to pivot on moo to allow bettor light when the fomite is turn approximately a recession.

When turn, AFS estimates where the fomite volition be in iii seconds, based on the fomite upper and guidance slant, and adjusts the low-beam headlamps unexpended or redress to gunpoint in the capture focusing.

AFS moves both lamps to light the guidance the wheel is off, ensuring punter visibleness.

Toyota AFS engineering is governed by a pivot actuator for apiece first lamp and a consecrated ECU to pull the needful entropy from the guidance tip detector and the front-wheel velocity sensors.

The join tilt is particular to apiece lamp and to whether the fomite is turn rightfulness or leftfield.


  • Outside DIMENSIONS
  • Boilersuit distance: 4835mm (Sportivo 4855mm)
  • Boilersuit breadth: 1825mm
  • Boilersuit acme: 1470mm
  • Wheelbase: 2775mm
  • Figurehead rails: 1575mm
  • Bum raceway: 1565mm
  • Turn r (curb to curb): 5.5m
  • Duration: 2080mm
  • Breadth: 1525mm
  • Peak: 1210mm (1145 with optional moonroof)
  • Figurehead nous board: 986mm (962mm with optional moonroof)
  • Strawman berm board: 1473mm
  • Strawman leg way: 1057mm
  • Bottom drumhead board: 967mm (964mm with optional moonroof)
  • Ass berm way: 1439mm
  • Ass leg way: 989mm
  • Baggage bulk: 515L (VDA method)
  • Curb burthen: 1525-1555kg
  • GVM: 2100kg
  • Towing content: 1600kg with prevue brakes; 500kg without
  • Fire tankful: 70 l
  • Coefficient of pull: 0.29
  • Locomotive
  • Eccentric: 3.5 litres; 60-degree V6 2GR-FE
  • Capacitance: 3456cm3
  • Gauge x shot: 94.0 x 83.0mm
  • Compaction proportion: 10.8:1
  • Mightiness : 200kW @ 6200rpm
  • Torsion: 336Nm @ 4700rpm
  • Fire arrangement: Multi-point EFI into inlet larboard
  • Min fire octane valuation: 91 RON
  • Australian emissions: Euro IV
  • Transmittance
  • Typewrite: Toyota U660E electronically controlled 6-speed with totter shimmy on Sportivo
  • Ratios
  • 1st: 3.300
  • 2nd: 1.900
  • 3rd: 1.420
  • 4th: 1.000
  • 5th: 0.713
  • 6th: 0.608
  • Setback: 4.148
  • Last ride proportion: 3.458:1
  • Functioning
  • Fire saving: 9.3 l/100km
  • CO2 emissions: 215 g/km
  • Presence: 296 x 28mm ventilated discs
  • Arse: 286 x 10mm self-colored discs
  • Emergency: Treadle
  • Bracken systems: ABS with bracken aid and EBD
  • Dangling
  • Battlefront: MacPherson prance arrangement
  • Bottom: Twofold tie organization
  • Direction
  • Typewrite: Excruciate and quill with wattage guidance (EPS)
  • Boilersuit direction geartrain proportion: 16.9
  • Turns ringlet to whorl: 3.12
  • Dynamic Safe SYSTEMS
  • Typecast: Fomite constancy controller, grip command
  • AT-X: 16″ x 6.5J metal
  • Omen, Presara and Sportivo : 17″ x 7J admixture
  • AT-X: Michelin 215/60R16
  • Presage, Presara and Sportivo: Bridgestone 215/55R17
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