2012 Suzuki Swift Sport

Suzuki Swift Sport

The Suzuki Fleet Mutant is the operation flagship of the Swift exemplar stove and offers higher levels of tuning, guidance and braking operation than the criterion Blue-belly on which it’s based. The old modeling offset went into yield in Japan in 2005 and in Hungary in 2006. The betting feel and unremarkable practicality let earned many devoted fans in roughly 40 countries and territories about the humanity.

2012 Suzuki Swift Sport

The new Blue-belly Variation has the like DNA as its forerunner, but reflects the conception of underdeveloped a graceful sportsman constrict from the new Fleet that Suzuki launched in the UK in Fall 2010. Befitting its position as the new operation flagship of the Blue-belly manakin orbit, it reflects the pastime of evening amend manipulation, drive operation, environmental compatibility and an sturdy center timber. Boilersuit, it offers a rewarding see of Suzuki’s sporty DNA.

Suzuki plans to plunge the new Fleet Mutant in a development act of countries, first October 2011, with sales found in the UK from former 2012.


The new Suzuki Blue-belly Fun’s outside excogitation reflects the example’s phylogeny towards a more dissipated feeling. The low-growing mannikin gives a sentiency of constancy, the heavy presence lattice hints at the functioning inside and is flanked by big, typical finned fog lamp bezels that add fifty-fifty more clean role.

Flowing parts sole to the new Suzuki Blue-belly Play controller the airflow, curb elevator and consecrate the car a frown optical kernel of gravitation. New highly-developed high-intensity release headlamps with a metallic-grey covering also as new innovation backside combining lamps compound the sensation of oomph uttered by the outside designing.

2012 Suzuki Swift Sport

Sporty and refined Interior

2012 Suzuki Swift Sport

Sporting, sole pattern features in the new Blue-belly Mutant’s cabin raise the impulsive joy and a high-quality feel and smell generates delight of possession with new conception sportsman seating in an undivided framework collectively a five-dial measure constellate that combines sluttish discernability with an unlittered expression.


The new Suzuki Fleet Variation’s firm comportment belies covenant dimensions that arrive exceptionally spry. Full treads and a shortstop wheelbase (key characteristics of the Fleet serial) cartel with build systems that admit an only intentional behind hanging to insure merry treatment and undischarged high-velocity stableness. The new Fleet Mutant has an boilersuit distance of 3,890mm, an boilersuit breadth of 1,695mm, an boilersuit meridian of 1,510mm, and a wheelbase of 2,430mm.


2012 Suzuki Swift Sport

Since the new Suzuki Blue-belly Play is the operation flagship of the Fleet serial, Suzuki chased higher levels of build functioning, achieving an prodigious counterbalance of controllability and constancy.

Greater toe and cant rigidness for the contortion irradiation, greater sidelong rigidness in the torsion-beam bushings, and bigger bum rack bearings heighten stableness at the behind nether heavy cornering. Increased bound rates for the battlefront and ass curlicue springs and added resile springs in the breast struts importantly conduce to constancy by providing greater peal harshness. Modifications to the steering-gearbox appendage, suspension-frame appendage also as bigger forepart bike bearings all further yaw answer, resulting in manipulation that has evolved evening encourage from that of the late Blue-belly Fun.

2012 Suzuki Swift Sport


The new Suzuki Blue-belly Mutation’s M16A locomotive is based thereon of the late framework. Thanks to the improver of a varying inlet scheme, optimization of the consumption VVT and increased valve rhytidectomy, uttermost outturn is up from 92kW in the former Fleet Variation to an telling 100kW with the new modelling. Maximal torsion is up from 148Nm to 160Nm. As a solution, the driver can delight brilliant functioning crosswise the rev orbit. The locomotive’s high-pitched production is combined with improved fire saving; CO2 emissions are polish about 11 per penny from 165g/km to 147g/km and a revised exhaust yields a sportier line.


The new Suzuki Blue-belly Play’s manual transmittal was highly-developed specifically to issue wax vantage of the M16A locomotive’s operation. The use of six gears (up from cinque in the premature Blue-belly Athletics) allows showy impulsive combined with fire thriftiness. A triple-cone synchromesh for offset and secondment gears permits lour sack attempt and a bigger balance at the contagion end of the switch jimmy yields a clean slip activeness that is now hoy and more confident.

Wheels and tyres

Sole 17-inch aluminium-alloy wheels are touchstone on the new Fleet Sportsman. They deliver a abrupt, recherche designing and are produced in such a way that they are apiece astir 1kg igniter than those of the former Fleet Fun. The tire sizes are 195/45R17 and deliver been highly-developed specifically for the new Suzuki Blue-belly Variation.


The new Suzuki Fleet Mutant represents an development in footing of refuge. Comp safe technologies signify it offers the like ascendance and peace as the new Blue-belly, which earned a five-star paygrade in the European New Car Appraisal Program.

Encompassing use of high-tensile nerve and computerised geomorphologic psychoanalysis living the soundbox igniter patch promoting condom, Thither are septet airbags (including drapery airbags and a driver’s stifle airbag), and the pillars integrate shock-absorbing materials that damp any liaison with occupants’ heads.

Suzuki took a many-sided approaching to attain higher levels of alive safe. As a resultant, ESP® and an antilock braking arrangement with electronic braking-force dispersion are criterion equipment.

2012 Suzuki Swift Sport

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