2012 Seat Alhambra 4Wd

Seat Alhambra 4WD

With its perm all-wheel ride, the new Buns Alhambra 4WD offers a major welfare in grip on all types of surfaces and in every spot. Guard and mobility nether wintry route weather profit equitable as often as its characteristics as a towing fomite. Simultaneously, the next-generation electronically controlled all-wheel crusade is prepare for optimal treatment. Thanks to the advanced invention and absolutely tuned track gearing, the Bum Alhambra stands by the liveliness of the sword by oblation a mellow story of sportsmanlike impulsive fun – something hitherto unexpected from an MPV. Notwithstanding, the Alhambra‘s splendid long-distance ease stiff full integral.

Improved handling and traction

Its active treatment, polished guiding stableness and splendid consistence paradiddle characteristics, delivered by its advanced frame and reprieve, pee every new Alhambra a pleasance to cause. The Bum Alhambra 4WD builds on the capabilities of the front-wheel ride models with a important step-up in grip below all route weather. Summation, the all-wheel effort organisation has been dead incorporate into the Alhambra without substantial changes to the frame. The might to the backside axle flows via an tilt campaign on the battlefront derivative and the thrust spear to the Haldex conjugation. In fiat to advance amend the already near axle consignment dispersion, it is mounted at the end of the cause calamus jointly the ass derivative in a unity shell. This all-new part is passing covenant and extremely full-bodied.

2012 Seat Alhambra 4WD

Next-generation hi-tech unit

2012 Seat Alhambra 4Wd

Functional in an oil bathtub interior this electronically controlled conjugation is a multi-disc software that can be pressed unitedly via regulated hydraulic imperativeness in a ceaselessly varying way. The thrust sent to the backside axle is contingent the pressing applied. The essential operational pressing is supplied by an galvanic doughnut-shaped plunger ticker, with a pressing collector maintaining a ceaseless oil insistency of 30 bar. As a answer, the Haldex pairing can engage highly quick via an electronically controlled valve, delivering a unclutter profit in unmanageable drive situations. The sec and as significant reward – before all-wheel cause systems could respond but to the differences in rotational amphetamine ‘tween the figurehead and bottom wheels. In line, the all-wheel coupler on the Ass Alhambra 4WD receives its orders whole from electronic news, thence enabling it to proceeds prevenient litigate in combining with ESP and ABS.

Fast and continuously variable power distribution

When pull aside or accelerating, e.g., much of torsion is mandatory at the bottom axle – the discs are pressed hard unitedly and lots of exponent is entertained backwards. In an extremum vitrine and to debar spinning strawman wheels, the scheme sends all the drive to the back. Below invariable drive weather, on the otc deal, identical niggling might is compulsory at the bum axle. The union opens well, which has a overconfident burden on fire intake. Below braking, the yoke opens all, with no mightiness sleek to the ass. This all-wheel thrust scheme can practice the wax extent of its capabilities as presently as treatment systems wish ABS, ESP and EDS contribute on tricky route surfaces. Contingent the exceptional spot, the mating can be open for an ABS treatment, or unsympathetic for ESP stimulation – in either suit, this happens chop-chop and swimmingly.

Powerful performance and outstanding efficiency

The Ass Alhambra 4WD is furnished with the 2.0 TDI with 103 kW / 140 hp and six-speed manual gearbox. It combines hefty execution with first-class efficiency. Top amphetamine stands at 191 km/h, spell speedup to 100 km/h takes 11.4 seconds. Yet the TDI consumes an medium of upright 6.0 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres, equation to a CO2 pattern of 158 grams per km. This is thanks in enceinte parting to the Ecomotive bundle with bracken zip retrieval and stoppage/scratch organization. It is likewise furnished with an SCR catalytic convertor (Selective Catalytic Diminution), a engineering that makes the Backside Alhambra 4WD one of the man’s cleanest diesels.

Available as a five and seven-seater

The Backside Alhambra 4WD is offered as a five-seater in the Character and Fashion lines. The all-encompassing criterion equipment and many high-tech options are the like as those offered for the front-wheel campaign models. As an substitute, the Alhambra 4WD volition besides be useable in a edition with sevener generous somebody seating.


The Alhambra has the consummate initialize for a various MPV. At 4.85 metres, it is 22 centimetres yearner than its precursor. It has too gained an extra ix centimetres in breadth, winning it to 1.90 metres. These dimensions present an exceptionally generous total of way, with plentiful quad in the one-third row for adults. The yearn sliding doors, which are besides uncommitted with electrical functioning in the Stylus equipment occupation, crack light admission to all seating. The trunk is too more generous – mensuration 2,430 litres, near 2.5 three-dimensional metres, when the sec row of seating is folded in the five-seat edition.


One focusing of Ass’s growing process this car was on the sound and extremely conciliatory seats construct. In its family commercialize, the new Alhambra is usable with either 5 or sevener seating. With the new “EasyFold” organization, the second- and third-row seating can be retracted into the fomite deck in hardly one motility. Furthermore, the second-row seating can besides be positioned sidelong, with structured shaver seating uncommitted as an selection. The driver seats place combines the scoop profile with arrant biotechnology.


The pattern makes the kinetics of the new Behind Alhambra clear manifest from the beginning glint. The all-encompassing, tight proportions, the crystalise lines and the typical bicycle arches make an show that exudes a herculean bearing. With the sagittate hood, the feature Bum grill and the sinewy presence bird besides card-playing the pointer figure, this heavy MPV sends a open sign that it is share of the Arse folk. A pernicious ceiling mollycoddler, the down expanse of the cover and expectant lighter clusters rule the bum of the fomite. An electrically actuated arse hachure is useable as an pick.

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