2012 Porsche Panamera Diesel

Porsche Panamera Diesel

From Berlin to Bologna on sole one cooler of fire: With a scope in overabundance of 1,200 kilometres (~746 miles) the new Porsche Panamera Diesel is a dear bet as a clearly frugal GT ginmill. The long-range cruiser with an telling act of amphetamine combines the gaudy attributes of Porsche’s Granny Turismo folk with distinctive diesel characteristics such as model fire thriftiness and loads of pull superpower. In the summons, the new four-door car provides yet another bloom lesson of “Porsche Healthy Functioning”, reflected in apiece and every growing.

The locomotive characteristics of the new Panamera Diesel enable it to return sprints and climbs effortlessly in its tread. Typically for a diesel, 550 N metres of rated torsion – 50 Nm more for the Panamera S with V8 locomotive – are applied to the crankshaft betwixt 1,750 rpm and 2,750 rpm. Twin with the extremely effective eight-speed Tiptronic S, this ability growth enables the Nanna Turismo to accomplish in-gear speedup from 80 km/h to 120 km/h (~50 mph to 75 mph) in 4.5 seconds, e.g..

Visually the Porsche Panamera Diesel resembles the Panamera with the V6 gasoline locomotive, the outside remainder existence the “diesel” inscription on the forepart doors and the tailpipe covers peculiarly highly-developed for the diesel. In damage of its impulsive kinetics and comforter, the new fourdoor fomite is a true Porsche Granny Turismo through. It features sword springs as banner. Porsche Dynamic Reprieve Direction (PASM) adaptative muffler ascendance and adaptative air dangling with extra air intensity are uncommitted as an alternative. This makes for a real blanket scatter of respite characteristics with promote heighten ments to tantalise quilt on the one paw and real gaudy drive kinetics on the early.

2012 Porsche Panamera Diesel

The compounding of such a gamy degree of efficiency and operation cannot be achieved by high-quality campaign concepts unique. The “Porsche Sound Functioning” rationale is likewise ostensible in the tight jackanapes invention. E.g., axles, doors, cowl, wings and behind lid are made of al to livelihood the fomite burden low. Highly-developed from the showtime as a four-seater fomite, in footing too of internal conception and the soul ease of apiece and every resident the Nan Turismo ploughs its own groove. Withal its classifiable flatbed and stretched silhouette, 4.97 metres in duration and a simple 142 centimetres eminent, the Porsche Panamera Diesel sets the measure in its family for a signified of quad on all 4 seating.

Highly efficient: V6 diesel with 2000 bar injection pressure

The three-litre, six-cylinder V locomotive below the Porsche Panamera Diesel’s cowl is the province of the art in diesel engineering: Car commencement/layover role, plebeian rails aim injectant done piezo valves at a pressing of 2000 bar, turbocharging employing an electrically controlled varying geometry turbocharger (VGT) and expelling ascendence achieved by controlled release gas recirculation, oxidisation accelerator and speck filtrate. This is how eminent functioning, generous torsion and low intake receive themselves attended by placid run, dependableness and low emissions. The Panamera Diesel satisfies the Euro 5 restrict values and is sanctioned consequently. The V6 deeds so expeditiously that lone comparatively footling estrus clay to be evacuated by the chilling irrigate. To assure well-off rider compartment temperatures disdain frigidity brave the heat is supplemented by an supplemental warmer.

Even more economical with auto start/stop function and electrical system recuperation

The Porsche Panamera Diesel features an car scratch/occlusion use that mechanically switches off the locomotive when the fomite is stationary and the bracken cycle is unbroken downhearted – e.g. at dealings lights or in over-crowding. If the bracken is released the arrangement restarts the locomotive. The purpose’s processes are optimised to such an extent that restarting is especially unwritten. The procedure economises on fire and reduces CO2 emissions, without the driver having to alter his impulsive habits. Sound and communicating systems retain to workplace contempt the locomotive beingness switched off; the air conditioning scheme ensures that the selected temperature is retained The locomotive restarts if more zip or chilling content is requisite. The motorcar scratch/blockage office can be excited or deactivated by urgent a push. In sealed situations the role is dormant, e.g. when the out-of-door temperature is rattling heights, on plunge gradients or when the barrage guardianship is low.

As altogether Panamera models, electric organization convalescence too provides extra fire thriftiness with the barrage beingness aerated mainly during braking phases. When the car is accelerating, on the otc paw, the alternator’s charging flow is rock-bottom – the burning locomotive doesn’t motive to provide as often index for charging the bombardment.

Basic engine with balance shaft, rocker arm and swirl flap

The introductory locomotive in the new Porsche Panamera Diesel comprises a crankcase with two banks of cylinders minded at an lean of 90 degrees to one another and made of vermiculate plumbago form press. A counterbalance dick is fitted to ameliorate shine linear. The six cylinders let an 83 millimeter (~3.3 inches) eagre, the plunger stroking is 91.4 (3.6 inches) millimetres conceding a sum shift of 2,967 cc. The aluminum cylinder heads apiece suit two camshafts and quadruplet vertically mounted valves per cylinder. The valves are actuated by low rubbing cradle blazonry with hydraulic valve headway recompense elements. The vertically mounted and centrally set injector is placed direct supra the fundamental plunger deferral. This innovation ensures a beneficial mix shaping, resulting in low fire intake and low tucker emissions.

The multiply service both banks of cylinders contains a unceasingly varying eddy flaps. Contingent the locomotive upper and lading, the purl fuss spot controls the arcdegree of convolution of the inhalation air. The flaps is unopen when the locomotive is loafing and at low revs. This induces a marked eddy force for improved intermixture constitution. From an locomotive speeding of roughly 1,250 rpm, the flapping is clear incessantly. The increased air throughput ensures that the burning bedroom is wellspring aerated. From an locomotive upper of about 2,750 rpm, the whirl flaps is amply out-of-doors.

Precision injection system with piezo-controlled injectors

The six-cylinder locomotive is supplied with fire via a green revile organization in which the diesel fire is at a coerce of capable 2000 bar and is made usable to the injectors by agency of shortstop injector track. This presents 3 meaning advantages: The injectant pressing is well-nigh freely-selectable in the feature map, the gamy injectant coerce permits an optimum assortment constitution and the injectant successiveness with its pre-, briny and post-injections can be intentional to be rattling compromising.

2012 Porsche Panamera Diesel

The fire is injected into the burning chambers by piezo-controlled injectors that transposition inside less than one ten 1000th of a indorsement. The antonym piezoelectricity is exploited to ascendence the piezo-actuator: At a emf of 110 – 148 volts, the piezo actuator expands by capable 0.03 mm. This core is applied to the hooter goad, thereby orifice the shot channel. Compared with magnetically controlled shot valves, in piezo engineering the moving multitude of the schnozzle goad has been decreased by some 75 per penny.

This burden step-down makes for real short-change switch multiplication, just governable shot quantities and accordingly various extremely precise injections per employment bike. In the Porsche Panamera Diesel as many as five-spot fond injections per employment oscillation are envisaged contingent the operational item: At low locomotive revolutions the study cycles/second is initiated by two pre-injections, the shot of the briny amount is followed by two post-injections. This construct combines low emissions with a quiet burning treat.

VTG supercharger for optimal boost pressure adjustment

A varying geometry turbocharger and downriver burster air tank supplies the burning air. As in the 911 Turbo, the turbocharger features adjustable guide-blades which can be victimised to alter the turbine’s press build-up characteristics. At low locomotive revolutions, the adjustable guide-blades work highschool torsion and dear reactivity by ensuring the turbine achieves a highschool insistency build-up and so content for sour with guide-blades “unopen” and masses current rates hush low. When locomotive revolutions addition, the guide-blades are unendingly open, thereby ensuring the last potential fire ingestion by reduction the release backpressure. The guide-blades are familiarized by an galvanic motive, ensuring identical loyal and accurate guide-blade allowance and thence unwritten locomotive reaction.

At wax payload the utmost encourage pressing is roughly 2.5 bar and is generated in overabundance of locomotive speeds of 1,750 rpm. To attain a gamey cylinder tutelage and hence a self-generated build-up of torsion combined with low part temperatures, the air tight, and thusly het, by the turbocharger has to be cooled cover devour again. This tax is performed by two charge-air tank unofficially of the front-end.

Sophisticated exhaust system ensures exemplary low emissions performance

The advanced exhaust ensures that the stream Euro 5 received limits are well met. According to the locomotive’s feature map, a proportionality of the untreated gases is already fed cover into the burning serve done the eject gas recircu lation circle. The ensuing supplying of sluggish gases causes the crown burning temperature to be decreased, thereby keen n oxide emissions. A tank in the fumes gas recirculation lap ensures a boost reducing in burning temperature and likewise that a greater quan tity of release gases can be recirculated.

Downriver of the turbocharger, the discharge gases qualifying successively done the oxidisation catalytic convertor, diesel particulate trickle (DPF) and muffler. The extent to which the particulate filtrate is clotted with smut is deliberate by two pre-programmed hindering models in the locomotive ascendence organization. One of the models is deliberate from the exploiter’s impulsive visibility jointly signals from beat gas temperatures and o detector. The former impeding manakin is provided by the flowing resistivity in the DPF, measured exploitation signals from the release gas force detector, the expel gas temperature detector and air masses time.

The particulate dribble necessarily to be regenerated at even intervals to forestall it from hindering with lampblack particles, so impairing its surgery. The smut particles that get accrued in the atom percolate are burnt during the re-formation summons. A note is careworn ‘tween inactive re-formation of the catalytically-coated particulate trickle (without involving the locomotive ascendence organization) and dynamic re-formation (involving the locomotive controller organisation). Both processes hap unnoticed by the driver. Thanks to DPF engineering, particulate expelling is as low as a simple 7.6 per centime of the permitted restrain measure.

Tiptronic S with special shift program

2012 Porsche Panamera Diesel

The Porsche Panamera Diesel is useable alone with the eight-speed Porsche automatonlike transmitting, the Tiptronic S. Its ascendancy plan was peculiarly bespoken to the diesel: Because of the constrict velocity grasp the shifting detail settings are wholly unlike to those in the Panamera S Hybrid, which is the alone former Grandma Turismo to be weaponed with the eightspeed transmittance. In recitation the Panamera Diesel’s slip demeanour is mostly standardized thereto of a Nan Turismo with PDK infection. The switching points in the diesel Tiptronic S are customised to impulsive flair and path visibility. Instead, as is common with Porsche, the appurtenance can be changed manually by a cradle alternate on the wheel or by gently poignant the chooser prise. In rescript to beam the V6’s highschool torsion with the minimal of passing, the convertor features a locking clutches. To keep fire, the Tiptronic S features stationary decoupling synchronized with the motorcar first/layover procedure, mechanically selecting the impersonal berth if the foundation bracken is excited when the fomite is stationary, the locomotive is track and the route open is storey.

Greater dynamics via the sport button

In vulgar with all the early Panameras, the new diesel example enables the driver to pressing the athletics clit to take betwixt received tuning and a variation mood. With athletics modality excited, the locomotive responds more impromptu and the gas feature sheer becomes steeper. The reflex transmittance, on with air abatement and Porsche Combat-ready Hanging Direction (PASM) if applicable, are likewise tuned to micturate them correspondingly sportier. The automobile first/closure routine is besides deactivated.

Steel spring suspension as standard, PASM and air suspension if desired

The Porsche Panamera Diesel features brand bounce reprieve as measure. On the breast axle it comprises full supporting blade bounce struts with unified similitude subway dampers and a springiness muffler whole on the bum axle. The new diesel simulation too features al double-wishbone abatement at the forepart and al multi-link abeyance at the bum for gui nick the axles. As a solvent, the blade saltation dangling delivers sportsmanlike and prosperous treatment, enabling the Panamera to answer forthwith and with poise to unlike route open weather.

Combat-ready PASM is useable as an pick. This ceaselessly adjusts the muffler forces contingent route airfoil weather and drive manner. The muffler settings can be familiarised by the driver in trey stages – Quilt, Athletics, Mutation Asset. Porsche besides offers adaptative air hiatus including PASM as an pick. This provides a payload recompense levelling sy base, three-stage acme readjustment and governable adjunct loudness for modifying the give rank. This makes for a blanket variant in manipulation betwixt well-situated and rattling clean.

Superior brake system, with ceramic system as an option

The Porsche Panamera Diesel’s braking organisation is intentional for execution with Porsche’s craft grade fillet exponent. The braking exponent on the battlefront axle is provided by six-piston aluminum monobloc fixed-calliper brakes and 360 millimeter diam bracken discs. Four-piston aluminum monobloc fixed-calliper brakes and 330 millimeter diam bracken discs are fitted on the behind axle. Porsche Constancy Direction (PSM), featured as criterion, contains the bracken help, vehicle-trailer stabilization and the pre-filling of the brakes to thin the fillet outdistance in emergencies. The galvanic emergency mechanically disengages when moving off. The especially effective and race-proven Porsche Ceramic Complex Bracken (PCCB) organisation is useable as an alternative for the Panamera Diesel too.

2012 Porsche Panamera Diesel

Typical Panamera look with a unique personality

With its proportions smelling of definitive Porsche excogitation forms, the Porsche Panamera Diesel stands out in its fomite year. The new simulation features halogen headlights as measure, the Bi-Xenon scheme is useable as an pick as are the cornering lights of the Porsche Active Lighter Arrangement (PDLS). The incline windowpane surrounds are in mat melanize. The new diesel manakin features two ellipse one tailpipes in fleecy al that point back, so emphasising the Panamera’s dynamical ass visibility. The Porsche Panamera Diesel runs on 18-inch metal wheels with a five-spoke conception fitted as banner, offer a glance of blackness bracken callipers.

Interior equipment with all Panamera options

In footing of atmosphere and equipment, the Porsche Panamera Diesel’s rider compartment offers the distinctive graceful and gaudy stock that is the trademark of every Porsche Grannie Turismo. The consolation seating with their electrical eight-way fitting of backside acme, behind and back fish besides as stem/aft accommodation are included in the criterion equipment. Winning this to the succeeding story are the Puff Retention Bundle with galvanising 14-way registration and the adaptative sports seating including Puff Retention Box with elevated arse face bolsters and galvanic 18-way fitting usable as an choice. Het driver and figurehead rider seating or heat for all foursome seating is uncommitted if coveted. Standardized to former models, the Porsche Panamera Diesel features two-zone robotic clime ascendance as measure with fork temperature restraint and air dispersion for driver and breast rider. Four-zone robotlike clime restraint is useable as an alternative.

2012 Porsche Panamera Diesel

The CDR-31 sound scheme is too included in the touchstone equipment with seven-inch color covert, ten speakers and a sum outturn of 100 w. Pickings this to the following story is the iii level oblation comprising the Porsche Communicating Direction (PCM), BOSE® Environs Voice Arrangement or Burmester® High-End Beleaguer Fathom Scheme. Too useable as an pick for the Panamera’s V6 models besides are the fellow person equipment options, such as e.g. ParkAssist strawman and arse, Porsche Ingress & Effort or adaptative sail command.

Specifications of the Porsche Panamera Diesel

2012 Porsche Panamera Diesel
  • Deracination: 2,967 cc
  • Aegir: 83 mm (3.3″)
  • Stroking: 91.4 mm (3.6″)
  • Condensation Proportion: 16.8:1
  • Locomotive Might: 184 kW (~250 hp) at 3,800-4,400 rpm
  • Max. Torsion: 550 Nm at 1,750-2,750 rpm
  • Exponent Turnout per L: 62.0 kW/liter (~84.3 hp/l)
  • Utmost Revs: 4,600 rpm
  • Fire Typewrite: Diesel
  • Execution
  • Top swiftness: 242 km/h (~150 mph)
  • 0-100 km/h (62 mph): 6.8 s
  • 0-160 km/h (99 mph): 16.8 s
  • 0-200 km/h (124 mph): 30.4 s
  • 0-1,000 metres (~3,280 ft): 27.3 s
  • Fire Usance
  • Urban: 8.1 litres/100 km
  • Extra-urban: 5.6 litres/100 km
  • Combined: 6.5 litres/100 km
  • CO2 Emissions: Sum 172 g/km
  • Expelling Family: Euro 5
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