2012 Pagani Huayra

Pagani Huayra

The infinity of the factor air. Lenify and neat, yet the forcefulness of the flatus it is able-bodied to fret eve the toughest of materials parturition to classifiable shapes known in nature. Graceful and brawny the Pagani Huayra merges the yesteryear, introduce and next in a dateless interpreting of self-propelled art.

The styling of the car was perfected ended the path of 5 days to get apiece contrast’s root and end. During this cogitation, octad plate models were created, too as two 1:1 models, apiece an development of the premature in a ne’er closing pursuance to perfective the mannequin and purification the meaning.

The bi-xenon headlamps are equitable one of the many valued gifts from the Zonda R, and LED daylight operative lights are seamlessly unified in the ovoid cast of the designing. The ass bumper integrates with the diffusor and is henpecked by an oviform framing that surrounds the 4 key fumes outlets, now decent a feature Pagani component.


The new fundamental monocoque on the Pagani Huayra is an alone new conception made from carbontitanium. Yet, with the mark annexe doors slip trench into the ceiling, practically enquiry was focussed on achieving the highest levels of inflexibility done the coating of new forward-looking complex materials and technologies outset well-tried on the Zonda R. The fire tankful is placed integrally in the outflank saved ar of the monocoque, butt the driver, built by refuge cadre made of dissimilar complex and ballistic materials. The figurehead and arse CrMo subframes crack an surpassing rigidity-to-weight proportion to allowing the suspensions to oeuvre at their trump piece incorporating an sophisticated vigour fascinating clang construction, make to protect the occupants in the unconvincing consequence of an shock.

2012 Pagani Huayra

2012 Pagani Huayra

The ne’er end pursue weightiness reducing resulted too into the compounding of morphological and non-structural or esthetic elements. An instance is the desegregation of all airing air ducts into the monocoque’s construction, fashioning the use of extra parts and ducts unneeded.

The termination of this attending to point is a fomite deliberation 1.350 kg fashioning the Pagani Huayra the lightest sportscar in its stratum.


Mercedes-AMG provides the nerve for the Pagani Huayra. The 60 point 12 cylinder turbocharged locomotive with a supplanting of 5980 cm3 has been highly-developed not barely to play the strictest expert and character requirements, but too to consecrate the car its many faces.

The calmness and harmoniousness of drive one of the reality’s nigh processed GT car is fitful when the driver calls upon the Pagani Huayra to loose its 700 hp and Century Nm of torsion. The turbos deliver been studied to go prompt reply to the slightest choke comment, bountiful the driver wax mastery ended the locomotive at any rpm and preventing undesirable delays in the saving of superpower.

The locomotive’s systems birth been intentional and tried to rise to the about untoward weather of temperature and operation. The Pagani Huayra has been subjected to the highs of Last Vale and the lows of the Rubber Rope. The two sidelong radiators are positioned in the movement to vouch the outdo chilling efficiency of the intercoolers situated complete the cylinder heads. Dry cesspool lubrication ensures an optimum oil fertilize to the locomotive eve when the car is subjected to the almost uttermost sidelong accelerations. It besides regulates the oil current so that but the requisite quantity of lube is really wired into the locomotive from the international oil tankful, reduction the rubbing caused by an extravagant book of lube inwardly the locomotive cesspit. An oil/irrigate estrus exchanger reduces prolusion multiplication by warming the locomotive lube during coldness commencement and keeps locomotive coolant and lubricator levels at stabilise useable temperatures. All-embracing slant redemptive programs led to cunning yet bare solutions. In edict to concentrate hoses and connections as lots as potential is reinforced direct to the locomotive. The intercooler covers attend as elaboration tanks to the frigidity circumference and the locomotive coolant circumference. The perpendicular fins impart to the chilling of the tanks.

The M158 locomotive is homologated to fill the strictest environmental regulations, EU5 and LEV2. Contempt the gain of might compared to the former Mercedes-AMG V12 engines highly-developed for Pagani, CO2 emissions besides as the fire usance birth been rock-bottom, to shuffling the Pagani Huayra family star amongst 12 cylinder sports cars with values that are several of practically littler vehicles in the commercialize. The two leg fire ply scheme features two microprocessor controlled pumps alimentation fire to the locomotive with the s ticker but excited when requirement, frankincense reduction the zip compulsory to run the fire pumps and eliminates the wastefulness of extravagant fire organism transported and het in the fire lines. This efficiency combined with a enceinte 85 litre fire cooler see Pagani Huayra’s m touring power.

As an court to the decennial custom of Mercedes-AMG in construction mankind year sports car engines, the M158 displays the historical AMG allegory on the inlet multiplex aboard the gens of the technician that assembled the locomotive by give at the Mercedes-AMG hq in Affalterbach, Germany.

The Ti exhaust has been engineered by MHG-Fahrzeugtechnik and is a organise covering of raceway proved technologies on a highschool functioning route car and the ended tucker weighs less than 10 kg. Hydroformed junctions are victimised to cut backpressure and warrantee a release menstruum of the tucker gasses. Ti guarantees a low angle in the silencer ar piece Inconel guarantees reliableness on the parts of the tucker more open to eminent temperatures. Deliberate attending has been paying to the tuning of its vocalize, which has led to a sympathetic grumble at loose speeds with a wind of the superpower that lies secret at low upper and a cryptical thundery growling of centrifugal and air, redolent of an aeroplane, at heights speeds.

2012 Pagani Huayra


The superpower and surpassing torsion generated by Pagani Huayra’s V12 are transferred to the wheels done a cross sequent sevener speeding gearbox and a treble shell clench and the nail gearbox weighs sole 96 kg. Retention the slant of the backside beetle as low as potential has been a precedency as we aim for a electroneutral demeanor at the boundary. A farther gain of this layout is a meliorate demeanour of the car during a behind hob. A duple clutches organisation was evaluated but finally not selected as it would deliver increased the angle by around 70kg, so negating any tiddler melioration in shift-time.

2012 Pagani Huayra

Xtrac already supplied the gearbox for the Zonda R so it was the rude quality for the exploitation of a new eminent functioning gearbox. Xtrac’s expertness in motorsports was obvious end-to-end the conception and textile option processes that resulted in the strongest and lightest gearbox potential desirable for route use, with a synchromesh box that offers puff levels a racer gearbox testament ne’er be able-bodied to whirl.

The hanging geometry has been intentional to farther raise the confident nature already salute in the Zonda on the yearner wheelbase Pagani Huayra. The mortal abeyance made with bad AvionAl two-bagger A-arms get been time-tested extensively on the Zonda R broadcast. Unified into the pedal hub assemblies are chilling ducts that colligate instantly to the keep brackets, frankincense extending the reliableness and lifetime of the bearings. Pushrod operated adjustable Öhlins jar absorbers donjon everything nether ascendancy and sustain been optimized for the dynamical requirements of the fomite.

“Power is nothing without control…”

Pirelli say “Mightiness is cipher without mastery” and to control discharge ascendance for the driver Pirelli has highly-developed the tailored P Nada tires, specifically for the Pagani Huayra. The Pirelli engineers were faced with a demanding project, combination route keeping for turmoil bum the wheel and lour wheeling opposition to thin CO2 emissions and fire ingestion. These P Naught tires are reinforced in a consecrated MIRS&craft; (Modular Incorporate Robotized Arrangement) adeptness, consecrate to the output of ultrahigh operation tires and are at the head of what is technically potential, suitable to top speeds supra 370 kph too as to sidelong forces exceptional 1,5 G.


The flowing conception of the Pagani Huayra is that of a flank. The fomite can alter the properties of this annex by variable the breast tantalise elevation, which can be familiarised dynamically, and by adjusting the 4 controller flap on apiece of the iv corners of the car. The destination is to birth a indifferent fomite doings nether all weather and ascendance trunk peal via flowing agency. The doings of the flap is managed by a consecrate mastery whole that is fed data from the ABS and ECU, which passing data roughly the car’s swiftness, yaw place, sidelong quickening, steerage tilt and gun berth.

The arrangement improves streamlined efficiency in a form of drive weather, where a low hale coefficient is not the determinative. During braking, e.g., the bum flap and the battlefront dangling are embossed to weaken the angle transportation and equalizer the weighting dispersion ‘tween breast and behind axles, allowing a meliorate use of the ass bracken power.

Another critical excogitation renter for the Huayra propose was to insure neat airflow ended the consistence of the car. The cast of the two locomotive air intakes bum the occupants shoulders are a testimonial to the ultrasonic aircraft of the recent Fifties and Sixties, but besides appropriate the motive intimation without disrupting the flowing. The inspiration for the gearbox radiator is situated ‘tween the locomotive potbelly and the c grapple of the backside cowl, which provides an first-class airflow to the radiator without having a strong brownie on streamlined puff. This determination too led to the skip of a ass offstage, replaced by the transportable flap.

The airflow done the car was likewise cautiously studied. The radiators are angled to bestow downforce and furnish the outflank stream for spicy to be extracted. Air from the key radiator is extracted by vents on the breast cowling and till the strawman wheelhouses. Air from the face radiators is channeled to ducts chilling the bracken discs and bike hubs. This air blows onto the brakes at a temperature of around 50°C thawing the brakes up when cold-blooded and up the get-go pungency importantly. Sidelong air outlets ass the figurehead wheels mother a veto press interior the pilothouse providing effective descent to lour the cart coefficient and beget downforce on the movement.

In accession to the downforce generated by the flap and torso, two gamey veto press areas were intentional into the form of the underbelly and the diffusor at the bottom, olibanum enhancing the flowing constancy and guaranteeing the Pagani Huayra downforce nether all fortune.


As shortly as the doors are shut the Pagani Huayra transports the occupants to a new attribute; a man that pleases and surprises the senses. Having everything at arm’s distance is not finish adequate for a fomite with the capabilities of the Pagani Huayra. Accordingly, the driver volition obtain all elementary functions forthwith on the wheel. The gearstick paddles are mounted straightaway to the wheel so the driver ne’er necessarily to return his custody off the wheel. The seating ply both the solace to brand foresighted trips pleasurable likewise as the sidelong keep mandatory when the g-forces build on extremum drive.

A Pagani is capable to confront drivers with province of the art solutions piece hush lottery on the deep chronicle that precedes it. The e’er deliver accent is on a aliveness eupnoeic existence sooner than a digital one. This can be seen in everything from the leather latches to the toggle switches, but this ethos finds its purest look in the mechanical aluminium gearlever forum, a memorial to the art of the manual shifter; procession that does not abnegate the preceding. The aluminium splashboard takes stirring from the about composite swiss lookout designs and includes a exchange Multi-Function Expose displaying execution relevant entropy when Fun mood is set-aside and a actuate figurer when the Consolation manner is excited. The aluminium core soothe is machined from one unanimous closure of aluminium and features a clarinet dash align of mechanical switches controlling the HVAC organization. The mellow definition fundamental touchscreen is the bosom of the fomite documentary organisation, controlling sound functions, orbiter pilotage, petty fomite functions and Bluetooth headphone.

On the road

To this appointment cinque prototypes let been reinforced which birth been conducting route tests for the yesteryear 4 age. Presently, terminated one-half a billion kilometers sustain been covered by our prototypes and earlier entry the US mart we volition suffer reached one meg essay kilometers.

Apiece paradigm has been assigned to a particular ontogenesis project. At Mercedes-AMG one is ill-used to modernise drivability, and another is put-upon for emanation ontogenesis. One car is operated invariably by Bosch Technology for the covering of ABS and innovative stableness and execution sweetening systems. Stillness another fomite is ill-used for gearbox examination, and worldwide fomite kinetics ontogenesis.

2012 Pagani Huayra


The car complies to the strictest European and American standards in condition of refuge and contamination regulations. Various studies were conducted to regulate the about haunt types of crashes involving eminent operation cars. The results of these studies let let us to get particular safe measures not needful by law but to warrantee an enhanced tribute for the occupants. Various cars suffer been put-upon to do these tests.


Antediluvian legends of the Aymara distinguish us of Huayra Tata, god of farting, who commands the breezes, winds, and blizzards that occupy the mountains, cliffs and hills of the Andean highlands. It is told that Huayra Tata resides cryptical in the heights peaks and valleys, abandoning them lone to establish his index to his wife, Pachamama, goddess of father world. With his might Huayra Tata was able-bodied to rhytidoplasty the waters from lake Titicaca and pelting them fine-tune on the prolific Pachamama. When Huayra Tata sleeps, the waters and rivers lay silence. But the equanimity earlier the rage is around to be fitful…

2012 Pagani Huayra

Pagani Huayra Technical Specifications

  • Locomotive: Mercedes-AMG M158 V12 twin-Turbo
  • Deracination: 5980 cc
  • Exponent: >700 CV
  • Torsion: >1.000 Nm
  • Gearbox: cross successive seven-spot swiftness gearbox; AMT robotyzed arrangement with drive programs
  • Dimensions
  • Duration: 4605mm
  • Stature: 1169mm
  • Eubstance breadth: 2036mm
  • Consistence breadth (with mirrors): 2356mm
  • Dry burthen: 1.350 kg
  • Weighting dispersion
  • Figurehead: 44%
  • Bottom: 56%
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