2012 Mini Coupe

Mini Coupe

So thither were fin. The adjacent exciting chapter in the chronic Miniskirt winner level has begun with the establish of the all-new Miniskirt Putsché, the one-fifth singular manakin in the phratry.

Merchandising aboard the MINI Hatch, Convertible, Clubman and Countryman, the British-built Miniskirt Takeoveré is the kickoff runabout sports car in the UK sword’s farseeing and gallant account. It’s a modern-day and veritable reworking of the classical operation car conception, delivery Miniskirt’s heady combine of go-anywhere position and practicality to a new character of client.

The Miniskirt Putsché’s charge is a elementary one; to maximize the shiver of existence bottom the roll. Lament drivers leave be rewarded with a layer of manipulation lightsomeness unrivaled in the minor car section. Every prospect of the Miniskirt Takeoveré – from the pick of engines and form set-up to burden dispersion and aeromechanics – is focussed on delivering the optimal dynamical operation. To shew the spot, the Miniskirt Privy Cooper Deeds Takeoveré has the quickest speedup and top velocity of any volume-produced Miniskirt to see.

The four-strong Miniskirt orbit volition proceed sale done Miniskirt dealers from 1st October 2011 and Miniskirt Takeoveré customers can carry an exceptionally heights banner of equipment including; DAB digital tuner, air conditioning, common outstrip ascendancy, metal wheels, 3-spoke play leather wheel and variation chevron on the personify workplace. A full stove of accessories and personalisation choices leave be useable.

2012 Mini Coupe

Striking styling meets practicality

Key to the Miniskirt Putsché’s entreaty is its sensational outside excogitation, dissimilar anything else in the contract sports car section. Forthwith identifiable as parting of the Miniskirt class, it’s a unfeigned and likable re-interpretation of the definitive Miniskirt designing cues which suffer turn so fellow on UK roadstead in the close tenner. The car’s conception words – the cagy combining of athletically graven surfaces, proportionate curves and latitude lines – takes the stain’s styling in an exciting new guidance, with a impertinent and crystallize vehemence on the brand’s card-playing DNA.

The Miniskirt Takeoveré is too an advanced new fomite. It’s the kickoff modernistic Miniskirt to dramatise the traditional ‘three-box’ structure, rending the car into trenchant segments – the locomotive compartment, cabin and charge. Piece the boilersuit duration and breadth are about selfsame to the dimensions of the Miniskirt Hatching, the Takeoveré’s boilersuit tallness is 29 millimetres lour. Visually, this and the stepped buns pay the car a more strong-growing, forward-thrusting visibility. The lour roofline doesn’t get at the disbursement of driver and rider comfortableness, though. Ovate recesses in the headlining cater spare clearance, absolutely illustrating Miniskirt’s ‘no compromise’ ethos.

The styling squad led by Nous of Excogitation Anders Thaw has presumption the Miniskirt Putsché a classifiable appearing from every fish. The near hit survey is doubtlessly the visibility, with horizontal layering of the car into leash ramify tiers – the consistency, the wrap-around ice and the attention-getting ‘helmet excogitation’ ceiling. The A-pillars and windshield are sharp raked by 13˚ compared to the Miniskirt Cover, resulting in a littler facade arena that gives the Miniskirt Takeoveré splendid streamlined properties.

Airflow is likewise optimised by the incorporated coddler at the backside of the ceiling, and via a singular alive bum pillager housed in the bootlid. It deploys mechanically when the car reaches 50mph – and drops polish again at 37mph – but can be operated manually via a release in the smash board. The Takeoveré is the get-go Miniskirt in story to boast an fighting ass looter, which reduces elevator at the arse axle to meliorate sleek correspondence and route grasp.

Miniskirt enthusiasts bequeath straightaway realise the home of the Takeoveré. The much-loved prominent cardinal throwaway speedo, chromium-plate toggle switches and legion otc Miniskirt brand features are all introduce in the runabout cabin.

Bum is a wide 280-litre baggage arena – 20 litres bigger than the Miniskirt Clubman – easy approachable by the driver or rider from inner the cabin besides as outwardly via boot. The great, high-opening tailboard makes for mere lading and the car offers fantabulous cargo-carrying possibilities that bequeath courting a all-encompassing reach of inevitably. Whether it’s for day-after-day number, fun weekend leisure trips or more adventuresome touring for two, the Miniskirt Takeoveré is paragon shipping.

Tried and tested engines

Mightiness for the Miniskirt Putsché comes from the up-to-the-minute propagation of BMW Radical four-cylinder gasolene and diesel engines. Outputs reach from 122 hp/90 kW in the Miniskirt Cooper Putsché to 211 hp /155 kW in the extremely suitable flagship Miniskirt Bathroom Cooper Plant Putsché. The late launched execution diesel, the 143 hp/105 kW Cooper SD, is too uncommitted and the line-up is realised with the Cooper S which offers 184 hp /135kW.

2012 Mini Coupe

Fire thriftiness on the combined bike stretches from 39.8mpg in the Miniskirt Lav Cooper Plant Putsché to a sparing 65.7mpg in the Cooper SD simulation, patch CO2 emissions are as low as hardly 114g/km on the Cooper SD. Evening the Miniskirt Privy Cooper Plant Putsché emits alone 165g/km. The good technological stipulation for apiece modelling is disposed under.

Potential to evidence democratic with many voltage Miniskirt Takeoveré customers is the Cooper SD variance, which offers the trump fire thriftiness, last-place emissions highest torsion turnout of any Miniskirt. What’s more, it testament silence dash to 62mph in below 8 seconds and preserve to a top upper of 134mph. With a BIK valuate of equitable 13%, and naught beginning yr route tax, exploiter picker society car drivers and dart managers testament likewise see its obvious entreaty. No functionary figures are uncommitted yet, but the Miniskirt Putsché is expected to suffer class-leading balance values.

2012 Mini Coupe

Outstanding MINI dynamics and record-breaking speed

In the Miniskirt Putsché, locomotive mightiness is born-again into arrant drive fun more now and comprehensively than always earlier. This car is the clearest representative yet of Miniskirt’s fabled sporty DNA organism reversed into a with-it new fomite. The Miniskirt Takeoveré provides a nail re-interpretation of what a competition in the covenant sports car year should go the driver.

The Miniskirt Putsché takes the fabled go-kart manipulation of every new Miniskirt to a new gamy. That apiece of the 4 modeling variants carries the Cooper distinguish in its naming is significative of Miniskirt’s trust in the operation certification of its newest car. Traditionally, this badge has been a signal of undischarged card-playing power and a nod to the mark’s long-time connexion with fabled Normal One architect Toilet Cooper.

A grade of figure timber unmatchable in the diminished car section gives the new Miniskirt exemplar the manipulation style you would await from the mark. Intentional to be the ultimate look of go-kart manipulation, the car’s suspension provides a fun-filled, shrill and quick impulsive get.

2012 Mini Coupe

With a multi-link axle at the bum and MacPherson tittup hiatus up breast, the salient timbre of the bod technology, guidance and brakes ensures surefooted ascendance of the fomite at all multiplication, eventide when pushed gruelling in active situations. Compared to the Miniskirt Hatching the Putsché is besides furnished with optimised springs and dampers and an uprated bum anti-roll bar to foster heighten its dissipated certification.

Exercise to heighten boilersuit eubstance rigidness has seen a svelte onwards sack in the Miniskirt Takeoveré’s burden dispersion compared with the Miniskirt Cover. This has major benefits for fomite kinetics because the rebuff gain before axle lading increases grip, serving to ascertain locomotive powerfulness is effortlessly translated into showy quickening.

A low kernel of sombreness, a foresighted wheelbase measurement 2,467 millimetres, and a strawman and behind cartroad breadth of 1,459 mm and 1,467 mm severally too give to the confident treatment. DSC (Active Stableness Ascendancy) is measure crossways the Miniskirt Putsché grasp and makes an authoritative donation to secure and quick manipulation. In utmost impulsive situations and on slippy surfaces the arrangement can selectively bracken somebody wheels and slenderize locomotive powerfulness to forbid a figurehead or rear-end slideway at the earlier potential degree. The organisation includes intact ABS, EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Dispersion), CBC (Cornering Bracken Controller), Bracken Serve and Mound Commencement Help. DTC (Dynamical Grip Ascendence) and EDLC (Electronic Derivative Curl Ascendancy) is on the options inclination but stock on Miniskirt Lavatory Cooper Deeds Putsché.

The optional Play Hanging has firmer muffler settings and comes with uprated anti-roll bars figurehead and back. For a more ‘backbreaking center’ racing know, the Miniskirt Takeoveré accessories compass includes a Lav Cooper Workings Hiatus, with a 10 mm fall in rag acme, ultra-firm damping and boost upgraded anti-roll bars.

One of the chief attractions of owning a new Miniskirt Takeoveré volition be its straight-line fastness. In the pillowcase of the Miniskirt Bathroom Cooper Plant Takeoveré, it’s a Miniskirt record-breaking functioning. With a 0-62mph dash sentence of 6.4 seconds and a top velocity of 149mph, it’s the quickest volume-produced Miniskirt to appointment on both counts.

MINIMALISM environmental technology as standard

All versions of the Miniskirt Takeoveré accompany the mark’s critically acclaimed Reductivism environmental engineering as touchstone, providing prodigious powertrain efficiency. Features such as Bracken Get-up-and-go Re-formation, Car Startle/Stoppage+, Shimmy Detail Expose+, Wattage Steerage and the need-based process of accessory components assistance to pee-pee effective use of fire with low emissions. Extra features admit advanced caloric encapsulation of the drivetrain, which shortens the fuel-sapping prolusion menses subsequently a inhuman starting. All of these resolution in the Miniskirt existence the cleanest Takeoveré in the market nowadays.

The measure six-speed manual gearbox sets a new benchmark in the section with its short-shift travelling and exact litigate. A ready-to-drive slant of 44.8 kilograms makes this the lightest gearbox of its sort. The cautiously considered ratios undertake unvanquishable lightness in mid-range quickening. In summation, the Miniskirt Cooper S, Privy Cooper Plant and Cooper SD Putsché models all accompany an groundbreaking self-adjusting clutches. Automatonlike registration ensures that the treadle look you await from a Miniskirt is thither to be enjoyed concluded the car’s integral living.

For drivers who favour the simmpleness offered by an robotic contagion, a six-speed gearbox with Steptronic use, useable with switch paddles, can be arranged as an pick for the Miniskirt Cooper Takeoveré, Miniskirt Cooper S Takeoveré and Miniskirt Cooper SD Putsché.

The Miniskirt Cooper Takeoveré comes with 15-inch metal wheels as banner, with a 16-inch interpretation fitted to the Miniskirt Cooper S Takeoveré and Miniskirt Cooper SD Takeoveré. The Miniskirt Bathroom Cooper Deeds Putsché is specified with 17-inch, weight-optimised admixture wheels in JCW Interbreeding Rung Gainsay styling.

2012 Mini Coupe

Advanced technology

The Miniskirt Takeoveré’s compelling drive get is helped by the car’s Wattage Guidance (EPS). This electro-mechanical organization is especially efficacious at absorption direction shocks and otc vibrations.

It features speed-dependent powerfulness aid, reduction the endeavor needed from the driver during parking and early manoeuvres. It cuts the quantity of serve at higher speeds to meliorate route smell and directing stableness.

A Mutant Push on the essence soothe is touchstone on all Miniskirt Putsché models, press the Fun Clitoris alters the reception characteristics of the catalyst to pitch sharpy, sportier reactions and is intentional to keep a more performance-minded drive flair which requires more guidance comment but provides more reactive smell.

The Miniskirt Takeoveré’s model-specific braking organisation provides sinewy, fade-free slowing below eve the hardest cycle pressing. The vented forepart bracken discs let a diam of 280 millimetres on the Miniskirt Cooper Takeoveré, 294 millimetres on the Miniskirt Cooper S Putsché and Miniskirt Cooper SD Putsché, and 316 millimetres on the Miniskirt Trick Cooper Deeds Putsché.

Technical Specifications

All Miniskirt Putsché four-cylinder gas engines accompany BMW Grouping’s VALVETRONIC engineering – a full varying valve ascendance organisation which adjusts valve rhytidoplasty and initiative multiplication in mastermind kinship to the driver’s bid on the confine bike, delivering more torsion and ameliorate fire use.

MINI John Cooper Works Coupé

  • Four-cylinder gasolene locomotive with twin-scroll turbocharger and aim injectant, asset legion technical details carried o’er instantly from motive fun.
  • Shift: 1,598 cc
  • Mightiness outturn: 155 kW/211 hp at 6,000 rpm
  • Max. torsion: 260 Nm/192 lb-ft at 2,000-5,100 rpm (280 Nm/207 lb-ft with overboost at 1,700-4,500 rpm)
  • Speedup 0-100 km/h (62 mph): 6.4 seconds
  • Top swiftness: 240 km/h (149 mph)
  • Intermediate fire intake according to EU criterion: 7.1 litres per 100 kilometres (39.8 mpg imp)
  • CO2 emissions: 165 g/km
  • MINI Cooper S Coupé

  • Four-cylinder gasoline locomotive with twin-scroll turbocharger, mastermind shot and amply varying valve direction based on the BMW Grouping’s VALVETRONIC engineering
  • Deracination: 1,598 cc
  • Index turnout: 135 kW/184 hp at 5,500 rpm
  • Max. torsion: 240 Nm/177 lb-ft at 1,600-5,000 rpm (260 Nm/192 lb-ft with overboost at 1,700-4,500 rpm)
  • Quickening 0-100 km/h (62 mph): 6.9 seconds
  • Top amphetamine: 230 km/h (143 mph)
  • Median fire expenditure according to EU banner: 5.8 litres per 100 kilometres (48.7 mpg imp)
  • CO2 emissions: 136 g/km
  • MINI Cooper Coupé

    2012 Mini Coupe
  • Four-cylinder gas locomotive with amply varying valve direction based on the BMW Aggroup’s VALVETRONIC engineering
  • Supplanting: 1,598 cc
  • Superpower turnout: 90 kW/122 hp at 6,000 rpm
  • Max. torsion: 160 Nm/118 lb-ft at 4,250 rpm
  • Speedup 0-100 km/h (62 mph): 9.0 seconds
  • Top swiftness: 204 km/h (127 mph)
  • Norm fire use according to EU banner: 5.4 litres per 100 kilometres (52.3 mpg imp)
  • CO2 emissions: 127 g/km
  • MINI Cooper SD Coupé

  • Four-cylinder turbodiesel with aluminum crankcase, common-rail injectant and varying turbine geometry
  • Translation: 1,995 cc
  • Might outturn: 105 kW/143 hp at 4,000 rpm
  • Max. torsion: 305 Nm/225 lb-ft at 1,750-2,700 rpm
  • Speedup 0-100 km/h (62 mph): 7.9 seconds
  • Top swiftness: 216 km/h (134 mph)
  • Modal fire ingestion according to EU received: 4.3 litres per 100 kilometres (65.7 mpg imp)
  • CO2 emissions: 114 g/km
  • Exterior dimensions

  • Distance
  • Miniskirt Cooper Takeoveré: 3,728 millimetres
  • Miniskirt Cooper S and Cooper SD Putsché: 3,734 millimetres
  • Miniskirt Can Cooper Plant Takeoveré: 3,730 millimetres
  • Breadth: 1,683 millimetres (1892 millimetres including doorway mirrors)
  • Meridian
  • Miniskirt Cooper S Putsché: 1,378 millimetres
  • Miniskirt Can Cooper Workings Takeoveré: 1,384 millimetres
  • Wheelbase: 2,467 millimetres
  • Prices (UK – OTR)

  • Miniskirt Cooper Putsché: &punt;16,640
  • Miniskirt Cooper S Takeoveré: &lbf.;19,775
  • Miniskirt Cooper SD Takeoveré: &lb;20,510
  • Miniskirt Can Cooper Plant Takeoveré: £ing;23,795
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