2012 Mercedes Benz Sls Amg Roadster

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster

AMG is presenting a new dream-car: the 2012MY Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Two-seater. This ace sports car thrills with a everlasting combining of open-top drive delight, undischarged impulsive kinetics and advanced whippersnapper structure. The 2012 SLS AMG Two-seater testament shuffling its U.S. introduction in Drop 2011.

The technical highlights of the 2012 SLS AMG Buggy admit an al spaceframe torso, an AMG 6.3-liter V8 front-mid locomotive with dry cesspool lubrication development a vizor outturn of 563 hp and 479 pound-feet of torsion, a seven-speed double grasp transaxle contagion and a sports respite with al look-alike wishbones – all of which leave lift the pulsate of sports car enthusiasts spell providing striking impulsive kinetics and drive joy.

The compress cloth balmy top of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Runabout opens and closes in upright 11 seconds, and can be operated on the relocation at speeds capable 31 mph (50 km/h). The new Adaptative AMG Mutation Abeyance with electronically controlled damping is useable as an attractive optional spare. It enables the damping characteristics to be limited at the signature of a clitoris. Victimization the AMG Cause Whole, the driver of the SLS AMG Runabout is hence capable to prefer his own abatement apparatus. Leash modes are uncommitted: “Solace”, “Athletics” and “Sportsman asset”.

“AMG Execution Media” is a alone new sport: this modern, motorsport-inspired multimedia offers an unmatchable combining of legion telemetric displays such as sidelong and one-dimensional speedup, diverse locomotive information and lap multiplication on a track.

2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster

Dr Dieter Zetsche, Chairperson of the Add-in of Direction of Daimler AG and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Cars: “The SLS Buggy is a swallow sports car, cruiser and extremely suitable dream-car beat one. In its classifiable way, it continues the sequence of iconic and exciting sports cars from Mercedes-Benz.”

Ola Källenius, Chair of Mercedes-AMG GmbH: “Taxonomical jackanapes building, salient operation and a breathless innovation combined with sensuous alfresco impulsive delight – the new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Runabout dead embodies the AMG doctrine of German technology and craft. The gullwing example has already thrilled sports car fans terminated the mankind, and now the exchangeable adaptation is spring to causa a aesthesis.”

Pure roadster design with perfect proportions

The new Buggy adds a secondment exciting dream-car to the SLS AMG class. Psyche of Invention at Mercedes-Benz, Gorden Wagener: “As in the gullwing exemplar, the virtuous, gymnastic pattern forthwith catches the eye. Whether with the cap clear or shut, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Buggy is an telling optic enchant!” The complete proportions are specially memorable: a hanker cowling, the glasshouse positioned comfortably to the bottom and a curt bum. Addition the mechanically extending arse fender, farseeing wheelbase, full cartroad and myopic overhangs – concisely, the transformable SLS AMG exudes casual functioning and an reliable charisma. The marked berm sections are evocative of tensed muscles, and hint swerve might in combining with the gravid wheels – 265/35 ZR 19 (battlefront) and 295/30 ZR 20 (back). The attractive AMG Sepang brownness metal blusher coating and weight-optimized bad wheels in a 10-spoke conception, motley in lusterlessness blackness with a high-sheen rim rim, are usable as new optional extras.

Features remindful of the 300 SL Roadster, the definitive dream-car from the Fifties, admit not lone the across-the-board grille with its enceinte Mercedes adept and the alar cross-fin, but too the fins on the cowling and on the fomite sides. Comparable the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Runabout, the 300 SL Buggy appeared slimly posterior than the original gullwing 300 SL, but different the SL’s both AMG woolgather cars are usable simultaneously.

Interior atmosphere like an aircraft cockpit

The inner continues the breathless innovation phrase of the outside, and awakens associations with an aircraft cockpit: outstanding features admit the fascia in the form of a annex and the air vents with adjustable, cruciate nozzles resonant of jet engines. The lengthy core soothe of flatness, upstanding alloy and the new E-SELECT jimmy in the contour of an aircraft’s drive controller are besides innovation features adoptive from the humans of airmanship. Another circumspect, mulct item is the brocaded AMG allegory on the leather-lined picker prize.

2012 Mercedes Benz Sls Amg Roadster

The AMG Ride Whole – which ilk legion former internal features is useable in true carbon-fiber – is the exchange mastery whole in the plaza soothe: it allows the driver to prefer a personal fomite apparatus, including readjustment of the optional Adaptative AMG Sportsman Respite. The AMG Operation wheel with its top-quality bounty leather liner and planate merchantman rim incision provides hone fomite controller. The slip paddles and frown wheel bezel are made of whole alloy.

Fully automatic, weight-optimized soft top

The animal live in the 2012MY SLS AMG Buggy is farther enhanced when the flabby top is outdoors, and the muscular, course aspirated eight-cylinder locomotive with 563 hp and 479 pound-feet of torsion asserts itself and makes the mettle cadence quicker with its typical AMG eight-cylinder audio. The material flabby top can be open and unsympathetic spell on the motion at speeds capable 31 mph (50 km/h); the full reflexive hatchway/windup serve takes but 11 seconds. The driver solitary necessarily to mesh the cap ascendence whole handily unified at the battlefront of the centerfield armrest. When spread, the cushy top is space-savingly retracted backside the seating in a folded Z-configuration. Iii easygoing top colours – inkiness, red and ecru – are uncommitted to cause the 9 outside and ogdoad inner colours.

The three-layered textile easygoing top is a weight-optimized mg/nerve/al expression, and contributes greatly to the car’s low plaza of soberness. The subdued top has a seamlessly bonded behind windowpane of het singlelayer rubber ice. The outpouring, gap-free conversion betwixt the outer cap tegument and the arse windowpane keeps winding interference low. A uninterrupted, compromising h2o sac operative nether the flabby top catches rain and directs it to the underbelly via two apertures on apiece position. The bole content is 6.1 three-dimensional feet with the ceiling either spread or unsympathetic, and thus about capable that of the SLS AMG Putsché (6.2 three-dimensional feet).

Outstanding material quality and finish

The finest leather, matte-finished upstanding metallic or optional, real carbon-fiber reduce produce an sole atmosphere and gibe with the reliable feeling of the cockpit. Just executed ornamental and contrastive sewing enhances the optic feeling, heightens the handmade looking and reflects the aid to contingent which is the stylemark of Mercedes designing.

The stock appointments of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Buggy admit lightlessness designo leather, het AMG sports seating, a detachable meth windstop, COMAND with Sailing and DVD histrion, anti-theft alarm with tow-away aegis and home monitoring, dual-zone automatonlike clime restraint and the KEYLESSGO start purpose. The touchstone AIRSCARF® organisation sole to Mercedes-Benz acts ilk an inconspicuous scarf thaw the header and cervix areas of the occupants. It is incorporate into the backrests of the AMG sports seating, and blows ardent air from vents in the brain restraints. The airflow can be altered for dissimilar resident sizes by way of adjustable louvers, and the storey of lovingness can be selected in tercet stages at the signature of a clit.

Leather-lined roll-over bars with incorporated meshing in a “Silver-tongued Phantasm” face are uncommitted in connective with designo Undivided leather to tighten upheaval in the cockpit. Ambient inflammation is unified into the electrically fold outside mirrors.

Single-tone or two-tone designo leather in espresso chocolate-brown is useable as a new internal gloss – this shadow spectre of chocolate-brown absolutely matches the new metal key destination AMG Sepang brownish.

AMG Performance Media and Bang & Olufsen as optional highlights

2012 Mercedes Benz Sls Amg Roadster

In gain to the Strike & Olufsen BeoSound AMG beleaguer phone organization, another optional amusement foreground is the AMG Functioning Media. In an unprecedented way, this racing-inspired arrangement combines legion telemetric displays such as locomotive information, sidelong and analog speedup and lap multiplication on a track. AMG Execution Media is excited by urgent the AMG key in the AMG Crusade Whole, and operated victimization the COMAND Restrainer. Key functions at a peek:

  • Real-time show of locomotive oil, coolant and transmittal unstable temperature
  • Real-time exhibit of locomotive production, torsion and gas spot
  • Real-time expose of person outwear pressures
  • Real-time exhibit of quickening metre from 0-60 mph or 0-100 km/h (instead: quarter-mile)
  • Real-time expose of sidelong and additive speedup combined with braking operation and gas situation, including retentiveness use
  • Transcription of somebody lap multiplication on a unsympathetic track, with sphere multiplication and storage routine
  • Integrating of Crusade Whole functions to preserve frame-up information to remembering and tiro Backwash Commencement
  • The dissimilar functions of AMG Functioning Media are shown by the coloring presentation structured into the fascia. Iii displays are shown at any once, with the well-nigh authoritative info positioned in the core. Digitally faux dial instruments with red needles guarantee owing readability.

    2012 Mercedes Benz Sls Amg Roadster

    Specifically reinforced aluminum spaceframe, low curb weight

    In increase to utmost solace, the key agent for impulsive pleasance in the new SLS AMG Buggy is the salient execution. The foundation for this is the groundbreaking eubstance figure: the flesh and personify are made of al, a invention combination level-headed jackanapes expression with gamy force. With a curtail weighting of 3,661 pounds (estimated), the Runabout is solitary 88 pounds heavier than the Putsché. The solution is a noteworthy power-to-weight proportion of 6.5 pounds per hp.

    To reach the like story of drive kinetics – without a set ceiling, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Runabout incorporates various features specifically intentional to fortify the bodyshell, including english skirts with greater palisade thicknesses and extra chambers. The fascia cross-member is supported against the windscreen framing and centerfield burrow by extra struts, and a curving prance ‘tween the mild top and the tankful reinforces the back axle. The miss of a ceiling and gullwing doors substance that the open-top SLS AMG has a reinforcing crossmember butt the seating to supporting the rigid roll-over shelter arrangement. This too accommodates the 250 w subwoofer of the Smasher & Olufsen BeoSound AMG high-end fathom arrangement.

    All this prevents undesirable vibrations redress from the starting, and makes it unneeded to use the extra, weight-increasing vibe dampers that are much plant in open-top sports cars. The weight-optimized aluminium spaceframe weighs 536 pounds, tipping the scales at equitable 4.5 pounds more the gullwing manakin.

    Intelligent material mix and low center of gravity

    50 percentage of the intelligently intentional, weight-optimized al spaceframe is made of aluminium sections, 26 percentage of sail al, 18 pct of roll aluminium and 6 percentage of sword. Uttermost occupier guard requires the use of ultra-high-strength, heat-formed blade in the A-pillars.

    2012 Mercedes Benz Sls Amg Roadster

    The stallion fomite has been intentional to attain the last-place potential plaza of sombreness. This applies both to the low connector points of the powertrain and axles, too as to the agreement of the set bodyshell construction, which has been unbroken as low as potential. Examples admit the stiff flexural and torsional connections ‘tween the breast and bum part and the rider rubber cadre, which deliver been intentional to use strength paths that are as low as potential.

    Passive safety

    The aluminium spaceframe provides the foundation for undischarged inactive prophylactic. The all-encompassing condom features admit the set roll-over aegis organization, three-point arse belts with knock tensioners and whack strength limiters, and eight-spot airbags: adaptative presence airbags and kneebags, two seat-integrated sidebags and two windowbags deploying from the threshold beltlines.

    The criterion Subterfuge Blot Aid helps the driver with a ocular admonition symbolization and acoustical brisk if the risk of a hit with another fomite is detected when ever-changing lanes.

    Powerful AMG 6.3-litre V8 engine with 563 hp

    The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Buggy has the like, hefty locomotive as the gullwing modelling. The 6.3-litre V8 with a vizor turnout of 563 hp at 6,800 rpm makes the open-top SLS one of the well-nigh hefty sports cars in its section. Its power-to-weight proportion is 6.5 pounds per hp. This course aspirated locomotive generates its utmost torsion of 479 pound-feet at 4,750 rpm. The transmutable SLS AMG accelerates from nada to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds (0-100 km/h in 3.8 s), and the top amphetamine is 197 mph / 317 km/h (electronically circumscribed) – which way that the Buggy has about monovular execution to the gullwing.

    The high-revving 6.3-liter V8 locomotive has the distinctive characteristics of herculean racing engines. It responds forthwith and effortlessly to gas movements. The use of a dry cesspit lubrication scheme allows for a well depress facility in the fomite, conceding a frown gist of somberness for gamy sidelong quickening and electrifying impulsive kinetics.

    Achievement of demanding fuel consumption targets

    Disdain its uncompromisingly gymnastic lineament, fire use has too been addressed. The SLS AMG consumes 13.2 litres per 100 kilometres (NEDC combined), comparable to CO2 emissions of 308 grams per km. Efficiency enhancements admit the comrade AMG-exclusive, friction-optimized twin-wire arc-sprayed application on the cylinder walls besides as the on-demand, map-optimized oil cater and healthy author direction: during the locomotive’s invade phases, k.e. is secondhand to bearing the shelling preferably than atrophied by but generating oestrus. Conversely, the source is switched to no-load procedure during quickening, thusly reduction the freight on the locomotive. Advanced catalytic convertor engineering enables stream and next discharge standards such as Euro-5, LEV 2 and ULEV to be met.

    Rev-matching transmission with transaxle configuration and torque tube

    2012 Mercedes Benz Sls Amg Roadster

    The AMG 6.3-litre V8 locomotive delivers its abundant index to the bum transaxle via an ultra-light carbon-fiber driveshaft – exchangeable to the frame-up secondhand in the DTM C-Class racing phaeton. The rev-matching transmittance is mounted at the bum (transaxle), and attached to the locomotive caparison via a torsion tubing. A carbon-fiber calamus rotates at locomotive hurrying in the torsion tubing. The advantages of this advanced solvent lie the set liaison ‘tween the locomotive and transmittal and, successively, the optimal supporting for the forces and torsion generated.

    The AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports transmittal boasts fasting geartrain changes with no departure of tractive effect – in as fiddling as 100 milliseconds. The driver has a option of four-spot unlike impulsive modes: “C” (Controlled Efficiency), “S” (Sportsman), “S+” (Fun summation) or “M” (Manual). In the Mutation, Athletics addition and Manual modes the robotlike rev-matching part is participating; all the modes can be selected handily via the orbitual ascendance pommel on the AMG Cause Whole. The Raceway Startle routine provides optimal grip for good index launches from a stagnant occlusion — as does the mechanical derivative ringlet, which is incorporated into the squeeze contagion lodging.

    Sophisticated suspension layout with double-wishbone axles

    The front-mid-engine summation transaxle conformation provides an nonesuch figurehead/arse slant dispersion of 47 to 53 percentage. Climbing the locomotive backside the presence axle has created idealistic drive kinetics with accurate steerage, splendid legerity, low inactivity for unwritten guiding changes and salient grip. All quatern wheels are situated on two-bagger wishbones with a rail rod, a engineering that has proved itself in drive racing veracious done to Rule 1. With a double-wishbone axle, the bicycle localisation and abeyance functions stay furcate; the bound/muffler struts are supported on the glower wishbone. The double-wishbone apparatus with its mellow bank and running inflexibility positively locates the cycle with minimum flexible movements, providing the driver with an optimal sentiency of route touch when drive at the limits.

    Wishbones, direction knucks and hub carriers at the breast and back are made wholly from bad al – considerably reduction the unsprung people; this conformation besides notably improves the respite reply. The farseeing wheelbase of 105.5 inches not solitary results in striking straight-line constancy but likewise low roll cargo shifts, importantly reduction the fomite’s trend to diving and diddly-shit when braking and accelerating. The all-encompassing racecourse breadth – figurehead 66.2 inches, bum 65.1 inches – provides depress shifts in the bicycle dozens from the privileged to the outer roll when cornering, enabling the tires to keep more clasp.

    New Adaptive AMG Sport Suspension

    The new Adaptative AMG Mutation Respite with electronically controlled damping is useable as an attractive optional option to the stock AMG sports abatement. It enables the damping characteristics to be limited at the ghost of a release. Victimisation a clit on the AMG Thrust Whole, the driver can opt his own abeyance frame-up. Ternary modes are usable: “Comfortableness”, “Sportsman” and “Athletics summation”. The flow manner is shown in the cat’s-paw clustering.

    “Ease” delivers a medium reception with flabby damping characteristics, patch in “Mutant” fashion the blow absorbers suffer a practically stiffer answer contingent the impulsive spot. This not sole leads to ameliorate route striking, but too efficaciously suppresses consistence bowl and lurch. “Athletics addition” is nonesuch for ambitious laps on a raceway: in accession to the higher damping force-out, this style comes with particular restraint algorithms that get been bespoke for a clean impulsive dash. The new, varying hiatus bequeath likewise be optionally usable for the SLS AMG Putsché in succeeding.

    Direct steering, differential lock and 3-stage ESP®

    The rack-and-pinion direction pitch provides a systematically calculate direction look with a unceasing mechanical proportion of 13.6:1, in strain with the highschool expectations set on a crack sports car. The ability guidance provides speed-sensitive aid and improves feedback for the driver as swiftness increases, worthful during high-velocity straight-line drive. Climbing the steerage geartrain ahead of the locomotive on the inbuilt subframe enables the locomotive to be debark real low. The SLS AMG comes with 3-stage ESP® as stock, providing the driver with accession to the deuce-ace “ESP ON”, “ESP Sportsman” and “ESP OFF” modes at the contact of a release. In “ESP OFF” way, operational the bracken treadle restores all the convention ESP® functions.

    The quickening slue ascendence (ASR) scheme’s grip logic is participating altogether iii ESP® modes. If one of the cause wheels starts to twirl, particular bracken force is applied to better grip importantly – peculiarly in junction with the standard-fit mechanical multi-disc limited-slip derivative. This agency that the locomotive might is transferred to the route more efficaciously during belligerent drive.

    Optional AMG ceramic high-performance two-piece braking system

    The AMG high-performance braking arrangement with bikini bracken discs at the presence provides passing myopic fillet distances eve below tremendous oodles. Red-painted bracken calipers at all 4 corners are useable as an pick. The optional ceramic bikini brakes with fifty-fifty bigger discs offer eve punter braking execution. The ceramic bracken discs execute at fifty-fifty higher operational temperatures thanks to their greater rigourousness, all combined with an telling weighting simplification of some 40 percentage. Reduction the unsprung people has boost improved both comforter and clutches, and the rock-bottom rotating mass at the battlefront axle render a more mastermind steerage reply.

    Jackanapes twist was besides key when it came to the wheels: AMG light-alloy wheels based on the modern flow-forming rule dilute the unsprung people spell up drive kinetics and abatement comforter. In increase to the received AMG counterpart 5-spoke light-alloy wheels, thither is a 7-spoke cycle that’s useable as a no toll selection. Weight-optimized 10-spoke bad wheels are uncommitted as an choice. 265/35 R 19 (forepart) and 295/30 R 20 (back) tires highly-developed entirely for the SLS AMG supply optimal operation. A outwear force monitoring scheme is fitted as measure to permanently varan wear imperativeness altogether four-spot wheels, with an single presentation for apiece jade.

    Production in Sindelfingen, market launch in Fall 2011

    The exchangeable superintendent sports car testament be produced at the largest Mercedes-Benz yield engraft in Sindelfingen. The AMG 6.3-litre V8 locomotive comes now from the AMG locomotive shop in Affalterbach, where it is hand-assembled according to the traditional “One man, one locomotive” doctrine.

    The merchandising cost in Germany is €195,160 (incl. 19% VAT). The 2012 SLS AMG Two-seater leave shuffling its U.S. unveiling in Downfall 2011.

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