2012 Mercedes Benz Cls63 Amg

Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG

Exciting conception, ultimate operation and innovative efficiency: this is what the new Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG is all almost.

The top-of-the-range reading of the four-door takeoveré is furnished with the fresh highly-developed AMG V8 biturbo locomotive, featuring a eyeshade turnout of capable 557 hp and 800 Nm of torsion, also as the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports infection. On top of this, the fomite’s fire expenditure of 28.5 mpg represents an betterment of 32 per centime compared with the former framework (all figures probationary).

The compounding of an AMG Drive Restraint sports reprieve with an electronically controlled damping arrangement and new figurehead axle, freshly highly-developed electromechanical AMG sports argument direction, and likewise optional AMG ceramic high-performance complex braking organization, is synonymous with utmost drive kinetics. Visually, the Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG impresses with its gymnastic show and typical outside and national conception. The framework’s measure spec likewise includes groundbreaking LED Eminent Functioning headlamps.

“The new CLS63 AMG continues the succeeder report of the old models, the CLS55 AMG and CLS63 AMG, which sustain charmed our customers all some the man since 2004″, according to Ola Källenius, Nous of Mercedes-AMG GmbH. “The CLS63 AMG is a unequalled high-performance car – it sets new standards in innovation, operation and efficiency.”

2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG

Ilk the S63 AMG and CL63 AMG, drivers of the Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG leave gain from an eight-cylinder fireball, designated internally as the M 157: the new AMG 5.5-litre V8 biturbo locomotive boasts a combining of advanced hi-tech components which, in increase to spray-guided orchestrate gas injectant with piezo injectors, besides admit a good al crankcase, four-valve engineering with camshaft accommodation, air/piss intercooling, author direction and stoppage/commencement organisation. With a shift of 5461 cc, the eight-cylinder locomotive develops a crest turnout of 525 hp and torsion of 700 Nm. In concurrence with the AMG Functioning bundle, these figures addition to 557 hp and 800 Nm. Both variants of the Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG accomplish olympian execution: quickening from! 0-62 mph takes 4.4 and 4.3 seconds severally, and the top amphetamine is 155 mph (electronically express).

The major divergence betwixt both ability units is the gain in the uttermost charge-air pressing from 1.0 to 1.3 bar. In increase, the CLS63 AMG with the AMG Execution bundle features a exceptional high-quality c character locomotive binding.

Quantum leap: fuel consumption reduced by 32 percent

Disdain a meaning execution gain compared with the old manakin, which had a course aspirated AMG 6.3-litre V8 locomotive producing 514 hp and 630 Nm of torsion, the new Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG is around 32 per centime, more sparing – which represents a quantum jump ahead.

The NEDC fire ingestion of 28.5 mpg equates to a CO2 production of 232 g/km. Thanks to these figures, the new V8 Putsché from AMG not sole undercuts all of its organize competitors in the pocket-sized but neat four-door high-performance takeoveré section, but is too more fire effective than importantly lower-powered vehicles. Both operation variants bear very fire usance and CO2 figures.

Exclusive: AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports transmission

A major share towards achieving the peerless usance figures has been made by the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports transmitting, a constituent exploited only at Mercedes-AMG. Dissimilar a ceremonious automatonlike transmittance, the MCT contagion does off with the torsion convertor; alternatively, it makes use of a press, wet start-up clench. Besides fitted as received equipment is the blockage/jump part: it is permanently dynamic in the transmitting’s Controlled Efficiency (“C”) modality, and switches the eight-cylinder locomotive off when the car comes to a blockage. Concurrently, “C” manner likewise way a “easygoing” gas answer set-up with commodious and other gearshifts; moving off broadly takes berth in second. A greenness “ECO” symbolization in the AMG cat’s-paw constellate shows the driver that the stopover/scratch role is participating.

The locomotive and infection strike as lots more quick in the “S” (Fun), “S+” (Mutation addition) and “M” (Manual) modes; in gain, the stopover/scratch routine is switched off. In “S” and “M” modes, the locomotive direction scheme partly suppresses the cylinders: interrupting kindling and shot nether entire consignment leads to flush quicker gearshifts than ahead. The extremely excited vocals are an likable fallout of this lightning-fast appendage. An reflexive double-declutching role and Airstream Startle office are likewise included as criterion.

Autonomously developed AMG RIDE CONTROL sports suspension

The respite, guidance and braking arrangement of the new CLS63 AMG accompaniment the hi-tech effort arrangement utterly. The AMG Cod Command sports reprieve, with nerve abatement struts on the strawman axle and air abeyance struts on the behind axle, likewise as robotlike grade command, is enhanced boost by an electronically controlled damping scheme; it mechanically adjusts the damping characteristics contingent the drive weather and reduces the paradiddle weight of the eubstance. The termination: lightning-fast readjustment ‘tween optimal impulsive comfortableness and the trump potential lightsomeness. The driver can transposition ‘tween the leash abeyance modes of “Ease”, “Fun” and “Mutation positive” at the imperativeness of a push.

The autonomously highly-developed breast axle, with a rails breadth which is 24 mm wider, is the consummate couple for the new highly-developed electromechanical AMG sports argument direction. It not just features varying might aid which adapts according to the hiatus style, but likewise contributes towards reduction fire ingestion, since the direction assist scheme alone draws index when the fomite is really beingness steered. The 3-stage ESP® too has case-by-case scope options – thereby providing a definite vantage when it comes to combination impulsive delight with rank drive refuge.

AMG ceramic high-performance composite braking system available as an option

Complete slowing fifty-fifty when drive super briskly is ensured by the AMG high-performance braking scheme with 360 mm, internally ventilated and pierced bracken discs well-rounded. Specially resistive, motorsports-tested complex engineering is victimised on the figurehead axle. The optional AMG ceramic high-performance complex braking organization with yet bigger bracken discs guarantees an level higher grade of braking execution likewise as frown unsprung mass. Full link with the route, lag, is provided courtesy of the ti grey-painted, high-sheen AMG light-alloy wheels featuring a new triple-spoke innovation and fitted with 255/35 R 19 tyres on the breast and 285/30 R 19 tyres on the bottom.

Intelligent lightweight construction: making a significant contribution to efficiency

The highest stratum of technology is besides reflected in the trunk of the new CLS63 AMG: the sound jackanapes expression makes a important donation towards addressing the classical contradictory goals of low weightiness and gamy force. Care the SLS AMG, the Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG is too fitted with doors featuring a wide aluminum structure. They comprise of deep-drawn al panels with extruded sections, and are some 24 kg igniter compared with established sword doors. In add-on, the hood, presence wings, thrill lid, portion ledge, several keep sections besides as major parts of the build and locomotive are all made from aluminum too.

Light-years ahead: LED High Performance headlamps as standard

The Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG is the low coach in the man to fling LED Gamey Functioning headlamps, which combining the exciting colouring elements of LED engineering – exchangeable to those of daylight operative lamps – with the operation, functionality and zip efficiency of nowadays’s bi-xenon multiplication. Fitted as banner, first always this new ignitor organization provides the Sound Twinkle Arrangement already proved in Mercedes models fitted with bi-xenon headlamps in compounding with LED engineering. The headlamps, with their 71 LED lamps in add, underscore the patent show of the CLS63 AMG. The twinkle specialists from Mercedes-Benz suffer first been capable to use LED engineering in the Adaptative Highbeam Assistance, resulting in an totally new layer of safe when impulsive at dark.

In line to the outset vehicles weaponed with LED headlamps, no compromises are now requisite with esteem to the functionality and execution of the ignition engineering. Thither are promote arguments for the new, LED-based kindling engineering: the medium operational living of an LED is some 10,000 hours, round fin multiplication thirster than that of a xe lightness; furthermore, LED headlamps almost nearly near the colouring temperature of day. This way that LED igniter is in retention with pattern homo percept patterns. Studies birth shown that the nearer the semblance of stilted sparkle comes to daytime, the less striving thither is on the eyes. With a gloss temperature of 5500 k, LED lightness is finisher to daytime (6500 K) than xe sparkle (4200 K). The LED day drive lights particular to AMG are besides presented in two feature twinkle strips incorporate into the AMG breast forestage.

Exterior design inspired by the SLS AMG

2012 Mercedes Benz Cls63 Amg

When viewed from the movement, the new Mercedes CLS63 AMG evokes associations with the SLS AMG – the grille particularly, with its great Mercedes genius and alary horizontal slats, appears to let been elysian by the gullwing. The top-of-the-range AMG framework distinguishes itself from the former CLS variants with its classifiable hood, wider mudguards with “V8 BITURBO” logotype and a particular AMG figurehead forestage with nigrify multi-color crossing mem. Attention-getting features at the ass admit the diffusor cut-in, the AMG coddler lip on boot lid, the AMG sports exhaust with double match chromium-plate tailpipes, and – as too featured on the SLS AMG – unified ass foglamp. The AMG bodystyling dead matches the distinctive CLS adumbrate, which is basically characterised by the elegantly foresightful proportions, the sidelong falling demarcation and the brawny sports car-like berm contrast supra the arse axle.

Exclusive atmosphere in the interior

This ism too continues done systematically into the national. All of the AMG-specific designing and fitting features ideally affix the redesigned CLS inner. The wrap-around essence in the cockpit, with its gamy cable which sweeps from the driver’s doorway complete the board accompaniment and crosswise to the presence rider doorway, is munificently flanked by high-quality trimness elements – uncommitted in nigrify soft lacquer as banner in the top-of-the-range AMG simulation. Tone materials and craftsmanship fulfil the really highest of standards and aid to guaranty a peculiarly scoop ambiance.

The encompassing reach of measure appointments besides includes AMG sports seating in nappa leather, a new three-spoke AMG Execution wheel with al chemise paddles and planate top and behind sections, and the AMG Ride Whole with constrict E-SELECT chooser pry.

New driving assistance systems: greater safety

More a twelve impulsive assist systems on the new CLS assistance to preclude dealings accidents and concentrate the rigourousness of an fortuity. The Participating Screen Berth Aid and the Fighting Lane Retention Attend are new.

Fighting Screen Billet Assistance warns the driver if it detects – with the aid of short-range rad sensors – that thither is a risk of hit if the fomite is almost to variety lanes. Should the driver snub the warnings and get hazardously some the fomite in the following lane, Participating Unreasoning Blot Assistance volition interpose. By applying braking power to the wheels on the inverse face of the fomite via the Electronic Constancy Broadcast ESP®, a yaw motility is created which counteracts the hit path.

Fighting Lane Safekeeping Assistance is now besides coupled to the ESP® first. This arrangement kicks into fulfil if the driver unwittingly drifts complete a firm job to the rectify or odd of a lane. Therein causa, Dynamic Lane Guardianship Help brakes the contrary wheels and thereby prevents the fomite from hybridisation the pipeline. A exhibit on the pawn bunch warns the driver simultaneously. If disordered lane markings are crossed, the organization controls an galvanic heartbeat author in the wheel which generates vibrations for a short-change clip – a discerning but extremely efficacious cue to countersteer now. Ahead the braking organization intervenes, the wheel e’er vibrates to render a admonitory.

Design and equipment: The exclusively styled athlete – a true AMG

Typical, undivided, alone – the invention of the new CLS63 AMG can be described in hardly a few row. The particular berth engaged by the four-door high-performance Takeoveré is unmistakable from the really import you set eyes thereon. High-quality materials, comp received equipment, and a dynamical atmosphere distinctive of an AMG are the shaping elements of the freshly intentional midland.

Outwardly, the top-of-the-range AMG modelling differs from the early CLS variants as a solution of around particular optic modifications. The battlefront panorama is henpecked by the distinguishable grille, the 3-dimensional form of which is identical resonant of the SLS AMG. The heavy Mercedes maven and spectacular alary horizontal grill spline with chromium-plate reduce are as redolent of the gull-wing example. The farsighted cowling with its Five conformation hints at the potent bundle which lies below.

The AMG movement forestage is likewise markedly hefty: thanks to the lengthy english air intakes with lightlessness grilles – flanked by LED daylight drive lights – and exchange air ingestion with black-painted hybridisation tittup, it makes for a tangible head-turning sport. A encourage highlighting of the breast horizon are the LED High-Performance headlamps. The feature AMG strawman proscenium continues stylishly into the all-embracing wings, with incorporated “V8 BITURBO” logotype. The english horizon – which is outlined by an innovational interplay betwixt lines and areas, the sidelong “falling business” and besides the wide-set bike arches – receives an extra feeling of pizzazz courtesy of the ti grey-painted high-sheen AMG light-alloy wheels, which have a new triple-spoke invention. The filagree spokes likewise ply a glance of the liberally dimensioned AMG high-performance braking arrangement.

The potently molded bottom of the Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG is an compeer mate for the car’s battlefront and face views: the exciting visibility of the AMG ass forestage with nigrify diffusor introduce likewise incorporates the duple mate chromium-plate tailpipes of the AMG sports exhaust besides as the bottom fog lamp. The all-inclusive wraparound bicoloured empennage lamps featuring LED engineering and the wide-cut alloy enter wreak extra optic highlights.

The harmoniously merged AMG mollycoddler lip on boot lid helps to cut airlift at the behind axle by round 26 percentage and farther enhances manipulation at mellow speeds.

Exceptional quality of interior finish

The opinion of the midland on initiative the doors is outlined by the keen timbre of goal and the “wraparound” essence which is distinctive of the CLS: a eminent pipeline sweeps in an arc from the driver’s doorway complete the board keep and crossways to the presence rider doorway, ensuring a impression of protection. Onlookers testament key the highest timbre of materials, e.g. in the generous use of nigrify softly lacquer cut elements. Capable vii layers of key are applied and dressed off until the coveted high-sheen coating is achieved. An flush more scoop contact can be devote to the upcountry with the optional AMG clipping elements in c fiber/blacken forte-piano lacquer.

The like goes for the leather upholstery: the AMG sports seating in nappa leather with cross-stitch sports innovation boast a airfoil timber which is specially flabby to the hint, qualification any journeying in the Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG an exceptionally pleasant have. The driver and strawman bottom rider are accommodated in break, new highly-developed AMG sports seating with galvanising fitting, multicontour and storage functions, backside heat and AMG badges. All national elements with which the driver comes into striking are ruined in leather. Iii colors of leather, viz. melanise, alp gray and almond ecru, are uncommitted to prefer from. The two someone seating in the backside are intentional to compeer the breast AMG sports seating.

The new AMG Functioning wheel with its three-spoke pattern has aluminum switch paddles, planate speed and depress sections likewise as peculiarly molded clutch areas covered in perforate leather. The cubic airbag screening is embedded into a metal shave constituent in “eloquent apparition”, the glower rundle of which has an afford conception. 12 multifunction buttons are put-upon to restraint al of the documentary functions. A especial spotlight is the high-quality analog time featuring an “IWC Ingenieur” innovation situated ‘tween the inwardness air vents.

2012 Mercedes Benz Cls63 Amg

Colourful, three-dimensional display with AMG welcome logo

The leash vasiform rung cockpit instruments bum the wheel supply info on the coolant temperature and cooler content (leftover), route fastness (kernel) and locomotive rpm (rightfield). A spotlight of the scoop CLS63 AMG instrumentality is the colorful 3-dimensional TFT exhibit in the kernel of the speedometer, which welcomes the driver by displaying a outstanding AMG logotype when the driver’s threshold is open. The troll instruments accompany a new face, red needles, a 320 km/h speedometer surmount and too a feature “AMG” and “V8 Biturbo” logotype.

The AMG master fare, which is merged into the exchange showing of the speedometer, can be operated handily victimisation the multifunction buttons on the wheel. The 3 modes “Warm”, “Ready” and “Run” support the driver good informed: “Warm” indicates the locomotive oil and coolant temperature, “Prepare” indicates the stream ESP® way, the dangling context – “Quilt”, “Mutation” or “Variation positive” – and the transmitting fashion – “C”, “S”, “S+” or “M”. In “Slipstream” the RACETIMER is make; this allows the driver to book lap multiplication on secret racing circuits.

The AMG Ride Whole, which is angled towards the driver, enables single settings to be selected for the MCT sports contagion, the ESP® functions, the dangling set-up and the AMG campaign modes. Set in the inwardness soothe, the E‑Choice picker jimmy, which boasts a press, clean designing and leather cultivation, can be but nudged to chemise direct ‘tween R, N and D, all thanks to drive-by-wire. The parking engage, meantime, can be excited but by shortly pressure the P‑clit.

All of the controls in the home are ruined in high-quality “eloquent phantasm” – from the clit surrounds on the AMG Ride Whole and the circle switches on the robotlike clime ascendancy, done to the buttons for such functions as backside heat or PARKTRONIC.

Over-the-counter measure equipment includes:

  • AMG doorway sill panels in napped stainless
  • AMG sports pedals in napped stainless with gumshoe studs
  • the lavishness machinelike mood ascendence THERMOTRONIC
  • One of the highlights of the attractive optional extras is the AMG Execution software which is uncommitted for the Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG. It comprises:

  • an step-up in the eyeshade production of 24 kW (32 hp) and in the uttermost torsion of 100 Nm; real c character AMG locomotive screening
  • literal c character AMG coddler lip on boot lid
  • red-painted bracken calipers
  • AMG Execution wheel with Alcantara® inserts in the hold areas
  • Scoop optional extras are likewise uncommitted from the AMG Functioning Studio:

  • AMG Drive Ascendancy Functioning dangling
  • Whippersnapper bad AMG light-alloy wheels featuring a 5-twin-spoke figure and fitted with 255/35 R 19 tyres at the forepart and 285/30 R 19 tyres at the backside
  • AMG arse axle lockup derivative with 40 pct lockup fulfill
  • AMG ceramic high-performance complex braking scheme
  • AMG Outside C parcel
  • AMG cut elements in c character/nigrify pianissimo lacquer
  • Well-lighted AMG threshold sill panels
  • AMG Driver’s Software (includes limitation of top velocity to 300 km/h, involvement in driver breeding form at the AMG Impulsive Academy)
  • designo: made-to-order individuation
  • A singular serial of date details are uncommitted from the designo compass for the CLS63 AMG which customers can use to muse their own personal fashion.

    The wide-cut orbit of single rouge finishes, leather upholstery, trimness elements and direction wheels provides for the proverbial tailored individuation. Septet designo colors, including two flatness key finishes, can be combined with ten designo leather colors. The Alcantara® ceiling liner, uncommitted in deuce-ace semblance sunglasses, rounds off the face absolutely.

    Early optional extras admit (extracts):

  • Alive Parking Attend
  • Dynamic Screen Office Help
  • Ambient firing
  • COMAND APS multimedia
  • Digital radiocommunication (DAB)
  • Impulsive Help packet Summation (DISTRONIC Addition, BAS Asset, PRE-SAFE® bracken, Combat-ready Lane Safekeeping Aid and Dynamic Dim Stain Aid)
  • Amphetamine Confine Attend
  • Harman Kardon® Logic7® surroundings voice organisation
  • KEYLESS-GO packet
  • Media port
  • Dark Aspect Help Asset
  • Tire force monitoring organization
  • Reversing camera
  • Figurehead climatised seating
  • Lane Trailing bundle (Lane Holding Assistance and Dim Blot Help)
  • TV wireless
  • Specially designed “Edition 1” with matt paint finish

    Likewise uncommitted is the limited circumscribed “Version 1” adaptation of the Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG. Ruined in the new manganite gray Form lusterlessness pigment, the “Variant 1” features a legion of especially intentional high-quality midland details. On orifice the doors, the kickoff items to arrest the eye are the AMG sports seating: the “corteccia ivory” designo leather is characterised by a shimmering metal rise conclusion. The ceiling facing, A, B and C-pillars, besides as the sunblinds, are ruined in anthracite Alcantara®, spell c fiber/melanize pianoforte lacquer AMG cut elements assistance to springiness the midland a running ambience. Besides devising a everlasting mate for the designo leather seating are the designo floormats in melanise velours, featuring designo badge and designo leather tuck in “corteccia ivory”.

    Chassis and braking system: Agile, dynamic, exclusive

    2012 Mercedes Benz Cls63 Amg

    The Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG likewise occupies an especial billet in the areas of abeyance and the braking arrangement. The undivided compounding of AMG Bait Ascendance sports hanging, electromechanical AMG sports argument direction and AMG high-performance braking organization guarantees a heights grade of drive kinetics, awful nimbleness and concurrently noted Mercedes quilt on foresighted journeys.

    For the CLS63 AMG, the AMG engineers highly-developed a new AMG Drive Restraint sports respite which is characterised by a mellow stage of variableness. A blade abeyance is victimized at the movement, and an all-air suspension at the back. This result guarantees a raw answer from the breast springs spell the fomite is unbroken at a ceaseless acme thanks to the robotlike story command organisation – disregarding of the shipment. The top-of-the-line AMG simulation differs from the over-the-counter CLS variants with its new highly-developed three-link movement respite with wider running – increased by 24 mm, to 1623 mm, compared with the CLS 500. In continuative with new hub carriers for more disconfirming bank at the figurehead, this provides lots more grasp when pickings aeroembolism at high-pitched velocity.

    Another lineament of the AMG Drive Mastery sports hanging is the electronically controlled damping organisation: the organization varies the damping characteristics immediately according to the impulsive position, route velocity and loading position, reduction the scroll lean of the trunk. For the driver this substance minute, unceasingly varying accommodation betwixt the sterling potential legerity and optimal cod puff – contingent the impulsive stylus and road. The damping can too be separately familiarized by urgent the reserve clitoris in the AMG Ride Whole. A get-up-and-go of a push is all it takes for the electronics to alternate from “Solace” to “Play” or “Play positive.” The selected style is displayed in the AMG pawn clustering.

    “Puff” delivers a spiritualist reaction with mild damping characteristics, patch the cushion answer is an norm 40 pct firmer in “Variation”. “Sportsman positive” is idealistic for intriguing laps on a raceway: in plus to the higher damping strength, this style comes with particular mastery algorithms that bear been made-to-order for a definitely clean impulsive fashion on stratum route surfaces. The drive kinetics of the Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG can be upgraded level boost ex manufactory: sole optional extras useable from the AMG Functioning Studio admit a stiffer execution abatement, whippersnapper bad AMG light-alloy wheels and besides a backside axle lockup derivative with a 40 percentage lockup fulfill.

    Eleven sensors for electronic damper control

    The electronic muffler controller utilises quadruplet sensors to permanently supervise the effort and bracken torsion on with guidance fish and sidelong speedup. Four-spot place sensors are besides victimized to shape the tantalise altitude and to ensure the management of movement. 3 speedup sensors helper describe the sheer soundbox paradiddle. Muscular mastery electronics that interact invariably with the locomotive and transmitting ascendancy units immediately conform the forces at the quatern jolt absorbers.

    New axle components and more direct steering

    The top-grade axle components, made mostly from aluminum, are promote manifest of the fastidiously redesigned AMG Tantalise Ascendancy sports respite. New steerage knucks, wishbones, torsion prance bearings and nous bearings at the figurehead supply additional constancy and improved route link. A weight-optimised, thicker vasiform stabilizer reduces soundbox roller on truehearted Sec aeroembolism. The backside respite has besides been well reworked in the interests of enhanced treatment constancy: new cartroad rods, push-pull rods and far more fixed mountings for the subframe – on which the bottom axle is mounted – render into enhanced kinetics when cornering. The AMG-specific kinematics and the new elastokinematics on both axles besides observably growth preciseness during cornering – a result that has already proved itself on the C63 AMG.

    New, more direct electromechanical steering ratio

    This is complemented by the newly developed electromechanical AMG sports parameter steering: with a steering ratio (14:1) which is 22 percent more direct than that of other CLS models, and in conjunction with the variable power assistance which adapts according to the suspension mode, it provides for decidedly agile handling when cornering. In addition, the electromechanical AMG sports parameter steering also makes an important contribution to efficiency, since the steering assist function only requires power when the driver actually steers. Compared with the previous model with regular hydraulic power steering, this enables savings of up to 0.3 litre/7 g CO2 per 100 km (NEDC combined) to be achieved.

    In the new steering system the steering gear and the supporting servo-motor form a single compact unit and are mounted as previously on an extremely rigid and low-weight integral support frame, made of high-strength steel, which is positioned in front of the wheel’s centre line. The high-performance control unit processes a variety of parameters captured by the sensors – including vehicle speed, steering angle, steering angle speed, lateral acceleration and also understeer/oversteer characteristics – and in a split second calculates the forces which the driver needs to input into the steering in different driving situations – from parking to high-speed motorway driving. Active damping enhances the feeling of safety when driving straight ahead at high speed.

    AMG-specific solutions for enhanced steering precision and driving dynamics

    An AMG-specific solution has been implemented in the form of the fixed, programmed power assistance characteristics. In suspension mode “C”, the AMG sports parameter steering has a comfortable feel, providing a higher level of steering assistance. In “S+” mode, on the other hand, the driver will discern reduced steering assistance – which tends to result in a better road feel. This in turn results in enhanced response and steering precision. Another AMG exclusive is the interaction between the new steering and the 3-stage ESP®: the driver will feel if the vehicle starts to understeer thanks to a defined superposition of a steering moment earlier than with a regular power steering system. In “ESP SPORT” and “ESP OFF”, the special control algorithm helps the driver to achieve a cleaner side-slip angle.

    In addition to more precise steering and a more comfortable feel at the wheel, the new electric power steering offers a range of additional advantages. Power assistance remains available when the engine is stationary, for example – whereby an algorithm ensures that the combustion engine is not prompted to start up in ECO start/stop mode when the driver is merely moving the steering wheel while the vehicle is at a standstill. The new steering system has also enabled implementation of the “Active Park Assist” automatic parking function and relieves the strain on the driver on road surfaces which slope away towards the kerb.

    The new steering system also assists with braking on a surface with vastly varying grip (split friction surface). Sensors recognise the impending yaw if the vehicle starts to turn in towards the side of the lane with more grip. Through the superposition of a steering moment the driver receives an impulse to countersteer. If s/he acts on this signal, the steering moment is withdrawn. Deploying the Steering Assist on split friction surfaces can help to improve both the directional stability and also shorten the braking time.

    3-stage ESP® with Sport function

    The 3-stage ESP® is also consistently tailored to the superb dynamic qualities of the CLS63 AMG: the Electronic Stability Program supports three individual control strategies at the push of a button: the ESP® button in the AMG DRIVE UNIT allows the driver to choose between “ESP ON”, “ESP SPORT” and “ESP OFF” – with the currently active mode shown in the display of the AMG instrument cluster. In “ESP ON”, the onset of handling instability leads to braking intervention at one or more of the wheels, accompanied by a reduction in engine torque.

    Briefly pressing the ESP® button activates “ESP SPORT”. In this mode the braking intervention to counter oversteer or understeer, as well as the accompanying reduction in engine torque, allows a higher dynamic threshold and, for instance, corresponding drift angles – thereby significantly enhancing driving enjoyment. Operating the brake pedal restores all the normal ESP® functions. Prolonged pressure on the ESP® button activates “ESP OFF”. In the interests of handling dynamics, there is no further reduction in engine torque – with the result that driving enjoyment is increased even further. “ESP OFF” should only be used by experienced drivers on dedicated racetracks. In this mode too, operating the brake pedal restores all the normal functions of ESP®.

    The system’s traction logic is active in all three ESP® modes. If one of the drive wheels starts to spin, specific brake pressure is applied to virtually create the effect of a mechanical differential lock. This means that the engine power is transferred to the road even more effectively.

    New ceramic composite high-performance braking system available as an option

    As you would expect from an AMG high-performance car, the new Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG also comes with an ultra-powerful braking system. Internally ventilated and perforated brake discs with a generous 360-millimetre diameter are fitted front and rear. Because of the special stresses they face, the front discs feature composite technology that has been tried and tested in motor racing to help offset the temperature peaks more effectively. Grey-painted brake callipers with white AMG lettering and six-piston (front) and four-piston technology (rear) provide responsive, fade-resistant deceleration and extremely short stopping distances.

    AMG ceramic composite high-performance brakes are available as an option and are instantly recognisable thanks to the “AMG Carbon Ceramic” logo on the brake callipers. Thanks to the special materials and production technology used to manufacture the discs from carbon-fibre-reinforced ceramic in a vacuum at 1700 degrees Celsius, the ceramic discs are much harder. This not only increases the service life many times over compared with a grey cast iron disc, but also their resistance to extreme loads and heat. The result is extremely short stopping distances, an exact pressure point and much higher fade resistance even under extreme operating conditions. The larger ceramic discs – front: 402 x 39 millimetres; rear: 360 x 32 millimetres – also feature a composite design and are connected with a floating radial mount to an aluminium bowl.

    Compared with the conventional composite brake discs, the ceramic brake discs are around 40 percent lighter. The further reduction in unsprung masses not only boosts driving dynamics and agility but also improves steering response as well as ride comfort and contact characteristics. Six-piston fixed callipers are fitted at the front with a brake lining surface of 2 x 154 cm2; four-piston fixed callipers with a brake lining surface of 2 x 73 cm2 are used at the rear.

    Numerous functions of the high-performance braking system enhance comfort and safety. Take the practical HOLD function: if the CLS63 AMG has come to a stop, the driver simply needs to press the brake pedal a little bit firmer. The vehicle is now held by the brake – even if the driver takes their foot off the brake pedal. This prevents the vehicle from unintentionally rolling forward in stop-and-go traffic or inadvertently rolling back on an uphill slope. The HOLD function is automatically disengaged once the vehicle is driven forward. Another useful feature comes in the shape of the hill-start assist. If the sensor technology detects that the driver has stopped on an incline, the brake pressure is automatically maintained constant for a short period. This means the CLS will not roll back and the driver has sufficient time to switch from the brake to the accelerator pedal without having to use the parking brake.

    If the driver suddenly switches from the accelerator to the brake pedal prior to emergency braking, the braking system increases the pressure in the brake lines and applies the pads to the brake discs, so that they can grip instantly with full force when the brake pedal is pressed. The system supports the standard-fit Brake Assist by means of this ‘priming’. Further standard features include the brake-drying function, which uses brief braking impulses to ensure the film of water on the brake discs is removed in the wet, thus considerably improving the responsiveness of the brakes.

    Weight-optimised “Flow Forming” AMG light-alloy wheels

    The newly developed AMG light-alloy wheels make a significant contribution to the dynamic handling of the Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG. As on the SLS AMG, they are produced by the new “flow forming” process. During this production process, hot forming in the area of the rim base makes for a denser material structure, thereby improving long-term durability. This also means that lower wall thicknesses can be achieved. The weight saving of up to 0.8 kg per wheel compared to conventional light-alloy wheels reduces the unsprung masses, further improving the handling dynamics and suspension comfort.

    The Coupé is fitted as standard with titanium grey-painted wheels featuring a high-sheen finish and new triple-spoke design. The 9.0 x 19 format front wheels are fitted with 255/35 R 19-size tyres, while the 10 x 19 format rear wheels come with 285/30 R 19-size tyres. Available as an optional extra from the AMG Performance Studio are AMG light-alloy forged wheels in a 5-twin-spoke design and painted in titanium grey with a polished finish. They come with 255/35 R 19 (front) and 285/30 R 19 (rear) wide-base tyres.

    2012 Mercedes Benz Cls63 Amg

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