2012 Lancia Voyager

Lancia Voyager

When the Lancia Voyager is victimised every day, it turns the construct of a elementary “agency of exaltation” into an stimulating jaunt have. That is because a “bang-up stumble” is not equitable departure and arriving, but is alternatively a uninterrupted drawstring of emotions. A forebode that the new modeling keeps level earlier acquiring into it thanks to an outside elan that transmits shelter and spell from the real beginning peek.

Hither so is a sword new forepart featuring the grillwork emblazoned with the Lancia logotype, wraparound figurehead and bum bumpers, taillight clusters with LED twinkle engineering, and enceinte headlights with inbuilt fog lights in the battlefront bumper. The invention is cutting-edge and exquisitely molded. The english purview offers the definitive bicycle implike innovation, patch the thin pillars conjugated with prominent windows warrant splendid visibleness. The car is weaponed with runway and crossbars on the ceiling patch the tailboard has been redesigned with a advanced, working looking in edict to optimize accession to the midland.

The benchmark in the section of heavy MPVs, the Lancia Voyager is 5.21 metres yearn, 1.99 m wide-cut, 1.75 m highschool on a wheelbase of approx. 3.1 metres. This telling sizing is matched by a broad, graceful rider compartment in job with Lancia’s trump custom, which is grand by tending to details and the use of balmy materials of ranking caliber. And it is just when the new manakin welcomes guests that it is at its trump.

2012 Lancia Voyager

Offered measure in the form with 7 seating, it is a framework for restful moments and well-heeled journeys, whose passengers volition profit from a loyal sensation of on-board upbeat. To reach this documentary, the designers worked according to the near mod ergonomic standards, in club to fulfill the criteria which quantity a fomite’s capacitance to fill the requirements for quilt and welfare. The last results of the Lancia Voyager are first-class altogether key ergonomic areas: comfortableness, drive situation, availableness, profile and spa reconfigurability.

2012 Lancia Voyager

Its welcoming and various inside is made attractive by the specially processed, easy and snuggery seating. The strawman seating are adjustable with galvanic controls. In improver, the utile “Sluttish Launching/Loss” purpose moves the driver’s bottom into the predefined berth, simplifying acquiring into the fomite.

Consolation and pleasant welfare likewise abounds for those seance on the ass seating. They are actual armchairs ended with headrests that see fantabulous solace without conciliatory the driver’s visibleness. One of the peculiarities of the simulation is the undivided Stow ‘n Go®, the constellation organization offered as criterion equipment which frees up all the distance needful for bottom passengers and their baggage, without having to hit any seating. Not but can the seating be folded, but they can be retracted into the base venire to translate, with last repose, the fin prosperous seating of the sec and tertiary row into an sizable loading airfoil, worthy for all jaunt requirements. If the seating are unbroken just, the hardheaded compartments in the deck impanel can be put-upon for warehousing.

The Lancia Voyager seating are the better face of MPV functionality combined with the mantrap and sumptuousness of a flagship, as besides proved by the front of heaters both in the cushions and in the backrests to crack a feel of on-board well-being.

Comfort and versatility: the art of travelling

Lancia Voyager surrounds the driver and passengers with technologies that ascertain their highest storey of acoustical and climatical consolation. This gave us a cushiony upcountry, which is comfy and vibration-free thanks both to the car’s super-efficient phone insularity obtained by exploitation new acoustical panels and silencers end-to-end the fomite and the acceptance of telling features such as the reflexive triple-zone mood ascendence arrangement, the redesigned suspensions and the tyres intentional specifically for utmost ease and rubber. Too the across-the-board galvanising cap, the Superintendent Cabinet, the “keyless entrance/go” scheme and the sliding doors and tailboard, all electrically controlled, impart to the high-minded quilt and pleasance of traveling aboard the Voyager. Reprint note moldiness be made of the Stow ‘n Go® organisation, which frees up all the distance required for back passengers and their baggage, without having to hit any seating.

Synonymous with inflexible prime for the driver and too for those who sustain the pleasance of experiencing it as a rider, the Lancia Voyager features Uconnect, a advanced hub for info and amusement that manages 4 master areas: multimedia, sailing, telephone and Cyberspace connectedness (useable via Mopar®). The almost modern assertion of “documentary” floor, the gimmick is a finish parcel that guarantees joining with the out-of-door humanity and ensures the finest technologies for the driver’s puff and the passengers’ amusement. Dead the liveliness of utmost condom because the driver forever has his men on the wheel without having to takings his eyes off the route.

Last, Lancia Voyager offers many devices to truly brand drive well-heeled: from the Sail Ascendence, het wheel and adjustable pedals to the radiocommunication controls on the wheel, digital reach and electrochrome national rearview mirror.

Triple-zone automatic climate control system

The clime inwardly the rider compartment is one of the head factors for comfortableness when travel and is besides authoritative for preventive rubber, because ease, humidness and airing all charm the welfare of the driver and so his/her story of tending. Not forgetting that the warming and ventilation is besides responsible the defrosting of the windshield and position windows. This is why the Lancia Voyager is equipt with a triple-zone reflex clime mastery arrangement, which allows deuce-ace dissimilar temperatures and levels of air dispersion to be programmed simultaneously, at the rightfield of the rider compartment, at the remaining and in the bum district.

The arrangement operates by mechanically controlling temperature, air capacitance, air dispersion, the use of the compressor and air recirculation. The air turnout positions and hurrying are mechanically familiarised according to stimulation weather such as outside temperature, inside temperature, the solar actinotherapy and the coolant temperature. If requisite, the focussing and fastness of the airflow can be selected manually and rigid. In accession, the air volcano on the level directs the airflow onto the passengers’ feet of the one-third row, piece encourage air vents for both the midriff passengers and those in the thirdly row are confront in the mind facing.

Suspensions optimised and specific tyres

The Lancia Voyager’s suspension uses a firm model that is optimised to make the trump solvent in drive solace and treatment price. At the strawman, it is the MacPherson character with crossmember and wishbones optimised for new shipment weather; at the bum, thither is a contortion shaft and anti-roll bar to furnish splendid manipulation execution.

The Lancia Voyager’s suspensions sustain been particularly highly-developed for use on European roadstead, obtaining both especial traveling solace with all types of route surfaces and treatment features, such as preciseness and straightaway impulsive reception, of downright extension.

In particular, the MacPherson struts guarantee polish impulsive, responsive treatment and ultimate interference insularity patch the backside axle, with interrelated wheels fitted with spiral springs, contributes to up drive constancy and comfortableness. In improver, the scene up of the springs and jounce absorbers envisaged induction of bum jolt absorbers with a bigger diam and greater damping and registration bound pace ascendance. The stature from the land has likewise been decreased to consecrate streamlined betterment and a more self-coloured and sinewy esthetic manikin.

On quest, suspensions with cargo dispersion and meridian controller – so that the outstrip from the priming can be familiarized according to the combined rider and lading burden – are usable, thusly ensuring optimal treatment and mastery values.

The Lancia Voyager is equipt with agio tyres with less pealing impedance that vouch a ameliorate clutch and fomite reaction. The designers suffer likewise researched the manipulation features for exigency manoeuvres and obtained melioration in cornering functioning and wagerer turn and constancy preciseness.

Stow ‘n Go®

The forward-looking organization patented by Chrysler is composed of two rows of seating that flock by into the storey and hard-nosed repositing compartments that can be exploited when the seating are brocaded. The seating of the sec and tierce row (which can be rip 60/40) can turn, sway and faithful out into the level with uncomplicated gestures without removing the headrests. Therein way all the rise requirement for transporting baggage and peculiarly tortuous objects is obtained, transforming with furthermost easiness the buns district into a big loading rise. Last, if the seating are unbroken unsloped, the virtual compartments in the flooring jury can be victimised for warehousing.

This is how the Lancia Voyager Stow ‘n Go® arrangement plant:

  • run the forepart bottom onward, depress the headrests and ascent the armrests of the endorsement row seating;
  • motion the lockup mechanics of the container compartment into the locked situation and climb the compartment lock decree to outdoors the masking;
  • excerpt the heavy pry of the back on the outer incline of the buns and leaning the back forrader. Greater force on the back may be needful patch it is organism lowered to check that it is locked in the hang berth;
  • wrench the discharge rap on the speed function of the behind backward and post the ass in the container, so end the blanket.
  • Keyless entry/go system

    The Lancia Voyager offers the “keyless entering/go” arrangement, fashioning ingress your car and start the locomotive uncomplicated and commodious. You no thirster demand to hunt for your key, put it in the mesh, routine it, and erstwhile in the driver’s ass, put it into the firing to scratch the locomotive. All you pauperization is your remote key and everything changes. When you overture the car and pulling the doorway address, the keyless entering/go arrangement’s electronic ascendance whole checks whether the key is in the locality. When the key is situated and the cryptograph familial via radiocommunication oftenness is confirmed as castigate, the doorway mechanically opens. At this detail, all you pauperization to do is trail the bicycle and startle the locomotive by pressure the clitoris on the splashboard. Erst you stretch your terminus, the like routine is carried out in reversion. Cut the locomotive by press the like clit, and formerly out of the car, get-up-and-go the threshold deal. For the controller whole, this is the sign that you destine to parting the car, so the keyless debut/go organization locks the doors.

    Super Console

    The new Superintendent Solace includes two 12 v stream sockets inside the driver’s range, nonesuch for wandering phones and digital sound devices. Occupants of both the offset and indorsement rows suffer admission to a mitt compartment. The figurehead LED cup holders can curb one-litre bottles, spell the bum cup holders can be pie-eyed from the beginning row then slid binding to the sec row. Thither are two store compartments covered for greater prophylactic. Thanks to the diffuse sparkle organisation on the speed cabinet that contains 4 memory compartments and adjustable LED lights, it is wish traveling alongside an administrator jet. Thither is likewise a quadrangular bottom sight mirror that allows the driver to observe the otc occupants.

    Electrically controlled sun roof, sliding doors and tailgate

    The Lancia Voyager can be weaponed with a deoxyephedrine sun cap that lets you deliver a unlike kinship with the circumferent environs every clip. When you deprivation the rider compartment to be filled with ignitor, it is potential to get the shiny parting unopen and the dim underneath out-of-doors. If, on the over-the-counter give, you choose drive nether out-of-doors skies, it takes barely a few seconds to entirely clear the meth jury and you can relish a material “windowpane to the mankind”. All this happens by just pressure the clitoris on the cap jury solace. The cap too has a prophylactic organisation that reverses methamphetamine move as presently as an obstruction is detected.

    Again with utmost versatility in psyche, the new car features electrically operated sliding doors and tailboard with a safe organisation for the detecting of the comportment of obstacles during closing (therein pillowcase, the doors are open again to forfend inauspicious accidents).

    Uconnect Media Center

    The groundbreaking Uconnect Media Core offers a touchscreen and phonation commands (the mike is reinforced into the bottom purview mirror) for sluttish mastery of respective multimedia sources and outputs. It is likewise potential to customize on-board multimedia amusement done iPod® desegregation and the adjuvant embrasure for MP3 players. The Media Plaza besides includes a bodoni Wireless/CD/DVD/MP3/WMA organisation and a 30 GB backbreaking harrow where euphony, photos and vox messages can be stored done a USB port. In gain to the package and seafaring maps, the difficult harrow can moderate capable almost 6,700 tracks, contingent the modelling. And for the more demanding customers, a vocalism content record-keeper stores admonisher notes with a utmost sentence of leash transactions.

    By connecting a digital gimmick with analog connective (it supports Miniskirt, 4G, Pic, Nano, 5G, iPodT and iPhoneT peripheral devices) to the USB porthole situated in the memory compartment, you can heed to hours and hours of digital euphony in MP3 and WMA formats. The sound is played by the car stereo piece the entropy (artist, rails championship, album, etcetera.) are displayed on the radiocommunication sieve. In plus, the sound peripheral shelling recharges when attached to the USB/AUX connexion.

    Another rum lineament of the Lancia Voyager is “Uconnect Multimedia”, a bottom amusement organisation with two-fold LCD filmdom DVD participant for passengers in the halfway and rachis. Specifically, the groundbreaking twist enables procreation of two unlike media resources concurrently – elect from many sources (tuner, laborious saucer, AUX stimulation, USB embrasure, two RGB inputs and two DVD players) – on two 9″ LCD screens which can be lowered from the ceiling comfort finish with remote and stereophonic radiocommunication headphones. In improver, adjustable LED ceiling lights, elysian by aeronautic innovation, enable igniter to be directed lonesome where compulsory. Thanks to the two-baser DVD concealment, patch one rider is observation his front-runner film the over-the-counter can cover to let fun by connecting his telecasting back cabinet.

    Last, now uncommitted is “Uconnect GPS”: the orbiter piloting office with 2D and 3D hoot’s eye panorama maps and imperfect road counselling.

    Uconnect Phone

    2012 Lancia Voyager

    It is an advanced hands-free communicating scheme with part energizing that guarantees utmost condom and is unproblematic to use. The vocalization bid arrangement and its total desegregation with the sound organisation, with controls on the wheel and with the entropy on the tool presentation permit customers who bear Bluetooth® nomadic phones to use it level if it is in a crownwork pouch or a purse, without always having to takings their workforce off the wheel (capable 7 phones can be opposite up). Thence, by victimisation the phonation commands or the buttons on the wheel it is potential to cry the numbers in the phonebook (capable 1,000 items can be mechanically downloaded from the cellphone) or reply entering call calls exploitation the car sound organisation as the mike (the arrangement mechanically cuts out the tuner mass). Uconnect Sound is usable in 6 languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian or Spanish.

    Engines: power and reliability

    Lancia Voyager proposes two Euro5-compliant engines which heighten the property of locomotion, with technology and execution meeting to have comfortableness bey liken: the springy 163 HP 2.8L diesel and the brawny 283 HP 3.6 gasolene locomotive. Both engines follow with Euro 5 standards and are combined with a 6-speed reflex gearbox with torsion convertor that offers nigher spacing ‘tween the gears, modification locomotive velocity changes betwixt the dissimilar infection ratios and guaranteeing sander engagements suitable to all drive situations. Compared to the four-speed reflexive transmittance of the Chrysler Radical from which it derives, the six-speed machinelike transmittance of the Lancia Voyager is weaponed with two new chief gearing ratios and a lower-ranking geartrain proportion to optimise functioning at eminent speeds. It is besides intentional to step-up the torsion exponent on the initial vizor to cater greater quickening when start off.

    163 HP 2.8L diesel

    The Lancia Voyager can be equipt with a 2.8 liter park track turbodiesel locomotive delivering 163 HP and a torsion of 360 Nm, safekeeping fire phthisis at 7.9 l/100 km in the combined cycles/second spell CO2 emissions are 207 g/km.

    The locomotive has four-spot valves per cylinder and a duplicate smash camshaft (DOHC) with whack controller. It is furnished with a 1,800 bar vulgar railing injectant organization, piezoelectric injectors and varying geometry turbocharger.

    Otc features of the Lancia Voyager 2.8L locomotive are the new uptake multiplex made of complex fabric, a new EGR beat gas recirculation organisation, decreased detrition O-rings, electronic upheaval command, oil and eject gas temperature sensors, diesel particulate percolate (DPF) supplied criterion and boost adjustments to cut racket, vibrations and inflexibility (NVH) and to warrant improved impulsive quilt.

    283 HP 3.6L V6 petrol engine

    2012 Lancia Voyager

    The sec locomotive in the orbit is the new 3.6L V6 gasoline locomotive with 6 cylinders configured in a 60° V, which delivers 283 HP at 6,600 rpm and a torsion of 344 Nm at 4,400 rpm. Electrifying operation puts it at the top of the grade, all with fire expenditure at roughly 10.8 l/100 km in the combined hertz. Suitable of tone is its exceptionally matted torsion curvature with a gamy particular exponent from 1,600 to 6,400 rpm, in improver to passage the visor appraise of 90%. This agency concrete first-class impulsive and responsiveness features for the client.

    The Pentastar V-6 locomotive of the Lancia Voyager boasts a entirely restyled innovation, with image viewgraph camshaft (DOHC), aluminum beat manifolds, plunger skirts covered with polymeric materials, bad brand connecting rods and the 60° die-cast al crankcase. Thanks to the combining of the eminent catamenia consumption and beat valves with the form transformer with fencesitter timing of the two camshafts, it offers optimal volumetrical and fire efficiency in the full lading and rpm separation. What’s more, the mundaneness of the bingle components was a key end since the invention stage. This destination has been achieved due to victimisation state-of-the-art techniques in cad. The morphological ingestion and tucker zones bear been intentional in rescript to slenderize the interference levels and to discover particular goals regarding detectable vocalize tone by exceptional the expectations of heedful and demanding customers.

    Intentional complying with environmental criteria, the Pentastar 3.6-litre V6 locomotive does not expect the use of leading during its fabrication stages and adopts an eco-compatible oil filtering scheme with reclaimable strain and obliterable elements that do not campaign leaks. In summation, an merged oil radiator contributes to protecting the environs when the trickle component is sent to the incinerators. The use of long-life light plugs and a calculate ignition with heights dispersion of vigor protract the animation of the components, reduction the sustenance costs.

    Safety: pampered and protected

    Fully watching of Lancia’s custom, the new framework offers the outflank usable to escort in the technical instauration bailiwick applied to prophylactic and auspices as the more 40 devices offered as received prove. Around of them are introduced first in the section. These admit: modish multiplication multistage airbags for battlefront seating, new incline airbags fitted on the forepart ass, slope windowpane airbags for tercet rows of seating, electronic constancy command scheme discharge with braking help and grip mastery at all speeds, fog lights, automatonlike headlights and dynamic prosaic security, screen smear sensing organization, participating headrests, windshield wipers with rainfall sensors, ParkSense® parking assist organization, and ParkView® back camera.

    The Lancia Voyager boasts splendid braking thanks to the anti-lock saucer brakes as measure on the foursome wheels, also peculiar morphological features that, in the case of accidents, assistance to livelihood the rider compartment integral and to amend handle the vigor produced: from the crossmember at mid-dashboard to the Duple Form sword in the interior and outside octangular strawman bar; from the consecutive tips of the figurehead bar to the vigour engrossing form anchoring struts load-bearing the locomotive.

    Multistage front airbags, side airbags and window bags

    The breast airbags of the Lancia Voyager are fitted with an innovative up-to-the-minute multiplication multistage arrangement which supplies an orifice equal for the inclemency of a clangor, which is detected by the ECU that manages the simplicity systems and the sensors placed at the movement of the fomite. The pretentiousness twist for the commencement phase engages straightaway during an hob which requires the activating of the airbag. The timing twist for the s point determines whether the add personnel needed is low, sensitive or high-pitched. If a low provision is sufficient to fulfil the inevitably of the place, the irregular degree liberation is delayed in club to excrete, in the vitrine of a clangour, firework real excited by the organization.

    To protect the rider’s hip and pectus when the slope of the car is stricken, the Lancia Voyager is furnished with face bags which are situated within the backrests, ensuring wagerer aegis of occupants, irrespective of their height, the place that they adopt and the readjustment of the seating. Fitted as banner on all vehicles in the scope, windowpane bags are rig to fall on the windows to protect the occupants’ heads in the showcase of a sidelong hit. Compared to early solutions, the Lancia Voyager’s windowpane bags pass more security (because they constantly balloon in the castigate berth), and are faster to amplify and less encroaching for passengers. They clear from the top downward, with no jeopardy of causation lowly wrong to the occupants’ weaponry done their cause. Therein way, they expeditiously protect both the heads of the presence passengers and those sitting buns, because they are as blanket as the windows. The windowpane bags besides insure that passengers are saved if the fomite rolls o’er. The two cushions (one for the right slope and one for the unexpended) are set below the ceiling face members, folded into a unsympathetic compartment.

    Active headrests

    The Lancia Voyager’s headrests are intentional to concentrate the peril of hurt by constrictive the caput’s drive in the cause of bypass. The simplicity arrangement ECU determines whether the harshness or character of ass shock requires the energizing of the bottom headrests. If their activating is requisite, the presence one-half of both fighting headrests extends advancing to slenderize the aloofness to the resident’s cervix.

    Adaptive front lighting system

    The Lancia Voyager’s presence headlamps are robotic (they shift on and off contingent the surround ignition levels) and get a levelling scheme that let them to sustain the near suited berth compared to route airfoil (disregarding of the fomite shipment).

    Blind Spot Monitor

    Another single characteristic of the new Lancia Voyager is the “Screen Blot Supervise” (BSM). This optic index on the doorway mirror signals ingress into the unreasoning blot, videlicet the severe office of having a car travel aboard which is not seeable in the doorway mirror. When the index is victimized to signaling an intended lane variety, a optical and hearable consternation alerts the driver to deterrent the berth of vehicles approximately him selfsame cautiously earlier manoeuvring.

    Active Pedestrian Protection

    The organization intervenes in the case of inadvertent impingement fostering the bum of the cowl in edict to precaution the walker refuge.

    ParkSense® and ParkView®: the parking assistance systems

    2012 Lancia Voyager

    The Lancia Voyager offers two systems that service in parking manoeuvres: the ParkSense® sensors and the ParkView® camera. When parking, it may be the vitrine that thither are obstacles buns the fomite which are away of the driver’s bailiwick of imaginativeness, or more but, the driver may not recognize how ending he/she is to the car parked buns. This is where the ParkSense® parking detector comes to the deliverance. It is excited every meter the fomite is enclose setback and at a fastness of less than 16 km/h, and transmits optic and acoustical warnings to the driver on the panel show. The arrangement is formed by an electronic controller whole and quatern echography sensors in the arse bumper that notice obstacles at a outstrip ‘tween 30 centimetres and 2 metres horizontally, contingent the office, eccentric and predilection of the aim.

    The Lancia Voyager can so be weaponed with ParkView®, a camera set concluded the issue plateful that displays a backside overview of the fomite. When blow is meshed, the gimmick transmits the icon onto the multimedia tuner/navigator presentation, illustrating the breadth of the MPV and the length from the back objects with a motionless demarcation grille.

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