2012 Kia Ray Ev

Kia Ray EV

Kia Motors introduced Korea’s commencement galvanizing fomite, with the found of the new Kia Ray EV – a zero-emissions metropolis car with vital functioning and a stove of capable 139 km (86 miles) on a i tutelage.

2012 Kia Ray Ev

For ply alone to the domesticated Korean mart, the Kia Ray EV is a end congeneric of Kia’s 1.0-liter gasoline powered Ray CUV. It shares that modeling’s major dimensions and, in a globose beginning for an EV producer, can plowshare a line with ceremonious combustion-engine cars.

The front-wheel driving Kia Ray EV is powered by a 50kW galvanising drive and a high-capacity 16.4 kWh li ion polymer barrage coterie that is engineered for a 10-year liveliness oscillation and skilfully packaged below the backside behind and cabin coldcock.

Although the Kia Ray EV weighs 187 kg more the petrol simulation, the electrical centrifugal’s generous torsion – 167 Nm (an step-up of 77%) – ensures antiphonal functioning. The EV’s speedup is brisker than the petrol models (0-to-100 kph in 15.9 seconds), patch top amphetamine is 130 kph (81 mph). Recharging multiplication are six hours victimization a 220V family supplying and fair 25 transactions in fast-charge style.

The Kia Ray EV’s automatonlike contagion offers the driver a pick of two modes patch in ‘D’ thrust. ‘E’ (or ‘eco’) fashion optimizes the pitch of the motive’s torsion to attain minimal barrage expenditure and utmost impulsive stove. ‘B’ (or ‘bracken’) fashion can be selected when impulsive downward-sloping on highways and on deal roadstead to maximise braking index.

2012 Kia Ray EV

Comportment the like hitting outside styling as its petrol cousin-german, the Kia Ray EV has 4 modest distinguishing points. A pother in the forepart grille covers an electricity recess for a 220V cater for the decelerate reload fashion, another recess (for the loyal reload way) is fitted in the like locating as the fire inhalation of the unconstipated models, extra decals on apiece presence threshold predicate the ‘Naught Emissions EV’ content and super-smooth 14-inch debase wheels ameliorate flowing operation by minimizing haul.

2012 Kia Ray Ev

Indoors, the Kia Ray EV features a unequalled tool bundle, displaying galvanizing motive functioning, barrage condition and aloofness to reload. It is too furnished with the first-ever EV-specific sailing arrangement that features a 7-inch sieve and provides all-important data for EV drivers such as the closest locations of the sluggish/immobile recharging stations. The show shows a flyer molded arena in which the simulation can locomote with its stream stratum of barrage might, so that drivers can see which destinations are approachable without a reload.

Presently thither are 500 sluggish/immobile reload stations in Korea, and the administration plans to growth that design to 3,100 stations by the end of 2012.

The Kia Ray EV embodies legion innovations. The electrical drive achieves 93% efficiency, which is the topper in its section. The li ion polymer barrage’s cellphone is optimized and extremely merged, which has enabled its weightiness to be decreased by 13% and its vigor compactness to be increased by 15% compared to competitors’ systems.

The on-board courser, flow inverter, high-low potential convertor and EV-specific VCU (fomite ascendence whole) apiece features advances o’er late equipment.

2012 Kia Ray Ev

Kia Ray EV is too weaponed with a new typecast of regenerative braking organisation featuring an Combat-ready Hydraulic Lifter that utilizes the electrical motive, rather of the gasolene locomotive in the unconstipated example, to make hydraulic pressing for the brakes. The solvent is ordered bracken treadle personnel end-to-end a all-encompassing diverseness of impulsive weather and the power to glean surplusage vigour and use it to reload the car’s bombardment.

Different habitue gas vehicles, Kia Ray EV generates no locomotive disturbance, which can be a potency trouble with pedestrians organism incognizant of the upcoming car. To preclude accidents, Kia has fitted Ray EV with a VESS (Practical Locomotive Voice Organization). When determined at speeds downstairs 20 kph (12 mph) this arrangement delivers a mixing of recorded petrol locomotive noises, which are likewise emitted whenever the car is mount up.

2012 Kia Ray Ev

Japan and the USA are already considering the creation of a effectual demand for EVs to let a practical locomotive vocalise, and Kia has interpreted the initiative to commercialise this organization in edict to forebode the worldwide industriousness’s vogue.

To control that the Kia Ray EV is as safety as gasolene cars, it is equipt with six air-bags, and electronic constancy features – VDC (Fomite Kinetics Restraint) and HAC (Mound Assistance Ascendance, to preclude roll-back) – as received.

During 2012, Kia is provision to invent 2,500 units of the Kia Ray EV, which leave be provided to regime departments and populace offices as contribution of Kia’s semipermanent real-world enquiry and exploitation programme to render environmentally favorable transfer to Kia customers approximately the earth during the following tenner.

Technical Specification

  • Distance: 3593 mm
  • Breadth: 1595 mm
  • Tallness: 1700 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2520 mm
  • Curb slant: 1185 kg
  • Typecast: Galvanic centrifugal
  • Max ability: 68 PS (50 kW)
  • Max torsion: 167 Nm (17.0 g/km)
  • Shelling
  • Index: 330V Li ion polymer
  • Content : 16.4 kWh
  • Care clip: 6.0 hrs (sluggish) / 25 proceedings (flying)
  • Functioning
  • 0-100 km/h (62 mph): 15.9 s
  • Top fastness: 130 km/h (81 mph)
  • Max scope: 139 km (86 miles)
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