2012 Kia Picanto

Kia Picanto

The all-new Kia Picanto, devising its globose premier at the 2011 Hollands Drive Establish, has been redesigned and re-engineered with stand-out styling to totally redefine its billet as one of the nearly free-enterprise vehicles in the globose ‘metropolis car’ A-segment.

With looks that get a sensation of solidness and matureness, new effective engines and rock-bottom CO2 emissions from 90 g/km, highschool levels of stipulation and refuge features, the Kia Picanto leave be offered first with a selection of 5-door and 3-door consistency styles.

“Our new Kia Picanto is now a belittled car, grown-up,” comments Soon-Nam Lee, Conductor of Abroad Selling, Kia Motors Pot. “It is such a dispatch car, such a superiority software, oblation legion bounty features and multiple cut choices, that it testament lift the central sensing of A-segment models to a higher stratum.

2012 Kia Picanto

“We expect that world postulate for A-segment cars volition be in the realm of 2.4-million units p.a. complete the following six days and we are surefooted that new Picanto volition enable us to catch a bigger part of this commercialize,” adds Mr Lee.

“The low multiplication Kia Picanto pronounced our unveiling in the A-segment in 2004 and went on to reach more 1.1 trillion sales globally ended the followers sevener eld, with sales in the UK totalling 77,810. I am certain that this new minor Kia testament go flush more democratic than the stream fomite,” concludes Mr Lee.

UK consumers bequeath profit from the following multiplication Kia Picanto’s greatly decreased CO2 emissions, improved fire thriftiness and rock-bottom possession costs when the example goes on sale in 2011.

2012 Kia Picanto

More space and more style

The Kia Picanto is the newest extremity to articulation the exciting and fashionable Kia phratry. Kia has interpreted a brave new footmark with the modish edition of its smallest framework. The fibre of the car has been transformed from ‘precious’ and ‘womanly’ into senesce and good-looking, intentional to routine heads on the gamy street, thanks to its effective look, aphrodisiacal proportions and active invention words. With a greater signified of constancy and effectiveness which is emphasized by the mesomorphic bike arches and full set admixture wheels.

Up strawman, the brass of the Kia Picanto expresses the like self-assertive energy and elaboration as its larger brothers, the Venga and the Sportage, and shares with them the like touch ‘tiger intrude’ grill. Kia Picanto’s day functional lights accent the gamy layer of invention and highschool investigator worldliness.

2012 Kia Picanto

This bluff front is supported by a strongly-sculpted and dynamical personify which embodies the forcefulness and adulthood of the Kia Picanto and gives the fomite a substantial ‘bounty front’ on the route. The potent soundbox characteristic contrast on the wing brings a dynamical tautness to the car’s visibility and attractively integrates the outside doorway handles. This is fair another lesson of the aid to contingent which leave set the new Picanto obscure from its competitors.

Look from the backside, the Kia Picanto’s new pattern base emphasises modernness, with its big arse windowpane framed by the alone taillight graphical and supported by a firm purposeful bumper.

The 3-door modelling, with its unequaled intervention to C-pillar, bumpers and lattice, offers an exciting outside root which testament extend the Kia Picanto’s appealingness to a wider consultation when it goes on sale after in 2011.

The lifelike constitution of the 3-door Kia Picanto’s figurehead nerve has been subtly moulded to increment the flashy characteristics of the fomite. The reflection is more belligerent, the content is livelier – this car is looking accomplish! Too from the bum, the contrastive bumper cut-in emphasizes the car’s breadth and lastingness. It’s all exquisitely tuned to make a car with a clearly dissimilar fiber to the 5-door example.

Piece decorous more fashionable, the new 3.6-metre farsighted Kia Picanto leave too persist an exceedingly virtual car. On the exterior, boilersuit fomite duration has increased by 60 mm, and the wheelbase has big by 15 mm. These increases, and approximately apt national promotion, birth enhanced the cabin spa for multitude (forepart legroom is up by 36 mm), and for baggage, with charge capacitance increased by 27% to 200 litres.

Care to pocket-size details of the outside excogitation let improved the new Kia Picanto’s aeromechanics, reduction its cart design to fair Cd 0.31 – wagerer than the huge bulk of A-segment cars.

Projection-style headlamps and LED bum lamps leave be usable, jointly a prize of nerve or debase wheels capable 15 inches – delivery added sophism to the outside show.

Kia expects the new 3-door modeling to explanation for some 30% of Kia Picanto sales. The sportier-looking 3-door volition be key in impulsive ‘subjection’ sales to new, jr. consumer groups.

Raising the benchmark with ‘big car’ comforts

Manufactured alone at Kia’s Seosan embed in Korea, Kia Picanto’s new plant adulthood is too reflected in the internal figure, which sets a new benchmark in its stratum for cloth lineament and reduce choices, new Kia Picanto volition be presented in the UK with a all-inclusive orbit of six outside colors.

New Picanto’s advanced home volition propose buyers legion ‘big car’ ease and contrivance features – many of them fitted first on a car therein section.

The internal architecture shows the like swank functionality as the outside with major controls ordered in an attractive and light to use layout which emphasises the breadth and blank of the internal. The blockheaded rimmed two-spoke wheel and the touch Kia ‘deuce-ace cylinder’ tool clump with its crystallise and accurate artwork, meditate the consistence with which the new innovation ism is existence put-upon end-to-end the Kia intersection line-up.

New Kia Picanto testament likewise be usable with mechanically controlled air-conditioning, electronic and het foldaway threshold mirrors with slope repeaters, robotic igniter controller with ‘see’ and ‘receive’ modes, wheel mounted sound controls, retractable two-fold cup holders,

Former new features usable admit smart-key debut scheme with locomotive startle/block push, AUX, iPod and USB connections for the RDS wireless CD musician with MP3 compatibility, Bluetooth® hands-free with vocalisation acknowledgment, het presence seating and Thinking Occlusion and Go that farther enhances fire thriftiness.

Highly efficient engines deliver great fuel economy

In Europe, every new Kia Picanto volition accompany a extremely effective Kappa locomotive that helps glower this example’s CO2 base-line to good 95 g/km and improves fire usance to as lots as 67.3 mpg.

2012 Kia Picanto

3 versions of the Kappa volition be offered – two in the UK. A four-cylinder, 1,248 cc locomotive that generates 85 ps and 121 Nm of torsion a-one the line-up. Two three-cylinder, 998 cc units leave introduce customers with a prime of gasoline or Bi-fuel technologies (LPG + gas) – Bi-fuel is uncommitted in selected countries but not the UK. The gasolene locomotive produces 69 ps and 95 Nm of torsion. The Bi-fuel whole delivers 82 ps and 94 Nm of torsion.

Made in Korea, the Kappa phratry of engines part many green characteristics, including duple CVVT (incessantly varying valve timing), a hurl aluminum closure, off-set crankshaft, maintenance-free long-life timing range and low-friction ‘hive’ valve springs.

2012 Kia Picanto

This combining of ripe technologies agency that tucker emissions deliver been importantly decreased, so that the new, gas solitary, Picanto line-up volition let a CO2 valuation of 99 to 125 g/km. Fire saving testament ambit from 67.3 to 42.2 mpg, conducive to glower linear costs.

Selected models testament too be uncommitted with Kia’s fuel-stretching EcoDynamics technologies (reflex stop-start – ISG, forward-looking alternator controller, upgraded starter and low-rolling impedance tyres), carving emissions eventide farther – to ‘tween 95 and 102 g/km.

The banner transmittance for all engines in new Kia Picanto leave be a 5-speed manual, patch a 4-speed machinelike gearbox bequeath be uncommitted as an alternative on the 1.25-litre 85 ps locomotive.

Improved ride, stability and braking

New Kia Picanto’s abatement and working paraphernalia has been highly-developed from the previous model to keep that car’s antiphonal manipulation piece up bait calibre and civilisation.

The MacPherson tittup breast hiatus features an increased beaver slant of 4.1 degrees, for enhanced straight-line drive stableness, 12% softer springs and thirster roll jaunt with 20mm shorter bump-stops.

At the arse, the Conjugated Tortuousness Irradiation Axle is 60% stiffer to thin under-steer, with 29% softer springs, 15 mm shorter bump-stops and bigger trailing-arm bushes for improved constancy and a more compliant rag.

The Kia Picanto’s all-disc braking organisation, which is banner on all models fitted with Electronic Constancy Ascendancy, is backed up with measure ABS anti-lock, electronic bracken strength dispersion and emergency help’ systems. Fillet outstrip from 100 kph (62 mph) is among the class-best at 41.0 metres.

Enhanced safety for occupants and pedestrians

The all-new bodyshell created for the Kia Picanto uses a higher share of high-strength nerve and incorporates annulate reinforcing loops inside the B- and C-pillars, asset extra refreshing at the movement ‘tween the cowling and respite towers for improved rigidness.

2012 Kia Picanto

For greater side-impact auspices, the B-pillar and incline sills are built with high-tensile brand plates, the anti-intrusion door-beams are extensive to lap the B-pillar and polyurethan pads are fitted inside the forepart doorway trims.

Uncommitted guard equipment bequeath admit capable six airbags, electronic stableness command and hill-start attend.

For extra refuge, an Pinch Stopover Sign scheme is touchstone in Europe. Sensors observe when the driver is braking short and gruelling, then fanfare the bracken lights threefold to alerting pursuit drivers that the car is deceleration speedily.

Prosy condom has besides been improved by adjustment a new cross-member downstairs the presence bumper, creating a deformable cowl forrader of the windshield and off-setting the goon hitter by 50 mm from the car’s center occupation.

NVH counter-measures admit bigger hydraulic mountings for the locomotive and transmitting, a triple-layer splasher bulkhead sound-deadening jury, two-fold threshold waterproofing strips, and two measures to dilute winding interference – sound-blockers inside the threshold mirror mounts and moving the tuner aerial towards the bottom of the cap.

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