2012 Kia Grand Vq R

Kia Grand VQ-R

The Kia K VQ-R is a foresighted wheelbase adaptation of the pop Circus minivan (known as ‘Sedona’ in about markets) that has been highly-developed specifically for exportation to the Chinese grocery, pickings into considerateness the flow economical surround in Chinaware including insurrection oil prices and the apace ever-changing life-style trends of Chinese consumers who progressively drop more leisure with their families. The Kia K VQ-R volition too supply to those quest an administrator line fomite that offers a pliant, roomie spa in which to demeanor concern on the actuate.

2012 Kia Grand Vq R

Interior Space

The Kia M VQ-R features a really broad, pliant national layout with various seats organisation and soft launching/outlet thanks to obliterable 2nd row seating. Baggage blank is besides well maximized thanks to the 3rd row sinking seating.

2012 Kia Grand Vq R


The Kia Chiliad VQ-R volition be equipt with the like private-enterprise R2.2 diesel ground in the Sorento CUV presently marketed in Chinaware. The R2.2 diesel base in the Kia M VQ-R is linked with a 6-speed machinelike transmitting and offers best-in-class exponent and torsion too as fire intake.

2012 Kia Grand Vq R
  • Locomotive Typecast: DOHC turbo diesel
  • Deracination: 2,199cc
  • Gauge x slash: 85.4 x 96.0 mm
  • Max. might: 197 PS @ 3800 rpm
  • Max. torsion: 44.5 kg.m @ 1800-2500 rpm (A/T)
  • Dimensions

    2012 Kia Grand Vq R
  • Boilersuit Distance: 5,130 mm (320 mm yearner than existent shortstop wheelbase VQ)
  • Wheelbase: 3,020 mm (130 mm yearner than existent shortstop wheelbase VQ)
  • Presence Beetle: 975 mm (like as existent myopic wheelbase VQ)
  • Arse Beetle: 1,135 (190 mm thirster than existent short-circuit wheelbase VQ)
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