2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Srt8

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

The almost potent and high-velocity Landrover fomite e’er. Landrover Chiliad Cherokee SRT8 boasts an strong-growing and brawny aspect with 20-inch admixture wheels, lowered visibility, operational pattern features and race-inspired upcountry. Powered by the new 6.4-liter HEMI® V-8 locomotive delivering 468 h.p. and 624 Nm of torsion, the SRT modeling achieves benchmark functioning of 0-100 km/h in 5 seconds, a top amphetamine of 257 km/h and braking from 100-0 km/h in 35 m.The new Landrover 1000 Cherokee SRT8 is the scoop manipulation Landrover fomite always and boasts striking rally thanks to the forward-looking new dynamic Adaptative damping dangling and new Selec-TrackTM grip ascendence organisation. Foremost braking comes courtesy of new SRT high-performance Brembo brakes with four-wheeled anti-lock brakes (ABS).

The SRT reaches alone levels of banner equipment in its class, offer Command-View® dual-pane sunshine-roof, Uconnect® Piloting documentary and piloting organisation, state-of-the-art 825-watt sound surround-sound organization from Harman Kardon®, Adaptative Sail Command and a form of sophisticated condom systems including Ahead Hit Admonitory and Blind-Spot sensing with Back Cross-path espial.

New SRT modeling enhances the Grand Cherokee card that in Europe offers the pursuit shave lines: Laredo, Modified, Overland and Overland Elevation.

Landrover Thou Cherokee SRT8 combines the undivided styling, the functionality, the on-road and off-road capableness of the Landrover flagship SUV to the sportsmanlike ingathering and high-performance features specifically highly-developed by Chrysler Grouping LLC’s Street and Racing Engineering (SRT®) squad. The resolution: the virtually knock-down and high-velocity Landrover fomite e’er produced. Thanks to its foremost braking, great razz and treatment, flashy, hefty posture and potent 6.4-liter V-8 HEMI locomotive, the SRT manakin enhances the 1000 Cherokee card with a Suv delivering a combining of benchmark execution and technologically sophisticated features.

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

Street and Racing Engineering (SRT®) is Chrysler Aggroup LLC’s in-house segmentation responsible development the highschool execution models of the almost single cars in the Radical’s card. Apiece SRT fomite adheres to cinque proved hallmarks that admit running, performance-oriented styling, race-inspired and high-performance interiors, spectacular cod, manipulation and potentiality, benchmark braking and awe powertrains.

With the debut of the Landrover G Cherokee SRT8 modelling, the Landrover stigma’s expertness in underdeveloped 4WD systems and the long-familiar versatility of its vehicles compass a new layer of excellency: aboard Landrover Thousand Cherokee SRT8, the functioning and consolation of a high-toned saloon combined with single SRT appointments guarantee the driver the trust of mastering any impulsive shape on-the highway, on misfortunate clutches surfaces and on the slipstream racetrack.

Landrover 1000 Cherokee SRT8 is powered by the all-new 6.4-liter HEMI V-8 locomotive with Fire Recoverer engineering that turns off quadruplet of the 8 cylinders when wide superpower is not needed to check increased fire thriftiness and rock-bottom boilersuit emissions. The knock-down HEMI V-8 powertrain delivers 468 hp (344 kW) and 624 Nm of torsion and is paired to the proved five-speed reflexive infection featuring both wheel mounted toddle shifters and Automobile Plaster the coldcock. Thanks to the muscular 6.4-liter HEMI locomotive, the SRT exemplar achieves benchmark operation: 0-100 km/h in 5 seconds, top swiftness of 257 km/h and 100-0 km/h braking outdistance in 35 m.

The topper manipulation Landrover fomite always features new SRT-tuned, participating Adaptative damping respite managed by the new Landrover Selec-TrackTM scheme with 5 dynamical modes.

The 4×4 capacity of the Landrover blade is delivered by the Quadra-Trac fighting on-demand four-wheel-drive transferee showcase with ass Electronic Limited-slip Derivative (ELSD).

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Srt8

As all SRT-badged vehicles, Landrover G Cherokee SRT8 offers foremost braking. Fillet mightiness comes courtesy of new SRT high-performance Brembo brakes with four-wheeled anti-lock brakes (ABS).

Measure equipment on the high-performance SRT manakin offers a full-line of technologically ripe features to heighten on-board solace and documentary for all occupants, including Command-View® dual-pane sunshine-roof, multimedia documentary and pilotage UConnect® Seafaring organisation with vox excited Bluethooth UConnect Telephone, with-it 825-watt, 19-speaker, 1 subwoofer agio sound surround-sound scheme from Harman Kardon®, Adaptative Sail Mastery and modern guard systems such as Forward-moving Hit Admonition and Dim Office Espial with Bum Cross-path spotting. Unveiling of Landrover G Cherokee SRT8 in the Landrover dealerships in Europe started end of the commencement one-fourth of 2012.


3-cm lowered rag altitude, 20-inch metal wheels, new liftgate coddler, useable threefold blacken heating extractors on the breast bonnet and dual-sport eject pipes break the evident DNA of SRT-badged cars. Landrover M Cherokee SRT8’s race-inspired, single interiors bluster new SRT wheel with mounted spank shifters, c roughage accents and leather-appointments, Inkiness het Nappa leather and process seating with graven bolsters and line sewing.

In business with its gaudy fiber, the new Landrover M Cherokee SRT8 features a 3-cm lowered, belligerent visibility that reveals the plain and unparalleled DNA of the vehicles with SRT badge. The outside boasts operative conception features that heighten the sporting and brawny expression of the car, including a liftgate looter, 5-spoke, 20-inch metal wheels, new pedal flares, operative two-fold inkiness oestrus extractors on the breast bonnet and dual-sport exhaust.

The one-piece figurehead dashboard contains new LED multi-function day run lamps. The iconic, body-colored seven-slot breast wicket features a singular lightlessness desktop and chromium-plate bezel inserts that add to its fast-growing posture.

The incorporate frown movement grill is multi-colored in semblance nigrify and a fresh intentional underbelly venter pan features unified bracken ducting to meliorate chilling and languish operation. Complementary the new forepart is the new goon with working treble melanise heating extractors for added HEMI locomotive chilling. At the backside, a singular one-piece dashboard includes a furcate air diffusor and offers a dual-sport exhaust.

Race-inspired interior

Roommate and prosperous, the Landrover 1000 Cherokee SRT8’s processed cabin features race-inspired engineering and undivided appointments. Received equipment offers an all-new, leather-wrapped, het wheel with mounted paddle-shifters and a ability rock and telescoping guidance editorial.

Electronic Fomite Info Centre (EVIC) controls are approachable from the horizontal spokes on the wheel and lineament SRT-exclusive Functioning Pages – a classifiable functionality particular to racing engineering. This functionality shows heartbeat feedback on steerage stimulation measurements, h.p., torsion, 0-100 km/h clock, 100-0 km/h braking space, g-forces, and covered space multiplication, on with expanded locomotive info.

New SRT-styled Nappa leather and process seating, with sculptured bolsters and adjustable fighting movement headrests, render all the quilt for casual drives and the requisite “clasp” to support driver and passengers in office during gritty impulsive. The two forepart seating lineament embroidered SRT logotype and line sewing. Banner het (figurehead and bum) and ventilated (forepart) seating ply extra ease to all occupants.

A punctured leather-wrapped switch thickening, c roughage accents, leather-wrapped panel and doorway trimness panels and hopeful, racing fashion bracken and bicycle pads add to the svelte, execution orientated looking privileged the cabin.

Landrover 1000 Cherokee SRT8 is usable in foursome trunk colours: Bright Lightlessness, Hopeful Fluent, Mineral Greyness and Inscrutable Cerise. The upcountry features Nigrify Nappa leather and action seating with idiom sewing.

Powertrain and transmission

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Srt8

New 6.4-liter HEMI® V-8 locomotive delivers 468 h.p. and 624 Nm of torsion and features Fire Rescuer Engineering for improved fire efficiency and lour boilersuit emissions. Knock-down 6.4-liter is paired to a proved five-speed automatonlike transmittance with wheel mounted larrup shifters connexion measure Machine Amaze.

Landrover Thou Cherokee SRT8 is powered by the all-new 6.4-liter HEMI® V-8 locomotive fitted with Fire Recoverer Engineering. Fire Rescuer alternates a four-cylinder mood of the HEMI locomotive when less might is requisite and a V-8 way when more index is coveted in decree to optimise fire thriftiness and lessening boilersuit emissions. New locomotive delivers 468 h.p. (344 kW) and 624 Nm of torsion: an advance of 43 hp and 55 Nm torsion ended the 6.1-liter HEMI V-8 that powered the onetime Landrover Chiliad Cherokee SRT8 coevals. An participating aspiration multiply and high-lift camshaft with cam phasing produces uttermost low-end torsion piece optimizing high-end superpower crossways a wider and improved rpm circle. Specifically, 90-percent of eyeshade torsion is uncommitted betwixt 2,800 and 6,000 rpm, allowing for elysian standing starts and improved straight-line execution. Thanks to the herculean V-8 HEMI locomotive, Landrover Thou Cherokee SRT8 runs from 0-100 km/h in 5 seconds, has a top amphetamine of 257 km/h and brakes from 100-0 km/h in 35 m.

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Srt8

These performances gibe to improved fire efficiency: SRT example achieves a 13-percent addition on the highway thanks to the received Fire Recoverer Engineering and new combat-ready valve exhaust. Fire Recoverer turns off 4 of the octonary cylinders when wide-cut mightiness is not compulsory piece the combat-ready valve exhaust allows four-cylinder process to occupy concluded a wider rpm compass for improved fire saving.

Five-speed automatic transmission

Hefty 6.4-liter V-8 HEMI locomotive is paired to the proved W5A580 five-speed reflexive transmittal allowing a alternative of gritty unfirm on the route and the wash raceway. New received wheel mounted coggle shifters joint the received Car Plaster the story. Both methods pay the driver the power to sack chop-chop piece the contagion accountant standardization prevents situations that mightiness ended rev the locomotive. Amply adaptative electronic command of all shift makes the powertrain more antiphonal patch minimizing rigor. AutoStick allows the driver the hypothesis to opt ‘tween the full reflexive mood and the driver-interactive manual controller but by moving the geartrain switch to the rightfield or the remaining.

Handling and suspension system

New SRT-tuned, dynamic Adaptative damping dangling provide improved on-road treatment. Forward-looking Landrover Selec-TrackTM grip ascendence organization features 5 active modes in edict to optimise fomite performances to hold any circumstance and reach the scoop impulsive see.

Landrover G Cherokee SRT8 was engineered to ameliorate on-road manipulation eve advance. The outflank manipulation Landrover fomite always features new SRT-tuned, alive Adaptative damping dangling managed by the new Landrover Selec-TrackTM organization. This organization interacts with respective unlike systems (stableness mastery, participating damping, infection slip scheme, transport cause torsion proportioning, Electronic Circumscribed Miscue Derivative operation, choke controller and cylinder de-activation) to mechanically air the kinetics of the fomite according to customers’ habits and drive term. Drivers can manually prefer ‘tween fivesome dynamical modes for particular impulsive weather:

  • Car: provides the about compliant tantalise and mechanically adapts to any route office victimization the alive reprieve tuning;
  • Athletics: provides enhanced personify ascendancy for a gaudy, fun-to-drive drive for the street;
  • Tow: provides a dependable diminution in delivery and saltation for enhanced towing potentiality;
  • Racecourse: provides the high-performance, tauten, “track-tuned” hanging alternative to mesh refine consistence gesture for the ultimate manipulation feel;
  • Blow: provides the nearly cautious active manner, so the fomite leave safely stop in-line in inclement overwinter conditions weather.
  • 4×4 system

    Quadra Trac combat-ready on-demand four-wheel-drive scheme with behind Electronic Modified Gaucherie Derivative (ELSD) delivers Landrover off-road capableness and adds the safe of the 4wd when travelling on misfortunate clench on-road surfaces.

    Landrover M Cherokee SRT8 features criterion Quadra Trac fighting on-demand four-wheel-drive transportation pillowcase. This 4×4 organization uses stimulus from a sort of sensors in club to decide tyre eluding at the soonest potential instant and return disciplinal accomplish. The organization uses Gun Call to sensation warm crusade in the gun from a stopover and maximizes grip ahead slippage occurs. When wear slippage is detected, the arrangement can carry-over capable 100 pct of useable torsion to one arse cycle with improve grasp. The transport showcase besides enhances treatment by proportioning torsion betwixt the strawman and arse axles to uphold the driver’s intended way.

    The new Thousand Cherokee SRT8 too features Bracken Grip Ascendancy Organisation (BTCS) on the battlefront derivative and a arse Electronic Circumscribed Parapraxis Derivative (ELSD). ELSD contributes to eradicate back cycle miscue and distributes torsion to the pedal with bag, up fomite’s manipulation.

    Braking and steering

    2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Srt8

    SRT first braking operation is achieved done new SRT high-performance Brembo brakes with four-wheeled anti-lock brakes (ABS).

    All vehicles highly-developed by the SRT squad are fountainhead known for their foremost braking and Landrover Thousand Cherokee SRT8 was engineered to return benchmark braking functioning. Fillet exponent for Landrover K Cherokee SRT8 comes courtesy of new SRT high-performance Brembo brakes with four-wheeled anti-lock brakes (ABS). Fillet aloofness functioning of 35 meters from 100-0 km/h is made potential by new Brembo 6-piston (battlefront) and 4-piston (back) calipers, and vented rotors measurement 38 cm (movement) and 35 cm (ass).

    The performance-tuned, fully-hydraulic steerage scheme is improved with a new, heavy-duty heart and heart tank. Revised train gives drivers more calculate tone and on-center reception.


    Landrover M Cherokee SRT8 features a good cable of participating and peaceful safe systems. Guard features besides admit groundbreaking Forward-moving Hit Exemplary, Unsighted Smirch Spying and Bottom Cross-path spying fitted as banner to farther amend refuge and occupants’ security.

    To punctuate the Landrover sword’s committedness to technical introduction, Landrover G Cherokee SRT8 besides offers a full-of-the-moon demarcation of ripe dynamic and peaceful refuge systems. Received condom features admit:

  • Electronic Constancy Platform (ESP) with Electronic Rollover Palliation (ERM);
  • Anti-lock Brakes (ABS): Senses and prevents cycle lock-up, offer improved guidance mastery below uttermost braking and/or slippy weather;
  • Brake-traction controller arrangement (BTCS): Helps to sustenance impulsive wheels from spinning during speedup from a blockage or during sluggish speeds by applying someone brakes to the slithering cycle(s);
  • Hill-start Assistance (HSA): Assists drivers when start a fomite from a stopover on a mound by maintaining the storey of bracken press applied for a shortstop period astern a driver’s pes is remote from the bracken bike. If accelerator is not applied inside a shortstop period afterward the driver’s pes is distant from the bracken treadle, bracken pressing volition be released;
  • Trailer-sway restraint (TSC): Reduces laggard shake and improves treatment in contrary towing weather caused by crosswinds and dealings. The organisation monitors the fomite’s cause proportional to the driver’s intended track, so applies alternate bracken imperativeness to dense the fomite then increases the insistency on one presence roll in ordering to undermine the rock induced by the lagger;
  • Green Assistwith breast and behind sensors andParkView®backside back-up camera;
  • High-intensity liberation (HID) Bi-Xenon headlampswith SmartBeam® scheme (adjusts to ambient sparkle and onset dealings to present maximal ignition);
  • Forward-looking multi-stage air bags and uncut side-curtain air bags;
  • Strawman and bottom windowbags;
  • Driver’s stifle air bag;
  • Dynamic header restraints: Deploy in the case of a arse hit. Restraints are intentional to thin injuries by minimizing the gap ‘tween the headrest and the rider’s nous;
  • Endoergic guidance pillar: The power-adjust steerage editorial employs a graduated bend factor that deforms during editorial shot for optimum muscularity direction;
  • Rain-sensing Wipers: A driver gadget characteristic that mechanically senses wet on the windscreen and activates wipers;
  • Three-point Backside Belts with Pretensioners;
  • Kid buns anchorperson arrangement (ISOFIX): Intentional to rest initiation of compatible aftermarket shaver seating;
  • Tire Pressing Monitoring Organization: Includes pressure-sensor modules incorporate inside the valve stems of all quadruplet route wheels that sends uninterrupted radio-frequency signals to a recipient to inform occupants when the insistence is too low;
  • Enhanced Stroke Reaction Scheme (EARS): Makes it easier for pinch force to see and compass occupants in the result of an stroke by turn on the upcountry ignition and unlocking doors abaft air bag deployment. Too shuts off stream of fire to the locomotive;
  • Adaptative Sail Ascendancy: The organisation decreases the fomite’s pre-set cruise-control speeding when closedown in on another fomite in the like lane, or when another fomite pulls into the like lane. The scheme testament speed to the pre-set amphetamine when the fomite ahead speeds up or moves into another lane.
  • Extra rubber and certificate for driver and passengers are given by the advanced Onwards Hit Exemplary and Subterfuge Blot Detecting with Bum Cross-path espial prophylactic organisation, offered as standards.

  • Victimisation forward-facing radian sensors, Ahead Hit Monition detects when the fomite may be coming another fomite too apace and alerts the driver so the driver can influence what fulfil mustiness be interpreted in ordering to foreclose the fomite from a hit;
  • Dim Berth Espial utilizes treble ultra-wideband rad sensors to aid the driver when ever-changing lanes, or if existence passed by or pass unobserved vehicles. The organization notifies the driver of fomite(s) in their unreasoning smear via lit icons on the sideview mirror and with a driver-selected hearable gong; Backside Cross-path detecting is a peculiar organisation that in park situations warns drivers funding out of parking spaces of dealings moving toward their fomite. It activates any metre the fomite is in Verso.
  • Comfort and infotainment

    Great engineering for passengers’ comfortableness and amusement. State-of-the-art, 825-watt sound surround-sound organization from Harman Kardon® featuring 19 speakers and subwoofer introduces a all new, advance lineament in the Chiliad Cherokee card.

    Banner equipment on Landrover G Cherokee SRT8 includes around of the virtually technologically ripe features uncommitted to control uttermost on-board consolation, documentary and connectivity, including Command-View® dual-pane sunshine-roof, multimedia documentary and sailing UConnect® Piloting organisation with 6.5-inches touchscreen, 30 gibibyte heavy disc, USB compatibility, AUX larboard, DVD telecasting and part excited Bluethooth UConnect Sound with unified mike in the rearview mirror and a 825-watt, 19-speaker, 1 subwoofer agiotage sound surround-sound scheme from Harman Kardon®. The Harman Kardon sound organization offers humans chancellor creation, featuring a 32-volt TPS (Trailing Mightiness Provide) 12-channel amplifier that delivers salient acoustics and brings multi-dimensional, timber vocalize for all occupants.

    2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Srt8

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