2012 Jaguar Xj Sport Pack

Jaguar XJ Sport Pack

The award-winning Jaguar XJ flagship – which combines elegance, play and dissipated art – is now uncommitted with optional Mutant and Swiftness Packs to boost punctuate the functioning facet of its fibre.

With the XJ, Panther has created an altogether new guide for the sumptuousness functioning barroom. The XJ seamlessly blends betting possible, dynamical impulsive abilities and luxuriant appointments; a class-leading combining that has collected acclaim general. The Sportsman and Fastness packs boost unlock the functioning potency of the XJ both esthetically and dynamically.

The Variation Gang – uncommitted passim the XJ reach – comprises a issue of outside and upcountry conception options that clear emphasise the self-assertive position of the car’s personality. Outwardly the show of the XJ has been made eventide more striking with the accession of aerodynamically optimised changes to the bodywork and an debase roll innovation particular to the Sportsman Ring.

2012 Jaguar Xj Sport Pack

The usable sleek changes of the Mutation Mob reserve charged XJ models to be additionally offered with the Hurrying Gang, which raises the circumscribed top upper from 155mph (250km/h) to 174mph (280km/h).


“The XJ is often more a limo. Its might and voltage beggarly it can out-perform many supposed sports cars. The new Mutant and Speeding Packs tolerate customers to heighten that sportsmanlike pizzazz tied foster and make an XJ that looks as full as it drives.” Ian Callum, Manager of Conception, Panther Cars

2012 Jaguar XJ Sport Pack

The elegantly structured excogitation changes that incorporate the Mutant Ring are not just ornamental, they appropriate Panther to go the Upper Ring alternative, transforming the charged XJ models into the quickest saloons the companionship has e’er reinforced.

2012 Jaguar Xj Sport Pack

The termination of encompassing inquiry in the lead burrow and on rail, the breast of the car gains an sleek divider below the bumper to aim air below the car to dilute facelift, and at the bottom the bootlid lip has been extensive to check a houseclean detachment of air from the tracking sharpness of the bodywork. Patch ensuring optimum stableness at high-velocity, the Mutant Coterie maintains the criterion XJ’s silken 0.29Cd streamlined chassis.

These changes sustain been strengthened with a figure of decorative additions that understandably severalise the Play Pack-equipped cars from former models. The boldface Panther grille, a key have in the XJ’s self-assertive expression with its warm ‘bum survey mirror acknowledgment’ constituent gains a colour nigrify meshing coating with the like discourse applied to the depress air hatchway and face vents.

2012 Jaguar Xj Sport Pack

Red multi-color bracken calipers emblazoned with the Panther describe are mounted butt new 20-inch ‘Spite’ admixture wheels with a diamond-turned scintillation flatware goal to their attention-getting cinque split-spoke invention. Fresh intentional burst mate tailpipes (not usable from plunge) testament will former drivers in no question as to what car has scarce passed them.


Reflecting the outside styling changes and befitting its operation orientated defer, the Panther XJ Fun Ring offers midland changes that spring driver and passengers a heightened sentiency of affair and an denotation of the active abilities useable.

The figurehead seating are Panther’s Operation interpretation, which offering brilliant keep for spunky impulsive. Cut in softgrain leather these go a vast reach of accommodation – including the magnified slope bolsters – to produce a absolutely tailor-made impulsive spot. Combat-ready breathing supplies het or chilled air prn to apiece case-by-case battlefront seating. At the driver’s feet sit purposeful machined stainless pedals inscribed with the Panther figure.

The bum seating suffer been cut to mates the battlefront distich and the Athletics spec leave be offered in two purposeful colourways of Jet o’er Jet or Jet o’er Tusk. The attention-getting Forte-piano Blackness trimness that highlights sealed trace surfaces in the XJ is contrasted in the Mutant stipulation by subtly applied carbon-fibre highlights.


2012 Jaguar Xj Sport Pack

“A car open of 174mph moldiness get sure canonic attributes – constancy, aeromechanics, stupendous superpower and as piddling angle as potential. The XJ is blame with all these qualities in copiousness and with the improver of the Speeding Clique it becomes an always more telling operation taphouse.” Microphone Crossbreeding, Boss Organize, Fomite Wholeness

The XJ benefits from brilliant aeromechanics and Panther’s innovational jackanapes aluminum architecture to pass slant savings of capable 150kg complete its competitors. This offers real benefits in footing of saving, emissions, drive kinetics, lightsomeness and, naturally, execution.

The Fun Clique is uncommitted on well-nigh all locomotive variants, including the brawny twin-turbo diesel, market-specific 3.0 V6 gasolene and naturally-aspirated 5.0-litre AJ-V8 where it serves to emphasize the dissipated part and driver affaire that are gist strengths of every XJ modeling.

On charged AJ-V8 models, the Variation camp can be combined with the Amphetamine Mob, which raises the electronically circumscribed uttermost velocity from 155mph (250km/h) to 174mph (280km/h).

With such stupendous ability already usable from the charged gasolene engines, no increment was requirement to accomplish the higher top hurrying. The lone changes requirement were a recalibrated locomotive direction organization, reworked package for the groundbreaking practical instrumentate showing and readjustment to the tire coerce monitoring arrangement to allow the warmth generated by sustained high-velocity motoring.

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