2012 Ford C Max

Ford C-MAX

The Crossing C-MAX is an all-new, low-priced deportation choice for development, engaged Northwards American families who lust industry-first engineering, compromising seats and inside infinite, flashy execution and best-in-class fire thriftiness.

“The Crossing C-MAX provides calm more validation of how our One Fording contrive continues to return the high-quality, fuel-efficient products citizenry rattling deprivation,” aforementioned Crisscross Fields, Fording’s chair of The Americas. “C-MAX is scarce rectify for customers in N America quest fashionable, conciliatory exile and life-enhancing engineering that comes banner.”

The new C-MAX is contribution of Fording Centrifugal Fellowship’s globular little fomite scheme that volition birth leastwise 10 vehicles – and 2 1000000 vehicles p.a. – from a bingle C-vehicle program by 2012.

This new covenant class fomite introduces a legion of singular features including an industry-exclusive hands-free power-operated bum liftgate, various 5+2 seats contour with 5 seating mainly cabin and two littler seating in the tertiary row, similitude sliding doors and participating parkland help, an forward-looking new organization that mechanically steers the fomite into duplicate parking spaces.

Performance with fuel economy

2012 Ford C Max

The new Crossing C-MAX too heralds the reaching of Crossing’s commencement covering of the all-new 1.6-liter EcoBoost&swap; I-4 locomotive in its N American C-class vehicles, delivering a compounding of reactive operation with improved fire saving and decreased CO2 emissions.

2012 Ford C-MAX

Highly-developed for world-wide applications, the whippersnapper, all-aluminum 1.6-liter Crossing EcoBoost locomotive combines hard-hitting orchestrate shot, low-inertia turbocharging and couple main varying camshaft timing (Ti-VCT) to accomplish fire thriftiness results capable 20 pct amend than course aspirated, larger-displacement gas engines with a interchangeable mightiness production. This new locomotive is expected to bear the topper usable highway fire saving for a seven-passenger fomite.

The Fording C-MAX pedestal locomotive is a proved 2.5-liter iVCT I-4, optimized for belittled crosswalk coating with plenitude of low-end torsion. Both engines are paired to Crossing’s 6F35 reflex six-speed transmittance with a geartrain proportion straddle allowing for reactive speedup from residual yet fire efficiency for around-town impulsive and truelove cruising at amphetamine.

“The scurf and flexibleness of our worldwide new C-vehicle program enables us to modernise clear-cut vehicles including C-MAX,” aforementioned Derrick Kuzak, Fording aggroup v.p. of Planetary Ware Evolution. “It’s a ‘whiteness spacecraft hither in Northward America – a new pick – and we trust buyers testament apprize the engineering, gadget and functionality Crossing C-MAX packs into a refined packet.”

Stylish 5+2-seater

Crossing C-MAX has a 109.7-inch wheelbase and an boilersuit distance of 178 inches, relatively around the archetype minivans offered in Northerly America. C-MAX delivers board for capable 7 passengers or pentad occupants with a generous quantity of loading.

The new exemplar bequeath solidify its charm to customers that esteem well-heeled adjustment, a gamey seats billet, versatility and a “smart-sized” parcel.

Crossing C-MAX has sheer outside and internal designs created victimisation the modish phylogenesis of Crossing’s energising excogitation terminology and construction on themes accomplished in late merchandise introductions such as the Ford Fiesta and Focus ranges.

2012 Ford C Max

Maximum versatility and convenience

The seats conception and doorway layout for the 5+2 Fording C-MAX was finalized subsequently elaborate inquiry with distinctive phratry users to place the about pop configurations.

The fomite features counterpart sliding ass incline doors and a cunning new bottom fold construct for second-row seating. The second-row ass is furnished with a unparalleled mechanics that allows the midsection backside billet to sheepfold rapidly and easy nether the right backside, creating a handy walk-through distance ‘tween the two outboard seating so passengers can well admittance the tertiary row, too as two soul, bucket-like seating.

The second-row seating besides bear swoop and repose functionality, adapting to multiple combinations of rider buns positions and load capability. Outboard second-row seating too birth a tip-and-slide onward purpose for loose accession to the third-row seating when the sec row is victimised.

2012 Ford C Max

The third-row seating can be omitted as a edit pick, for those buyers electing to antecede the 5+2 seats system.

The Fording C-MAX provides a embossed “bid span” cockpit with high-mounted train sack and mall soothe. The driver controls and displays unified usable Crossing Synchronise® and MyFord Contact&craft;, exchangeable to the acclaimed layouts lately introduced in early Crossing nameplates.

Dynamics and refinement

“This all-new exemplar is set to contract belittled crossing execution to a new grade, gift drivers a class-leading compounding of antiphonal, sportsmanlike manipulation, and boilersuit nuance and tranquility like to the criterion launch in bigger opulence vehicles,” aforesaid Bathroom Davis, gaffer mastermind for the Northerly American C-MAX.

Key anatomy technologies on Crossing C-MAX admit all new galvanic power-assisted direction (EPAS), optimized new designs for the Ascendance Steel multilink bottom hanging and semi-isolated movement subframe and measure new torsion vectoring ascendance to promote ameliorate cornering constancy and nimbleness.

Smart technology for safety and practicality

2012 Ford C Max

As the get-go derivatives to be launched from Crossing’s new planetary C-car chopine, Crossing C-MAX benefits from the foundation of an raiment of advance technologies mostly lonesome ground in bigger, more agiotage vehicles.

Among these new technologies are a emcee of features that testament add contraption and sumptuosity for customers and their families. Key offerings admit:

  • Hands-free ass liftgate, an industriousness kickoff: Paragon when carrying various packages, as the Fording C-MAX hands-free liftgate is excited by qualifying a leg motility below the backside bumper when the driver’s key fob is in his or her sac
  • Participating common aid: Helps prize an earmark parking spa, calculates the flight and steers to right situation the fomite. All the driver motive do is control the throttle and bracken pedals
  • Speeding clipper: Prevents a driver from surpassing a predetermined amphetamine
  • Bird’s-eye cap: Allows for an heroic cap hatchway
  • HD Radiocommunication&deal;: Enables clearer radiocommunication receipt with crisper strait procreation
  • Arse purview camera: Enhanced visibleness for safer reversing
  • Well-informed Accession with push-button beginning: The key fob unlocks Crossing C-MAX as the driver approaches, and enables key-free locomotive starts at the energy of an pawn panel-mounted push
  • Het sideview mirrors with structured piddle lamps: Heighten cold-blooded brave visibleness
  • In gain, Fording C-MAX offers democratic Fording technologies and features, such as:

  • Soft Fire® (capless fire makeweight): Provides a crocked varnish and eliminates baggy or missed caps
  • Sony® Sound Arrangement: Specifically tuned to Fording C-MAX cabin acoustics for brilliant fathom replica
  • Ambient inflammation: Accentuate firing in multiple colours, informative footwells and cupholders to harmonise with a driver’s mode
  • Dual-zone electronic robotlike temperature ascendance: Maintains coveted temperature scene end-to-end Crossing C-MAX cabin
  • Sirius® Planet Tuner: Offers Fording C-MAX driver and passengers a divers scope of wireless programing choices
  • Figurehead and bum parking aid sensors: Helper the driver decently berth the fomite when parking
  • Seafaring Organisation: Provides nonrational touch-screen functioning
  • Safety and security

    2012 Ford C Max

    Crossing C-MAX is hoped-for to be a section condom leader, having lately been awarded a Euro NCAP five-spot ace evaluation by this main condom evaluation establishment. Fording C-MAX achieved the highest grudge always recorded for lash tribute and excelled in both pornographic and fry occupier refuge. Fording C-MAX offers drivers and families a complement of stock condom features, including:

  • AdvanceTrac® with RSC® (Bowl Stableness Mastery&deal;) with bend ascendence: Helps assert ordered fomite stableness
  • Two-fold forepart and position airbags with impudent resident detector: Service refine airbag deployment to occupier by sizing, weightiness and bang position
  • First-, second- and third-row Rubber Canopy® side-curtain airbags: Wrap passengers, portion to keep header and amphetamine eubstance wound
  • Outwear Pressing Monitoring Organization: Notifies driver of discrepant wear insistency
  • Driver and passenger-side dim berth mirrors: Add profile for screen stain areas
  • Substantial consistence architecture with blanket use of high-strength steels: Helps to add trunk effectiveness and rigidness
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