2012 Fiat Freemont

Fiat Freemont

The Decree Freemont is the low Order fomite to be produced in partnership with the Chrysler Radical. Its really diagnose evokes a gumption of exemption, and the touch that this fomite can face to any spot that every day animation mightiness get. The Decree Freemont has been intentional to play the various necessarily of families and clients quest a broad, well-heeled and various fomite to supply to the frenzied rate of routine liveliness. Promote, to conveyance them safely and well during their weekend leisure. This fomite combines tractability and practicality with its own typical and pilot dash. Its dimensions (489 cm in duration, 188 cm full and 169 cm eminent) guarantee optimal intimate place, thanks to the generous wheelbase of 289 cm.

Briefly, the Order Freemont is “All the car you neediness”: this is the arrogate of the advertisement drive which compactly sums up the fomite’s multi-faceted person, weaponed with everything you motivation to go where you need, with whoever you neediness, no compromises requisite.

Its feature conception includes a potent and powerful forepart and a bottom which is magisterial by modern LED poop lights. The interiors are modernistic with mug materials. Features admit a wrap-around fascia with chromium-plate elements, a bran-new panel, a hit centre solace and an groundbreaking documentary arrangement with a 4.3″ coloring touch-screen. Various fomite functions can be controlled with good a brush on the blind, including the temperature settings for the 3 climate-controlled areas and stereo modification. The arrangement offers unmatched engineering, with its Wireless/CD/MP3, USB larboard, AUX socket and Bluetooth connectivity.

2012 Fiat Freemont

The Edict Freemont guarantees maximal distance, solace and versatility thanks to its 7 seating fitted as received, with a echt, roomy thirdly row which is well approachable because the bottom doors clear to 90°, and the fomite is weaponed with a simpleton and well operated arse coast scheme. The seating of the one-third row can be folded kill with one elementary crusade to evaporate wholly as a loading level, going the car with a 5 buns conformation and creating a apartment and eve payload chopine. The arcsecond row and the figurehead rider exponent backside can too be folded consume wholly, allowing 32 dissimilar seats configurations. The endorsement row is mounted slimly higher than the low, and the 3rd somewhat higher again, ensuring utmost visibleness and puff for all occupants. The s row is besides fitted with an useable modern kid champion organization to brand surely that children aboard are sitting aright, optimising the seatbelt geometry and guaranteeing greater auspices, practicality and puff. This characteristic, which makes the Freemont “consummate for families”, allows you to hike the seating by capable 102 mm.

On-board comforter is besides ensured by the heights impulsive place and the broad and ergonomic seating, a boniface of warehousing compartments, a generous baggage region with two compartments and a apartment consignment chopine for an boilersuit content of capable 1461 litres (tantamount to more 10 suitcases). Thither are o’er 20 reposition compartments, oblation pregnant extra capacitance, capable the sizing of a city-car kick. The strawman armrest, e.g., is really rich and guarantees maximal capacitance. It too houses a USB interface, an AUX-in socket (which may besides be victimized for an iPod) and a 12 v powerfulness socket. This agency you can heed to euphony or reload portable devices whilst ensuring they are hidden when you draw of the car. The rider bottom contains a commodious and easy approachable compartment below its soften, spell the base in the s row contains two wide compartments below the mats.

The Decree Freemont is powered by state-of-the-art 2.0L MultiJet 2 engines, with varying geometry, useable in 140 HP or 170 HP options, with a manual gearbox and movement rack crusade. The Freemont volition too shortly go useable altogether rack crusade versions with 170 HP 2.0L MultiJet 2 and 276 HP 3.6L gasoline V6 engines, both with machinelike gearboxes, to ascertain drive ease and refuge simultaneously. With the elision of the hefty 3.6 l whole from the Chrysler Grouping Pentastar category and its automatonlike gearbox, all index units are produced and highly-developed by Order Powertrain.

The diesel engines get been intentional to go the optimal symmetricalness of functioning, drive joy and fire ingestion. The fomite’s drivability is guaranteed by a uttermost torsion esteem (350 Nm) which is reached at 1750 rpm and incessant capable 2500 for the 170 HP variation (capable 2000 rpm for the 140 HP rendering). For the formula exercise compass (from start the locomotive capable 4000 rpm), the torsion ne’er waterfall downstairs 300 Nm, avoiding uncomfortable “downshifts” and enhancing drive joy. This makes the locomotive selfsame conciliatory, with optimal speedup from 0-100 km/h and optimal maximal speeds: 11 seconds and 195 km/h for the 170 HP modelling, 12.3 seconds and 180 km/h for the 140 HP manakin. All of this combined makes the Edict Freemont a dynamical and prophylactic driving.

Rescript engineers suffer too optimised the fomite’s active operation. The direction arrangement was conceived and manufactured exploitation more organize and accurate standardisation and offers treatment which is in business with the expectations of our European clients. The dynamical treatment and quilt bear been improved thanks to the fomite’s redesigned abatement, which ensures effective coalition with European roadstead. Adjustments deliver been made to several parts of the abeyance pattern, including rigidifying the hanging mountings, up the movement hanging geometry to slim the roster lean and adjusting the abeyance and shock standardisation for the optimal combining of comforter and treatment which is in job with European standards.

Acoustical puff is guaranteed by a diminution in vibrations transmissible from the locomotive to the rider compartment and the use of audio insularity materials to concentrate onboard racket.

Utmost rubber is ensured by the Freemont’s 6 airbags, anti-lock braking organization (ABS) with Bracken Aid, Electronic Constancy Syllabus (ESP) with Hill-Holder and Electronic Rollover Moderation (ERM) fitted as received on all vehicles. And not forgetting the shaver boosters and sail ascendence mentioned originally, besides fitted as criterion on all clipping levels, to assure that children are sitting right and to tolerate everlasting mastery of cruising hurrying.

The rollover moderation organisation (ERM) uses information standard from ESP sensors to find voltage cast risks and intervenes by provision braking ability to person wheels and adjusting the spot of the throttle.

The Order Freemont too has an healthy arrangement which takes aid of your laggard, Dawdler Tilt Command (TSC). Formerly its sensors discover that a prevue is swaying, the scheme intervenes, mechanically applying the chastise braking activeness to the wheels in edict to donjon the laggard below ascendancy and deflect life-threatening oscillations. With this scheme, drivers can look good and surefooted when transporting their own lashings.

To arrive easier for the node to select and buy their fomite, in Italy, the Freemont reach bequeath be launched with a simpleton selection of two cut levels, the Rescript Freemont and the Urban, apiece of which meets particular necessarily, and two types of diesel 2.0L MultiJet 2 16v engines, a 140 HP and a 170 HP adaptation, to fulfill unlike execution requirements.

The Freemont trimness floor has a high-pitched story of contented as measure: 7 seating, reflex triple-zone clime command, tuner/CD/MP3 with 4.3″ touch-screen, Slip Reckoner and wheel sound controls, 17″ debase wheels, fog lights, sail ascendence, TPMS (Tire Coerce Monitoring Arrangement), keyless entering/go, fry boosters and an anti-theft appal. The Urban reduce floor offers eventide more, peculiarly in price of solace and urban practicality, with added Bluetooth, inflammation detector, leather wheel and pitch thickening, back parking sensors, ceiling bars, electrically adjustable driver’s arse (6 directions + 4 lumbar alteration options), foldaway electrical rear-view mirrors, tinted arse windows and electrochromic mirror.

Order has muster with authoritative new sales and after-sales proposals to supply to the desires, necessarily, tastes and aspirations of many unlike customers. An illustration? The lengthened warrantee devised by FGA Chapiter, a finance party specialising in the self-propelling sphere. What’s exciting astir this solvent is the prolonged length capable 96 months, the limitless milage and the contents: discharge “shelter” for the components of the car. What’s more, you testament evening welcome the like grade of reportage for the integral continuance of your lend, a peculiarity on the commercialize.

A distinctive and original design

This fomite is equipt with everything you could pauperization to be able-bodied to go where you lack, with the masses you need, no compromises needful, ensuring that you flavour entirely unblock. The Decree Freemont has been intentional to play the divers necessarily of families and clients quest a broad, comfy and various fomite to provide to the frenzied yard of quotidian biography or to transportation them safely and well during their weekend leisure. This fomite combines flexibleness and practicality with its own typical and pilot panache. Its dimensions (489 cm in duration, 188 cm wide-cut and 169 cm eminent) guarantee optimal home quad, thanks to the generous wheelbase of 289 cm.

With its unequaled and pilot conception, absolutely in demarcation with the steel’s indistinguishability, the Rescript Freemont offers a electropositive impulsive get and uttermost versatility. The front is characterised by powerful and critical lines which illustrate the modeling’s hard personality. The honeycomb grillwork with chromium-plate cut, decorated with a badge which proudly bears the Decree logotype, gives the Edict Freemont audaciousness and might, piece the innovative halogen headlights check the route onward is easily lit. The bumpers are weaponed with incorporate fog lights which assure maximal visibleness evening in contrary endure weather. The body-coloured bumpers produce an graceful bod roughly the headlights and covers.

From the incline, the horizontal lines of the cowl and the unintelligible nigrify weatherstripping covers on the posts make the deception of a 1 windowpane piece the sculptured pedal arches heighten the car’s “gymnastic” persona.

The Rescript Freemont’s personality continues into the arse of the fomite, where the liftgate includes an unified pamperer to check increased streamlined execution. The forward-looking LED ignitor clusters ranch on the lour butt of the liftgate and the consistency consecrate the car eventide more flair and personality. The freighter of the liftgate windowpane is bordered by a occupation of poop lights which improves arse profile.

At establish, the chase trunk colors volition be uncommitted: Avantgard Alloy Greyish, Reform-minded Greyness, Symphonious Bluing, Bossa Nova flannel. Unplugged Melanize, Area Embrown and Calyspo Greenness volition shortly be added to the collecting.

The “toned” lines of the fomite home a tasteful home, conceived by Rescript designers to receive occupants into a homogeneous and restful environs, oblation enhanced on-board pleasance.

The interiors of the Edict Freemont stove crack forward-looking elan and fool materials. Features admit a wrap-around splashboard with chromium-plate elements, a spic-and-span board, a salient centerfield solace and an innovational docudrama arrangement with a 4.3″ coloration touch-screen. Various fomite functions can be controlled with upright a brush on the sieve, including the temperature settings for the iii climate-controlled areas, stereo fitting and the use of your peregrine phone via Bluetooth connexion.

You can besides prefer ‘tween cloth and leather upholstery to individualise the internal of your Freemont. With the leather alternative, elegance and panache are guaranteed thanks to sumptuosity finishings and contrastive sewing. Level the doorway panels birth leather particularization, with contrastive chromium-plate reduce, which is likewise included with the material upholstery choice, for evening more svelte and tasteful interiors.

The sparkle cushioning in the seating is intentional to fling prosperous seats and a well-off back, thanks to sidelong supporting reinforced into the cushions, with softer inserts and an extra maximal heaviness buffer screening. Reduplicate tightness sparkle is victimized in selected zones to go uttermost keep patch the cushions of the seating are too supported by leap hanging.

Top of the range space, comfort and versatility

The Rescript Freemont boasts top family midland capability and quilt, besides as oblation innovational seats configurations to help the transporting of both passengers and gobs. To fill a all-inclusive orbit of rider requirements, the Rescript Freemont is usable with 7 seating fitted as received, positioned as in a house: the irregular row is mounted slenderly higher than the commencement, and the 3rd is higher again, allowing uttermost puff and profile for all occupants. A 5 arse constellation is useable on quest.

The seating of the thirdly row can be folded fine-tune with one elementary motility to vanish whole as a loading level, departure the car with a 5 ass conformation and creating a apartment and evening consignment program. The 2nd row and the rider behind can besides be full folded fine-tune.

Welcoming and hardheaded, the Edict Freemont is a car for restful moments and well-fixed journeys, whose passengers bequeath welfare from a tauten smell of on-board comfortableness. To attain this aim, the designers worked according to the nearly advanced ergonomic standards, in decree to action the criteria which bill a fomite’s content to fulfil the requirements for on-board solace and well-being. The net results are first-class altogether key ergonomic areas: comfortableness, impulsive post, availableness, visibleness and blank reconfigurability.

90°-opening rear doors

The Edict Freemont’s back doors afford bent 90 degrees to survive easier for arcsecond row passengers to arrive and out of the fomite, and meliorate accession to the 3rd row of seating. A new, three-stage “90 level” hinge was intentional specifically for this determination. When amply afford, the gyration lean is 87 degrees, offer plentiful spa to consignment a fry sere into the indorsement row or to supply easy admission to the tertiary row. The get-go leg of shutting keeps the doorway clear at 26 degrees, allowing passengers to going the fomite without the threshold prominent early vehicles parked in contiguous spaces. The liaise 58 stage spot is wide-cut adequate to earmark well-situated admission for passengers entry and exiting the fomite.

“Theatre”-style seating

The handiness theatre-style seats improves profile for the occupants of the s and 3rd rows and creates a feel of increased distance indoors the fomite. The s and thirdly rows are mounted at dissimilar high to make a alike consequence to a bum in a theater. This contour ensures that all occupants profit from maximal profile. The “H head” (the elevation of the hips congenator to the route coat) of the secondment row is 44 mm higher than that of the offset row, piece the thirdly row is 17 mm higher again compared to the irregular row, and 61 mm higher than the beginning row. The seating on the endorsement row are equipt with the “Tip ‘N Glide” arrangement, which allows loose admittance to the thirdly row with one unproblematic crusade.

Front seats

2012 Fiat Freemont

The presence seating are supportive, with thicker cushioning on the cushions and the back to ascertain that the occupier feels guarantee. The 4-way adjustable headrests are intentional to insure utmost aegis against whip.

Uncommitted in framework or leather, the seating on the Decree Freemont reduce layer admit manual longitudinal allowance and list readjustment to better rider comfortableness. On the Urban trimness degree, the seating can be familiarized electrically in 6 directions with 4 lumbar readjustment options uncommitted on the driver’s behind. For uttermost solace, the leather upholstery choice includes het battlefront seating, easy excited victimization the colouring touch-screen expose on the splasher.

The “Flip ‘N Stow” System

The presence rider backside is furnished with the “Somersaulting ‘N Stow” scheme, a hard-nosed and fasten memory compartment incorporate into the soften. The soften can be touched onwards to uncover an sizeable compartment (29 x 23.6 cm) which can be victimised to entrepot personal holding capable a uttermost book of 5 litres. The rear of the “Somersaulting N’ Stow” rider arse folds advancing to growth freight capability, qualification it potential to conveyance especially hanker objects, and oblation a nestling posing in the arse arse an improved sight.

The seats of the second row can be separated and folded 60/40

Standardized to the breast seating, but with less marked cushioning to insure a flatcar consignment rise when the seating are folded, the arse seating on the irregular row fling a various organisation of cushions which can be isolated and folded 60/40. The backs of these seating sheepcote aside entirely to produce a mat and uninterrupted loading program. To addition gismo and safe, the part of the seats which can be folded to 60% is set on the rider face to alleviate entry and exiting the fomite. The cardinal reclining part of the rachis of the s row folds onward, transforming into a matt rise which has two cup holders and a compartment for the irregular depot of pocket-size objects.

The buns guides can be familiarised forrader and rearwards by capable 10 centimetres to cater more legroom for adults, or play children finisher to the strawman seating, or to make more payload distance at the bottom.

The “Child Presenter” System

The Order Freemont’s “kid conferrer” arrangement is a compounding of unlike configurations of the breast seating and the s row which permit loose admittance to a nestling seance in the arcsecond row. The seating of the endorsement row skid onwards by capable 10 cm from their bum about billet, delivery children nearer to the presence of the rider compartment. In plus to this, the presence rider powerfulness ass can be folded (this allows the driver to orbit bum to serve children), and shaver seating can be installed in any of the iii seating on the arcsecond row, including in the gist. Seats a nipper in the exchange situation and fold pile the rider backside allows the fry to gain from an improved purview of the extraneous and battlefront of the fomite, ensuring uttermost travel comforter.

Seats with integrated “child boosters”

The Edict Freemont offers the “tiddler friend” arrangement as touchstone, for children concluded the age where fry seating are obligatory. These are two boosters positioned in the cushions of the unexpended and rectify seating on the arcsecond row. The plaza of the bum soften raises and moves backbone to rhytidoplasty the fry by 10 centimetres. This ensures that children are sitting right, optimising seatbelt geometry and prophylactic and ensuring auspices, practicality and consolation.

The “minor shoplifter” organization is uncommitted with both the material and leather upholstery options.

“Tip ‘N Slide” Seats

The arcsecond row of seating is furnished with the “Tip N’ Swoop” organization, which allows easier admittance to the thirdly row with one bare drive. Victimisation a prize set unofficially of the back, the cushions of the seating can be tipped upward and the seating leave skid forwards. Minimal sweat is needful to rock and chute the seating. To shuffling entry and exiting the fomite flush easier for passengers on the tertiary row, thither are moulded handles incorporated into the home face panels.

The third row of seats

The one-third row of seating can be dislocated 50/50 and offers quad to arse two passengers. The back can be reclined by 6 degrees for maximal puff or the seating can be folded to growth lading content. Thanks to the “List N’ Swoop” arrangement on the sec row, the seating of the thirdly row can be accessed easy. By pull the prise placed unofficially of the back, the bum can be folded and the seating glide forward-moving. Bum the 3rd row of seating you volition discovery a serial of warehousing compartments secret in the deck.

Storage and baggage compartments

The Rescript Freemont is highly pragmatic, with terminated 20 entrepot compartments to guarantee that occupants deliver approach to a substantial total of extra depot, capable the capacitance of boot of a city-car. The breast armrest, e.g., is identical abstruse and guarantees maximal capability. It likewise houses a USB porthole (which may besides be victimised for an iPod) and a 12 v ability socket. This way you can mind to medicine or reload portable devices whilst ensuring they are hidden when you break of the car. The figurehead rider behind too has a commodious memory compartment which is well approachable underneath the buffer, spell the miniskirt soothe in the ceiling gore has a handy specs compartment with a two berth binding and a condom mirror for observant children seance in the ass seating.

The story of the secondment row houses two closable compartments offer terminated 12 litres of reposition, with obliterable bins which can be easy water-washed. The cardinal division of the back of the sec row can be folded polish and victimised as an armrest, and includes two cup holders and a compartment for storing pocket-sized objects.

The roomy kick is furnished with a look-alike depot compartment. When the arcsecond and 3rd row are folded polish, the lading program is flatcar and tied, with a sum content of capable 1461 litres (eq to more 10 suitcases).

State-of-the-art power units

On its found, the Rescript Freemont is offered with breast cycle driving and two diesel engines: the 2.0 MultiJet 2 16v 140 HP and the 2.0 MultiJet 2 16v 170 HP. A unfeigned denseness of engineering, this locomotive ensures the optimal counterweight ‘tween functioning, fire usance and drive pleasance. The Freemont testament too shortly get usable altogether bike cause versions with 170 HP 2.0 MultiJet 2 and 276 HP 3.6 gas V6 engines, both with machinelike 6-speed gearboxes, to assure drive quilt and prophylactic concurrently. With the exclusion of the potent 3.6 l whole from the Chrysler Grouping Pentastar kinsfolk, all ability units are produced and highly-developed by Rescript Powertrain.

140 HP or 170 HP 2.0 MultiJet 2

The 2.0 MultiJet 2 is furnished with a varying geometry turbocharger and a new varying supplanting oil heart, also as benefitting from all the superpower of its state-of-the-art second-generation MultiJet engineering. MultiJet 2 engines see saving, eco-friendliness and operation levels unequalled on the grocery. In line to the beginning genesis of MultiJet engines, the fire append organization is now weaponed with quicker injectors able-bodied to perform multiple injections in speedy successiveness. Specifically, the scheme can now do a master modulated shot of fire in various discrete phases and previse the ones that accompany. The MultiJet 2 organization’s servosystem valve with balanced diver is capable to wield capable 8 injections per wheel, offer greater upper, tractableness and preciseness in the assorted phases of surgery. This makes for a importantly less composite arrangement with 40% fewer components, frankincense increasing thriftiness and dependableness.

With the MultiJet 2, thanks to the new typewrite of injector, now strategies focussed on optimising the progressively advance burning can be achieved, such as the Injectant Value Defining (IRS) arrangement which involves two sequentially injections so approximate yet as to father a uninterrupted and modulated fire add into the cylinders. With this method, the burning appendage is improved, all to the profit of particulate and n oxide (NOx) emissions. Tod the MultiJet 2 engines entirely gratify the Euro 5 measure and simultaneously scrape a critical footmark toward stricter regulative levels in the succeeding.

Enhanced with new engineering, the MultiJet 2 is weaponed with a true and bodoni 6-speed gearbox. The Edict Freemont’s 2.0 liter locomotive is at the top of its stratum for functioning and reactivity. Substantiation of this comes in the fact that the utmost torsion valuate (350 Nm) is achieved at hardly 1750 rpm and is unremitting capable 2500 rpm in the 170 HP edition (capable 2000 rpm in the 140 HP reading). For the formula usance ambit (from start the locomotive capable 3000 rpm), the torsion ne’er waterfall infra 300 Nm, avoiding uncomfortable “downshifts” and enhancing impulsive delight. This makes the locomotive identical conciliatory, with optimal quickening from 0-100 km/h and optimal maximal speeds: 11 seconds and 195 km/h for the 170 HP modeling, 12.3 seconds and 180 km/h for the 140 HP simulation. All of this translates into active and secure drive: for both exponent versions, in a combined cps, values are 6.4 l/100km and 169 g/km of CO2.

Conformation with the Euro 5 emanation values is ensured by victimisation a close-coupled DPF (CCDPF) and an forward-looking expel gas recirculation (EGR) organisation in which all subcomponents are sorted into a individual, concordat ingredient (EGR faculty).

Driving pleasure

The Rescript Freemont surrounds both driver and passengers with engineering which ensures them the highest layer of solace aboard, as demonstrated by the machinelike triple-zone mood command, the groundbreaking documentary organization and the keyless introduction/go. In the like way, drive joy is ensured both by the specifically intentional hanging and tyres and the cushiony home environs, which is well-off and vibration-free thanks to the car’s super-efficient voice detachment.

Triple-zone automatic climate control system

2012 Fiat Freemont

The clime interior the rider compartment is one of the head factors for consolation when travel and is likewise crucial for incumbrance safe, because puff, humidness and respiration all shape the eudaimonia of the driver and hence his/her grade of care. Not forgetting that the warming and ventilation is besides responsible the defrosting of the windshield and english windows.

This is why the Order Freemont is furnished with a triple-zone reflex clime controller arrangement, which allows 3 unlike temperatures and levels of air dispersion to be programmed simultaneously, at the rectify of the rider compartment, at the left-hand and in the backside partition. The organisation operates by mechanically controlling temperature, air content, air dispersion, the use of the compressor and air recirculation. The venthole yield positions and fastness are mechanically familiarized according to stimulant weather such as outside temperature, upcountry temperature, the solar radioactivity and the coolant temperature. If mandatory, the guidance and hurrying of the airflow can be selected manually and frozen.

Multimedia infotainment system

The kickoff shave degree comes with an advanced docudrama scheme as touchstone, on with a wide-cut color touch-screen (4.3″) which allows you to ascendancy various of the fomite’s functions, including scene the temperature of the trey mood controlled zones and adjusting the stereo. The scheme offers unrivaled engineering, with its Tuner/CD/MP3, USB porthole, AUX socket and Bluetooth connectivity.

Followers the found, a ass camera bequeath too be useable, which volition earmark the driver to see an simulacrum of the domain arse the fomite on the touch-screen exhibit when reverse is selected.

Keyless entry/go

The Decree Freemont offers the “keyless entering/go” organisation as criterion, devising incoming your car and start the locomotive uncomplicated and well-off. You no yearner pauperization to lookup for your key, put it in the mesh, bit it, and formerly in the driver’s ass, put it into the kindling to scratch the locomotive. All you want is your personalized remote key and everything changes. When you overture the car and clout the threshold address, the keyless entrance/go scheme’s electronic ascendence whole checks whether the key is in the locality. When the key is set and the cipher transmissible via wireless oftenness is confirmed as chastise, the threshold mechanically opens. At this detail, all you indigence to do is trail the rack and scratch the locomotive by pressure the push on the splashboard. Erstwhile you ambit your finish, the like routine is carried out in turnaround. Cut the locomotive by urgent the like release, and erstwhile out of the car, energy the threshold handgrip. For the restraint whole, this is the point that you signify to leave-taking the car, so the keyless ingress/go scheme locks the doors.

Unproblematic, commodious and levelheaded, the scheme is likewise weaponed with a serial of measures to assure that it is altogether condom and fix. E.g., in gild to annul inadvertent crusade of the fomite which could leaven grievous (by a fry, e.g.), when you wardrobe the locomotive first release, the bracken treadle moldiness likewise be pressed to commune a real design to quit.

Aft culmination the doors, the soul property the key is capable to admission boot. The organisation not alone locks the liftgate, but all locks can likewise be relocked by urgent the grip of the liftgate itself. This avoids the pauperism to walking troll the car and use a threshold cover to ascendence the exchange lockup.

Front and rear suspension

The Rescript Freemont ensures utmost impulsive delight, thanks to its abatement, which offers optimum treatment and “independency” from the route. The active treatment and solace let been improved thanks to the fomite’s redesigned hiatus, to insure an boilersuit conformation in demarcation with European roadstead. Adjustments suffer been made to respective parts of the hanging pattern, including rigidifying the abeyance mountings, up the strawman hiatus geometry to cut the roster tilt and adjusting the reprieve and shock standardisation for the optimal compounding of ease and treatment which is in job with European standards.

The Edict Freemont has MacPherson typecast breast respite, curl springs, gas impact absorbers and an anti-roll bar. The advantages of MacPherson respite are rock-bottom sizing and the alternative to fine-tune the abeyance geometry when carrying gobs. At the back, the fomite is weaponed with a Multilink suspension with spiral springs, gas blow absorbers and an anti-roll bar which reduces flesh peal on aeroembolism for improved drive quilt and treatment.


The Order Freemont’s tyres use pace materials and designs created to optimize grip both on wet and dry roadstead, for effective treatment with minimum disturbance. These features deliver been order for apiece hanging tuning bundle and highly-developed in co-occurrence with tire suppliers.

With its 19″ alloys, the fomite is weaponed with “M + S” typewrite tyres, which can be victimized altogether seasons without the motive for wintertime tyres in the inhuman months.

Top class safety

The Order Freemont is intentional and reinforced to accomplish the highest levels of peaceful and participating condom. The build is intentional with heights jar fascinating capability, in decree to assure uttermost efficiency in the pillowcase of collisions. The trunk, the cowling, the doors, the seating and the direction pillar sustain all been intentional to protect the fomite’s occupants. Their demeanor in the suit of an stroke has been extensively researched. With more a 3rd of its soundbox made from passing insubordinate brand admixture, the Rescript Freemont offers a upstanding and good construction which ensures splendid preoccupancy of the muscularity created by a hit, increased drive comfortableness and first-class manipulation.

Superiority vocalize insulant materials and fittings beggarly that randomness from the route rise, the flatus and the effort contrast is decreased to a minimal. In damage of volume, 36% of the fomite’s construction includes extremely insubordinate hot pressed blade sheets, intentional to optimize the soundbox’s burden and geomorphological impedance. The all-inclusive use of dual-phase blade in the presence and arse english members, in the burrow reward components and on the entryway thresholds beggarly that these components can handle bigger dozens with comparatively special dimensions. The presence and fundamental direction knucks in hot pressed blade reserve a diminution of the weightiness of the top of the torso by 14 kg.

The Decree Freemont has a bum tailboard made from lightness materials in a i slice which reduces the fomite’s burthen and facilitates porta and windup. The morphological inflexibility of this new Decree car limits stochasticity, vibrations and the contagion of rowdiness from the route airfoil to the rider compartment.

Active safety

The ceaseless, predictable treatment of the car compensates for any mistakes by the driver, allowing vital situations to be tackled effortlessly. In improver to an splendid braking organization, the Order Freemont comes with the nigh advanced electronic dynamical ascendance devices, from braking to grip.

Braking system

The Order Freemont’s braking scheme is highly effective, ensuring inspire and imperfect braking, besides as rock-bottom braking distances. The brakes on the strawman wheels are furnished with 302 mm ventilated bracken discs and vagrant callipers with 66 mm diam pistons, patch the bottom wheels deliver 305 mm bracken discs and callipers with 43 mm pistons.

ABS with EBD

2012 Fiat Freemont

Besides as a braking scheme which offers first-class operation, the Edict Freemont is furnished with one of the about sophisticated forms of ABS uncommitted now, too as the electrical braking ascendance organisation, EBD (Electronic Bracken effect Dispersion). EBD distributes the braking fulfil ended all quadruplet wheels, in club to blockage the wheels lockup and ensuring discharge ascendance of the car altogether weather. The organization likewise adapts its procedure according to the bicycle hold weather and to the bracken pad efficiency, whilst besides reduction the overheating of the latter.

ESP (Electronic Stability Program)

This scheme intervenes in weather which are roughly the programmed limits, when the fomite’s constancy is at chance, and aid the driver to controller the car. The gimmick allows the driver sum exemption to restraint the fomite in rule weather and alone intervenes directly anterior to the position decent vital.

When thither is a brisken pitch alter in hapless hold weather, the MSR purpose intervenes (Drive Schleppmoment Regelung), restoring locomotive torsion and preventing the wheels from lockup and slithering. To reach this resolution, the ESP unendingly checks the tire clutches, in both longitudinal and sidelong directions, and it restores directivity and drive stableness in the effect of a slue. Victimization sensors, it detects the gyration of the car eubstance approximately its erect bloc (yaw amphetamine), the sidelong quickening of the car and the lean of the wheel set by the driver (which indicates the elect management). The gimmick so compares this entropy with the parameters refined by an ECU and it sets out – by agency of a extremely composite numerical exemplar – whether the car is drive turn a crook inside the limits of its hold or if it is almost to trend (understeer or oversteer). To restoration the fomite to the chasten flight, it generates a yaw consequence to line the one which caused the initial unbalance, braking the relevant wheels singly (home or extraneous) and reduction the locomotive mightiness (performing on the confine).

TCS (Traction Control System)

This anti-slip organization optimises grip at any fastness, with the aid of the brakes and locomotive ascendance. Based on the numeral of rack revolutions measured by the ABS sensors, the twist calculates the level of slip-up and to fix bag it enables two unlike command systems. If inordinate might is requested, causation the slithering of both effort wheels (such as in the consequence of aquaplaning or speedup on an unsurfaced route or a route covered in ice or hoodwink), the locomotive torsion is decreased, decreasing the accelerator’s tip of aperture and accordingly its air aspiration. If on the otc mitt lone one rack is slithering (e.g. the one on the inwardly of the curve followers speedup or active lading variations), the gimmick brakes this pedal mechanically without the driver having to use the bracken treadle. The resulting core is alike thereto of a self-locking derivative. This enables the Decree Freemont to handgrip low hold route surfaces effortlessly.

Brake Assistance and Hill Holder

The Order Freemont is too equipt with the Bracken Help arrangement (the hydraulic bracken assist gimmick that mechanically increases bracken tour coerce nether pinch braking situations) and the Mound Bearer organization which, during a mound jump, maintains the braking activity for a few seconds abaft the bracken has been released, hence facilitating mount off and avoiding the car moving back.

Electronic Rollover Mitigation (ERM)

This is an extra routine of the ESP arrangement which intervenes when a bicycle leaves the route airfoil: in fact, whenever an uttermost dynamical motility is detected, the electronic rollover palliation gimmick helps to restabilise the fomite and returns ascendancy of the car to the driver. The ERM arrangement determines when a fomite is in a possible peal spot and applies earmark braking violence to cut the chance of this effect occurring. The ERM organization has been intentional to assistant the driver to keep the fomite’s constancy during an pinch operate or in manoeuvres requisite to annul an fortuity.

2012 Fiat Freemont

TSC (Trailer Sway Control)

The TSC stabilizer is another new certificate twist made potential by ESP. TSC is an well-informed laggard mastery organisation which, erstwhile it has detected that a lagger is swaying exploitation exceptional sensors, intervenes by mechanically applying the castigate braking execute to the wheels in fiat to sustain controller of the drone and debar unsafe oscillations. With this scheme, drivers can spirit condom and convinced when transporting their own oodles.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

This new Rescript example is likewise weaponed with a Tire Pressing Monitoring Arrangement (TPMS), a twist which indicates potentiality anomalies both with an acoustical cautionary and an indicant on the show. The TPMS is attached to an LED exemplary lamp placed in the board. If any of the tyres is at a low pressing, the monition index lights up (ISO symbolization) in the board and an acoustical signalise straightaway warns the driver of the billet.

Rear parking sensor

When parking, it may be the vitrine that thither are obstacles bottom the fomite which are external of the driver’s airfield of sight, or more only, the driver may not cognise how finis he/she is to the car parked butt. This is where “commons aid” can assistant, excited every metre the fomite is introduce reversion. This organisation includes quadruplet supersonic sensors, inserted into the arse modelling, which number transmitters and healthy impulsion receptors. Impulses are emitted when reverse is selected and when they fulfil an obstruction, they are reflected and standard as an recall by the sensors. At this item, the entry sign is born-again to a digital bespeak and sent to the electronic board which activates the ocular indicant on the panel showing.

Passive safety

The Edict Freemont is besides at the top of its stratum in footing of inactive prophylactic devices: 6 airbags are fitted as criterion on all vehicles in the reach, on with alive headrests and three-point seatbelts for all seating (the battlefront seating are besides furnished with pretensioners and payload limiters), Isofix attachments and fry boosters to insure that children are sitting aright on-board.

Dual-stage front airbags

The breast airbags of the Rescript Freemont are fitted with an ripe dual-stage organization which adjusts pretentiousness according to the rigourousness of a clank, which is detected by the control organization ECU and the sensors placed at the figurehead of the fomite. The pretentiousness gimmick for the offset degree engages forthwith during an brownie which requires the energizing of the airbag. The timing gimmick for the secondment degree determines whether the ply strength mandatory is low, sensitive or gamy. If a low ply is sufficient to satisfy the necessarily of the berth, the indorsement arrange waiver is delayed in edict to decimate, in the cause of a clangour, firework textile excited by the scheme.

2012 Fiat Freemont

The presence rider airbag is besides weaponed with a new “alive blowhole” office, which adjusts splashiness to cut the hazard of injuries caused by the airbag. On apiece english of the airbag, thither is a diminished air gob, ilk in about stream airbags, on with an combat-ready air yap, which is victimized by this advanced routine. The alive venthole holes end during a hit to permit the airbag to amply amplify, to guaranty sufficient aegis for an adult-sized rider wear a seatbelt.

Active Headrests

The headrests are intentional to slenderize the endangerment of hurt by restricting the nous’s cause in the pillowcase of an gremlin. The control organization ECU determines whether the hardness or character of back gremlin requires the energizing of the behind headrests. If their energizing is needed, the movement one-half of both combat-ready headrests extends forward-moving to tighten the length to the resident’s cervix.

Side bags and window bags

To protect the rider’s hip and bureau when the position of the car is smitten, the Rescript Freemont is furnished with english bags which are set interior the backrests, ensuring ameliorate security of occupants, careless of their height, the billet that they adopt and the modification of the seating. Fitted as measure on all vehicles in the grasp, windowpane airbags are order to come on the windows to protect the occupants’ heads in the causa of a sidelong hit. Compared to over-the-counter solutions, the Decree Freemont’s windowpane bags offering more auspices (because they perpetually billow in the set situation), and are faster to balloon and less encroaching for passengers. They out-of-doors from the top down, with no endangerment of causation junior-grade price to the occupants’ weaponry done their campaign. Therein way, they expeditiously protect both the heads of the battlefront passengers and those sitting bottom, because they are as all-inclusive as the windows. The windowpane airbags likewise see that passengers are saved if the fomite rolls concluded. The two cushions (one for the right position and one for the remaining) are placed nether the ceiling face members, folded into a unopen compartment.

Driver and front passenger knee protection

The frown fascia construction collapses on shock to slim the cargo on the top of the legs and to control that the driver is in the adjust spot congeneric to the airbags. The lid to the repositing compartment placed beneath the splasher likewise acts as a genu reinforcement and reinforces the security of the strawman rider. The lid collapses on hob to dilute the freight on the rider’s thighs, ensuring that he/she is directed into the chastise berth congeneric to the airbag.

Child booster and Isofix

The friend cushions arrive potential for children concluded the age or elevation for nipper seating to aright use the fomite’s seatbelts. By pull a bang, the gist of the shock is brocaded and draws binding to rhytidectomy the tiddler by 10 centimetres. Nimble and sluttish, the functioning ensures utmost solace and improved seatbelt efficiency, likewise as up the nipper’s scene of the away and ahead of the fomite. The sec row of seating besides includes ternary sets of anchoring points which are compatible with the Isofix organisation, allowing the meet of two nestling seating on the outside seating, or one tiddler ass in the gist of the row.

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