2012 Dodge Charger Srt8

Dodge Charger SRT8

The new ware attack continues for the Circumvent mark with the annunciation at the 2011 Chicago Motorcar Demonstrate that the Dodging Courser SRT8 testament comeback for the 2012 modelling twelvemonth.

“We’re chronic the fast-paced rebuilding of Elude as our functioning mark, and the elaboration of our SRT production card in 2012 is an crucial role of our greening,” aforementioned Ralph Gilles, Chairman and CEO, Dodging Stigma – Chrysler Radical LLCs. “The new 2012 Dodge Charger SRT8 builds on the iconic four-door fastback coupe invention of the all-new Courser and adds a lots bigger ability banding crossways the rpm compass, on with well-informed operation attributes and prophylactic and amenities for customers who are passionate astir execution drive.”

The 2012 Elude Courser SRT8 leave be reinforced at the Brampton Fabrication engraft in Brampton, Ontario, Canada and volition be in monger showrooms in later 2011.


Nether the cap, the new 6.4-liter HEMI® V-8 delivers more h.p. and torsion than the 6.1-liter HEMI V-8 it replaces. It likewise leave propose improved fire saving.

Estimated index ratings for the 2012 Dodging Courser SRT8 are 465 hp and 465 lb.-ft. of torsion, including an estimated extra 80 lb.-ft. of torsion at 2,900 rpm. Particular hp, torsion and fire thriftiness numbers leave be proclaimed finisher to the fomite founding.

Edifice upon the criterion Fire Recoverer engineering (four-cylinder mood) institute in the new 6.4 HEMI V-8, a new for 2012 adaptative valve exhaust allows the engineering to plight complete a wider rpm ambit, which delivers improved fire efficiency or the use of all 8 cylinders when the superpower is requisite.

2012 Dodge Charger SRT8

An combat-ready inhalation multiply and high-lift camshaft with cam phasing provides uttermost low-end torsion for telling standing starts piece optimizing high-end exponent.

2012 Dodge Charger Srt8

First in any Chrysler Aggroup LLC SRT ware, measure paddle-shift engineering joins the banner AutoStick on the base gearstick. Both are paired to the proved W5A580 five-speed robotlike infection, allowing a alternative of spunky shifty on the route and the track.

Both shift methods pay the driver the power to switch patch the contagion control standardization prevents situations that mightiness concluded rev the locomotive. Full adaptative electronic ascendancy of all shift makes the powertrain more antiphonal spell minimizing hardness.


New for 2012, the Elude Courser SRT8 features an adaptative damping dangling that uses a all-embracing grasp of on-road and driver inputs, such as fomite speeding, direction slant, steerage hurrying, bracken torsion, confine berth and sidelong quickening, to mechanically strain the hanging for particular weather. Drivers too can manually prefer betwixt “Car” and “Athletics” settings that cursorily modify the jounce damping and inclemency characteristics from the simpleness of unremarkable commutation to harsher, more thought-provoking impulsive situations.

The operation SRT-tuned, amply hydraulic guidance scheme besides is improved with a new, heavy-duty heart and revised geartrain to consecrate drivers more calculate look and on-center answer.

New, rent five-spoke, 20-inch jackanapes bad and dressed al wheels with melanize motley pockets offer big looks, and the usable three- or four-season tires shuffle the 2012 Scheme Courser SRT8 promiscuous to address and fun to ride.


Foremost fillet mightiness for the 2012 Contrivance Courser SRT8 comes done four-piston Brembo calipers and vented/slotted rotors measurement 14.2 inches up strawman and 13.8 inches in the bum.

The Elude Courser SRT8’s Set Alarum Braking organization anticipates situations when the driver may beginner an emergency layover and engages the electronic stableness ascendance heart to set bracken pads against rotors in decree to reduction the sentence requisite for total bracken covering.


2012 Dodge Charger Srt8

Undivided new movement and bottom fascias, on with a new back despoiler, secernate the 2012 Stratagem Courser SRT8 with a eminent operation expression.

The forepart grillwork, lattice fence and Elude crosshair sport high-gloss melanize finishes and the SRT badge. A fresh sculptured punk features a 6.4 L (litre) badge and blackness air exhauster for added locomotive chilling.

In the arse, the Courser’s new touch “racecourse” taillamp conception with 164 enlightening LEDs receives new 4-inch turn three-fold discharge tips and an SRT8 decklid badge to boldly display the Street and Racing Engineering DNA.

Singular fside-sill facing is calico to mates the consistence gloss.

A fresh intentional underbelly abdomen pan features structured bracken ducting to amend chilling and bracken slicing functioning at all 4 corners.


Edifice upon the all-new invention from 2011, the midland surroundings of the 2012 Circumvent Courser SRT8 combines more first accommodations with race-inspired engineering and appointments.

An all-new, leather-wrapped, SRT-exclusive wheel features a unequalled rim subdivision with a planate freighter open that showcases the SRT logotype. The touchstone coggle shifters wing both sides of the new wheel bum the new contoured handle rests.

For the high-performance flavor, carbon-weave, character aluminium home trimness pieces are unified into the new panel and gearstick bezel.

The movement seating get alone, fast-growing bolstering and pierced litigate introduce cloth to assistance “clutches” the driver and passengers, retention them in office during game drive. Het and ventilated breast seating are measure. Responsive headrests likewise are stock. The SRT logotype is embroidered in the buns backs. Bottom seating too are het for rider solace.

Limited threshold trimming panels sport unparalleled pad substantial and dialect sewing on arm rests to couple the seating.

New for 2012, the Dodging Courser SRT8 features a 900-watt, 19-speaker agiotage SRT functioning sound surround-sound scheme from Harmon Kardon. The visceral interface for the arrangement is controlled done the state-of-the-art Uconnect® Bushel the largest received touchscreen showing (8.4-inch) in the section. Benchmarked against the topper E-segment sedans from Europe, Asia and Northerly America, the easy-to-use arrangement likewise features Uconnect Vocalism to birth foremost functionality to sustenance all passengers easy affiliated, well-heeled and assure.

Single Operation Pages are new for 2012 and included inside the touchscreen presentation. The board showing can be customized to sight driver preferences and expanded to admit minute feedback on direction remark measurements, h.p., torsion, expanded locomotive info, on with 0-60 mph meter, 60-0 braking, g-forces and eighth mi and quarter-mile multiplication. The colouring pictorial Electronic Fomite Entropy Mall besides includes the Execution Pages timers and added locomotive info.


For quotidian commutation, the 2012 Elude Courser SRT8 incorporates features wish Keyless Enter-N-Go, adaptive-cruise restraint with Advancing Hit Monitory and Blind-spot Monitoring with Backside Hybridizing Track Espial, to support drivers and passengers batten.

Measure front-row responsive psyche restraints, touchstone uncut side-curtain air bags, driver’s genu bag and measure battlefront seat-mounted side-thorax air bags whirl enhanced occupier security to passengers in the effect of a hit.

2012 Dodge Charger Srt8

Touchstone three-mode electronic constancy controller with segment-exclusive Make Brisk Braking and Pelting Bracken Reenforcement condom features, propose improved boilersuit fomite treatment and functioning both on the route and the rails.


  • Locomotive: 6.4-liter (392 three-dimensional in) HEMI V-8
  • Ability: 465 bhp (est.)
  • Torsion: 465 lb.-ft. (est.)
  • Treatment: .88g on skidpad (est.)
  • Top Upper: 175 mph (est.)
  • 0-60 mph: Eminent 4-second scope (est.)
  • ¼ knot: Mellow 12-second reach (est.)
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