2012 Citroen Ds4

Citroen DS4

Citroën has released low details for the new Citroën DS4, a unequalled and attractive blending of creativeness, vigour, exclusivity and versatility. DS4 is the sec exemplar in Citroën’s distinctively-styled DS cable.

Citroën DS4 brings an enticing intermixture of agiotage innovation codes and a bluff approaching to self-propelling styling, with an accent on drive joy and advance fomite architecture. DS4 is a manakin with a masses of talents, effortlessly responding to a all-embracing orbit of possessor necessarily, piece enhancing the entreaty and verve of the motoring receive.

Citroën DS4 combines edification and civilisation with a dynamical takeoveré-like torso, creating special versatility and daily practicality inside a concordat excogitation – 4.27m (l), 1.81m (w) & 1.53m (h).

Citroën DS4 delivers a new “at-the-wheel” know with nonpareil impulsive sensations and undischarged quick on-road treatment. With its slenderly embossed position and tight lines, Citroën DS4 is a unequaled and attention-getting accession to the section.

Fine crafted to channel a esteemed comportment both indoors and out, Citroën DS4 offers punctilious particularisation from cautiously applied chromium-plate touches to agiotage cabin materials – such as the finest timbre leather seating. A enceinte bird’s-eye windshield, oblation enhanced resident profile, illuminates the driver-focused cockpit, creating a undimmed and welcoming surroundings.

2012 Citroen Ds4

Combine putsché stylus with 2+2 threshold practicality, Citroën DS4 offers tercet full-sized back seating, accessed by back doors with obscure handles that are seamlessly merged into the consistency’s sleek lines. Citroën DS4 besides benefits from a capacious 370-litre kick and a horde of cunning memory solutions.

2012 Citroen DS4

Citroën DS4 comes with a option of pentad graceful and effective engines – two HDi diesels and deuce-ace gasolene powerplants.

2012 Citroen Ds4

All engines have a combining of sinewy operation – including a new to Citroën 200hp gas whole – and ecologically tender motoring. Citroën’s new e-HDi drivetrains e.g. birth improved fire saving and lour CO2 emissions.

Citroën DS4 bequeath be revealed at the 2010 Paris Motive Read and is expected to hap sale afterward in 2011.


An model of really originative pattern, Citroën DS4 boldly blends a mix of the nigh worthy styling references to produce an exciting new self-propelling proffer. Marc Pinson, DS4’s boss styler, comments, “Reinterpreting cues open up new possibilities, delivery pragmatic and surprising solutions to self-propelling mobility”.

Contract and powerful, the DS touch on the cowling is complemented by a prominent LED twinkle touch about the figurehead fog lights. The LEDs are well-lighted both day and nighttime. The attention-getting visibility, featuring a chrome-finished waist circumferent nighttime tinted windows, is enhanced by hefty cycle arches – that underscore the great wheels (capable 19″) – and is laureled by a tautly haggard roofline with a freebooter for added animation. The glower office of the bottom bumper is ruined in chromium-plate and the horizontal particularization on the taillight clusters highlights their advanced backfire invention.


As with its esteemed outside, Citroën DS4’s cabin exudes mightiness, pizzaz and elaboration. The impulsive situation is enveloping, with chrome-surround dials focussed now towards the driver’s eye-line. The characterful, sculpted splashboard likewise uses superiority materials for a master haptic flavour.

DS4’s cabin is henpecked by the great bird’s-eye windshield that extends rearwards into the roofline. Oblation capable 45° of up imagination, the bird’s-eye glassy domain combines with Citroën DS4’s slenderly elevated position, to ply optimised visibleness for the driver, with a undimmed yet insinuate, aerial cabin surround for passengers.

Allowing owners to personalize the midland, DS4 is usable with a prize of pentad leather combinations, including two-tone options. Range-topping models are likewise weaponed with superiority leather on the splasher and threshold panels – discharge with a ‘Wristband’ innovation on the seating, evoking the links of a vigil whip.

For an added touching of sumptuosity, thither is chromium-plate particularisation on the air volcano surrounds, tool constellate, shifter and parts of the primal comfort. Al pedals, raised leather threshold handles and ambient kindling are foster demonstrate of Citroën DS4’s tending to agio item.


With its high-set, tight and nimble position, Citroën DS4 is tuned for dynamical functioning, sympathetic to drivers looking an involving motoring have. “We truly treasured drivers to tone ilk they suffer the route at the tips of their fingers”, says Jérémie Maestracci, DS4’s propose handler.

On the route, Citroën DS4 exercises monitory ascendance, handsome occupants a reassuring gumption of refuge altogether fate. Fitted with a MacPherson eccentric abatement fabrication at the movement, a pliant thwartwise shaft at the ass and hydraulic guidance with an galvanizing heart whole, the program is a tested and tried root trim for the typical set-up of the car.

Contingent trimness storey, DS4 is fitted with large-diameter (340mm) ventilated disk brakes and, as stock, with consecrated braking ascendence systems, including ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Dispersion (EBD) and Emergency Help (EBA). Ensuring optimum fomite controller in the well-nigh demanding impulsive situations, Citroën DS4 likewise features thinking grip controller with ESP.

2012 Citroen Ds4

DS4 bequeath be launched with a prime of five-spot graceful and extremely effective Euro 5 engines. The two HDi diesels – an HDi 110 (likewise useable as an e-HDi edition) and an HDi 160 – are both fitted with Citroën’s Diesel Particulate Dribble Organisation. The 3 gasoline powerplants – VTi 120, THP 155 and the new THP 200 – were co-developed with BMW. The new THP 200 – based on the 1.6-litre locomotive – delivers whippy superpower bringing and functioning thanks to its powerfulness turnout (147kW), bountiful torsion (275Nm at 1,700rpm) – with low CO2 emissions of good 149g/km. All engines are usable with manual or EGS six-speed gearboxes.

Extra care has been precondition to the car’s inner acoustics, retaining the processed air on-board by minimising locomotive shakiness, flatus and route dissonance. This has been achieved by specifying a laminated bird’s-eye windshield with damping flick, try-on extra vocalize absorbent some the locomotive compartment and enhanced waterproofing barriers on the soundbox and doors.


Citroën DS4 was intentional from the beginning to sustain a rock-bottom environmental footmark – particularly plain in its twist – by exploitation high-grade components, an ecologically focussed manufacture outgrowth and the use of ‘viridity materials’ – some 15% of the 200kg of fictile victimised in DS4 fomite is derived from ‘k materials.’

Citroën DS4 can be specified with Citroen’s micro-hybrid e-HDi engineering, which is uncommitted from launching on versions powered by the HDi 110 locomotive.

The e HDi arrangement comprises of:

  • an stinting HDi Euro 5 diesel powerhouse
  • a new genesis Stoppage & Beginning organisation, which immediately cuts out the locomotive when the car comes to a check (red lights, dealings jams).
  • a second-generation two-sided alternator and an e-booster purpose that restarts the locomotive outright (0.4 seconds)
  • an electronically controlled alternator that recovers vigour during braking;
  • an Electronic Gearbox Arrangement (EGS) with optimised gearing changes.
  • All needful features such as the radiocommunication, air-conditioning and steerage functions stay operating when the locomotive is stopped-up by the organization. This modern engineering can slim the fire phthisis and CO2 emissions by as lots as 15% in built-up urban environments.


    Citroën DS4’s squeeze outside belies a roomy and richly prosperous cabin, which can be easy accessed by the car’s 2+2 doorway layout. To arrive easier to entree the arse seating – oft seen as a imperfect head for around clean models – DS4 features seamlessly unified bum doors with handles obscure in the threshold frames.

    Thanks to its optimised pattern, the forepart doors of Citroën DS4 let been made narrower and igniter, qualification them easier to out-of-doors and closing, promoting loose admission at the figurehead.

    Another plus in damage of versatility and capaciousness is DS4’s 370-litre (VDA) kicking, which is standardised in intensity thereto of many schematic saloons.

    Citroën DS4 likewise has legion entrepot compartments for supererogatory traveling solace, including a great, swell lit mitt box; threshold pockets big adequate for 1.5-litre bottles; and flush a draftsman nether the movement rider buns. The levelheaded architecture of the upper-level exchange solace (uncommitted on models fitted with EGS) too provides broad warehousing areas. The largest of these – which is cooled, well-lighted and saved by a sliding screening – can go to iv 50-cl bottles and houses a connectivity are with an audio-jack, a USB embrasure and a 12-volt socket. The expectant compartment set nether the battlefront armrest besides features an extra ability beginning.


    Bey its typical styling and active operation, Citroën DS4’s cabin overflows with ‘Créative Technologie’, providing equipment, functionality and modern features for fantabulous traveling ease and ultimate exploiter gismo. Features useable admit an innovative sound organization with processing package for good soundscaping, delivering superiority, reliable strait equally end-to-end the cabin. For ultimate impulsive lavishness, massaging breast seating are uncommitted with galvanic lumbar alteration in the forepart rider’s and driver’s behind backs.

    Another exemplar of the bespoke DS4 get, drivers can choose their own on-board atmosphere from quartet ranges of contrapuntal sounds – Hellenic, Lechatelierite Philharmonic, Jungle Fantasise & Urban Rythmik – for alerts and reminders; prize from 3 air-conditioning flowing levels – subdued, modal & acute; and select from an raiment of colors for the board – spanning from gabardine to blueing.

    2012 Citroen Ds4

    Drivers can admission all key impulsive and ease controls – which are clear seeable and fifty-fifty backlit for night-time use – without winning their workforce off the pedal.

    For finish peace-of-mind, Citroën DS4 is too weaponed with a orbit of safety-enhancing technologies:

  • The Citroën eTouch Assist Organisation mechanically or manually makes pinch or aid calls, victimization a inherent SIM board, for speedy interference in the issue of an fortuity or if the car is immobilised.
  • Presence fog lamps with unchanging cornering lights cater an excess shaft that increases profile when turn – by capable 75° to the left-hand and veracious of the fomite. The lights mechanically light when the driver indicates or turns the roll to an tip of more 60°.
  • A blind-spot monitoring organization – based on the like engineering as reversing parking sensors – the iv sonography sensors alarum the driver if a fomite is in their dim berth ( an domain stretch to some 5m backside the ass bumper and 3.5m from apiece slope of the car). The driver is alerted by agency of a pictogram displayed in the offstage mirrors.
  • Programmable sail restraint with amphetamine clipper besides allows drivers to pre-set cruising and top speeds for added guard and gadget on the unfold route.

    2012 Citroen Ds4

    When launched, DS4 leave be useable with fantabulous client servicing. Citroën FreeDrive, commencement introduced with DS3, is a classifiable parcel for Citroën DS4 owners, providingcomplete peace-of-mind with an encompassing ambit of services that can be individualized to fulfil the particular inevitably of the client. FreeDrive contracts can be trim to concealment:

  • scheduled and yearly service
  • occasional sustentation
  • substitute of depreciation items
  • Citroën Assist (Wayside/At Domicile/Retrieval/Ahead Jaunt/European Binding)
  • transposition fomite during steady service, MOT Examination
  • man cleanup during service.
  • FreeDrive besides offers optional tire switch screening, a ‘Pick-up’ help from the client’s habitation or work, or a ‘Pick-up & Livery’ serving.

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