2012 Chevrolet Orlando

Chevrolet Orlando

A k things to liquidate a day. Fun, amusement and rest for folk and friends. That’s the holiday intent Chevrolet has jammed into its outset always European MPV. Same the Chevrolet models latterly launched in early commercialise sectors, it doesn’t trace pattern. Chevrolet Orlando’s excogitation – share MPV, office crosswalk – breaks the rules of a historically buttoned-down section; it makes a instruction and stands out from the push.

Chevrolet’s new constrict MPV brings browbeat to the section by adopting a bolder flavor with its low roofline and crosswalk elysian silhouette, spell retaining the typical and placeable Chevrolet ‘aspect’ portrayed by the burst grille and bowtie badge.

Based on the show car concept beginning seen in 2008, the Chevrolet Orlando is still a genuine folk car for the multiplication, compounding 7-seater practicality, inside tractableness and generous shipment place.

“We’re surefooted the Orlando not lonesome brings heavy valuate for money to the MPV course but concurrently something sassy – a sealed office with position, as we put it,” says Wayne Brannon, chairman and director of Chevrolet Europe. “I conceive it leave too institute more new customers to the Chevrolet sword.”

“The new Chevrolet Orlando MPV has a key strategical function to swordplay in Chevrolet’s continued ware violative in Europe as it kicks off an challenging seven-product found curriculum concluded the adjacent 15 months.”

2012 Chevrolet Orlando

Thither’s no dubiousness that the Orlando bequeath go a tonic substitute to many of the folk vans presently on the commercialize. The clearly placeable Chevrolet cheek is complemented by a visibility characterized by the low swept roofline and the sinewy, sticking wheel-arches, caparison 16, 17 or 18 edge wheels. The pedal arches heighten a ‘torso in, roll out’ show spell concurrently ensuring Chevrolet Orlando keeps its spry, betting position.

Orlando’s space, storage and safety

Spell the outside of the new Chevrolet Orlando is indisputable to draw plentifulness of care, the internal too features many of the up-to-the-minute conception cues from Chevrolet such as the Corvette-inspired three-fold cockpit and ambient blueness backlighting to the essence soothe. Classifiable innovation is naught without well-thought-out functionality still, so the ‘theater-style’ seats transcription of the Orlando’s iii rows of seating, the generous consignment domain and the legion memory solutions testament besides snatch the care of sept motorists.

The inner seats is referred to as ‘theater-style’ because in maliciousness of the wholesale roof-line, designers sustain succeeded in fosterage the s and one-third rows which tolerate the Chevrolet Orlando’s occupants to get an eventide improve survey both forrad and to the position and without conciliatory head-room. In fact clearance in the 3rd row of seating in the Orlando is ranking to a issue of challenger MPVs.

Legion seats configurations are potential with either secondment or one-third rows folded severally or unitedly to pee a whole apartment loading country. The s bum row too has a tumble-fold readiness for both the left-hand and right outer seating to earmark promiscuous approach for passengers into and out of the tertiary row.

And when the clock comes to shift enceinte dozens of load, Chevrolet Orlando’s freight are is one of the about twisting in the monocab category with 1,499 liters usable when both rows of seating are folded (856 liters beneath windowpane cable).

Any hard-working phratry car necessarily plenitude of warehousing place for all the bits and pieces that gather within. Same the pilot construct car, the concluding output variation of the Orlando obliges with a grasp of compartments of dissimilar shapes and sizes and unlike locations, including a mint bearer and two great cup holders in the centre soothe, map and bottleful holders structured into the strawman and arse doors and a routine of person compartments in the hold.

Notwithstanding, peradventure the virtually clever is a hold secret arse the movement facia of the sound and inside sluttish ambit of the both the driver and rider. Seen primitively on the Orlando conception car, designers let been able-bodied to desegregate a usefully great ar which is revealed by flipping up the cheek of the sound, and big adequate for such items as an MP3 participant, shades and wallets. Inside the distance itself thither is too a banner aide laborer and optional USB larboard for MP3 or iPod connectivity, contingent the cut floor.

Prophylactic for the fomite’s occupants is forever a predominate condition for this year of car, and in Chevrolet Orlando owners bequeath be reassured by both the care to item and the comprehension of the up-to-the-minute engineering that has bypast into this face of the car’s figure. About of Orlando’s structure is constructed of gamy force sword to configuration an efficacious rider rubber coop providing security in the consequence of a hit to the strawman, back and english of the car. Should a hit happen, Orlando’s occupants bequeath be saved by six airbags – pair breast, position and mantle.

One of the biggest challenges ofttimes faced by pinch services when assisting at the view of an incidental is serving the occupants of vehicles when the doors are locked. Notwithstanding, this is not a scenario that Chevrolet Orlando owners volition be faced with; Orlando is fitted with clangour detector engineering, where the doors unlock mechanically on sensing of an gremlin.

Three engines, three trim levels to fit every family’s needs

Nether the punk thither is a quality of deuce-ace of Chevrolet’s fire effective engines, one petrol and two diesels. All engines are transversally mounted 4-cylinder units with two-bagger smash camshafts, 16 valves and either multi-point fire injectant, or in the pillowcase of the diesels, usual railroading. All the engines get a iron block and admixture caput.

The one gas locomotive usable at plunge is a 1.8 l which produces 141 hp at 6200rpm and 176Nm of torsion at 3800rpm. Maximal speeding for this interpretation is 185kph. Emissions and fire thriftiness from the 1.8 gasolene are free-enterprise with emissions at 172g/km and intake at 7.3 liters/100km.

The two diesel engines are of the like shift but tuned to spring unlike exponent outputs and cause characteristics. The nerve of both engines is a 2.0-liter with 4 valves per cylinder and vulgar track injectant fire organization. Withal, the more herculean of the two produces 163 hp at 3800rpm and offers 360Nm of torsion at 2000rpm. The irregular yield rendering has 130 hp and 315Nm at the like locomotive speeds.

Utmost velocity of the Chevrolet Orlando for the diesel with 130 hp is 180kph and with 163 hp is 195kph. Emissions and fire thriftiness are at 159g/km and 6 liters/100km, severally, for both.

Customers bequeath likewise be capable to select from trey unlike reduce levels when Orlando goes on sale. Chevrolet Orlando’s found marks a switch for Chevrolet Europe as it adopts the like passementerie names existence enforced globally; gestate LS, LT and LTZ trims to turn the average in futurity Chevrolets. And in another offset for Chevrolet Europe, lonesome cars sold in right campaign markets bequeath express the passementerie badge on the outside.

Any manakin customers opt for they are guaranteed a mellow story of equipment with banner items fifty-fifty on the launching layer LS including electronic constancy ascendance, six airbags, and powerfulness mirrors.

The mid-range LT reading too features such items as parking sensors and wheel mounted sound controls, patch the LTZ gets bigger 17-inch metal wheels, automobile dipping arse scene mirror and electronic sail mastery as examples.

Beingness based off Chevrolet’s successful and prize fetching Cruze sedan, already proved to fling fantabulous bait and treatment, Orlando drivers are assured of a rubber, yet involving and rewarding ride. The Chevrolet Orlando’s good proved ready utilizes McPherson struts for the breast reprieve and deepen chalk axle for the back.

Emulating the successful Chevrolet Cruze, the Orlando’s form has been tuned to offer the apotheosis compromise ‘tween rag solace and lightsomeness. McPherson struts ill-used for the forepart dangling use hydraulic bushings which are frequently plant in more expensive vehicles, and allow increased rally isolation for passengers and controlled concentration of varying route surfaces.

The forward-looking colonial meth (tortuosity transmit) organization at the behind is exploited as it offers the hone compromise betwixt abatement ascendance combined with savings in burthen and quad. A crookedness irradiation organisation can too be well tuned to suit the dissimilar fomite and locomotive weights.

2012 Chevrolet Orlando

Chevrolet Orlando’s anatomy and structure get too been engineered with eminent militia of guard as a key considerateness. Sixteen-inch ventilated battlefront disk brakes are fitted crossways the ambit, with sixteen-inch unanimous discs at the backside and with electronic ABS playing on all wheels. All figure likewise welfare from electronic bracken strength dispersion, a arrangement which governs the quantity of braking at apiece pedal to assure the shortest fillet distances, grip controller to hold in checkout unintended driver enthusiasm and for when route weather are wet or slippy, electronic constancy ascendancy and hydraulic bracken attend.

Wide product of the Chevrolet Orlando started in October at Worldwide Centrifugal’s Southward Korea fabrication facilities and the car is scheduled to pass sale crosswise Europe in betimes 2011.


A perfunctory glint at the new Chevrolet Orlando volition forthwith severalise you that this is an MPV which is look to breaking the traditional class van moulding, to shuffling its own figure argument and, arguably, set the step for next excogitation to adopt.

The recognised imperatives of kinfolk vans in the yesteryear, whether it has been the necessary to express seven-spot passengers, enceinte freight dozens or integrate versatile seats arrangements, has mostly resulted in one dimensional box-type designs. With the Orlando, Chevrolet depart to alteration all that and to get something overbold and advanced to the marketplace. Still, in doing so, Chevrolet’s figure squad precious to brand their low European MPV instantly placeable as one of the new coevals of Chevrolets, spell likewise not conciliatory on its inside practicality and exploiter friendliness.

“The brainchild for the Chevrolet Orlando came from beholding the more traditional designs of so many of the MPVs in Europe”, says Taewan Kim, v.p. of figure, GMDAT. “Many of these are one-box designs which feel real usable. Orlando is a two-box pattern, role MPV portion SUV, which transcends existent categories and adopts a classifiable crossing silhouette.

“We cogitate thither is a prominent, untapped marketplace in Europe for customers who pauperism such a category fomite but are looking something dissimilar and more forward-looking. I am positive Chevrolet could tether the way for this typecast of crossing designing.”

At the forepart of the fomite, the excogitation squad has created a aspect for Orlando, which is sheer and signally new Chevrolet, with a dual-port grill tear with the soundbox coloring split and a prominent Chevrolet bowtie positioned proudly in the core. “Chevrolet Orlando’s presence dashboard is a key sport and it evolves Chevrolet’s ball-shaped individuality and gives the car saleroom appealingness,” says Taewan Kim.

A sculpturesque hoodlum with essence creese business flows into the movement fenders which themselves are sculpted with sharply flared roll arches, to underline Chevrolet’s ‘body-in, wheels-out’ invention ism. The Orlando features frown torso facing including a cryptical breast rail-splitter infra the bumper segment, which houses the battlefront fog lamps; this adds to the vehicles strength but likewise enhances its SUV stylus. Interpreted as a hale, the Orlando has a convinced and purposeful posture when viewed from the strawman and battlefront three-quarter.

Chevrolet Orlando’s headlight with its pianoforte blackness encompassing bezel and chromium-plate parabola and the running trafficator below the head-lamp, gives it a agiotage show.

Handsome in profile

The english visibility is characterized by a mildly revolt berm cable which starts at the top of the strawman roll curve and runs the duration of the fomite into the taillight clustering. It combines with the wholesale roof-line which tapers towards the back to furnish Orlando’s typical silhouette and contributes to its jazzy posture on the route. Usable, continuous position spyglass substance maximal visibleness for occupants in whichever row they are sitting.

At the behind, the Orlando has a issue of features that case Chevrolet’s late innovation, including the back backside lamps which are evolutions from cleave role lamps. The gist mounted fog lamp, which sits in the backside bumper subdivision, is unequaled to Chevrolet Orlando.

When viewed lame on from the behind, designers denote to the Orlando personify as its ‘uttermost feather motive’ – in over-the-counter dustup, intentional to springiness an appearing of solidness and SUV lustiness.

Inner the sinewy cycle arches volition sit either 16, 17 or 18-inch wheels, contingent trimness floor and options elect. The introduction grade pedal is a 16-inch nerve pedal with an attractive six-spoke hub cap, well false for an debase from all but the nearest length. All early variants are fitted with debase wheels as received of either 16 or 17-inch rim diam and fitted with 215/60R (16 edge) or 225/50R visibility tires. The top of the orbit LTZ exemplar can be arranged with the optional 18-inch 5-spoke metal, fitted with 235/45R Bridgestone Potenza tires.

One of the objectives for the terminal slaying of Chevrolet Orlando was for driver and passengers to relish saloon levels of solace, combined with crosswalk stylus and the versatility of an MPV. Therefore, the driver surround is saloon alike in its expression and flavor, and features around of the designing cues exploited on Cruze.

A bit of characteristics are immediately placeable when you acclivity indoors, such as Chevrolet’s ‘falls’ molded centerfield soothe and the dual-cockpit cabin which is emphasised by the two-bagger romance offstage board that runs threshold to threshold below the instrumentate flock, done the mall solace and on the breadth of the forepart rider cabin. This wraparound manner, where the panel flows into the threshold trims, is now an conventional part of Chevrolet’s upcountry conception lyric.

The dials are sunken and with smash cowls they deliver a potent, jazzy show spell the IP structured gearstick has been consonant with the feeling of the gist flock and soothe. The Orlando is the up-to-the-minute Chevrolet to use the V theme inner the wheel, which is on all but the pedestal stratum trimming models, features sound and docudrama controls.

One of the wow factors of the cabin is the ambient dingy back-lighting to the center cabinet which comes with the higher trimming versions, as Taewan Kim explains. “This fashion of firing gives the cabin a heights detective and advanced spirit – something that was exchange to the innovation squad’s aims – but without losing any of the emotion associated with the outside crosswalk invention.

“We are too unrestrained by around of the home colouration combinations that bequeath be useable. We recall they testament ingathering to Orlando’s principal audiences, new families, bequeath actually similar.”

Thither are a figure of differences in the colours and finishes ill-used on parts of the national to speciate the trimness layer. Entry-level LS models are ruined with a smooth-spoken board mid-wing and doorway cabinet, nigrify sound and plaza cabinet and apartment woven fabric for the seating; lift to the LT and the cabin gets a color (or softly) blackness conclusion for the panel annex, a leather covered wheel (with sound controls), and net character fabric for the seating; the top of the demarcation LTZ models too boast a particular smooth-spoken threshold cabinet and more forte-piano nigrify goal round the sound and HVAC controls, a bigger docudrama cover and the choice of leather upholstery.

7 outside colours are usable from establish: Olympic Whiteness, Flick-knife Eloquent, C Flashgun (Blackness), Stargaze Ecru, Pewter Grayish, Velvet-textured Red and Smoky Grayness.

Interior Flexibility

‘Office with Posture’ is the new Chevrolet Orlando’s descriptive catchphrase, and it’s no concurrence that the news ‘part’ comes beginning. Without inquiry the Orlando brings a smart coming to the looking of MPVs and a prance to the section with its extravert outside excogitation. But it’s lots more hide abstruse; Chevrolet is sure-footed it has created a unfeigned phratry car for now where excogitation has not compromised functionality and exploiter friendliness, as demonstrated by its 7-seater practicality, internal tractability and generous depot and lading spaces.

Chevrolet Orlando drivers bequeath apprise the fountainhead opinion out bioengineering. So piece the Corvette-inspired treble cockpit has plenitude of features which are pleasing to the eye – the ambient dingy backlighting to the inwardness soothe e.g. – it has besides been intentional so that all the major controls and switches downfall easy to manus, maximising condom and driver contraption.

One of the key considerations for rider comforter is the seats agreement, which is unparalleled in the squeeze MPV section. The Orlando has the versatility associated with 7 seating and diverse configurations can be achieved to adjoin the occupants’ necessarily. In fact the structure of the Orlando has been intentional to enable the adjustment of ‘theater-style’ seats where rows two and ternary are increasingly exalted, but without flexible resident clearance or approach in and out of the seating.

The centre department of Chevrolet Orlando’s floorpan is fitted with a mellow enduringness sub skeleton to which the sec seats ben is fitted and which elevates it by concluded 4cm (41mm) mm supra the seats contrast of the driver and rider. Moving rear towards the back, the floorpan itself rises at the C-pillar part (and betwixt rows 2 and 3) ahead razing to fit the tertiary row and arse lading quad. A advance strengthened sub-frame is fitted interior the floorpan to household the runabout 3rd terrace, handsome it an high-flown post ended the indorsement row.

In plus to allowing improve profile all-around for passengers, the dramaturgy seats enables easier admittance, particularly for parents when appointment fry seating and youth children into the secondment row as it minimizes any uneasy bend or reach.

Thither may be patronise occasions when Orlando owners do not motivation all vii of its seating and a routine of option seats configurations can be apace and easy ordered.

Mayhap the almost park testament be to folding the tertiary row to reconcile capable 5 passengers and addition the freight mass arena to 458 liters. By fold flatbed both the indorsement and tertiary rows the hold is increased so that it is one of the nearly twisting in the constrict MPV course at 856 liters. And from 2013, the forepart rider buns volition welfare from interchangeable functionality so that it too can be folded to make a ‘board’ domain for the driver. Fifty-fifty with the thirdly row of seating in office, the Orlando maintains a utile 89 liters of usable quad.

Both the left-hand and right outer seating of the endorsement row get a tumble-fold deftness – efficaciously folded doubly so that the buns rear and ass soften as one whole butts up against the rear of the driver’s or rider seating – for sluttish approach into and out of the thirdly row.

Erst all the Chevrolet Orlando occupants are safely in their seating, they gain from inside leg and header infinite which is extremely militant against otc vehicles in the sphere. Leg board for the movement rider and driver is generous at 1034mm spell for indorsement row passengers leg way of 917mm puts Orlando among the almost roomy in stratum. Clearance at the battlefront is 1020mm and for the secondment row, 983mm, patch passengers in the tertiary row volition revel 945mm of headspace, one of the better in its family eventide with Orlando’s wholesale outside roofline.

An interior with lots in store

A grueling functional class car necessarily plenteousness of depot spa for all the bits and pieces that gather privileged. Similar the master conception car, the last product variant of the Orlando obliges with a ambit of compartments of dissimilar shapes, sizes and locations to provide for park folk inevitably.

Chevrolet Orlando owners leave be enjoyably surprised by a ‘mysterious’ compartment bum the presence dashboard of the sound and inside loose stretch of the both the driver and rider. This clever sport, which has remained on-key to the pilot construct car, is revealed by well flipping up the cheek of the sound. It is enceinte sufficiency for such items as an MP3 actor, shades and wallets.

Inside the infinite itself thither is besides a measure subsidiary knave and optional USB porthole for MP3 or iPod connectivity, contingent the clipping floor.

Maybe not every opus of store can be rather as cunning, but it’s all evenly utilitarian. At the figurehead to spare the driver and movement rider from sportfishing about in pockets or threshold bins for liberate variety, thither is a slotted mint box reinforced into the base of the centerfield soothe. The solace likewise features two great cup holders and a compartment betwixt the seatbelt buckles which features a retractable sliding back.

Doorway bins in the strawman are heavy plenty to takings a piddle bottleful and a bit of maps patch the bottom doors likewise sustain structured bottleful holders. Orlando’s roomy payload are has extra compartments, one revealed by flipping a lid reinforced into the base of the lading bay where it meets the behind bumper sill, and two promote three-sided compartments bottom either bike arc.

Last, holding an eye on what’s departure on in the arcsecond or one-third row of seating isn’t gentle if you’re the driver or strawman rider. But now, thanks to Orlando’s arse conversation mirror, you real can let eyes in the binding of your nous. The especial bottom ass sight mirror, which is fitted into the headlining and sits fair supra the rule backside survey mirror, enables parents to livelihood chip on proceeding butt without winning their eyes off the route.

Ride and handling

Exploitation the extremely acclaimed Chevrolet Cruze saloon as its groundwork, the new Chevrolet Orlando has been granted an first-class startle in aliveness when it comes to rally and treatment. The Cruze was the commencement of respective new Chevrolet models victimization the caller’s modish anatomy developments, resulting in tight, antiphonal steerage and torso controller but with a compliant rag, good suitable to European tastes. Accordingly, the car has existent driver collection.

Who says the drivers and occupants of a kinfolk MPV/van shouldn’t love the like active benefits? Course, the prospect of a new class car is besides that of the highest guard touchstone; so with the Orlando, the requisite was to reach the like active qualities spell sacrificing cipher in footing of dynamic prophylactic.

At the bosom of the Orlando’s realised manipulation is a trunk skeleton inbuilt (BFI) construction that is among the stiffest in the contract van section. A besotted structure same that of the Chevrolet Orlando is the innovation for a signified of solidness and stableness when on the route.

With the BFI construction, the amphetamine consistence and figure chassis are engineered as a individual element, enabling practically greater torsional rigour. An quarantined locomotive provenience is exploited to mountain the locomotive and this too contributes to the Orlando’s civilisation and insulant from haphazardness and palpitation into the cabin.

Orlando’s footmark is liberal with a full rail (1584mm movement, 1588mm arse) which, in ratio to the wheelbase (2760mm), results in inherently unchanging and predictable treatment on the route.

Spell the abatement set-up for Chevrolet Orlando is basically established, it features around apt particularization to the heighten razz and manipulation. At the figurehead, McPherson struts are put-upon with face consignment recompense which reduces the sliding clash caused by deflexion piles below compaction. English consignment recompense too allows the forepart wheels to be affected boost outward, up looks and constancy.

The figurehead struts use unambiguously wrought hiatus springs for meliorate engrossment of route shocks, patch hydraulic bait bushings in the figurehead mastery blazon – a sport unremarkably solitary launch in higher end vehicles – results in farther nicety and insularism from route irregularities.

The command weaponry themselves are manufactured from jackanapes al to foster dilute angle and aid faster, more quick manipulation.

For the backside hanging, an advance colonial glass (tortuousness send) organization has been intentional with a double-walled, U-shaped visibility. The arrangement offers a beneficial symmetricalness of reprieve ascendance, combined with important savings in angle and infinite.

One of the major differences ‘tween Orlando’s compound-crank agreement and otc torsion-beam designs is a patented ‘magnetic-arc’ welding procedure, exploited to sequester the shaft to the tracking links. This engineering enables the heaviness of the tortuousness irradiation to be wide-ranging and dissimilar fastening angles ‘tween the transmit and the tracking links. These variables appropriate the alteration of roll-rate and roll-steer characteristics according to unlike engines and fomite weights. Intensifier developing of the irradiation’s whirl characteristics has besides led to an increased arse bike tip essence, advance up the reactivity of the frame.

Orlando’s space-saving layout of the bum axle contributes to a glower core of somberness. This improves treatment and agency the 64-liter fire cooler can be fitted overnice and low ‘tween the wheels.

The rack-and-pinion guidance is hydraulicly power-assisted (wattage help for the 1.8-liter gasolene) and has been tuned for reactivity, with dear on-center look and driver feedback. The steerage has been intentional to be fast-acting, with less than deuce-ace turns of the rack needed lock-to-lock; the turn round is a comparatively besotted 11.3 meters.

The steerage editorial can be familiarized for both range and slant, with a pitch lean of asset or negative 2.4 degrees.

Chevrolet Orlando’s figure and braking organisation birth likewise been engineered with heights militia of rubber as a key thoughtfulness. Saucer brakes are fitted all circle – 300mm ventilated discs at the presence and self-coloured 292mm discs at the ass, paired to bingle plunger calipers.

The organisation is fitted with an asbestos dislodge constitutive bracken facing which improves the facing assume order, reduces bracken racket and enhances bicycle pity the driver. The backside emergency (or emergency) is wire determined.

Anti-lock braking (ABS) on the Orlando is a quadruplet bike organization that uses remark from bike velocity sensors to determine somebody braking at apiece roll to slim fillet distances to a minimal, piece maintaining stableness and guidance ascendancy nether great braking. The Orlando’s fillet superpower below exigency braking is farther enhanced with hydraulic bracken assistance (HBA).

2012 Chevrolet Orlando

Forepart to arse braking sweat, or dispersion is controlled by an inherent share of the ABS use, Electronic Bracken Strength Dispersion (EBD); it uses main bottom mastery to meliorate stableness and braking when cornering and ensures efficacious use of the back brakes nether gravid lashings.

Grip Ascendence Organisation (TCS) is fitted as received to hold in balk unintended driver enthusiasm and for when route weather are wet or slippy. It uses both bracken and locomotive torsion interventions to raise clench during take-off and quickening altogether route weather. The ABS electronic ascendance whole detects imminent roll miscue and signals the locomotive ECU to align locomotive torsion production consequently; the organisation senses when the wheels are spinning quicker than the fomite velocity and momently applies either of the breast brakes.

2012 Chevrolet Orlando

Electronic Stableness Mastery (ESC), conjointly TCS, uses both the ABS and TCS functions to allow another stratum of dynamic safe as role of the received Chevrolet Orlando form. It provides more accurate, controlled anti-lock braking execution to counter-act any misjudgments by the driver. ESC uses information from a yaw detector, sidelong accelerometer and steerage fish detector to avail check the fomite follows the management of the forepart wheels. Someone brakes may be applied selectively to controller any oversteer and understeer during any uttermost maneuvers.

3 sizes of pedal are useable, contingent the framework and options elect, ranging from 16 to 18-inch. Banner wear and rim sizes for the 16-inch rack are 215/60R x 16 and for the 17-inch pedal, 225/50R X 17. A bigger 18-inch bicycle is uncommitted as an selection on LTZ models with sizes at 235/45R x 18.


With immature families a master hearing for the new Orlando, condom is certain to be high-pitched on the listing of any prospective proprietor, a anteriority both for the driver and occupants. Condom manifests itself in a bit of slipway in a new fomite: done single inactive and dynamic features but too in the materials and processes victimised in the fomite’s structure.

Chevrolet has asleep to considerable lengths to control that the new Orlando meets all the criteria to be one of the safest concordat MPVs on the mart.

Start with Chevrolet Orlando’s torso casing, the soundbox bod intact (BFI) construction whereby the speed trunk and figure anatomy are engineered as a one constituent ensures highschool levels of harshness. This torsional inflexibility of the body-chassis port bequeath not upright put a grin on any driver’s brass done gravid manipulation; the amphetamine torso plate of the Orlando is besides exceptionally potent, with o’er 70% of the consistency skeleton constructed from eminent effectiveness sword.

Chevrolet Orlando’s rider compartment is strengthened all rung, including the A and B-pillars, the hybridizing sections that supporting the cap and on the depress sill sections. Occupants effective sit indoors a condom coop constructed to understate encroachment in the causa of frontage, incline or behind gremlin, patch forepart and bum knit zones are intentional to engulf and fool vim to belittle impingement to the rider compartment.

High-strength steels and aluminium are exploited altogether the key areas in the car’s structure. With the head-on arena of any fomite especially vulnerable, Orlando is fitted with a potent yet spark al crash-box for the battlefront bumper cross-member which sits before of the locomotive provenance, with high-strength blade secondhand for longitudinal runway and the presence sub-frame. Vigour is enwrapped by these sections and distributed equally on loading paths, including a duple loading route on the fomite’s underbelly, which channels vim out from the rider compartment.

The provenience victimized to household the locomotive and which sits interior the presence sub anatomy too has gamey vigour concentration properties where geomorphologic sparkle helps fool impacts.

Extra tending has likewise been paying to the slope construction of the personify so that the B-pillar segment and where it joins the glower sill part and behind hybridizing phallus on the floorpan is specially potent, and intentional to diffuse dozens safely approximately the personify build.

At the arse of the fomite, a promote strengthened sub anatomy is victimised on the underbelly which protects the fire tankful and its connections from incursion in the suit of a back elf. The fire tankful itself is able of withstanding shaver compressions without rupturing.

Comforting levels of cabin safety

Orlando’s blanket leaning of measure equipment includes a comp raiment of peaceful condom features indoors the fomite.

All cars are fitted with six airbags- couple strawman, english and pall (or roof-rail) airbags. The position airbags are fitted to the outer sides of the driver and rider seating and bequeath ply shelter reportage of the hip and chest areas on a slope elf.

The mantle airbag arrangement is tethered supra the A and C-pillars; it has a 28-liter content when full high-sounding and if excited provides nous security for occupants in the beginning and arcsecond rows. A routine of measures let likewise been smitten the presence airbags to minimise airbag induced hurt, including how they are packaged and folded and an optimum, unity story puffiness value. The battlefront rider airbag can too be switched off for when a child-seat is beingness victimized.

The Chevrolet Orlando’s front-row seatbelts are fitted with effect limiters and pretensioners also as elevation readjustment. The latter provides more comfortableness and ensures the smash is forever fitted right crosswise the personify. All 7 seating of the Orlando are fitted with psyche restraints to assistance forbid lash in the suit of a back bypass.

2012 Chevrolet Orlando

A Cycle Waiver Organisation, or collapsable treadle fabrication, is a promote canny sport and protects the driver’s feet and lour legs in a frontage impingement by collapsing by from the driver’s base wellspring.

ISOFX fitments are provided for minor seating. Two brand anchors ‘tween the backside buns cover and buns buffer, and a encourage top lead which is fitted to arse rear substance shaver seating can be installed identical firmly.

One of the biggest challenges oftentimes faced by pinch services when assisting at the prospect of an incidental is serving the occupants of a fomite when the doors are locked. Nonetheless, this is not a scenario that Orlando owners testament be faced with; Orlando is fitted with clang detector engineering, which ensures the doors volition unlock mechanically on spotting of an encroachment.

In add-on to those features constitute inwardly the cabin, a deal of modish technologies is victimised in Chevrolet Orlando’s ‘dynamic’ safe systems – those that exercise nether the cutis as role of the vehicles anatomy and bring in a meaning way to the fomite’s refuge credential.

Anti-lock braking (ABS), grip restraint (TCS), electronic bracken power dispersion (EBD), hydraulic bracken serve (HBA) and electronic constancy mastery (ESC) are banner on all cars in the scope and workplace tandem to dedicate Orlando’s anatomy mellow militia of refuge. For full-of-the-moon details on how the systems exercise see the chapter on Rally and Treatment.


Chevrolet’s modish powertrain offerings establish the upper at which the party is development and refinement its engines. A act of new and important locomotive developments are beingness introduced on both the 2011 modeling class Cruze and the Orlando.

At establish, Chevrolet Orlando customers leave deliver a quality of 3 engines, one gas and two diesels. Apiece offers the modish in functioning likely and fire efficiency. All engines are transversally mounted 4-cylinder units with vulgar features including two-baser smash camshafts, 16 valves and either multi-point fire shot, or in the lawsuit of the diesels, common-rail engineering.

All the engines are constructed with a iron block and admixture nous, where farther burthen savings deliver been achieved.

The unity petrol locomotive is a reactive, fuel-injected 1796cc whole which features varying valve timing for increased might production and torsion terminated a wider locomotive velocity orbit. Varying valve timing reduces emissions due to greater tucker gas recirculation, and improves fire phthisis.

2012 Chevrolet Orlando

The 1.8 litre produces an telling 141 hp at 6200rpm and firm pull powerfulness with 176Nm of torsion at 3800 rpm, 85% of which is uncommitted from 2000 rpm. Particular locomotive might per litre is 78.3. This commonly aspirated 1.8 l is likewise fire effective with use on a combined wheel at 7.3 l/100km and emissions of 172g/km. It qualifies for Euro 5 emissions form.

Orlando’s maximal velocity with the petrol locomotive is 185kph with a 0 to 100kph meter of 11.6 seconds when conjugated with the banner 5-speed manual infection.

Pulling power

The diesels are expected to be a democratic alternative among Orlando owners, and these engines gain from a issue of proficient enhancements which are introduced on Chevrolet’s new introduction. Both engines are of the like 1998cc supplanting and plowshare the like engineering, but two might outputs are usable.

The spunk of apiece is a 16-valve, four-cylinder 2.0-liter locomotive with iron pulley and aluminium brain, which features a image viewgraph cam (DOHC). Chevrolet Orlando’s modern vulgar runway shot organization; crown release press inside the burning bedroom is 180 bar insistence resulting in improved fire thriftiness and glower emissions.

Chevrolet’s refinements to the inspiration organization admit a ‘varying eddy’ aspiration multiply that improves functioning characteristics for both versions of diesel engines.

In the showcase of the higher outturn rendering, bill index is 163 hp at 3800rpm piece maximal torsion is 360Nm at 2000rpm. For the criterion yield locomotive, both locomotive ability and torsion are 130 hp at 3800rpm and 315Nm at 2000rpm.

Paired to the banner 6-speed manual gearbox, execution figures for the Orlando with either adaptation of the diesel engines are telling. The 130 hp variation has a top hurrying of 180kph and reaches 100kph from a impasse in 10.3 seconds. The 163 hp locomotive has a uttermost velocity of 195kph and reaches 100kph in 10.0 seconds.

In-gear multiplication for the 163 hp locomotive are 12.2 seconds for quickening betwixt 40 and 100kph (4th paraphernalia) and 11.0 seconds for quickening betwixt 80 and 120kph (5th paraphernalia). Multiplication for the 130 hp edition are 12.7 seconds for in-gear speedup from 40 to 100kph (4th gearing) and 11.4 seconds ‘tween 80 and 120kph (5th gearing).

Fire thriftiness and emissions figures are usual to both engines at 6.0 liters/100km on a combined cps with emissions of 159 g/km, fashioning the engines Euro 5 compliant.

Joy of six

The 1.8-liter petrol locomotive is fitted with a 5-speed manual transmittance patch both of the diesel engines let a six-speed box. Still, the 163 hp gamey mightiness variant of the diesel is too useable with Chevrolet’s six-speed automatonlike transmittance.

This automobile transmitting features advanced electronics and adaptative shifty ascendancy too as wide separated ratios with a brusque low to ascertain effective take-off from stalemate and longsighted top geartrain for maximal fire saving on the afford route.

The Orlando diesel automobile demonstrates about bang-up mid-range drive, as the functionary execution figures corroborate: the in-gear quickening figures for 40 to 100ph are barely 9.0 seconds patch the clip for 80 to 120kph is 8.4 seconds; 0 to 100kph is 11.0 seconds.

As is to be expected from an reflexive transmitting, fire thriftiness and emissions are marginally increased terminated the manual at 7.0 liters/100km and 186 g/km.

Chevrolet Orlando customers volition let a option of locomotive and shave combinations. So, e.g., the 1.8 petrol testament be useable with all trims; the 2.0 130 hp diesel testament be useable on LS and LT trims; the higher-powered 163 hp interpretation, with either manual or robotic transmittance, can be logical with LT and LTZ passementerie options.

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