2012 Brabus Mercedes Benz A Class

Brabus Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Brawny locomotive tuning, refined and effective aerodynamic-enhancement components, metal wheels with diameters of 17, 18 and 19 inches, sporty-comfortable suspensions, single interiors: Right clip for the commercialize launching of the new Mercedes A-Class, BRABUS presents an scoop tuning platform backed by the matchless BRABUS Tuning Warrantee® of leash age, capable 100,000 kilometers/62,000 miles.

2012 Brabus Mercedes Benz A Class

Clean elegance characterizes the BRABUS bodywork programme for the new Mercedes A-Class. It not solitary sets attractive optic highlights, it too encourage optimizes the car’s aeromechanics. All components are manufactured in OEM caliber from top-grade polyurethan.

The BRABUS presence freebooter for the AMG Sportsman equipment pipeline is intentional to be affiliated to the glower parting of the dashboard. It gives the A-Class an level more active appearing. But that’s not all: The conformation of the pillager was optimized in the twist burrow and advance reduces lift on the presence axle. A BRABUS ass pillager for boost reduction airlift on the backside axle is nether developing.

The BRABUS rear-fascia inclose for the AMG Mutant bumper is molded wish a diffusor. Its custom-tailored cutouts supply the hone backcloth for the four-spot tailpipes of the BRABUS stainless-steel mutant exhaust.

BRABUS admixture wheels in OEM tone add tied more enthrallment to the new A-Class and consecrate it flush more nimble treatment. For this aim the BRABUS hiatus engineers and run drivers bear highly-developed custom-tailored fag/bicycle combinations with diameters of 17, 18 and 19 inches.

2012 Brabus Mercedes Benz A Class

2012 Brabus Mercedes-Benz A-Class

The largest alternative for the Mercedes squeeze grade features BRABUS 8.5Jx19 wheels that place five-spot hitting designs: Monoblock E, F, Q, R and S. The BRABUS engineering partners Continental, Pirelli and YOKOHAMA provide the twin high-performance tires capable sizing 255/30 R 19 on the bottom axle.

2012 Brabus Mercedes Benz A Class

The BRABUS mutant springs for the Mercedes A-Class were highly-developed specifically for use with showy low-profile tires. All-encompassing drive tests resulted in an optimum mutualism of sporting manipulation and a highschool grade of rag solace. Moreover, the ride-height sullen by roughly 25 millimeters likewise benefits the car’s looks.

BRABUS offers the reality’s largest locomotive tuning platform for Mercedes-Benz automobiles. The top anteriority altogether BRABUS locomotive developments is the mutualism of highschool operation, fantabulous track suavity, admonitory eco-friendliness and enduringness bey upbraid. BRABUS recommends high-performance lubricants from MOTUL. Functioning tuning for the gasolene and diesel engines of the new Mercedes A-Class is in the terminal stages of developing.

The full stainless-steel BRABUS mutant exhaust with two chrome-plated tailpipes on the veracious and unexpended position of the fomite is useable for all A-Class engines. The exhaust produces a sporting but ne’er noticeable tucker bill.

BRABUS besides offers legion nuance options for the internal of the new A-Class. The portfolio includes bi-color stainless-steel mule plates with BRABUS logotype, flatness anodized BRABUS aluminium pedals and doorway engage pins.

Particularly mild yet highly indestructible BRABUS Mastik leathers and the finest Alcantara are transformed by the BRABUS upholsterers into the daydream cockpit of the A-Class proprietor with loving tending to item. The selection of upholstery colour and pattern is as unlimited as the range of the translation: The options ambit from a culmination of the ex-factory leather upholstery to an sole BRABUS all-leather internal.

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