2012 Bmw 640D Coupe

BMW 640d Coupe

Now in its tierce contemporaries, the new BMW 6-Series Coupé takes the luxuriousness 2+2 conception a footstep boost by co-ordinated enhanced puff and graceful designing with sportsmanlike operation on a level higher floor. The BMW 6-Series Takeoveré features a wholesale putsché roofline piece the longsighted cowling, short-circuit over-hangs, setoff rider compartment with Hofmeister crick, hanker wheelbase and flatcar waist be the distinctive proportions of a BMW putsché more any former exemplar.

2012 Bmw 640D Coupe

Two prodigious BMW turbocharged gas engines and a match turbocharged diesel powerplant, a new highly-developed anatomy and a server of class-leading driver help engineering insure that the new BMW 6-Series Takeoveré is wide of essence, spell internal blank and consolation get been enhanced.


The new BMW 6-Series Takeoveré features a hanker wholesale cowl, offset rider compartment and aerodynamic roof-line. Its now traditional BMW “shark poke”, with a prominent, forward-slanted BMW kidney lattice, all-encompassing air intakes, full, contoured hood and hefty roll arches, touch to the sinewy locomotive below. Elysian by the campaign of weewee, the runny lines of the car blend with the subtly curving surfaces to make a feeling of acrobatic elegance, which jointly the 74mm growth in distance and 5mm lour altitude creates a knock-down posture.

Persona lines stretch the wide-cut duration of the consistency fix the face purview of the BMW 6-Series Takeoveré. The foresighted, matt cowl elongates the silhouette patch the cap sweeps pile in one fluent occupation, combination with the master eubstance effortlessly, in an graceful putsché style, patch the frameless doors and chromium-plate slope windowpane edge punctuate the stringent lines of the typically BMW Hofmeister wrick.

2012 BMW 640d Coupe

From the arse, bulbous cycle arches and horizontal lines foreground the all-encompassing rails of the new BMW 6-Series Putsché, alluding to its sporty execution and telling route property. Bipartite taillight clusters devote the distinctive BMW L-shape lights a specially jazzy, dynamical abut. Interior the units, two LED-powered spark strips produce a hitting night-time face. The bum indicators and bracken lights likewise use LED units.

Thirster, depress and wider, the new car is bigger in every property than its predecessor omit tallness, where it now stands one-half a cm nigher to the land. At 4,894mm in duration, the new framework is 74mm yearner than its herald, patch the wheelbase has stretched likewise, to 2,855mm. The car has besides grownup by 39mm in breadth, and now measures 1,894mm crosswise, piece 5mm bear been shaven off its acme.

As stock the new BMW 6-Series Putsché is weaponed with xe headlights that deliver BMW’s companion image aureole looking piece high-quality chromium-plate elements, such as the fog lamps consisting of a twine of trey LED units, on the outer edges of the battlefront proscenium punctuate the breadth of the car.

Optional Adaptative LED Headlights are uncommitted first and allow a promising whiten sparkle, alike to cancel daytime, with first and gamy air LED spark rings. Horizontal LED ribs are positioned in the heart of the sparkle rings ensuring BMW’s trademark counterpart turn headlamp flavor is verbalised in a strikingly impertinent way. More barely panache o’er meaning, the Adaptative LED lights mechanically pin and conform to the pipeline of the niche contingent the car’s velocity, direction weight and yaw order to furnish the topper profile potential for the driver.

The interior: made to measure luxury for four

Disdain its glower altitude, the new 2+2 BMW 6-Series Putsché offers greater clearance in both the presence and the backside, and elevation readjustment of the driver and movement rider seating now binding a greater reach too. The mortal ass sets besides ply passengers with extra berm and way, fashioning for more well-situated cruising.

The battlefront rider country is bordered by a rise curved elegantly from the armrest ended the slope abut of the core cabinet, upwardly and outward into the board then horizontally into the doorway shave, circumferent the strawman rider ar with a opinion of undivided surety.

In strain with the repose of the car’s optimised functioning and greater comforter, the new BMW 6-Series Takeoveré is fitted with fresh highly-developed whippersnapper seating with an merged seatbelt organisation and Soft Incoming role to the ass rider compartment: a abbreviated tap of a transposition mechanically moves the bottom as far ahead as potential. Sports seating and Solace seating can be fitted as an choice too. Boot can reconcile 460 litres of baggage, tantamount to deuce-ace 46-inch golf bags or two metier hard-shell cases and a flying pillowcase. To apply the back distance farther the bottom seating can be specified with a through-loading ski crosshatch, allowing two pairs of skis to be transported with simpleness.


The new BMW 6-Series Takeoveré is uncommitted with two gasolene engines and one diesel: the 650i, 640i and 640d severally.

The humanity’s sportiest diesel is a 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged in-line six-cylinder whole producing 313hp at 4,400rpm and 630Nm of torsion from just 1,500rpm with the service of varying geometry turbocharging. The BMW 640d Putsché is able of accelerating from aught to 62mph in 5.5seconds ahead top-flight out at an electronicallylimited top swiftness of 155mph.

It achieves this operation courtesy of consecutive turbochargers, one littler than the former, that offer a dear uninterrupted beckon of torsion from low revs. A composite agreement of barren gates in the beat see the still conversion from one turbo to another as the revs gain. The BMW 640d Putsché is fitted as criterion with an eight-speed machinelike transmittal with Car Start-Stop and alive air flap butt the kidney wicket. Such technology expertness is the grounds why the framework offers speedy operation but can silence accomplish 51.4mpg on the combined oscillation and immortalise CO2 emissions of 145g/km.

The 4.4-litre eight-cylinder locomotive in the new BMW 650i Putsché is unequalled therein the bracing of turbochargers are positioned in the Five country betwixt the cylinder banks. This excogitation results in more effective promotion and greater locomotive efficiency. A uttermost 407hp is highly-developed ‘tween 5,500 and 6,400rpm, with summit torsion of 600Nm usable ‘tween 1,750 and 4,500rpm.

2012 Bmw 640D Coupe

The new BMW 650i Takeoveré sprints from cipher to 62mph in 4.9 seconds, with a top fastness electronically circumscribed to 155mph. For a example of such vesication operation and nicety, it is besides inordinately effective, with mean combined fire uptake of 26.6mpg and CO2 emissions of 246g/km.

The six-cylinder in-line locomotive in the new BMW 640i Takeoveré uses bingle turbocharger engineering aboard gasoline engineer shot with VALVETRONIC amply varying valve mastery. This enables the 3.0-litre whole to acquire a maximal 320hp at 5,800rpm and uttermost torsion of 450Nm ‘tween 1,300 and 4,500rpm. This locomotive propels the BMW 640i Putsché from cypher to 62mph in 5.4 seconds and on to an electronically express top speeding of 155 mph.

2012 Bmw 640D Coupe

Peradventure fifty-fifty more noteworthy are its efficiency figures. The BMW 640i Putsché achieves 36.2mpg on the combined cps, spell CO2 emissions are but 181g/km, proving that at BMW sybaritic sporty operation does not occur at the disbursement of saving. So, this simulation, alike the 640d, is fitted as touchstone with an machinelike transmitting that features Car Start-Stop engineering and an reflex participating air fluttering restraint arse the car’s kidney grillwork for optimal locomotive execution.


Fire economy engineering called ECO PRO manner is offered on the 6-Series. By a feeling of the Effort Active Mastery clit ECO PRO mood tweaks the locomotive direction arrangement, gas function and gear-shift characteristics to privilege a relaxed, lowrevving impulsive stylus. Simultaneously, exponent exercise for electronically operated functions such as mood ascendancy is regulated to guarantee maximal efficiency. A expose on the tool bundle keeps the driver informed of the levels of push efficiency existence achieved to advance an scotch impulsive elan.

As with all BMWs, the new 6-Series Putsché comes with a hatful of BMW EfficientDynamics measures to slenderize fire intake and emissions. In increase to the features highlighted on the 640i Takeoveré and 640d Putsché, all models deliver engineering such as Bracken Vigour Re-formation, Wattage Direction (EPS), the need-based surgery of auxiliary components and thinking jackanapes expression to insure maximal efficiency as received.

2012 Bmw 640D Coupe


An eight-speed Play automatonlike gearbox is banner fitment on all iii models, and its blanket reach of ratios offering a everlasting symmetricalness of sinewy, sprinting execution, processed highschool amphetamine cruising and low upper efficiency.


The new highly-developed bod of the new BMW 6-Series Putsché comes as banner with Ride Active Mastery, which allows drivers to take how reactive they lack the gearbox, direction and limit to be, spell the Adaptative Ride arrangement is uncommitted as an alternative with electrically controlled dampers and anti-roll stabilization.

Both the look-alike wishbone presence axle and the constitutional backside axle are made preponderantly from aluminum. The frame set-up is geared to the requirements of drivers looking a sportsmanlike fiber, although the dampers likewise reply sensitively to bumps in the route open below highschool sidelong quickening.

In increase to the received electromechanical superpower direction, another singular lineament therein section is the optional Intact Alive Guidance organization. This arrangement combines Fighting Direction for the movement axle with a guidance bottom axle, allowing the direction tip and superpower help to be controlled at both the breast and the bum with the assist of galvanizing motors. This incisively harmonical organization offers sinful lightness in dynamical impulsive situations, spell allowing for an imposingly dexterous contact approximately voluminous mount passes and in metropolis dealings.

Pricing and specification including M Sport for the first time

The new BMW 6-Series Putsché comes with the highest e’er degree of measure stipulation on a Six. Touchstone for the 640i Takeoveré and 640d Putsché are 18-inch ignitor metal wheels, piece the 650i Putsché comes as touchstone with a 19-inch ignitor admixture cycle. All derivatives lineament Dakota leather upholstery, eight-speed Mutant robotic transmittal, galvanizing bum modification with retentiveness, BMW Pro Multimedia Sailing arrangement, Xe headlights, LED presence fog lights and battlefront and ass Common Aloofness Ascendance to gens but a few of the stock spec highlights.

The BMW 6-Series Putsché is now uncommitted in M Fun stipulation. The M Play software adds the M sleek bodystyling box, 19-inch M lighter metal wheels, night chromium-plate expel tailpipes, High-gloss Shadowline outside trimming and melanise bracken callipers. Inner Anthracite headlining, Al Hexagon clipping, Play seating and M Fun multi-function leather rimmed wheel are fitted.

Concurrently as M Variation and the 640d differential pertain the UK for the Takeoveré, the 6-Series Convertible can now besides be specified with M Variation.

Optional equipment

Includes Surround-view, BMW Night-sight with prosaic credit, Parking Attend, Lane Modify Exemplary Scheme, Lane Leaving Cautionary Organisation, Swiftness Bound Showing and, lull unparalleled in the section, Head-up Showing.

2012 Bmw 640D Coupe

Most advanced audio system ever to grace a BMW offered

Solely highly-developed as an selection for the new BMW 6-Series, the Strike & Olufsen High-End Besiege Vocalize Organization produces an exceptionally lifelike voice from 16 speakers distributed about the cabin. Collectively highly-developed by the Danish sound specialists and BMW, the brilliant audio arrangement, comprising of two basso speakers, seven-spot mid-range speakers and 7 tweeters, all with soul amplifiers, uses Dirac Dimensions engineering to reanimate the acoustics of a consultation hearing way. This allows all passengers to savor the like prominent voice calibre irrespective of where they are seance.

In increase a numeral of early options, undivided to the agiotage luxuriousness section, can be specified such as Surround-view, BMW Night-sight with earthbound realisation, Parking Help, Lane Commute Monition Scheme, Lane Leaving Cautionary Scheme, and Upper Restrict Presentation. The new BMW 6-Series Takeoveré is besides the sole car in its section to be usable with a Head-up Show. The modish genesis Head-up Exhibit scheme uses a broader pallet of colors and third-dimensional artwork to produce an flush cardsharper picture.

Prices (UK)

  • BMW 650i SE Putsché: &lbf.;67,340
  • BMW 650i M Athletics Putsché: &hammer;71,840
  • BMW 640i SE Putsché: &hammer;59,565
  • BMW 640i M Mutation Takeoveré: &lb;64,230
  • BMW 640d SE Takeoveré: &punt;62,080
  • BMW 640d Putsché M Variation: &hammering;66,745
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