2012 Bmw 1 Series Sport Line

BMW 1-Series Sport Line

The drive-train layout, with a longways mounted in-line locomotive at the battlefront and rear-wheel crusade, is unparalleled in the concordat section. This improves the treatment of new BMW 1-Series, and is besides reflected in its styling, with its typical BMW proportions: farsighted cowl, wide-cut wheelbase and a setoff rider cellphone. The new BMW 1-Series is the shape of reactivity and innovational elegance in a compact, with a young, resilient figure and high-quality features adding to the fervor.

Compared with its predecessor, the new BMW 1-Series is a car that has through about development up, and that is reflected in its bigger dimensions. It is now 8.5 centimetres thirster and 1.7 centimetres wider. Nonetheless, the elevation has remained unaltered, and the termination is a more graceful, extended visibility. Seen from the presence and backside views, the potent position of this press modelling directly catches the eye.

The front: striking looks with bold curves.

The breast of the car is henpecked by the heavy BMW reniform grille, boldly wrought headlamp units and three-section air inhalation. The grill is angled forrard, adding vehemence to the ambitious posture of this near showy of compress models, patch the encompassing areas snatch the lighter and produce a potent sentience of third-dimensionality, with iv form lines on the cowling forming a V that points towards the grill.

2012 BMW 1-Series Sport Line

The stylemark BMW double-round headlights deliver emphasis shave crosswise their tiptop. In combining with the optional bi-xenon headlights, this creates a powerfully focussed face, strongly enhanced by the management indicators set into the interior spark rings of the headlights and an LED stress lightness. This is likewise the outset BMW simulation to boast face index lights reinforced into the outside mirrors.

Side view: elegantly elongated lines, powerful concave surfaces.

From the slope, the proportions of the new BMW 1-Series are evening more strikingly ostensible. The slenderly aslant cap demarcation, sportsmanlike, angled back windshield and flatcar english windows pay the car a putsché-like look, piece the Hofmeister wrick – the low forrader curve at the rear of the english windows – extends comfortably into the C-pillar, fashioning the doorway aperture wider and facilitating entrance to and passing from the back seating.

The pattern timbre of the new BMW 1-Series, which is alone in the compress section, is specially patent in the typical BMW lines and dramatically curving surfaces. The sheer, feature BMW upset job gives herculean vehemence to the berm are. It starts at the presence flank and rises endlessly to the back lights, with the threshold plow merged neatly into it. An extra quality business under the doors flows precipitously upward into the scheme of the arse pedal arc. The sill demarcation provides a likewise active touching, run analogue to the priming ahead insurrection steeply at the ass pedal impish, and this is nicely echoed by the outlines of the english windows. The sizing of the back bicycle arches draws aid to its rear-wheel-drive layout, which underpins the car’s first-class impulsive kinetics.

The rear: compact and sporty with a wide stance.

The wide-set cycle arches reward the sinewy feeling created by the rear of the new BMW 1-Series. The ass windshield extends compensate crosswise the breadth of the car, accentuation its clean yet press spirit and inviting the watcher to admire the practicality of its conciliatory trunk. The wide-opening, somewhat concave tailboard is open by press the top incision of the BMW allegory that sits at its heart.

The behind lights are likewise set comfortably isolated, creating a warm horizontal accent that is heightened by their embossed surrounds. Where the optional xe headlights are specified, the backside lights comprise of L-shaped banks of LEDs. An extra stoplight is set into the ceiling despoiler. The lineation of the ass forestage echoes that of the presence bumper, patch the V allegory environs leads the eye towards the route aerofoil, visually suggesting the splendid roadholding of the new BMW 1-Series.

The interior: premium finish, dynamic lines, driver-friendly cockpit.

Indoors, a combining of distinctive BMW figure features and advanced details gives the new BMW 1-Series a smart, young and advanced look, with a center commodiousness and impulsive joy. Lines and surfaces are dynamical and forward-leaning, with high-quality, precision-finished materials reflecting the simulation’s bounty specifications. The feature BMW driver-focused layout is ostensible in the angled displays and controls in the halfway of the board, and the ergonomic contours of the kernel comfort, which is also angled towards the driver. The internal surfaces are superimposed, another instauration which gives the new BMW 1-Series an constitutional expression and feeling.

In concurrence with an optional seafaring scheme and the BMW Pro wireless, the new BMW 1-Series uses the BMW iDrive mastery organisation. This comprises a accountant on the kernel solace, favourites buttons and a separate flatscreen supervise. The 6.5 or 8.8-inch high-resolution Restraint Exhibit, which is incorporated into the panel, is put-upon for all info, amusement, telecommunications and seafaring functions.

The air vents underneath this admonisher, and the controls for the air conditioning and sound scheme, are wider than common, visually accentuation the generous come of horizontal place in the upcountry.

The ultimate in personalization: BMW Sport Line and BMW Urban Line make their debut.

The new BMW 1-Series is the low car to have the new BMW Lines, porta up a unscathed new earth of possibilities for personalization. An scoop compass of internal and outside equipment options avail to swank the active conception and technical edification of the car to topper reward. The BMW Lines symbolise an choice to the banner spec. They can be combined with any of the outside pigment finishes, equipment packages and somebody equipment options useable for the new BMW 1-Series.

The BMW 1-Series Mutant Occupation includes sports seating with scoop coverings, a sports leather wheel with red counterpoint sewing, a red keyclasp, an adjustable armrest, high-gloss blackness inner trimming strips and matte coral red stress strips. The instrumentate clustering features peculiar Mutant numbers and scales. The ambient kindling can be switched ‘tween orangeness and flannel, and includes extra spark sources in the inwardness cabinet and footwell. Over-the-counter features of the BMW Mutant Contrast admit undivided 16-inch adept rung light-alloy wheels, inkiness shave for the expel tailpipe, and threshold sill finishers with “BMW Variation” inscription. The bars of the kidney grill, the cut bar in the exchange air consumption, the slope inspiration surrounds and the ass bumper trimming are all high-gloss inkiness. Extra options admit high-gloss melanize mirror caps and 17-inch bi-colour light-alloy wheels.

The BMW 1-Series Urban Line includes peculiar fabric/leather seating, a sports leather wheel, an adjustable armrest, and present-day inside shave finishers in acrylic chalk. This has a hard feel of astuteness and is useable in tweed or blacken with matted oxide ag emphasize strips. A outstanding force is too provided by the ambient and courtesy lights, which can be switched ‘tween orangeness and LED imperial disconsolate and flannel and regal disconsolate severally. An extra light on the B-pillar enhances the burden of the elucidation.

The classifiable outside includes peculiar 16-inch V-spoke admixture wheels or optional 17-inch high-gloss whiten wheels with an angled open, and flannel back bumper trimness. Extra conception accents on the presence admit flannel kidney bars with chrome-plated fronts and a albumen trimming bar for the heart air uptake. The face aspiration surrounds are multi-coloured in the like gloss as the car, and the BMW Urban Demarcation too includes doorway sill finishers with “BMW Urban” inscription and a albumen keyclasp. Ovalbumin mirror caps are usable as an alternative.

The components of the BMW Lines are matched devour to the close particular, and produce a outstanding optical brownie. Early separately customizable features admit a option of arse coverings, national reduce finishers, emphasise strips and light-alloy wheels. The ambit of Master BMW Accessories for the new BMW 1-Series likewise includes products specifically intentional for apiece of the two BMW Lines, including bags, story mats and key holders.

The new BMW 1-Series is besides offered with legion conception and cloth options aside from those included in the new BMW Lines. The criterion spec includes upcountry reduce finishers in satin eloquent and Relocation fabric seating, patch options admit extra home shave finishers and emphasis strips, and Dakota leather seating in a quality of two colors. All upholsteries are besides uncommitted for the optional sports seating. Thither are presently ternary non-metallic and eight-spot metal outside blusher colors to opt ‘tween.

The driving experience: Uniquely dynamic with enhanced comfort.

At launching, the new BMW 1-Series bequeath be uncommitted with a pick of cinque four-cylinder engines, all of them incorporating BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering. In the new-generation gasolene engines of the BMW 116i and BMW 118i, this combines instant might bringing with monitory fire usance and emissions figures. And a comp align of updates to the 2.0-litre turbodiesel engines in the new BMW 116d, BMW 118d and BMW 120d enable these models too to protract their fuel-efficiency reward complete rival concordat models.

The new BMW 1-Series is the low and lonesome car in its course to offering the selection of an eight-speed automatonlike transmittance. A drive have transposition is fitted as touchstone, enabling fomite set-up to be changed to wooing person preferences – the exact drive-train and abatement parameters unnatural depart contingent the spec of the car. The shaping feature of the impulsive feel in the new BMW 1-Series is its reactivity, and this is mainly due to its rear-wheel cause layout and virtually perfective 50:50 burthen dispersion. Advanced respite engineering enables it to bear a razz that is observably more well-heeled than that of its harbinger. For evening sportier treatment – without sacrificing any of this tantalise puff – thither is too the choice of Adaptative Hanging with electronic muffler rule.

The new generation of petrol engines: dynamic power delivery and outstanding fuel efficiency thanks to BMW TwinPower Turbo technology.

The 1.6-litre gas engines devising their unveiling in the BMW 116i and BMW 118i models use BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering, consisting of a twin-scroll turbocharger, Eminent Preciseness Injectant, VALVETRONIC varying valve command and Double-VANOS varying camshaft ascendence. This invention is based thereon of the multi-award-winning 225 kW/306 hp in-line six-cylinder locomotive with BMW TwinPower Turbo ground in models such as the BMW 135i and BMW 135i Transformable. Alike that locomotive, the new four-cylinder units too are portion of BMW’s EfficientDynamics conception scheme, which aims to continually growth drive joy spell reduction fire intake and emissions.

The forced-induction arrangement of the new BMW 1-Series uses the twin-scroll precept, with ramify ducts both in the discharge multiplex and the turbocharger itself, apiece helping one duad of two cylinders. This enables more effective use to be made of the discharge insistence waves to cause the turbocharger, so in distinctive BMW manner the locomotive responds outright to any motion of the gun. Yield is too boosted by VALVETRONIC varying valve mastery, which is full unified into the cylinder psyche, and Double-VANOS varying camshaft controller on the consumption and eject sides. The patented BMW VALVETRONIC engineering steplessly adjusts inlet valve timing, interpretation the throttle of sooner engines disused. The total of air needed for burning is regulated inside the locomotive itself, minimizing strangulation losings during gas substitution and up locomotive efficiency. The new engines are outstandingly fuel-efficient, thanks primarily to Highschool Preciseness Injectant. The fire supplying is just regulated by magnetic-valve injectors with a maximal shot insistence of 120 bar, positioned centrally betwixt the valves forthwith future to the plug.

The four-cylinder locomotive of the new BMW 118i, which has an all-aluminium crankcase, has a maximal outturn of 125 kW/170 hp at 4,800 rpm, and a uttermost torsion of 250 Nm at betwixt 1,500 and 4,500 rpm. It is exceptionally reactive, accelerating the car from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.4 seconds and on to a uttermost fastness of 225 km/h. Improved efficiency is reflected in combined-cycle fire intake of 5.8 to 5.9 litres per 100 kilometres and CO2 emissions of 134 to 137 grams per kilometer (EU exam figures, variations due to differences in the tyres fitted).

The four-cylinder locomotive of the new BMW 116i too provides importantly improved drive kinetics compared to the herald exemplar. It has an outturn of 100 kW/136 hp at 4,400 rpm and a uttermost torsion of 220 Nm betwixt 1,350 and 4,300 rpm. Furthermore, the overboost routine temporarily increases this torsion design to 240 Nm betwixt 1,500 and 3,500 rpm, for an spare spate of quickening. The car takes 8.5 seconds to orbit 100 km/h from a standing jump, and has a maximal hurrying of 210 km/h. Fire use concluded the combined cycles/second is 5.5 to 5.7 litres per 100 kilometres, and CO2 emissions are 129 to 132 grams per kilometer (EU quiz figures, variations due to differences in the tyres fitted).

An evolutionary step forward: four-cylinder turbodiesel with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology and even greater fuel efficiency.

Varied excogitation modifications bear enabled the four-cylinder 2.0-litre turbodiesel engines in the new BMW 1-Series to habitus on their competitory vantage in the areas of production and fire efficiency. These admit aluminum crankcases, rock-bottom locomotive detrition, thermodynamically optimized turbochargers with varying turbine geometry, and next-generation common-rail mastermind shot with magnetic-valve injectors.

The new BMW 120d represents a pregnant rise on its precursor, with a 5 kW growth in uttermost yield to 135 kW/184 hp at 4,000 rpm, and maximal torsion boosted by 30 Nm to 380 Nm ‘tween 1,750 and 2,750 rpm. It reaches 100 km/h from a standing scratch in 7.2 seconds, and has a uttermost upper of 228 km/h. Combined-cycle fire ingestion has been rock-bottom to ‘tween 4.5 and 4.6 litres per 100 kilometres, with CO2 emissions of 119 to 122 grams per klick (EU tryout figures, variations due to differences in the tyres fitted).

The four-cylinder diesel of the new BMW 118d has a utmost yield of 105 kW/143 hp at 4,000 rpm, and maximal torsion of 320 Nm betwixt 1,750 and 2,500 rpm. The car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.9 seconds, and has a uttermost speeding of 212 km/h. Its combined-cycle fire phthisis is 4.4 to 4.5 litres per 100 kilometres, with CO2 emissions of 115 to 118 grams per klick (EU run figures, variations due to differences in the tyres fitted).

The new entry-level BMW 116d, lag, has a utmost turnout of 85 kW/116 hp at 4,000 rpm, and maximal torsion of 260 Nm betwixt 1,750 and 2,500 rpm. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.3 seconds, and has a maximal hurrying of 200 km/h. Its combined-cycle fire phthisis is an spectacular 4.3 to 4.5 litres per 100 kilometres, with CO2 emissions an evenly telling 114 to 117 grams per km (EU run figures, variations due to differences in the tyres fitted).

Eight-speed automatic transmission: sporty, fuel-efficient, and unique in a compact car.

The measure six-speed manual gasolene and diesel versions of the new BMW 1-Series fling effective ability infection and exact paraphernalia changes. In gain, the BMW 1-Series is the but compact likewise uncommitted with the selection of an eight-speed automatonlike transmitting, offer firm, still geartrain changes and fantabulous fire efficiency. The groundbreaking architecture of its rack set allows more gears and a bettor counterpane of ratios, with scarce any step-up in slant complete the existent six-speed robotic gearbox for the BMW 1-Series. In fact, the outstandingly highschool efficiency of the eight-speed reflex infection agency that accommodation it to the virtually muscular new BMW 1-Series models really results in lour fire use and CO2 figures than with a manual transmitting.

The Steptronic purpose put-upon in the reflexive transmitting allows pitch changes to be initiated manually victimisation the electronic chooser prize. A foster choice for the BMW 120d is the eight-speed sports reflex contagion, which enables evening more dynamical gearing changes, and includes sack paddles on the wheel.

Perfect handling and increased comfort: high-quality suspension technology, even weight distribution and improved stability.

The new BMW 1-Series boasts best-in-class hanging engineering, with a double-joint cross-strut movement axle with MacPherson struts and persuade bars, and a five-link bottom axle. The highschool al capacity of the strawman axle construction efficaciously reduces the unsprung bulk, spell racket levels sustain besides been rock-bottom and clangor operation improved. Both the breast and bottom axles get two-bagger flexible bearings and extra-large aim blocks for improved reactivity, and a importantly more comfy rag compared with the precursor simulation. The car too handles bettor, and particularly in compounding with the optional Adaptative Hanging, this makes for a more involving impulsive feel. The new BMW 1-Series has a wider rails than its herald, and the nearly consummate 50:50 weighting dispersion helps to render the dynamical advantages of the rear-wheel driving layout into an exciting and spry tantalise.

Fitted as criterion, the drive get transposition on the essence cabinet of the new BMW 1-Series allows adjustments to be made to fomite set-up. These impress the locomotive programing, the settings of the DSC (Active Stableness Ascendence) and optional Servotronic, and the chemise points and timing of the optional machinelike transmitting. On standard-specification models, thither are deuce-ace modes to prefer from – Ease, Play and ECO PRO. On BMW Play Demarcation models, and on cars fitted with the optional eight-speed sports robotic transmittal or varying fun guidance, thither is likewise a one-quarter fashion, Fun+. Where the Pro Pilotage Scheme is fitted, drivers can see the stream index and torsion outturn of the locomotive on the Ascendancy Exhibit.

The new BMW 1-Series has electromechanical powerfulness steerage as banner, combination distinctive BMW preciseness with rattling low vigour uptake. The optional Servotronic purpose provides speed-dependent mightiness assistance. Varying athletics direction, besides usable as an selection, reduces the routine of wheel rotations needful to pee shrewd turns. Therein mechanical organization, guidance ratios are familiarised victimisation a varying direction torture. Parking and turn are safer and easier, requiring minimum guidance feat, but the distinctive BMW steerage preciseness and directive constancy at high-pitched speeds are well-kept.

Besides uncommitted as an choice on the new BMW 1-Series is Adaptative Abeyance. The organisation’s electronically regulated dampers mechanically conform to the stream impulsive flair and route weather. Their conduct changes contingent which of the trey impulsive know modes are selected – Solace, Athletics or Sportsman+ – with the latter particularly freehanded a lots stiffer tantalise. The Adaptative Respite is 10 millimetres glower than the received reprieve, but this has no force on the improved tantalise consolation when the car is in Solace mood.

As an alternate to the received 16-inch wheels, the new BMW 1-Series is besides useable with 16, 17 and 18-inch light-alloy wheels. The car owes its heartbeat responses to the compounding of a knock-down, authentic braking organization and DSC (Active Stableness Ascendence), which is fitted as stock. Proved features such as ABS (anti-lock braking organisation), DTC (Active Grip Ascendance), CBC (Cornering Bracken Controller) and DBC (Active Braking Restraint) are now augmented with braking aid, attenuation recompense, bracken drying and mound attend. DTC fashion increases the interference thresholds of DSC, qualification it easier to advance grip when impulsive on relax guts or cryptical c. By allowing slender slippage of the effort wheels, it besides facilitates governable oversteer. DSC Off style activates the electronic arse axle derivative lockup scheme. If either of the effort wheels suffers wheelspin piece accelerating done nasty aeroembolism, bracken force-out is applied to this singly, so that the opposition cycle maintains grasp.

BMW EfficientDynamics in the new BMW 1-Series: further strengthening a leadership position.

E’er since 2007, the BMW 1-Series has offered a selfsame coeval play Veer Drive Pleasance, thanks to an unmatched raiment of technologies to cut emissions and fire usance, all fitted as banner. The new BMW 1-Series takes these BMW EfficientDynamics technologies fifty-fifty promote: the criterion Machinelike Commencement/Block part is now too usable in concurrence with an reflexive contagion, and the new ECO PRO way increases the likely for an scotch drive manner.

The key to the low fire intake of the new BMW 1-Series compass is the efficiency of its locomotive. A new coevals of four-cylinder gasoline engines with BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering sets a new benchmark for the combining of fire saving and drive delectation. The outputs of the BMW 116i and BMW 118i are 10 and 20 kW higher than their various forerunner models, yet simultaneously, fire phthisis has been rock-bottom by capable 10 per penny. A taxonomic syllabus of modifications to the BMW TwinPower Turbo diesel engines besides increases the fuel-efficiency vantage that these birth complete their competitors.

BMW TwinPower Turbo: the most efficient way to enhance driving pleasure.

The two new four-cylinder 1.6-litre gas engines sustain outputs of 100 kW/136 hp (BMW 116i) and 125 kW/170 hp (BMW 118i). Both sport BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering, including a twin-scroll turbocharger, Highschool Preciseness Injectant, VALVETRONIC varying valve command and Double-VANOS varying camshaft ascendance.

This is the low metre that four-cylinder engines get been fitted with BMW TwinPower Turbo, which represents an exceptionally fuel-efficient way of boosting outturn. In unremarkably aspirated engines, reactivity could but be enhanced to the like point by importantly increasing capacitance, and hence slant and fire ingestion. The conception draws on the BMW engineers’ foresightful know of construction high-performance turbo engines. The BMW 2002 turbo, launched in 1973 with a four-cylinder, 125 kW/170 hp locomotive, was the low European yield car to be fitted with an fumes gas turbocharger, and is silence regarded as the templet for a squeeze, high-performance driver’s car. In 1983, the get-go turbocharged locomotive e’er to win a Normal 1 humankind title was a Brabham BMW determined by Nelson Picket.

Thanks to the comprehension of BMW TwinPower Turbo engineering, the iii four-cylinder, 2.0-litre diesel engines, with outputs of 85 kW/116 hp in the BMW 116d, 105 kW/143 hp in the BMW 118d and 135 kW/184 hp in the BMW 120d, all widen their trail complete the competitor in the ar of fire efficiency. Innovations such as al crankcases, rock-bottom locomotive detrition, thermodynamically optimized turbochargers with varying turbine geometry, and next-generation common-rail aim shot with magnetic-valve injectors all assistant to meliorate low-rev pull exponent and fire thriftiness. A centrifugal-force pendulum reinforced into the dual-mass flywheel compensates for rotational irregularities, then ensures a tranquil drive at low revs. These enhancements interpret the modish level in the achiever chronicle of BMW four-cylinder diesel engines, which earned the herald of the new BMW 118d the claim of “Humans K Car of the Twelvemonth”.

The widest array yet of BMW EfficientDynamics technologies.

All BMW 1-Series models piddle blanket use of sound muscularity direction systems, including Bracken Get-up-and-go Re-formation, mechanically disconnecting accessory components, and electromechanical exponent steerage. Contingent the simulation, they may besides be fitted as banner with an Optimal Sack Index, a high-efficiency backside derivative, a map-regulated oil ticker, a insistence/rev-regulated electrical fire ticker, a self-disconnecting air-conditioning compressor and tyres with rock-bottom trilled underground. The Reflex Beginning/Occlusion purpose, which switches off the locomotive when it is stationary at dealings lights or in slow-moving dealings, is included as measure on the new BMW 1-Series with both manual and reflexive transmissions.

The optional eight-speed robotlike contagion likewise contributes to improved efficiency. Intimate clash is exceptionally low, and torsion convertor miscue is identical little, fundamentally occurring only the car pulls off. The all-inclusive bedspread of train ratios and level-headed paraphernalia extract mechanics help sparing impulsive at low revs. In fact, BMW 118i and BMW 120d models with the robotic transmitting really use less fire and grow less emissions than models with manual infection. And all diesel models in the new BMW 1-Series stove utter less than 120 grams per klick of CO2 when fitted with the eight-speed robotic infection.

ECO PRO mode facilitates a more economical driving style.

ECO PRO modality is excited by the impulsive live alternate. It adjusts the locomotive map, heat, air conditioning, and mirror/behind warming to derogate fire phthisis. The resulting growth in grasp is shown on a expose. It too provides helpful prompts to helper pee-pee impulsive flair more economic, which seem in the instrumentate bunch and, where fitted, the Ascendance Expose. Particularly, the ECO PRO presentation in the depress share of the rev sideboard helps the driver to modulate gun employment so that the locomotive continues to control fuel-efficiently.

As a outcome, the new BMW 1-Series embodies the conception of fuel-efficiency care no former bounty car, construction on the strengths of its herald therein are. At a afterward escort, the compass testament be expanded with the BMW 116d EfficientDynamics Version. This bequeath be powered by a four-cylinder 1.6-litre diesel, and have a turn of fuel-saving and emission-reducing technologies, including solutions to advance optimise drive-train efficiency, better streamlined functioning and thin pealing impedance. The BMW 116d EfficientDynamics Variation leave get an outturn of 85 kW/116 hp, with fire intake of 3.8 litres per 100 kilometres and CO2 emissions of 99 grams per klick ended the EU combined wheel (probationary figures).

BMW ConnectedDrive in the new BMW 1-Series: a new benchmark in smart connectivity.

The loyalty of the BMW 1-Series to mellow engineering is reflected in an telling stove of driver help and mobility services which is unequalled in a compact. The BMW ConnectedDrive options nexus driver, fomite and away man to better comfortableness and guard spell providing a all-encompassing spectrum of data and amusement.

2012 Bmw 1 Series Sport Line

The Adaptative Headlamp role unified in the adaptative xe lighter choice adjusts the elucidation contingent the fomite’s upper, steerage slant and grade of turning. At low speeds, the turn lights reinforced into the fog lamp light the route in the focus of locomote. High-beam assist is too included in the packet. Over-the-counter options usable for the new BMW 1-Series admit a rainwater detector with machinelike energizing of the drive lights, and sail command with braking use, which mechanically manages the locomotive, brakes and reflex gearbox to observe the amphetamine set by the driver.

To micturate manoeuvring and parking easier and more precise, thither is Commons Space Restraint and a bum survey camera, the provender from which is shown in the iDrive Ascendancy Expose. And another alternative, Parkland Supporter, aids analog parking by identifying suited spaces and steerage the car into them if compulsory.

Exclusive to the new BMW 1-Series: driver assistance systems with enhanced functionality.

The Lane Passing Admonition organisation of the BMW 1-Series now incorporates Hit Exemplary. It uses a camera at the ass of the rear-view mirror to supervise the route markings and assistance deflect unintended changes of focussing. The camera besides monitors the place of over-the-counter vehicles and, if needed, alerts the driver to the peril. Thither are two levels of importunity to its exemplary: when a potential hit chance is kickoff detected, a cautionary lighter comes on in the cat’s-paw clump; and if manoeuvre is required, the ignitor flashes and an horrify sounds.

The Speeding Confine Information scheme has too been upgraded in the new BMW 1-Series. The car’s camera now recognizes not but wayside and smash swiftness restrict signs, but too no-passing signs. Symbols in the panel so apprise the driver of the flow hurrying confine, and whether passing restrictions are effective.

Stay online on the road: apps for in-car web radio and Facebook and Twitter usage.

Forward-looking engineering has been secondhand to alleviate the integrating of Apple iPhones and over-the-counter smartphones and medicine players, including on-line services. BMW Apps tolerate iPhone users to experience web tuner stations and presentation Facebook and Chitter posts on the fomite showing. The new BMW Subsist office uses the information joining of the driver’s roving to approach selected contentedness from the BMW On-line serve, including conditions and tidings updates and Google Local Research. And in junction with the Master Pilotage Arrangement and BMW Aid, the new-look BMW On-line portal provides level more elaborate entropy on the flow road and goal, with upwind reports, details of parking distance availableness and the Google Local Look cock, summation intelligence, e-mail and accost playscript functions. The new BMW 1-Series is likewise quieten the solitary car in the covenant section to go Cyberspace accession.

Another new alternative is Real-Time Dealings Info. Useable in junction with one of the optional piloting systems, this provides latest details of over-crowding on motorways, arterial roadstead and key urban routes. It suggests substitute routes, and recalculates journeying multiplication to contemplate the flow dealings weather.

Bodywork and safety: less weight equals more responsiveness, comfort and protection.

The bigger dimensions and evening stronger bodywork of the new BMW 1-Series signify that it represents a meaning feeler on its harbinger in damage of both home safe and clang security. Cautiously selected materials and forward-looking twist techniques enable it to fulfill the highest standards in inactive prophylactic spell holding weightiness to a minimal. And in situations where a hit is inescapable, an align of prophylactic components, all intentional to workplace seamlessly unitedly, guarantees an splendid grade of aegis for the occupants. As a solution, the BMW 1-Series is in a office to attain top marks altogether the mankind’s major wreck examination regimes.

Increased rear legroom and almost 10 per cent more luggage capacity.

The boilersuit distance of the new BMW 1-Series is 85 millimetres greater than that of its precursor, at 4,324 millimetres, piece the wheelbase has been prolonged by 30 millimetres to 2,690 millimetres. The car too looks more potent, as its boilersuit breadth has increased by 17 millimetres to 1,765 millimetres piece its elevation has remained unaltered at 1,421 millimetres. The behind seating get 21 millimetres more legroom, and the trunk is now 30 litres larger at 360 litres.

The new BMW 1-Series besides offers often more memory infinite, with enceinte doorway pockets, two cupholders on the essence soothe, a roomie mitt compartment, and a compartment nether the armrest. Bottles of capable one l can be fitted into the lour doorway board sections. The optional repositing parcel includes compartments in the bottom doors and nets on the strawman seatbacks. The trunk expands to a utmost of 1,200 litres by threatening the 60/40 split-folding ass seating, gift a mat rise extending clear to the figurehead seating. The optional through-loading arrangement has 40/20/40 split-folding bottom seating.

Intelligent lightweight construction: better protection, responsiveness and weight-to-power ratio.

The use of well-informed whippersnapper expression techniques in the consistency of the new BMW 1-Series improves both its reactivity and the degree of aegis it provides for the occupants. Heights and ultra-high-strength steels are exploited at strategical points to maximise both the torsional rigidness and geomorphologic unity of the rider cellphone, without adding unneeded slant. The medium effectiveness of the materials victimised is higher than in the forerunner exemplar, substance that the trunk can be made stiffer patch really exploitation less materials, and consequently weighs less. The benefits of this are matt-up in footing of condom, reactivity and fire thriftiness.

As a termination, in nastiness of its increased levels of clangour aegis and an enhanced stipulation that now includes air conditioning as received, the weight-to-power proportion of the BMW 1-Series is now as practically as 14 per penny punter than that of its harbinger, contingent the exemplar. E.g., the bod for the BMW 116i has been improved from 13.9 to 12.9 kg/kW, and for the BMW 118i it is now 10.4 rather of 12.1 kg/kW.

Ultra-stiff passenger cell, comprehensive safety features.

High-strength supporting elements, gravid rumple zones and advance constraint systems regulated by state-of-the-art electronics are the key to the first-class layer of inactive prophylactic in the new BMW 1-Series. The muscularity of an encroachment is channelled on just outlined freight paths, so that as often as potential can be wrapped by the wrinkle zones earlier it flush reaches the extremely fixed rider cellphone. The supporting elements on these consignment paths at the figurehead, incline and backside of the car micturate blanket use of multi-phase and hot-formed steels.

Reinforcements to the B-pillars and incline skirts, high-strength slope shock beams and inflexible backside cross-members concentrate distortion astuteness and encroachment fastness in english impacts. And the strengthened pillars and cap members control the rider compartment is able-bodied to render a endurance cellphone for the occupants evening if the fomite rolls complete.

The stock safe equipment includes forepart airbags, position airbags reinforced into the seatbacks, movement and backside nous airbags, three-point machinelike belts altogether seating, strawman seatbelt tenseness limiters and pre-tensioners, and an ISOFIX kid backside climb organisation in the back. A Tire Blemish Indicant is likewise fitted as criterion; this is able-bodied to name any release of tire pressing by monitoring the rotational fastness of apiece case-by-case roll, and if any trouble is detected, a igniter in the cat’s-paw bundle warns the driver.

To belittle the endangerment of collisions, the new BMW 1-Series is too fitted with dynamical bracken lights. If the car brakes unco heavy or the ABS scheme intervenes, the bracken lights fanfare, so the drivers of pursual vehicles recognise that they demand to bracken harder.

Equipment and accessories: unique technology for a premium driving experience.

The new BMW 1-Series offers all the exhilaration of premium-quality, pioneering engineering and particular drive joy in a compact, with many higher-ranking features as criterion and a blanket grasp of attractive options. The impulsive receive substitution, fitted as touchstone on the fundamental cabinet, adjusts the car’s set-up to the driver’s personal preferences, by modifying the locomotive scheduling, the settings of the DSC (Dynamical Constancy Mastery) and optional Servotronic, and the switch points and timing of the optional automatonlike transmittal. The touchstone stipulation of the new BMW 1-Series besides includes unmanned primal lockup, height-adjustable figurehead seating, galvanizing outside mirrors, galvanising figurehead and arse windows, a BMW Job CD wireless with six speakers and an AUX-IN association, and air conditioning.

Options admit two-zone robotic air conditioning, electrically adjustable and het seating, a multifunction wheel, rear-view and outside mirrors with reflexive anti-dazzle routine, fog lights, an galvanizing methamphetamine sunshine-roof, and a lagger tow encumbrance with obliterable bollock mind. The locomotive of the new BMW 1-Series can be switched on but by touch the Beginning/Layover release when the wireless key is within the car, so it is no yearner requisite to enter and twist the key. The optional puff admittance organisation locks and unlocks the car mechanically.

Entertainment: freedom of choice and quality of sound.

Both the Clientele and Master Pilotage Systems use on-board retention to shop their map information – a Photoflash screw the suit of the Patronage scheme, and a difficult screw the causa of the Master organisation. The latter likewise has capable 12 gigabytes of dislodge store for the proprietor’s euphony library. Over-the-counter amusement options admit a DVD modifier, DAB tuner, and a 360-watt, 12-speaker Harman Kardon hg organisation with digital amplifier.

2012 Bmw 1 Series Sport Line

The Master BMW Accessories grasp for the new BMW 1-Series too offers a Pill DVD Arrangement for the backside, a USB sound port and a Portable Sailing Organisation. Carrying capacitance can be increased with a rear-mounted excruciate, a cap single-foot fundament keep arrangement with diverse attachments, BMW cap boxes, a ski and snowboard bag, store nets for the footwells and trunk, and a ecumenical bearer which is affiliated to the headrests.

Manufacturing: innovative processes improve efficiency and quality.

The five-door variation of the BMW 1-Series has been produced at the companionship’s Regensburg gathering flora e’er since the kickoff coevals of this entry-level modelling went on sale in summertime 2004. The new BMW 1-Series too bequeath be made hither in easterly Bavaria, at this place which regularly receives top marks for the timber and reliableness of its products in autonomous tests and client atonement surveys. The elaboration and modernisation ferment carried out leading of the first of yield for the new BMW 1-Series bequeath raise both outgrowth efficiency and ware caliber. Tractableness and productiveness leave besides be improved by the use of similar components and processes crossways assorted models, ensuring exceeding figure lineament and optimal utilisation of usable capability.

The Regensburg flora uses the supposed single-line organization for both BMW 1-Series and BMW 3-Series models. This substance that a one line can create BMW 1-Series, BMW 3-Series Saloon, Coupé and Convertible, and BMW M3 Saloon, Coupé and Convertible models in any decree. Since 2009, the Regensburg has besides been the locate of product for the BMW Z4 Roadster.

The start of production of the new BMW 1-Series will see a further increase in the use of shared processes, in both body pressing and assembly, as BMW moves towards even more integrated production for its future models. Since 2009, a total of some 300 million euros has been invested at the plant in innovative manufacturing technologies such as a new generation of production robots, structural improvements to the body pressing and assembly operations, greater logistical efficiency, and new finish and overall quality assurance processes. A further investment of around 370 million euros is planned for 2011/12 to increase the number of models manufactured in Regensburg and further expand production capacity.

Increased capacity and new processes in body pressing.

The expansion of the pressing shop that was completed in 2010 significantly increased both capacity and efficiency. As a result of the installation of a second pressing line, maximum output is now around 80 per cent higher. Every day, some 400 metric tons of steel and aluminium are made into bodywork components. The tool changes required when switching to the manufacture of a different part are carried out automatically. The new pressing shop also supplies doors, bonnets and side panels to other plants in the BMW Group’s global network of production sites, where they are assembled using a standardized process on shared machinery with “Best Fit” technology.

The introduction of shared processes means that in future, floor pan components for the BMW 1-Series and other BMW models can all be made using the same tools. The three-layer design of the bodywork too has commonalities with other models, meaning that integrated manufacturing on a single main production line is possible. The new BMW 1-Series also features a new hinge design, which requires fewer mounting parts and simplifies the process of fitting the doors to the body of the car.

Unique environmentally friendly painting processes.

The fully automated painting line of BMW’s Regensburg assembly plant sees the car bodywork undergo a multi-stage process. After rigorous cleaning, it is immersed in a cathodic dip tank, where it is turned and rolled to ensure even adhesion of the paint to the electrostatically charged metal. Next comes the sealing of the panel joins and underbody spraying, followed by the application of first the primer and then the coloured topcoat layer – this is done by a high-speed rotary bell atomizer that operates at up to 40,000 revolutions per minute. At this stage too, the bodywork is electrostatically charged to ensure the most efficient possible use of the available paint, thereby minimizing wastage and environmental impact.

The application of the fourth coat, the clear lacquer, involves a unique, environmentally sound process for dealing with the exhaust air. A combination of dry-scrubbing and air circulation reduces wastewater production by four per cent and energy consumption by four per cent compared to conventional processes. Any overspray which does not adhere to the bodywork is blown onto filters coated with powdered stone, meaning no water is consumed in its disposal. The used powdered stone can be sold on for use as a raw material in the cement industry.

Shared processes for maximum efficiency at the assembly stage.

Ahead of the start of production of the new BMW 1-Series, BMW’s Regensburg assembly plant is also introducing a set of shared processes in the area of assembly, which will help to increase productivity and cost-efficiency. It will also enable the plant to respond more flexibly to variations in demand, and by making optimum usage of available capacity it will reduce lead times for delivery to customers. The use of latest technology makes the assembly lines more ergonomic, with height and tilt-adjustable conveyor belts enabling virtually all the work to be carried out in the more comfortable standing position.

One of the changes that has made the biggest impact on assembly efficiency is the relocation of the marriage station, where bodywork and drivetrain are joined together. Standardized processes and shared machinery are used for the mounting of the front end and axles, the installation of the fixed side windows, and seat and suspension set-up. The processes developed for the manufacture of the new BMW 1-Series will provide a template for those used to make future models, both in Regensburg and at other BMW Group production sites.

BMW’s Regensburg assembly works: 25 years of excellence in automotive manufacturing.

BMW’s Regensburg assembly works currently employs around 8,000 people. With 300 trainees in four different areas, it is also playing an important role in developing the next generation of skilled workers. Production capacity is approximately 1,100 vehicles per day, and in 2010 a total 243,982 BMW were made in Regensburg.

A number of events were being held in 2011, both before and after the start of production of the new BMW 1-Series, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Regensburg plant. It opened in November 1986, just two years after the foundation stone was laid. Since then, ongoing investment with a total value to date of over 3.2 billion euros has kept the site at the cutting edge of manufacturing technology and continuously increased its capacity. In 2008, the four millionth BMW car to be manufactured in Regensburg rolled off the production line.

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