2012 Bentley Continental Gtc

Bentley Continental GTC

Pickings cues from its GT coupe sib launched in 2010, the new Bentley Continental GTC builds on the extremely successful institution of the previous cabriolet, which premiered in 2006. Bentley’s figure and technology teams let improved well-nigh every expression of the iconic transmutable with an inflexible center timber.

Spell the commencement Bentley Continental GTC was refined and unostentatious, the cardsharp radii and self-assertive position of the new modelling delivers a more present-day and hefty mien. Modern manufacture techniques acquire aluminum movement wings without the pauperization for seams or welds creating the expression and smell of a coachbuilt car. Twenty-inch wheels are now received with iii styles of 21-inch roll, a kickoff for GTC, usable as an pick, reinforcing the typical, clean posture of the new Bentley.

The four-seater luxuriousness translatable features a new, evening more roomy and gilded handmade cabin, with soft-touch leather hides, an blanket orbit of woods veneers, cool-touch metals and deep-pile carpets. Thither are 17 banner soft-touch leather obscure colors with six coloring rent combinations, complemented by a grasp of heptad veneers, all produced by Bentley’s gifted craftsmen and women.

The GTC’s celebrated coupe-like subtlety is besides enhanced. The trim, multi-layered cloth punk is complemented by acoustical deoxyephedrine and under-body panels, for optimal disturbance isolation.

2012 Bentley Continental GTC

Brilliant casual practicality for a luxuriousness transformable was a earmark of the archetype GTC and lots precious by its customers. The cabin of the new GTC is now evening more hardheaded, with extra bottom legroom, new memory solutions and modern features such as touch-screen documentary, reflex seat-belt presenters and a Bentley-designed Cervix Heater for prosperous roof-down motoring whatsoever the temperature.

A wider raceway, presence and bum, sharpie direction and retuned reprieve offer a more stimulating and class-leading crusade. Bentley’s forward-looking all-wheel driving scheme features a new 40:60 ass torsion predetermine (compared with 50:50 of the pilot GTC) minimising understeer during difficult cornering and allowing the gamy driver to oversee the car’s pipeline and equaliser via exact choke ascendancy.

This compelling active software is combined with a more hefty 6.0-litre, twin-turbocharged W12 locomotive also as a new QuickShift transmittal enabling quicker train changes than always earlier. Index outturn is elevated from 560PS to 575PS (567bhp/423kW) and the noted Bentley ‘waving of torsion’ has been increased by a encourage 50Nm to 700Nm (516lb ft).

Sculpted exterior design

The dispute for the originative squad, below the leaders of Manager of Invention Dirk van Braeckel, was to takings an image of self-propelled art and meliorate it.

Necessarily stirring has get from the second-generation Continental GT Coupe, unveiled to oecumenical plaudits near a yr ago. Many of the GT’s touch styling cues suffer been woven into the new Continental GTC, and the termination is a imperfect, sculptured and dynamical outside that re-interprets the class inheritance – dating dorsum to the master Fifties R-Type Continental – in a arresting new four-seat transformable torso.

Patch the kickoff Bentley Continental GTC was graceful and unpretentious, the elysian new conception has made its replacing more advanced and coeval. It’s an phylogenesis of the hellenic pilot, showcasing a cleanser and crisper flavor, cardsharper and more focussed pattern radii, and a more brawny, gaudy and positive route mien.

The sensuous lines are companion but the boilersuit packet is importantly revised. The new simulation has a wider rail, is slenderly thirster and has a higher waist. The latter tapers gradually upwardly towards the bottom of the car and creates a more shoal windowpane vivid and active posture.

The graeco-roman Bentley matrix grille is framed by a prominent new headlamp invention, in traditional four-lamp arrange, with dainty jewel-like particularisation including attention-getting, LED daytime-running lamps.

The car’s hefty battlefront wings are created done an innovative manufacture procedure called aluminum Superforming. Warming the al to about 500 degrees Celsius, earlier smartly formation it with pressure, produces unambiguously graven trunk panels. And by victimisation a 1 shroud of aluminum no seams or welds are requisite. The outcome is an improved coachbuilt conception esthetic with a rock-bottom issue of exclude lines.

Farther fine-tune the flanks, the purposeful haunches recall those of the flagship Bentley Mulsanne. The compare continues into the arse of the car where the knock-down ‘look-alike horse-shoe’ theme is unified into the gusset wrap-around backside lamps. Under, the flared oval-shaped eject tailpipes reenforce the new car’s high-pitched execution certification.

The new complex bootlid is ‘diaphanous’ to media and GPS signals, allowing the GTC’s antennae to be hidden inside its construction. It produces a scavenge and unploughed outside airfoil that is not potential on many over-the-counter convertibles.

The seven-bow, three-layer textile cap is useable in eight-spot completing colors. Foldaway and ascension in upright 25 seconds, its shine and refined process is matchless and deeds at route speeds of capable 20mph (32km/h). This like, ultra-strong ceiling designing featured on Juha Kankkunen’s Ice Speeding Disk Bentley Supersports Exchangeable which set a new man scoop of 205.48mph (330.695 km/h) and operated dead at temperatures as low as subtraction 30 degrees Celsius.

No latching points are seeable where the cap meets the tonneau screening, ensuring the GTC’s pick lines are unploughed. Stock features admit a het methamphetamine bum windowpane and recital lightness in the lining and when the cap is polish, the heat/ventilation mechanically adjusts air dispersion and loudness consequently.

First, arresting new 20-inch wheels are criterion on the new Bentley Continental GTC with 21-inch wheels usable as an pick. For customers who need to excel from the herd, the wheels are uncommitted in four-spot styles and a alternative of finishes. Tire specifications are Pirelli P Naught 275/40 ZR20 and 275/35 ZR21 severally, unambiguously engineered for the new GTC. Bentley engineers let worked difficult with Pirelli to control thither is no damaging brownie on rag quilt for customers choosing 21-inch wheels.

2012 Bentley Continental Gtc

Two new outside blusher colors bear united the already broad pallet. ‘Trademark’ brings a new vigour to the scope, a masculine tinted silver-tongued with a electroneutral shade symbolizing the force of alloy. ‘Picnic’ features a vivacious light conclusion o’er a elusive metal facile step which hints at an atmospherical viridity.

The new Bentley Continental GTC is patent. It is a modern-day and sculptured supercar with the prestigiousness flavour and reliable character of a genuine coachbuilt transformable. The arresting outside excogitation emphatically enhances the boilersuit artistic but, thanks to thorough fart burrow psychoanalysis, too improves sleek operation.

A luxurious, practical hand-crafted cabin

The accusative of the styling squad, led by Redbreast Paginate, Drumhead of Upcountry Figure, was to produce a more dynamical and coeval cabin with eve greater levels of solace, character and craft, rearing the measure in lavishness exchangeable home conception.

A key constituent of the designing abbreviated was to ascertain that the elan of the upcountry and outside are in discharge concord when the ceiling is stowed. Evenly significant, the new cabin designing had to current seamlessly from forepart to arse.

It begins at the board and fascia, which subtly resound the fast wings of the Bentley motive. The new threshold and quartern gore vivid provides a active, unploughed menstruation on the nail distance of the cabin, piece the alone craft extends to the hand-stitched, leather obliterate tonneau concealment at the behind.

2012 Bentley Continental Gtc

Opulent handmade materials and the highest levels of care to item coalesce effortlessly to offer an matchless have of consolation and caliber. Thither is now a quality of 17 banner soft-touch leather skin colors with six coloring schism combinations, complemented by a grasp of seven-spot veneers, all handcrafted in Bentley’s singular workshops at its mill in Crewe, England.

Key to the originative appendage was a trust to set roughly new benchmarks when it comes to the levels of workaday practicality customers should await from a opulence supercar exchangeable. That meant generating a ignitor artistic to the upcountry by removing bulge where it wasn’t requisite, creating more functional quad for the occupants.

It was a gainsay which the styling squad relished. E.g., the ‘Cobra flair’ presence seating with incorporate psyche rests are apiece 25mm slimmer than those in the premature Continental GTC, creating more knee-room for back passengers. Movement bottom occupants too get more stifle blank thanks to the use of concave ‘scalloping’ on the undersurface of the splashboard.

Buns comforter and reinforcement is improved done the use of new multi-layer foams and, useable in the GTC first, an optional presence behind ventilation mated with a revised 10-cell pneumatic knead purpose provides a firmer and more invigorating feel.

Reposition for keys and peregrine phones is improved thanks to a simplified kernel cabinet pattern with a hard-nosed new snuggery yap at its fundament. The cupholder is now more user-friendly, resettled from interior the primal arm remainder to an unfold berth next to the driver’s hip.

Electrically operated seatbelt presenters brand buckling-up casual for battlefront occupants. Customers may likewise determine as an selection an delicately intentional, fold, obliterable showcase, apotheosis for eyeglasses or keys. Crafted from veneers and hides to peer the upcountry, it likewise features inlaid Bentley flank motifs.

Likewise new to the Bentley Continental GTC’s strawman seating is an forward-looking ‘Cervix Heater’ air-flow organisation with tercet index settings. It is intentional to furnish extra ease patch drive with the cap devour and is controlled by a alternate in the backside pelmet.

One new veneering and one new cover semblance birth been added to the Bentley Continental GTC scope. The erstwhile, Tamo Ash, is a contact light-haired veneering sourced from Asia, patch Snap complements the new outside spook of the like gens.

“With so many of our GTC customers enjoying the chance to thrust the car mundane we focussed our efforts on up the already warm levels of usableness and consolation. These hardheaded advances were matched by a want to micturate the cabin fifty-fifty more glamourous and head-turning.” Dr Ulrich Eichhorn, Penis of Panel for Technology, Bentley Motors

Class-leading infotainment

The new GTC features one of the well-nigh ripe in-car documentary systems on sale now. Backed by a 30GB on-board grueling thrust, the eight-inch blind displays the car’s sound, phone, razz and puff functionality. The organization uses a combining of touch-screen controls and classical Bentley knurled orbitual switches to pass minute useableness and crystal-clear feedback.

The state-of-the-art seafaring scheme with seven-digit zip introduction and copious map imaging uses both an in-car hard-disc driving and DVD actor to approach itinerary information. It features dynamical pilotage to produce a fuss-free journeying and can breakthrough destinations victimization geo-tagged photos from an SD remembering carte. It is besides Google Maps-compatible in many markets.

The new GTC besides provides the ultimate in in-car sound. An eight-speaker flat-panel fathom organisation is offered as measure employing the up-to-the-minute Balanced Manner Radiator engineering, providing especial pellucidity complete a across-the-board oftenness stove.

The Naim for Bentley bounty sound organisation features 10 speakers and rotatory Dirac Dimensions&swop; digital signalise processing. An industry-first for Bentley, it creates a practical ‘strait discipline’ autonomous of loudspeaker layout for concert hall-quality audio replica for all seats positions.

The GTC likewise benefits from phone and medicine thespian connectivity, digital tv (where uncommitted) and DVD picture playback. Medicine can be played and controlled straight from an iPod®also as a six-disc CD auto-changer, SD scorecard subscriber or instantly from the car’s heavy ride, which can memory capable 15GB of medicine.

Coupe-like refinement and comfort

2012 Bentley Continental Gtc

The new GTC is engineered to offer one levels of national tranquillity. Inhibition of flatus and route stochasticity is improved done the diligence of new meth interlayers, underbelly sheets and wheel-arch liners, all acoustically tuned. Every threshold and windowpane golosh stamp is re-engineered to better its functioning.

A key destination in scheming the new upcountry was to meliorate the tactual qualities of the materials. The forward-looking solvent was to amend the substrates underneath; briefly, to heave the lineament of what you don’t see to lift the timber of what you do see. New leathers get too been introduced which are as luxuriant as e’er, but pass ameliorate operation on contact and, crucially, olfaction. The termination is sensuous soft-touch materials passim and a sovereign rider get.

“Creating composite outside and upcountry shapes so delivery them all jointly foremost fit and finishing is where Bentley excels. What drives my squad is the timbre of the implementation – acquiring the smallest venire gaps and sharpest lines to fit dead and fashioning certain they conclusion the lifespan of the car.” Putz Invitee, Brain of Section, Consistency & Cut, Bentley Motors

More powerful 6.0 litre W12 delivering exhilarating performance

For customers quest a ‘use-every-day’ supercar transformable with sovereign levels of active functioning, exponent and shade, thither is no comparability to the all-new Bentley Continental GTC.

Stillness whacking at the spirit of the GTC is the caller’s acclaimed 6.0-litre W12 twin-turbo gasolene locomotive, uprated in production from 560PS in the old propagation simulation to 575PS (567bhp/423kW). Torsion is up 50Nm to 700Nm (516lb ft). The W12 is the almost squeeze and technologically advance 12-cylinder locomotive in the mankind. Foursome camshafts and 48 valves earmark the locomotive to respire effortlessly and assist give the classifiable Bentley undulation of torsion.

The lasting all-wheel crusade arrangement now features the empyrean six-speed QuickShift infection from the Continental Supersports which halves switching multiplication to equitable 200 milliseconds. The revised gearbox can too present double-downshifts and improves quickening crossways the intact gearing stove. The resolution is a 0-60mph sentence of 4.5 seconds (0-100 km/h in 4.8s) and a top upper of 195mph (314 km/h).

Likewise highly-developed from the Supersports is the performance-oriented 40:60 bottom torsion preconception for the all-wheel crusade arrangement alternatively of the 50:50 set-up of the master Bentley Continental GTC. This minimises understeer during difficult cornering, allowing the experient driver to command the car’s demarcation and counterweight via exact accelerator inputs.

The W12 locomotive is subject of functional on gas (gas), E85 bioethanol or any mix of the two – all from a i tankful. This FlexFuel engineering is open of delivering voltage CO2 reductions of capable 70 pct on a ‘well-to-wheel’ cornerstone – the measure of CO2 released by a fire from its product (easily) done to its burning or deployment (cycle).

To assure that the ability and torsion generated stay invariable (whatsoever the fire) an sophisticated Fire Caliber Detector ceaselessly monitors the proportion of the fuels victimised. It so guides the Locomotive Command Whole to conform the locomotive’s timing. This provides the unlined powerfulness livery for which Bentley engines are illustrious, and ensures thither is no compromise on execution when exploitation fuels that produce frown CO2 emissions.

More dynamic and engaging driving experience

A powerful and dynamical impulsive get is a mustiness on any Bentley, but the singular architecture of a translatable raises extra challenges.

2012 Bentley Continental Gtc

The new GTC transmutable consistency is the stiffest in the reality (22,500 Nm/°-static) providing a truehearted founding for the exact ascendence of dangling components besides minimising skitter tremble, benefitting shade. This is achieved by built ‘A’ posts and sills, and couple underbelly cruciforms that colligate the strawman and bum subframes.

The increased raceway breadth, joined with new high-stiffness al cast-forged hanging uprights, agency a pronounced melioration in manipulation reply and constancy. The revised raceway necessitated sweeping revisions to the direction, and it’s been all retuned to offering a faster and crisper turn-in. The Electronic Constancy Controller Organisation is too revised to be less interventive, offer enthusiastic drivers an stimulating impulsive get.

2012 Bentley Continental Gtc

All quadruplet Uninterrupted Damping Mastery (CDC) modes are upgraded to utilize the benefits of new muffler hydraulics. The modification allows greater low velocity pliancy for pealing puff but increased mastery for dynamical drive and higher hurrying stableness.

The new GTC too offers an inflexible posture to safe with fin airbags, including a driver’s kneebag, as touchstone and a Roller Terminated Security Organisation (ROPS) installed below the back headrests. If the car’s onboard reckoner senses that the car is almost to scroll during an fortuity, two strengthened nerve basketball are deployed in a jiffy, thereby functional in co-occurrence with the exceptionally stiff windscreen skeleton to protect passengers in the battlefront and bum.

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