2012 Bentley Continental Gt

Bentley Continental GT

For Crewe’s innovation and technology teams, the new Bentley Continental GT coupe is an chance to set a boldface and exciting focussing for one of Bentley’s almost venerable names – the Continental. The originative and extremely successful Bentley Continental GT introduced in 2003 delineate the opening in Bentley’s renaissance and outlined a unhurt new mart section. It was a lavishness GT oblation first-class usableness that remained lawful to the Bentley 1000 touring heart.

Now the new Continental GT 4-seat coupe builds on the succeeder of its iconic precursor, capturing that GT purport but with evening higher standards of innovation, technology, opulence, craft, dynamical functioning, casual practicality and nuance.

A attractively sculptural new torso gives the Bentley Continental GT coupe an tied crisper, more outlined appearing. The coeval national offers new levels of cabin pattern, solace and handmade luxuriousness. The seating, e.g., supply level greater accompaniment and arse leg-room; a wholesale splashboard evening more elan and modernism. The new touchscreen documentary organisation features state-of-the-art seafaring, Google Maps and amusement patch the modish Balanced Mood Radiator utterer engineering and Dirac Dimensions&barter; digital strait processing have enhanced sound timbre.

Bentley’s acclaimed 6-litre, 12-cylinder, twin-turbocharged powertrain now has a elevated ability turnout of 575PS (567bhp/423kW) and 700Nm (516lb ft) of torsion and this is paired to a new Quickshift transmittance which enables doubling downshifts. Thanks to modern FlexFuel engineering it can besides run on both stock leadless gasolene (gas) and sustainable bioethanol (capable E85) or any mix of the two.

2012 Bentley Continental GT

In former 2011 an all-new, high-output 8-cylinder locomotive volition likewise be usable to edict. This forward-looking mightiness whole testament return a 40 pct decrease in emissions compared with the W12 locomotive and bequeath crack a class-leading CO2 emissions-to-power proportion with Bentley levels of operation and civilization.

Both engines are conjugated to an all-wheel ride organization with a jazzy 40:60 rear-torque prejudice (compared with the 50:50 prejudice of the pilot Bentley Continental GT), minimising understeer during arduous cornering and allowing the experient driver to controller the car’s business and equaliser via exact limit restraint.

“The new Continental GT is an self-propelled sour of art, with brilliant workmanship and graceful, contemporaneous innovation. It drives similar a supercar, but without the common sacrifices in tantalise or practicality. It is a car that you can love every second of every day.” – Dr Franz-Josef Paefgen, President and Head Administrator


Elysian by the iconic Bentleys of the retiring, Bentley’s conception squad nether the leaders of Manager of Invention, Dirk van Braeckel, has created a soundly mod, sculptural consistence, reinforced with innovative yield technologies to control the highest standards of caliber and eubstance unity.

2012 Bentley Continental Gt

Al Ace Forming engineering is employed to produce the figurehead wings and boot lid. This serve heats the al panels to almost 500 degrees Celsius ahead formative them by pressure. By victimisation a 1 mainsheet of al, no seams or welding are needed.

The up-to-the-minute trunk expression techniques return crinkle, extremely outlined sport lines and shape to every ar of the outside excogitation. The conversant powerfulness lines and bottom haunches – echoes of the pilot Fifties R-Type Continental – now suffer flush cardsharp radii to produce extremely discrete surfaces, delivery the look of a rightfully coachbuilt car to the new coupe.

The GT coupe’s new looking is bolder than always. The classical Bentley matrix grille is more unsloped, patch the new headlight designing, in traditional four-lamp initialize, has dainty jewel-like particularisation including attention-getting, LED daylight-running lamps.

At the bum, Bentley touch ‘aimless’ LED lamps carry some the corners of the wings, emphasising the new coupe’s breadth and purposeful posture. The running is wider by 41mm at the presence and 48mm at the backside than the late modelling. The bootlid conception has a muscular ‘image horse-shoe’ theme, remindful of the new Bentley Mulsanne, spell flared egg-shaped release tailpipes reenforce the new Bentley Continental GT’s card-playing certification.

The configuration of the new Bentley Continental GT coupe’s consistence is too more sleek undermentioned encompassing twist burrow psychoanalysis. In concurrence with a stove of blanket underbelly refinements (including cycle pixilated and tucker flowing aids) the GT’s coefficient of hale has been decreased to 0.33Cd and the raise at the breast and ass axles has likewise been rock-bottom to make greater constancy at higher speeds.

The new Bentley Continental GT is specified with 20-inch debase wheels as stock, with, first on the Continental folk, the pick to ascent to 21-inch designs. Deuce-ace styles of pedal are offered – a 20-inch five-spoke edition and two 21-inch Graceful and split-rim Sports variations, which place a change of chromed and motley finishes.

“The new GT coupe has an flush stronger card-playing quality than always ahead. It is an exceptionally svelte and easy 2+2 Thousand Holidaymaker but with the bosom, someone and looks of a supercar.” – Dirk van Braeckel, Conductor of Designing


With an whole handmade midland, the Bentley Continental GT’s cabin sets new standards in shade and sumptuosity to produce a fashionable infinite in which capable quartet masses can loosen in add comforter.

The panel and splashboard subtly repeat the quick wings of the Bentley motive and are fashioned from the highest tone soft-touch leathers. New touchscreen engineering and chrome-bezelled dials are housed inside this dynamical cockpit expanse, which rises from the center cabinet in the mannequin of dramatically surfaced ‘extension’ buttresses.

2012 Bentley Continental Gt

The contact and unequalled ‘Cobra’ conception seating are supremely well-heeled thanks to the foundation of the up-to-the-minute body-supporting materials which use composite foams to render womanishness at get-go touching but with first-class documentation complete thirster journeys.

The seating can be specified with front-seat respiration likewise as a state-of-the-art knead arrangement with 10 somebody knead cells and single english airbags are provided as stock for all passengers. Figurehead seatbelts boast a new electrically-operated robotic giver, devising buckling-up casual. Driver stifle airbags are touchstone fitment.

The new Bentley Continental GT offers brilliant quotidian serviceability. The new slim-line figurehead seating with crenated backs too cater a promote 46mm of legroom for back-seat passengers and soft entree to the backside cabin.

No over-the-counter Thousand Holidaymaker offers such telling levels of shade thanks to the modern noise-suppression engineering that includes acoustical glazing, under-floor shields and concealed anti-vibration panels passim the midland.

The cabin is cut with soft-touch leathers, a full-of-the-moon compass of solicit veneers, cool-touch metals and deep-pile carpets – all handmade in Bentley’s unmatchable workshops at the mill in Crewe, England. The aid to particular flush extends to applying a UV stabiliser to the woods veneers to protect from bleaching, thence ensuring they can be enjoyed as new for decades to arrive.

Every leather skin is calm sewed below the alert eye of Bentley’s extremely skilled craftsmen and women. By incorporating clever, angled ‘ramps’ arse the leather, the inside designers suffer created shrewd, chiseled styling lines, piece maintaining a soft-touch.

Over-the-counter dim-witted yet hardheaded functions admit a powered flush as criterion, Electronic Green Bracken with Relocation Off Attend and fresh intentional, leather-lined doorway storeroom bins with an structured bottleful bearer.

Mayhap the about fashionable new warehousing twist in the new Bentley Continental GT is the finely intentional, fold, obliterable vitrine intentional to clutch items such as keys and pens and which can besides be slipped into a sac or bag. Crafted from veneers to mate those of the coupe’s inside, the vitrine (useable as a toll pick) is ruined with inlaid Bentley wings, satin-chromed and leather-lined, and is secured in a recession supra the couple drinks holders in the kernel solace.

2012 Bentley Continental Gt

“The new GT coupe inside combines mannequin, practicality and instauration. Our project was to render the master excogitation sketches for the car’s cabin – which were rather extremum, virtually rotatory for a Bentley – into the last excogitation. The solvent is a cockpit that moves the Continental GT on to the succeeding coevals.” – Darren Day, Elderly Architect


Complementing its present-day cabin, the new Continental GT too features modern new touchscreen engineering with plentiful map imaging and a 30GB aboard laborious cause.

The 8-inch covert displays the car’s sound scheme, ring, bait and consolation settings and the identical up-to-the-minute sailing scheme, which uses both an in-car hard-disc ride and a DVD thespian to entree itinerary information. It too employs dynamical sailing to draw you roughly areas of lowering dealings, finds destinations victimisation geo-tagged photos from an SD retentivity lineup and is Google Maps-compatible (grocery particular).

The documentary arrangement, with 7 figure zip entrance, uses a compounding of touchscreen controls and definitive knurled roundabout switches to pass second useableness and crystal-clear feedback. The pictorial port of the screenland is engineered in-house to assure its visuals are altogether in safekeeping with the elan of the midland. Feeling tight and you leave see that the knurled switches on the covert are ‘practical’ echoes of the knurled switches infra.

The Bentley Continental GT’s new documentary organisation besides provides the ultimate in in-car sound amusement. An eight-speaker phone arrangement is offered as banner employing the modish Balanced Mood Radiator engineering. These unequaled covenant, flat-panel speakers allow particular lucidness with a rattling full frequence stove.

An 11-speaker Naim for Bentley organization – created solely for the Bentley Continental GT by British audiophiles Naim – employs subversive Dirac Dimensions &swap; digital bespeak processing. This industry-first engineering creates a practical ‘strait bailiwick’ main of verbalizer layout to pitch concert hall-quality voice breeding for every occupier wheresoever they may be posing.

The Bentley Continental GT coupe too benefits from phone and medicine instrumentalist connectivity, digital video (where usable) and DVD picture playback. Medicine can be played and controlled straightaway from an iPod® besides as from a six-disc CD modifier, SD menu subscriber or now from the car’s hard-disc cause, which can depot capable 15GB of medicine.


The Bentley Continental GT is set to sustain a quality of two real classifiable high-performance engines. In summation to the new 575PS rendering of Crewe’s famed 6.0 l W12 powertrain, a new high-output 4.0-litre V8 locomotive pick volition be introduced in former 2011.

The new 4.0-litre V8 locomotive honours Bentley’s environmental committedness to return a powertrain that achieves a 40 percentage advance in CO2 emissions. The new V8 is beingness intentional specifically by Bentley’s engineers to render all the stimulating superpower and torsion synonymous with the brand. The new Crewe-built locomotive bequeath besides offering a class-leading CO2 emissions-to-power proportion.

At found, the new Bentley Continental GT coupe is powered by the up-to-the-minute development of Bentley’s acclaimed 12-cylinder, 6-litre twin-turbocharged locomotive, now graduated to cater flush greater execution, thanks to increases in might, torsion and fire efficiency.

Intentional in a alone ‘W’ shape, it is the well-nigh contract and technologically modern 12-cylinder locomotive in the mankind. Quadruplet camshafts and 48 valves permit the locomotive to suspire effortlessly and service to sire the typical Bentley waving of torsion. It is too able of linear on gasoline (gasolene), E85 bioethanol or any mix of the two – all from a 1 tankful.

In 2008, Bentley proclaimed a far-reaching environmental plan that included a 15 percentage advance in powertrain efficiency and the borrowing crosswise the Bentley example scope of FlexFuel engineering by 2012. Bentley’s FlexFuel models are able of delivering voltage CO2 reductions of capable 70 percentage on a ‘well-to-wheel’ foundation – the measuring of CO2 released by a fire from its yield (easily) done to its burning or deployment (bike).

To check that the exponent and torsion generated rest ceaseless (whatsoever the fire) an advance Fire Timber Detector endlessly monitors the proportion of the fuels put-upon. It so guides the Locomotive Controller Whole to correct the locomotive’s timing. This provides the unlined superpower deliverance for which Bentley engines are celebrated, and ensures thither is no compromise on functioning when exploitation fuels that produce frown CO2 emissions.

Foster revisions to the new Bentley Continental GT coupe’s locomotive admit low detrition, jackanapes components which reserve the W12-format locomotive to rev evening more freely, spell the up-to-the-minute locomotive direction organization and mate, low-inertia turbochargers are optimised to see minimum turbo lag.

Boilersuit, the Bentley Continental GT coupe is 65kg igniter than its precursor thanks to reductions altogether areas of the car from locomotive components done to new seating. With its index yield embossed by 15PS and torsion by 50 Nm – to 575PS (567bhp/423kW) and 700Nm (516lb ft) – the outcome is a 6 pct melioration in the new GT’s power-to weight-ratio, qualification it able of accelerating from nil to 60mph in fair 4.4 seconds (0-100km/h in 4.6 seconds) with a top fastness of 198mph (318km/h).

The increased powerfulness and torsion are familial to the all-wheel campaign organization via an uprated six-speed Quickshift contagion, which halves slip multiplication (to fair 200 milliseconds). The revised gearbox besides has the power to pitch reduplicate downshifts (one-sixth to one-quarter appurtenance, e.g.) and improves quickening crosswise the stallion train orbit. To match the extra superpower and torsion, the erratic cogwheel set of the six-speed ZF transmitting is likewise reinforced.

2012 Bentley Continental Gt

Confident torsion during downshifts is achieved done locomotive and gearbox electronic restrainer interaction for supernumerary limit and fire injectant during the overproduction, replicating manual gun ‘blips’ for exact rev twin . During transmittal upshifts, fire and kindling are cut momently to consecrate quicker mechanical shimmy multiplication done torsion decrease, likewise up shimmy caliber and lastingness.

“The W12’s additional index and torsion and Quickshift transmittance invest the new Bentley Continental GT with forthwith approachable supercar functioning crossways the over rev ambit. Concurrently, Bentley’s pioneering use of FlexFuel engineering underlines our on-going environmental committal.” – Brian Ebullition, Conductor, Figure and Powertrain, Technology


Both engines are conjugate with a state-of-the-art, all-wheel driving arrangement employing an advance Torsen derivative. This ensures rubber yet active sports car manipulation altogether route weather and all weathers.

In the new coupe, the powerfulness snag has a 40:60 back predetermine for a importantly more card-playing look in damage of manipulation and mid-corner quickening. Withal, it can align instantly the ability cleave ‘tween the presence and back wheels contingent the uncommitted clench. In add-on, an uprated Electronic Constancy Ascendence (ESC) scheme provides extra certificate and hold any your impulsive stylus.

The new Bentley Continental GT’s figure delivers the optimal drive and treatment counterpoise. The across-the-board breast and back rails benefits nimbleness and manipulation, piece upstanding al cast-forged, high-stiffness breast dangling uprights and al solemnity die castings at the bottom employment in conjunctive with a redesigned presence anti-roll bar and retuned bound and muffler settings. The outcome is improved answer and stableness at all speeds.

Uninterrupted Damping Mastery (CDC) incessantly monitors the car’s posture and brace. By adjusting the reprieve settings hundreds of multiplication a irregular it can cater a unco lissome rally at low speeds and increased command as speeds ascent. It can too glower the car in ‘V-Max’ way for enhanced constancy at the highest speeds.


End-to-end Bentley’s chronicle, iconic m tourers let bad the brand’s repute. In the Fifties the beautiful R-Type Continental set new standards of functioning and elan. In 2003, Bentley Continental GT revolutionised the sumptuousness coupe commercialise, compounding supercar execution and vigour with singular routine practicality.

Now, the new Continental GT coupe sets tied higher standards in every are of innovation, workmanship and technology.

“We’ve distilled about 90 age of technology excellency into the new Continental GT coupe. It represents everything Bentley stands for: breathless functioning, beautiful pattern and unequaled caliber, consolation and sumptuousness.” – Dr. Ulrich Eichhorn, Penis of the Table, Technology


  • Locomotive
  • Typecast: 6-litre twin-turbocharged W12
  • Max Might: 567bhp / 423kW / 575PS @ 6000 rpm
  • Max Torsion: 700Nm / 516lb/ft @ 1700 rpm
  • Infection
  • ZF 6-speed robotic with quickshift and direction wheel-mounted paddleshift
  • Driveline: Uninterrupted all-wheel driving (40:60 bottom diagonal)
  • Ratios:
  • 1st – 4.17
  • 2nd – 2.34
  • 3rd – 1.52
  • 4th – 1.14
  • 5th – 0.87
  • 6th – 0.69
  • Net cause: 3.526
  • Eubstance Twist
  • Blade monocoque
  • Figurehead: 405mm ventilated discs (optional 420mm C Si Carbide, crossbreed drilled)
  • Back: 335mm ventilated discs (optional 356mm, C Si Carbide, hybridizing drilled)
  • 9.5J x 20″ (optional 9.5J x 21″)
  • 275/40ZR 20 (optional 275/35 ZR21 joined to choice wheels)
  • Guidance
  • Typewrite: excruciate & quill, powerfulness aided, speed-sensitive ZF servotronic
  • Turns whorl to interlock: 2.6 turns
  • Turn r-2: 11.3m
  • Abeyance
  • Strawman: Iv connection two-bagger wishbones, figurer controlled self-levelling air dangling, with anti roll-bar.
  • Ass: Trapezoidal multi-link, computer-controlled self-levelling air hiatus, with anti roll-bar.
  • Damping: Uninterrupted Damping Mastery, tuned for dynamical operation.
  • Wheelbase: 2746 mm / 108.1 in
  • Boilersuit Distance: 4806 mm / 189.2 in
  • Breadth (crossways personify): 1944 mm / 76.5 in
  • Breadth (including mirrors): 2227 mm / 87.7 in
  • Boilersuit Stature: 1404 mm / 55.3 in
  • Fire Cooler: 90 litres / 20 gallons / 24 US gallons
  • Charge Intensity: 358 litres / 12.6 cu ft
  • Curbing Weightiness (EU): 2320 kg / 5115 lb
  • Revenue Fomite Weightiness: 2750 kg / 6063 lb
  • Execution
  • Top Speeding: 318 km/h (198 mph)
  • 0-100 km/h: 4.6 s
  • 0-160 km/h: 10.2 s
  • 0-60 mph: 4.4 s
  • 0-100 mph: 10.2 s
  • 50-80 km/h (30-50 mph): 1.7 s
  • 80-120 km/h (50-75 mph): 2.9 s
  • Fire Expenditure (EU Hertz)
  • Urban: 25.4 l/100km (11.1 mpg)
  • Redundant Urban: 11.4 l/100km (24.9 mpg)
  • Combined: 16.5 l/100km (17.1 mpg)
  • CO2 emissions: 384 g/km
  • Fire Use (EPA Hertz)
  • Metropolis Drive: 12.0 mpg (US)
  • Highway Drive: 19.0 mpg (US)
  • Combined : 14.0 mpg (US)
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